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The 7 - Movies & TV - Don't be let down - this is NOT a real Idol recap
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Parts Unknown
Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 28.3.06 2106.48
Reposted on: 28.3.13 2107.25
I just can't do it tonight. Basically, were I to recap this show, I would just say "that sucked" or "that had no energy" or "bad song" about every performance, so let's just leave it at this:

Mandisa is playing the Jesus card to hard.
Elliott was good, but it was somewhat sullied because Bo did the same song.
Bucky was the best tonight.
I hate Ace and his scar.
Chris sang Creed. WTF?
Kellie must go.

Lisa will be eliminated.

Good night, and good luck.
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#2 Posted on 28.3.06 2319.48
Reposted on: 28.3.13 2320.01
Yeah I agree...this was such a crappy night...I ranked them like this...

1. Elliott (Biased yeah)
2. Kat (Biased)
3. Bucky (I never thought I'd like a Bucky Performance)
4. Taylor
5. Paris (vocals sucked, performance was good)
6. Chris (vocals lacked, and his usual rock star performance is starting to wear thin I think)
7. Mandisa (I don't even remember it)
8. Ace
9. Lisa (Not even the worst, but probably gone)
10. Kellie (bad song, bad performance, just bad bad bad)

This was just about craptacular at it's finest, even Paula had to give bad reviews...although the audience needs to lay off Randy or Simon just because they have something honest to say...they're probably more annoying with their booing anything intelligible than Paula's saying somethihng unintelligible.
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#3 Posted on 29.3.06 0044.30
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0044.53
Tough to call tonight. So lackluster overall.

Lisa - terrible. Just horrible. Why would you even think of trying a Clarkson song? I mean I knew someone would try, but when you are so close to elimnation every week why be the one to do it? She's gone.

Bucky - Decent job, but he's just not going to get a ton of votes anyway.

Kat - Honestly I can't even recall this performance at all. That's not good, but she's not going anywhere.

Taylor - I agree with Simon. the look was terrible. Just didn't fit at all. Singing was fine though.

Mandisa - Lots of action here, just still not convinced she has any real shot of winning. Good voice, not a mainstream type of person.

Ace - He's trying too hard. It wasn't great, but he should be safe.

Kellie - I thought she did fine, with a song that fits her. Nothing special, but not bad.

Chris - Wait, last week Simon says it's great that he refuses to compromise and this week it's you have to do something different. Which is it? The performance was good I thought.

Paris - I thought it was a solid job. I couldn't picture her doing that type of thing before I saw it, but she was at least somewhat convincing.

Elliott - Pretty good job. Much better than the past few weeks.
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#4 Posted on 29.3.06 0711.56
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0713.59
Not a recap but my thoughts….

Lisa – “Because of you” – Not great, not bad. Flat during some parts, but not great. The judges tore into her, I guess because they were expecting that everyone else would do much better than she. That was not the case last night.

Kellie – “Suds in a bucket” – Obscure choice. Her voice wasn’t great either. Shocks sets in at the judges table. It cemented a trend.

Ace – “Drops of Jupiter” – Not memorable, except Paula wanting to know the secret about the scar on his chest and Simon embarrassing her for asking such a thing.

Taylor – “Trouble” – Not bad vocals, but the performance didn’t draw me into the song. It was nicely sung, but boring.

Mandisa- “Wanna praise you (Shackles)” – She phoned this performance in. She got a little winded and went flat on a few notes, so she saved her ass with belting out big/high notes. Wasn’t crazy about this at all.

Chris – “What if” – At least he tried to clear up that whole Live controversy. As for his performance… Well, he also phoned it in. I understand that he’s the ‘rock guy’, but it’s like, if you missed him this week, you didn’t miss much.

Katherine – “Voice Within” – It was just okay. I didn’t see what the judges saw, I guess. It was just, eh… Not as bad as those before, but that’s not saying much.

Bucky – “Real Good Man” – Welcome back to country! I didn’t hate his performance. It was actually a welcome from what I had seen all night. Not bad at all.

Paris – “Work it out” – Best of the night, even though it was more of an impersonation, all the way down to the way Beyonce shook that wig in the video. But, still best of the night.

Elliot – “I don’t wanna be” – Nice way to end the show. His voice overshadowed the weird arrangement and his forgetting the early lyrics. I really liked his performance though.

Last three people saved the show, but my bottom three are: Ace, Lisa and Kellie (please let it be Kellie)

Lisa goes home because she just didn’t connect with anyone and they’ve been trying for weeks to send her home.
As young as
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#5 Posted on 29.3.06 0751.06
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0751.23
Taylor was solid.

Katherine was okay.

Elliot was good.

Kellie was what she is. Solid but not spectacular.

Creed? Really? Creed? Come on, Chris.

Simon hit the nail on the head with Mandisa. Indulgent.

Hate Bucky's voice. He's married? Good grief.

I don't like Paris or Ace either and they did themselves no favors this week. Ace seems to get worse each week.

Lisa's in trouble, I think.

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#6 Posted on 29.3.06 0752.00
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0752.58
I did get a chance to see about 10 minutes worth, which is a new record for me on Idol.

I have found more respect for Simon Cowell for two reasons:

A) He basically hit on the same points I would to a singer.

B) He completely smacks Paula down.

I've found what turns me off about the show; it's her. She might as well be straddling Chris when she oogled over his crappy performance last night. Just my .02.
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#7 Posted on 29.3.06 0803.54
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0804.09
Lisa is gone - you just can't sing Kelly Clarkson on this show and not look foolish

I'm a Sara Evans fan but not a fan of "Suds in the Bucket" (though the little dunkettes think it's great) - Kellie has nowhere near the voice to pull this one off - very bad performance.

Paula was trying to get Ace some sympathy votes with her pointing out his scar - the explanation of the scar is bound to be lame - basketball injury? - if Paula wants to see scars, she should look at my ears after tonight

Taylor - what a bad look for you - the stylist who has been working with you needs to be shot - good thing you can sing but let's lighten up on the whole Soul Patrol crap

Mandisa - could we have the first Gospel Idol ?

Chris - who cares which rendition of the song you did - time to show some versatility if you want to win this thing - you are going to be in trouble when Rod Stewart hosts the great American Songbook night

Katharine - nothing special but I don't see you ever being in the Bottom 3

Bucky - look Paula, more scars on my ears - this was terrible - I bet Faith Hill had fun razzing her husband last night - Bucky was unintelligible and looked like a sheepherding cowboy in the hat - lucky for you Lisa is still here

Paris - go home already you pre-programmed little robot - I'm sure that Disney would love to hire you for "That's So Paris"

Elliot - I can't quite find the words and neither could you at the beginning of the song - he sounded good but I just can't get past the fact that he looks like an extra from LOTR - shallow of me to think that? yes

My bottom 3 - Bucky, Kellie & Lisa - with Lisa going home but any of the 3 would be alright with me and Ace going home would make me happiest of all
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#8 Posted on 29.3.06 0819.40
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0820.38
OK, I SWEAR I haven't watched one second of one episode of this season, save the season premiere way back when, so I don't have ANY biases toward or against anybody. Also, "Songs of the 21st Century" is one of THE superior themes, because the contestants always do themselves in with their song choices.

Also, someone's pimped Ryan's closet...very nice suit.

Lisa's choice of "Because of You" illustrates the point about song choice perfectly, ESPECIALLY given that she had to lead off the show. I thought she was OK, good enough to show she CAN sing but over her head with the song choice. Still, I expected to see some far worse performances later on.

Kellie tackles Sara Evans' "Suds in the Bucket" (or "Soap Suds in a Bucket" if you're Simon) and it TOTALLY makes my point about Lisa's performance being not too bad, because this was HORRIBLE. Sara Evans isn't that great, but Kellie made her seem like Martina McBride II by comparison. Also, I can tell she's going for a "Carrie Jr."-vibe, but Kellie's charisma makes Carrie look like Jenna Jameson. Wow.

Ace busts out "Drops of Jupiter", and he's almost as bad a Kellie. What a great theme tonight. Ace even shows his own "permanent scar", to which I must say "Go. Home. Now. Ace." I don't even need to see any more of this show.

I WANT to pick on Taylor because he looked 45, except I'm 33 and have my own "Silver Fox"-thing going on. At least he picked a song we haven't heard a million times (or even once) so I don't know if it was good like the original, but compared to the first three he was by far the best.

Mandisa goes with some religious song I've never heard, kind of like Taylor with the obtuse song choice, but DEFINITELY not as good. Simon gives me the word I'm looking for, which is "indulgent". I will say it must have been hard for her to concentrate on the song with Ryan orbiting around her due to the immense gravitational pull. Good Lord. I hope she wears purple one week so I can make "Grimace" (not "Grimis") jokes.

Chris (or "the bald guy from the preseason promos") TRIES to rock it out, to (*snicker*) Creed, but he's VERY growly. Like, WAY TOO GROWLY. "ARRRRGH, I'm a pirate!" There were a couple of lines he accidentally "sang" which weren't bad, but overall I couldn't help but picture Bo doing a much better version of the song.

Katharine picks (*groan*) "The Voice Within" by (*groan*) Christina Aguilera, but, hold on, she does a VERY good job with it, giving the best performance so far. In fact, just from watching this show I'd say she'd be my pick to win, pending the next three performances.

Bucky Covington (which HAS to be a pseudonym, right?) gives the mother of all pre-performance intros with his REALLY horrid teeth and hillbilly accent, but THEN he goes out and does a nice job with Tim McGraw's "Real Good Man". Maybe it's because my expectations were low, but this was alright, especially compared to the evening's earlier country song.

Paris makes it three solid performances in a row singing Beyonce's "Work It Out", but Mrs. JJD and I have this exchange:

JJD: How old is she?
Mrs. JJD: 17, I think.
JJD: I'd feel better if you'd said "22".

Seriously, all she needed was a pole and some clear heels. At least she didn't try to dress like Beyonce, but then it was kind of like watching Rudy Huxtable do Beyonce.

Elliott gets to close the show with "I Don't Wanna Be", which comes PERILOUSLY close to rapping, complete with Eminem's generic-white-boy-rap-bounce-move. I mean, WHAT?!?! And then they pan back and Paula's GROOVIN', wishing she was the meat in a Chris-and-Elliott-sandwich. Egads. This wasn't even good.

I would say Katharine was the best of the night, followed by in some order Taylor, Bucky, and Paris. Lisa and Chris weren't great, but they weren't offensive either. So that gives me a bottom three of definitely Kellie, definitely Ace, and a choice between Mandisa and Elliott. I guess when in doubt, vote for singing over faux rapping, so I've got to put Elliott in there.

I'm pretty sure I'd send Ace home tonight, but it wouldn't bother me if they sent Kellie home, either.
Parts Unknown
Lap cheong
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#9 Posted on 29.3.06 0841.30
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0845.06

Thanks, JayJay Dean, for giving the people a recap. I just couldn't do it. Started to type, but I was just being too mean. For example, when Mandisa came out and said "GAWD CAN BREAK ALL YOUR ADDICTIONS!" I wrote, "What about the Twinky addiction?!" A that point, I realized this was just a crappy, crappy show that perfectly illustrated how terrible popular music has become.
I bow before the superiority of your recap!
Brian P. Dermody
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#10 Posted on 29.3.06 0843.03
Reposted on: 29.3.13 0845.07
    Originally posted by JayJayDean
    And then they pan back and Paula's GROOVIN', wishing she was the meat in a Chris-and-Elliott-sandwich.

I swear, I thought that said a "Chris Elliott sandwich". Gonna have to bleach the ol' noodle after that one.

I covered this show at work. I wouldn't watch it again, unless it was assigned to me again.

I really, really thought we'd all evolved past Creed.
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#11 Posted on 29.3.06 1742.14
Reposted on: 29.3.13 1742.47
I know that Creed doesn't seem like the type of "rock" that Chris would sing but "What If" doesn't sound like the usual Creed song, and I thought Chris would actually nail it, but then he decided to scream the words instead of sing it for some reason.

Elliot sounded alright on his vocals but as a fan of Gavin Degraw I just HATED that version of the song, he should've song something more his style like "We Belong Together" or "More Than Anyone"

This should've been a great week for everyone since they could sing whatever they wanted to sing on their album, but Bucky was the only one that capitalized. It wasn't GREAT, but I think it's good enough that he'll stick around one more week.

I agreed with Simon that Paris's performance looked like some little girl pretending she was Beyonce. Come back in five years. Oh and Paula comments that she should get a job with the Pussycat Dolls, oh yeah, that's a great job for a 17 year old.

Another dumb comment by Paula was when she said that there are now 40 million people worshipping the church of Mandisa. You could tell by the look on Mandisa's face that she didn't take that well since it's GOD she wants worshipped not herself, I guess Paula can't understand that concept?

Ace should've sung a boy band song, I don't know why he didn't, maybe he didn't want the band boy image but really, if you look like a boy band member and sound like a boy band member you're best suited for singing boy band songs.

Kellie was boring and I hope that she drops behind Bucky this week.

I agree that Lisa is going home.
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#12 Posted on 29.3.06 2033.52
Reposted on: 29.3.13 2034.53
Well that was somewhat suprising. Lisa being gone was obvious, but I'm thinking other people picked up maybe on that vibe I got from Katherine last week that she might be a bit....prissy? I dunno.

Seems like some country fans are keeping Bucky in there for now. Next week should be an easy one for him to survive unfortunatly. Be interesting to see what Elliot and Ace pick.
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#13 Posted on 29.3.06 2241.41
Reposted on: 29.3.13 2241.46
Tuesday: Bad week. My choices from 10 to 1 (best to worst).

10. Katharine

9. Elliott

8. Kellie

7. Ace, or should I say Ace-Fed (sorry, had to say that).

6. Bucky - Actually pretty good.

5. Mandisa

4. Lisa

3. Paris

2. Chris - Thanks for almost making my parents deaf and making me blind with the lights.

1. Taylor - Just wasn't him, in my opinion.

Other Tuesday notes: GEORGE!!!

Wednesday: I was surprised my bottom three made it on the first swoop. I was shocked that my top one, Katharine, was one of the bottom two. After my bottom three were safe, I had a feeling that Lisa was done. I look at the post-elimination recap to see how the eliminatee is taking it. Lisa was really good about it, still with a smile on her face. Hey, no song cutoff!!!

Other notes: Did Paula dye her hair? We were thinking about it. Paris, I can't wait until you get eliminated. I see you crying after every elimination, what will yours be like? Shakira/Wyclef...ZZZZZZZ.

Country next week. Bucky & Kellie better be at their best. All others, we'll see. I can't wait to see what Chris is going to do next week, because I have a feeling that this could be it for him.

(edited by saturn93 on 29.3.06 2342)
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#14 Posted on 30.3.06 0052.27
Reposted on: 30.3.13 0052.29
    Originally posted by saturn93
    Country next week. Bucky & Kellie better be at their best. All others, we'll see. I can't wait to see what Chris is going to do next week, because I have a feeling that this could be it for him.

    (edited by saturn93 on 29.3.06 2342)

Bucky and Kellie have been doing country for most of the weeks though up until the first two theme weeks, and they've rarely been at their best (unless that WAS their best) so I don't have high hopes for them.

I'm not worried about Chris. He did better with Johnny Cash than he has with any of his rock songs, and there's plenty of rock and roll/country songs out there that he could preform very well if he can keep from screaming unintelligibly with the microphone in his throat.

The ones I'm most curious about are Mandisa and Paris. Mandisa did a good job of Faith Hill before, but she needs a song where she just belts out loud notes really loudly. And Paris needs someone to imitate.

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#15 Posted on 30.3.06 1538.54
Reposted on: 30.3.13 1539.54
I can't believe no one's been discussing the lip syncing that Shakira and Wyclef did on their Wednesday performance. I mean, what with Idol supposed to be a live singing competition and everything, you'd at least think the pop performers would actually sing instead of lip sync.

The obvious part was when Wyclef was rapping to the judges -- he turns to rap at Simon, lets his mouth stay perfectly still as he raps off his last line.

Kinda summed up the week in a lot of ways.
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#16 Posted on 31.3.06 1604.26
Reposted on: 31.3.13 1604.28
    Originally posted by DrHogie
    The obvious part was when Wyclef was rapping to the judges -- he turns to rap at Simon, lets his mouth stay perfectly still as he raps off his last line.

I think you gotta give the guy a break. The song's only been out for a few weeks. It takes him a while to learn the words.

Tribal Prophet
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