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31.3.08 0347
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania 22 Q'n'D results - and discussion
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#1 Posted on 2.4.06 2153.21
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2154.37
RAW, Smackdown and Snickers present WWE WrestleMania 22
Allstate Arena
Chicago, IL
Announced attendance: 17,159

Official Themes/Songs: "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel
"I Dare You" by Shinedown
"Baby Hates Me" by Danko Jones
"Save Me Sorrow" by Bullets and Octane

Commentary (English): Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole & Tazz
Commentary (Spanish): Carlos Cabrera & Hugo Savinovich

Michelle Williams sang "America the Beautiful"

1... World Tag Team Champions
Carlito vs. Big Show
Chris Masters Kane

Kane (6'42" chokeslam -> pin) Carlito

2... Money in the Bank ladder match
Matt Shelton Rob Bobby Ric
Hardy vs. Benjamin vs. Finlay vs. van Dam vs. Lashley vs. Flair

Rob van Dam (12'21")

Howard Finkel introduced the Hall of Fame class of 2006 - Bret Hart did not attend;
Vickie Guerrero represented Eddie Guerrero

3... John Bradshaw Layfield (9'46") Chris Benoit
JBL wins first WWE United States Championship

4... Hardcore Match
Edge (14'37" spear from apron to floor through burning table -> pin) Mick Foley
Match was called by Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler

5... Handicap Match
Booker T & Sharmell vs. Boogeyman

Boogeyman (3'54" double chokeslam -> pin) Booker T

6... Mickie James (8'49" chick kick -> pin) Trish Stratus
James wins first WWE Women's Championship

7... Casket Match
Undertaker (9'26" tombstone -> rolled into casket) Mark Henry

8... No Holds Barred
Shawn Michaels (18'26" sweet chin music -> pin) Mr. McMahon

First promo for next year's WrestleMania 23 - it will take place April 1, 2007 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI

P.O.D. performed "Booyaka 619"

9... World Heavyweight Champion
Rey Randy Kurt
Mysterio vs. Orton vs. Angle

Mysterio (9'18" West Coast Pop -> pin) Orton

Mysterio wins first World Heavyweight Championship (12th Champion)

10... Playboy Pillow Fight
Torrie Wilson (3'54") Candice Michelle

11... WWE Champion John Cena (22'04" STF/cobra clutch) Triple H


Up yours, fans!





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#2 Posted on 2.4.06 2155.08
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2155.12
Well, the "no heel wins the main event at Wrestlemania" streak continues.
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#3 Posted on 2.4.06 2157.09
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2157.20
Quite the crowd reaction there at the end. Let the smark suicides begin.

Ok show, unintentionally hilarious main event.
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#4 Posted on 2.4.06 2201.31
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2202.45
So, if a "World" Title match, at the BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR can't even get 10 minutes, does that mean we can officially stop caring about Smackdown, or the brand split as any kind of meaningful thing anymore? The US title match was longer, albeit only by about 30 seconds, and the women's title match was nearly as long. Unless there is some sort of injury that I missed, that booking makes no sense, even by WWE standards.
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#5 Posted on 2.4.06 2202.07
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2202.47
Star of the Night: Mickie James and her split finger licking motion.

Winner of the "Don't worry, you could still find work in TNA" Award: The dipshit that thought up the entrances in the main event. Horrible.
Lap cheong
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#6 Posted on 2.4.06 2204.45
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2206.51
I didn't see it, but the booking decisions are quite surprising.

I think it's disappointing that Rey-Orton-Angle got only 9 minutes, and that Angle was booked to look better than Rey/Orton, but I didn't really mind Rey pinning Orton since he was the heel and it was a good way to end that feud. I could go for a few Rey/Angle matches now. Hope Rey lasts more than a month.

As far as Cena going over HHH goes via submission, I like it. I do think it was a big "F-U" to the fans, but (and this is just me), I'm getting really bored of the "We'll cheer for the biggest asshole for the unique PPV reaction" thing that's been going on since Rock/Hogan. I'm not saying fans have to cheer for Cena - there's certainly a good basis not to do so - but, shit, I think even HHH remembers why he lost the belt a year ago. Maybe he'll get it back eventually, but HHH really deserves credit for doing the right thing and putting the future forward three years in a row now.

I wish I saw that HHH entrance.

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#7 Posted on 2.4.06 2212.35
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2214.04
Tag Titles: Logically, now...can anybody beat Kane & Show? Odd booking choice.
Money in the Bank: Not as good as last year's, but tons of fun spots. Good showing by everyone.
US Title: JBL gets his belt and Benoit continues his streak of never losing clean. Good choice, I guess, considering they need an upper-card heel champion.
Hardcore: Great, great match. Cool spots, and both guys seemed to be feelin' it.
Handicap: Not bad. Kept short, and Booker got more offense on Boogey than JBL did.
Women's Title: Really strong, despite the blown spot at the end. Really cool unique psychology.
Casket Match: Seemed longer than it was. About as good as I thought it would be, which is alrightish.
No Holds Barred: Fun. Not great, but fun. Cool spots.
World Title: Really short, but CRAZY. Unique spots, and it never lost energy. Cool to see Rey win.
Pillow Fight: It was there.
WWE Title: That was...different. Match itself dragged all kinds of ass, and the crowd made things even odder.
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#8 Posted on 2.4.06 2217.59
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2221.50
So glad to see justice served on the RAW title side of things. Even though it should not have been the main event (the SD title match should have been).
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#9 Posted on 2.4.06 2223.06
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2224.33
Dare I say it Mickie and Trish Match Of The Night?

Ok Wrestlemania. Good to see the Chairman take the knocks he expects his wrestlers to. Good to see Rey win, now enjoy your month as champ and let the kids dare to dream

Edge - Foley ..wasnt that a repeat of Foley - Orton? Good flamo spot

And the rest yeah... I would have been more excited if my predicts came close 5/11 but oh well if VKM didnt know the day before how am I ( well thats my excuse)
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#10 Posted on 2.4.06 2224.22
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2225.57
Smart move taking the US belt off Benoit. They can move him up to the main event for when Batista comes back. Considering the Cena/HHH fued didn't really have much meat to it, I'm glad they kept the belt on Cena. Edge's win over Foley ought to be enough to get him back in the title hunt, and those two guys worked pretty good together, in my opinion.
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#11 Posted on 2.4.06 2227.56
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2229.01

1. Kane/Show tag. Not bad. **

2. MITB. Good but also a mess and not the good kind, in large part because it was missing all the glue workers (the four guys from last year) who elevate these matches from good to great. Lashley sucked, taking those tentative delayed bumps. There were two fantastic spots from Shelton. ***1/4

3. Benoit/JBL. Going well but too short to amount to anything. **1/2

4. Foley/Edge. This was awesome. There were two brilliant spots right away with Edge spearing hidden barbed wire, then Foley doing the Cactus clothesline with Lita on his back. Lita is a damn great manager. This was also smart in that the insanity built to and peaked at the finish. ***3/4

5. Boogey T. This sucked, although at least we got a Bookdust reunion. Goldust was way fatter than Oprah. -*

5. Trish/Mickie. Good work until they blew the finish. Trish turning Mickie's vaginal attack rana into powerbomb was great. Crowd reaction was weird. **1/4

6. UT/Mark Henry. * for the dive.

7. Vince/Shawn. It was decent. I really enjoy it when they do the simple payback stuff and it works -- i.e. Shawn gets the belt and whips Vince, Shawn makes Shane kiss Vince's ass, etc. But Shawn beat up Vince for too long to keep my interest. No Bret, what do you know. **3/4

8. Rey/Angle/Orton. Are ya fucking kidding me. Great match for all of its 5 minutes. Hunter's on-screen massage lasted longer than their match. This getting shortchanged almost ruined the show for me. ***1/2

9. Torrie/Candice. The SD guys should've been wrestling during this and all the way through those ridiculous entrances and C.M. Gun~.

10. Cena/HHH. Hahahahahaha magic chair hahahaha magic hat hahahaha GANGSTERS. Well this was unique. Started boring but ended up being perversely good by the end. Listen here, Chicago, if you are being badass rebels by cheering for Triple H, you are an idiot. The finish was AWESOME with them all deflated and dumbfounded. ***1/2

Good show but the time management will forever haunt me. With the **** match the threeway should've been, it would've been really strong.
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#12 Posted on 2.4.06 2229.40
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2231.20
Burning question of the night: How did Finlay's shillelagh end up under the bed during the pillow fight (which included exactly 0 pillows were used to fight with)?

Overall I enjoyed it, but I'm tired of the fans crapping on the faces, especially those who don't deserve it (Rey Rey? Trish??). MITB2, SD! title match and Foley/Edge hardcore-a-palooza were my top three. They needed to do a better job of catching where RVD and Shelton were flying in from, otherwise it seemed like a Nightcrawer-like *BAMF* outta mid-air.

Did Orton legit hurt his ankle? Might explain the shorter match...

Boudin rouge
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#13 Posted on 2.4.06 2231.45
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2232.41
The return of the Million Dollar Man in the backstage segment with Booker T and all the "freaks" made the show for me. That laugh...gets me every time.
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#14 Posted on 2.4.06 2233.20
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2235.24
Im sure plenty of people are gonna complain about the booking (and have already) so here's my two cents, cents.... much simpler than other people's cents.

-Finlay doing the "oh! I cant reach the suitcase!" move... come on man, this is MANIA! ... pretend from the next step up.

-Shane also pretending he was trying to stop Michaels.... why didnt they have him on the other side of the ring... repeated stupidity of him doing nothing to Michaels as Michaels pulled out an entire Home Depot out from under the ring.

-J.R. saying "Bling Ling" *shudders*

-Booyaka by C.O.D. -Im a fan of rap/hip-hop plus I'm hispanic (if its relevant, and it isnt) and I think that was pretty crappy.

-Taker (Im one of the few here that likes him) taking longer than usual in the in-ring part of his entrance. Henry had like a 30 min. opening to hit him while he was pulling down his hat.

-MORE using of Eddie Guerrero for cheap heat (JBL and the repeatedly shown clip of Orton saying he's in hell) utter crap.

-Fearing that old man Flair's back might have snapped in two after that superplex.


-MITB- Rob Van Dam, Im a big fan of his- so this is self explanatory.

-Cactus Jack, Mick Foley- by far the most "Hardcore" he has gotten in a long time. I think Dean might be able to parodize the RIDICULOUS amount of blood and barbed wire involved here... which made it great! (with the deadliest assist by Mister Socko to date)

-Joey delivering with "OH MY GAOOOAUD!"

-Shawn Michael's total annihilation of Vince. How many awesome moments were there in this match?! The ULTIMATE climax of any plot in recent memory when Michaels told Vince to watch him kick his teeth DOWN HIS THROAT and pinned him right after the Sweet Chin. *wipes tear* Incredible.


-Main Event entrances... WTF.

-Cena Selling the knee drop when it landed like a foot away from the top of his head. It made me laugh a little.


- Is there any way in Hell or Earth that Degeneration X could be reforming?! I mean... there were dropped hints (Hunter and Michaels both making use of the Suck it! sign) but... no, right?

I thought this show delivered, although there wasnt a lot in the way of technical wrestling and although the card could have used more diversity... Im satisfied!
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#15 Posted on 2.4.06 2243.37
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2248.52
    Originally posted by Ffej
    The return of the Million Dollar Man in the backstage segment with Booker T and all the "freaks" made the show for me. That laugh...gets me every time.
It was a humorous interlude. As they panned back on the freaks standing there my mate said ''imagine being stuck on an island with that lot'' so if anyone good at photoshopping can get that pic of them standing there and splash across the bottom of the pic Survivor:Chicago , and pm it to me it would be much appreciated
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#16 Posted on 2.4.06 2243.49
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2248.57
We enjoyed it over here. We missed the end of Rey/Angle/Orton match becuase of the tornados and whatnot, but DirecTV came thru with the free replay so I'll get to see it soon.

Loved the MITB match, and agree that the camera work was a bit off where Shelton Benjamin was concerned. I really wanted to see if he really springboarded off the ropes to end up on the ladder.

Every time Foley comes back, I wonder why, and then I have to shut up and enjoy how insane his matches are. Barbed wire Socko was awesome.

What the hell was up with Rey's headdress? He looked like the character from Mike Grell's old Shaman's Tears comic book.

Pretty funny seeing CM Punk and some other OVWers as Cena's gangstas.

Good show. Might even get me back into watching the weekly shows some.

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#17 Posted on 2.4.06 2249.55
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2251.36
Kane & Big Show v.s Carlito & Masters: I thought because of how much offense the big men were getting, that maybe Carlito and Masters would pull it out. Then I remembered that Kane and Show have owned the whole feud. Okayish match, though I thought for sure we'd see Carlito turn face.

MITB Match: Spot after spot during this match. Very fun and entertaining. I love how the camera angle was just right when Shelton jumped onto the ladder- you never saw it coming. I thought the match length was just about right, too.

JBL v.s Chris Benoit: I don't know about the JBL/Eddy stuff. I don't think he really needs that kind of cheap heat. The match was fine.

Surprised to see Joey Styles there....perhaps Mick asked for him to call the match, knowing how much Joey was counting on being at WM?

Edge v.s Mick Fooley: Much like the MITB match, very exciting and fun. Maybe not so much for the guys involved. Probably one of the most hardcore matches you'll see in a while.

The backstage stuff with the "freaks" of WWE was really awesome, in a cheesy way. And a Goldust sighting is always welcome.

Booker v.s Boogeyman: Wisely kept short, though you could tell Boogeyman is pretty bad even with the little he actually did. I was expecting more of a gross-out moment.

Trish v.s Mickie: A good match 'til the blown spot at the end, which she didn't look comfortable doing a few weeks ago to Trish. I thought I heard the fans booing Trish. And I hate how fans chant "You Fucked Up" even to someone they're cheering.

'Taker v.s Mark Henry: Well, it was watchable. Certainly nothing embarrassing, but nothing to give it any zeal either. Except for Taker's dive.

Vince v.s Shawn: I guess HBK got his revenge, eh? Thorough beating by Shawn, including some memorable crotch chops and a huge dive off the later. Shane's reaction to the giant ladder was awesome. Another crazy fun match.

Rey v.s. Angle v.s Orton: Short, but tons of energy while it lasted. The intrigue of whether Rey would win certainly helped. Probably should've been the last match on the card.

Torrie v.s. Candice: A cool-down match and nothing more. Boy, Candice sure had a tough time with Torrie's dress.

Triple H v.s Cena: I'll admit, the entrances were certainly a gutsy attempt, but I think it fell short. I think Cena's entrance would've worked better if the crowd was on his side. As for the match, I don't get the booking at all. Cena should've lost and his character be re-set tomorrow night, or just take him off TV for a few weeks. The fact that he is doing all of his face moves ("You can't see me", pumping the shoes) in spite of 90% of the crowd crapping on him is ridiculous. WWE is digging a deeper and deeper hole with Cena's character. I hope they have a plan to get out.

Overall, a mostly fun show, with few blah moments.
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#18 Posted on 2.4.06 2256.04
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2257.09

Pretty solid show.

Too bad HBK wasn't in there with someone that could have gone toe to toe with him.
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#19 Posted on 2.4.06 2257.44
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2258.17
-Tag Match
Well, Masters got in his clothesline-into-Masterlock spot, so I'm happy. All four were suprisingly energetic, setting the tone for Mania. **1/2, but I don't know how they get the titles of them, unless it's some stupid combo like HHH/Cena

I enjoyed Bradshaw's Eddie taunting (mostly because I remembered that him and Eddie were actually very good friends, plus JBL had such a long feud with Eddie), and that was a fun counter of the crossface. **3/4

I have no idea what was up with Flair, since he disappeared again after making his big return. Benji is of course your god once again, and I want him in every MITB even if he's already champ. I wish we could have gotten a replay of his perfect Spiderman onto the ladder. As energetic and enjoyable as last year (minus the Flair business), with a much better finish. ****1/2

-Boogeyman/Booker T& Sharmell
The match was what it was (with some fun when Boogey gave a wormy kiss to Sharmell). More importanly, Oprahdust~~~! (The whole skit was tons of fun, and it was nice to see Black Gold in action one last time).

I was a little pissed off that he was announced as Foley and came out to Mankind music after his promo about Cactus Jack, and I was pissed off about him pulling out the sock, but that got much better after he wrapped it in barbwire. Lita hasn't bled from her mouth that bad since her last outbreak of herpes. The spear was awesome, and I'm glad they paid off the flaming table bit from SNME. ***1/2

Whatever. *

As a match, it was shite. As an enjoyable go-home-happy match, it was fun. And I was seriously frightened for Michaels' health before that elbowdrop. ***

About as good of a 9 minute match as you will ever see. James had some amazing tricked out knee attacks, and there were so many great little moments (James has Trish beat with the half crab, but she pulls Trish's hair, forcing a break; James licking her fingers; James LOVING being in powerbomb position until she realizes she's getting dropped; James unable to deliver Stratusfaction because Trish's knee can't support her). ****. Seriously.

-Smackdown Triple Threat
Disappointment of the night. I hated the two visual tapouts six minutes in, plus Angle kicking out of the RKO. It seemed like they tried to rush it too much, and they never had the classic Angle nearfalls that I was hoping for. ***, but I was expecting *****.


Entertaining only due to the crowd. Dull as all hell, but it was gutsy to have HHH tap. *3/4

Final Thoughts:
It definitely lost steam near the end, but it's still easily the best Mania I've ever seen (and I've seen 13, and everything from 18 on).
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#20 Posted on 2.4.06 2305.52
Reposted on: 2.4.13 2306.20

This card was loads better than expected, but I just wish the world title match had been given more time.....and been the actual main event, but that's just my pro-Smackdown bias.

At least the Chicago fans finally got a good Wrestlemania.
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