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The 7 - Movies & TV - DVD NEW RELEASES, March 21st 2006!
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#1 Posted on 21.3.06 1754.10
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1756.15
Week three! In a row! Damn I'm good!

Do any of you actually BUY anything through these posts?

Just wondering... I'd hate to think I'm doing this for nothing.

Here we go!


21 JUMP STREET: SEASON 5 (The W at Amazon)- I think this was when the show went down hill and REALLY started to suck. Everyone was showing thier age and had no reason to be 'acting' like teens anymore. Johnny Depp was still good though.
42ND STREET (The W at Amazon)- Pretty packaging and a great film as well.
ARSENAL OF MEGADETH (The W at Amazon)- This two disc set has tons of live footage thrown in along with ALL of the music videos they've done. This is really cool!
BATMAN BEYOND: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (The W at Amazon)- You know, when this first aired, I hated it. Looking back at it now, it wasn't really all that bad. They did some really cool stuff later on, like the RETURN OF THE JOKER movie.
THE BEST OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (The W at Amazon)- ...proving yet again, they will NEVER run out of shows to put out on DVD. NEVER!
BEWITCHED: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (The W at Amazon)- 33 episodes! Remember back when actors were actually paid to WORK?
BIG BUSTED FANTASY BABES (The W at Amazon)- I have no idea what this is, but the title is nice.
THE BLACK CROWES: FREAK N ROLL INTO THE FOG (The W at Amazon)- I like the Black Crowes. You should too.
BREASTS: A DOCUMENTARY (The W at Amazon)- I'm torn here. I know I want this, but it says there's an 11 year old in it talking about HER breasts, and this just sounds horrifying. It's like live action hentai or something. 11 year olds aren't supposed to even KNOW what breasts are, much less even HAVE breasts.
BUKOWSKI: BORN INTO THIS (The W at Amazon)- Evidently, this was in theatres, and I didn't know it. It's a documentary about the writer.
CAPOTE (The W at Amazon)- ACtually, some stores like Target and Walmart put this out last week. This was REALLY GOOD. I'm sorry I skipped it last year.
CHICKEN LITTLE (The W at Amazon)- Cute animated flick that, deservedly, did NOT get nominated for an Oscar. It was still funny though.
CHOKE (The W at Amazon)- Cheesy horror film... I love cheesy horror films. The cheesier the better, actually.
CHRIS ADLER AND JASON BITTNER: LIVE AT THE MODERN DRUMMER FESTIVAL 2005 (The W at Amazon)- If your name is DRUM GOD, you'll probably want to look at this.
CLASSIC ALBUMS: QUEEN-A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (The W at Amazon)- Sure Bohemian Rhapsody gets played ALL THE TIME, but The Prophet Song was som much better.
DAVID BOWIE: SERIOUS MOONLIGHT (The W at Amazon)- Was this from the Glass Spider tour? ...anyone?
DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR (The W at Amazon)- A french comedy starring (he's not dead yet?) Yves Montand.
DERAILED (The W at Amazon)- Starring Clive Owen... the guy who SHOULD have been cast as the new James Bond, but wasn't.
DREAMER (The W at Amazon)- HEY! Let's start a rumor. Go out to other message boards and say that there this video of Dakota Fanning playing with a horse's private parts and that it's an Easter Egg on THIS DVD! Let's see how fast this sells?
DYNAMITE CHICKEN (The W at Amazon)- Not sure if this was a TV show or what, but it's got Lenny Bruce, B.B. King, Leonard Cohen, Andy Warhol, John Lennon AND Malcolm X in it, and it's 'presented' by Richard Pryor. Wow!
EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED (The W at Amazon)- Liev Schreiber makes his directorial debut with this heart warming comedy starring Elijah Wood and Eugene Hutz.
FAT JOE: LIVE AT THE ANAHEIM HOUSE OF BLUES (The W at Amazon)- Are there any FAT JOE fans here on the Bizz-oard? Sorry, I'm very white.
THE FLYING NUN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (The W at Amazon)- The always perky Sally Field went from her cancelled series GIDGET to this. From a bikini wearing bimbo to a flying nun... what the fuck were these people smoking!
GHOST IN THE SHELL, S.A.C.-2nd GIG, VOL.4 (The W at Amazon)- Anime, but it's computer anime. But it comes in a tim box with toys and stuff!
GIDGET: THE COMPLETE SERIES (The W at Amazon)- The always 'cute' Sally Field starred in this short lived series.
GOOD MORNING, NIGHT (The W at Amazon)- Really good drama retelling the 1978 kidnapping and murder of an Itallian Prime Minister. The story is from the eyes of the kidnappers.
HARRY SHEARER: NOW YOU SEE IT (The W at Amazon)- Tons of rare skits from SNL and other shows featuring the funny guy himself. If you only know him from his work on THE SIMPSONS, you should take a look at this.
HENRY GWIAZDA: SHE'S WALKING (The W at Amazon)- She's WALKING! ...this reminds me of CRZ's old stuff. Gosh I miss him, what's HE doing these days?
HERCULES AND THE PRINCESS OF TROY/ATLAS IN THE LAND OF THE CYCLOPS (The W at Amazon)- You also get GIANTS OF ROME! Three sword and Sandal, itallian flicks for one low price. Sweet!
HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2: DEAD AIM (The W at Amazon)- Directed by Michael Hurst? WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Was Uwe Boll too busy to direct this? Then again with him NOT directing it, this is already a billion times better then the first one. Sid Haig and Victoria Pratt are even in this. Damn!
HUFF: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (The W at Amazon)- Boy, these SIMPSONS voice actors sure have a lot of free time on their hands. I'm not familiar with this series, however; was it any good?
IGPX Vol. 1 SPECIAL EDITION (The W at Amazon)- This is a pretty decent series. You should check it out. This comes with a shirt. Sadly, Haley Joel Osmet does an exclusive interview on this as well.
IN THE MIX (The W at Amazon)- Poor Chaz Palminteri, please buy this to help him out and never have to stoop to this level of horrible taste in casting again.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: SEASON ONE (The W at Amazon)- I still wish they'd used Kyle instead of John, but it's ok... I can deal with it.
KILL THE MOONLIGHT (The W at Amazon)- Hey! Remember Beck's video for LOSER? Well, This movie is where that came from.
KUNG FU THEATER: LAND OF THE BRAVE/THE GREAT GENERAL (The W at Amazon)- Badly dubbed, chop-socky goodness!
MANSION OF THE DOOMED (The W at Amazon)- Cheesy horror flick, and I... wait, I said this already about another film, didn't I?
MIND OF MENCIA: UNCENSORED SEASON 1 (The W at Amazon)- More TV on DVD that I've never seen. But he's funny, so I'll probably rent it to see if it's worth owning.
NIGHT CREATURES DOUBLE FEATURE (The W at Amazon)- Two movies... THE FERAL MAN and GHOUL SCHOOL. They are probably REALLY cheesy.
NIGHT OF 1000 CATS (The W at Amazon)- Damn, this month's been good to me. Sharks, Microwaves, now Cats! (Andrew Lloyd Webber sold separately!)
OVER THERE: SEASON 1 (The W at Amazon)- War drama about Iraq. Steven Bochco created this series so you know it's good.
PARADISE NOW (The W at Amazon)- Sadly, I missed this last year. It wasn't playing anywhere that I could get to. It's about two friends who are called upon to 'do their duty'. Their duty is to carry bombs in to Tel Aviv and kill people. Yep, suicide bombers... or 'Murder Bombers' if you're a FOX NEWS follower, I suppose.
PAUL MOONEY'S ANALYZING WHITE AMERICA (The W at Amazon)- Paul Mooney was the head writer for shows such as GOOD TIMES, SANFORD AND SON, and IN LIVING COLOR. He must know White America pretty well. (This is sarcasm. He's actually pretty damn funny. He wrote a bunch of Richard Pryor's early stuff as well.)
PRIVATE DICKS: MEN EXPOSED (The W at Amazon)- This one's for the ladies around here... and the 'pudding eating cowboys'. Hahaha!
ROSEANNE: SEASON 3 (The W at Amazon)- Sadly, only Laurie Metcalf and Lecy Goranson were 'available' to do any extras for this set. Ah well.
SCOOBY-DOO MEETS BATMAN (The W at Amazon)- ...not to be confused with, say... CITIZEN KANE or GONE WITH THE WIND.
SEXUAL CONFESSIONS (The W at Amazon)- Early seventies Sexploitation flick!!
SLASHER CINEMA (The W at Amazon)- John Saxon (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET!), Cameron Mitchel (ACTION USA!), and Jack Palance (CITY SLICKERS!) are just a few of the 'Stars' in these four movies that have obviously fallen into public domain, allowing everyone and their grandmother to release out onto DVD.
SNAKEMAN! (The W at Amazon)- Just in time for SNAKES ON A PLANE! HEY, A Baldwin stars in this!
SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON (The W at Amazon)- This season had the 'metrosexual' episode we all LOVED!
THE SPANISH INN (The W at Amazon)- Vampire horror done Mexican style!
STALAG 17: SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION (The W at Amazon)- If you don't get the Billy Wilder boxed set, at least get this. It features a new commentary track with two of the actors from the film and the co-writer.
STORYBOOK INTERNATIONAL: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (The W at Amazon)- If you have children... get this. It's extremely cheap and totally worth it. It's 10 discs full of over 60 folk tales from around the world. No joking... BUY THIS! You'll thank me later.
SURGE OF POWER: THE STUFF OF HEROES (The W at Amazon)- Well, never heard of this one, but Marv Wolfman and Len Wein have something to do with it and Lou Ferrigno and Nichelle Nichols are in it... I'm sold!
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION (The W at Amazon)- This will go next to the three OTHER versions I have. Yeah... I know, "what's wrong with me?"
VISAGE: LIVE (The W at Amazon)- HEY, I wonder if they do 'Fade To Gray'? ...probably.
THE WHITE SHADOW: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (The W at Amazon)- Someone out here will buy this... but not I.
THE WONDER STUFF: WELCOME TO THE CHEAP SEATS: A ROCUMENTARY! (The W at Amazon)- Quite possibly, the best group you've never heard of.
WWE: NO WAY OUT 2006 (The W at Amazon)- Hmm... a wrestling DVD. I wonder who would want to buy THAT crap?
THE YOUNG RIDERS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (The W at Amazon)- and we end this with ANOTHER Stephen Baldwin paycheck. What the hell? Two in one week, what is this world coming too?


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#2 Posted on 21.3.06 1832.12
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1836.07
Well, I know the one of those that my Target won't rhymes with Guests. But my parents always said that I should watch more documentaries, so there you go.

Very poor day for good DVD's, except for the Comedy Central dynamic duo of South Park and especially Mind of Mencia.

But it isn't the day for movie releases, it's the game releases that are going to get my money. But that's for a different thread and forum.
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#3 Posted on 21.3.06 2002.40
Reposted on: 21.3.13 2003.48
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    Do any of you actually BUY anything through these posts?
I don't, because I've already been to Best Buy and bought my DVDs by the time your post comes out. Also, I like having things the day they come out. This week I bought "Capote," and I was more than happy to stick to one purchase, since I dropped a lotta money last week on "Good Night and Good Luck," "History of Violence," "Spring Break Shark Attack" (natch) and (also natch) "Columbo: The Complete Fourth Season." Of those discs, we've managed to (It didn't have any sharks in it, no) so again, nice to have a "catchin' up" week release-wise.

(Next week looks like only "Robot Chicken: Season 1" for now)

EDIT: Also, I think Amazon gets mad were Aaron or I to use our own referral

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(edited by CRZ on 21.3.06 2004)
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#4 Posted on 21.3.06 2029.26
Reposted on: 21.3.13 2033.54
If American Movie Classics didn't show Stalag 17 a few times during the X-Mas season, I'd probably go for it. But, they do have it in their X-Mas rotation, so I'll probably hold it for now. Now, if it had been released last week, I might have used it to get the free shipping amount to go with a Boston Irish mob book.
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#5 Posted on 22.3.06 0442.50
Reposted on: 22.3.13 0444.21
    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by Cerebus
      Do any of you actually BUY anything through these posts?
    I don't, because I've already been to Best Buy and bought my DVDs by the time your post comes out. Also, I like having things the day they come out.

That's basically what I do. Best Buy and Walmart both tend to put new releases on sale during the first week, and so that's when I usually pick up my stuff. I picked up the Justice League, Batman Beyond and South Park. Next week it's Robot Chicken, Ah My Goddess and on the video game side, Kingdom Hearts II.

If the same distribution problems happen next week with AMG as did for the last volume (I couldn't find it in stores for over a month), I'll pick it up from Amazon like volume 3.
El Nastio
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#6 Posted on 22.3.06 1128.15
Reposted on: 22.3.13 1128.56
I enjoy it Cerebus, but mostly for your opinion/analysisisisisis and to see what's coming out.

JUSTICE LEAGUE SEASON ONE is mine. It will be mine. By Staurday or Sunday.
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#7 Posted on 22.3.06 1151.56
Reposted on: 22.3.13 1153.12
    Originally posted by El Nastio
    JUSTICE LEAGUE SEASON ONE is mine. It will be mine. By Staurday or Sunday.

Can I just say how happy I am that Warner Brothers is finally releasing season box sets for this?

Unfortunately, I'm really waiting for JLU, and if it took them this long just to get Season One out that could be quite awhile.
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#8 Posted on 23.3.06 1016.11
Reposted on: 23.3.13 1019.15
I use your lists for analysis, Cerebrus; I don't often buy DVDs, but if anything, your comments are hilarious.

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#9 Posted on 23.3.06 1233.45
Reposted on: 23.3.13 1235.32
    Originally posted by CRZ
    "Spring Break Shark Attack" (natch)

I don't think it came out here :(
El Nastio
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#10 Posted on 23.3.06 1353.10
Reposted on: 23.3.13 1353.12
    Originally posted by Deputy Marshall
      Originally posted by El Nastio
      JUSTICE LEAGUE SEASON ONE is mine. It will be mine. By Staurday or Sunday.

    Can I just say how happy I am that Warner Brothers is finally releasing season box sets for this?

    Unfortunately, I'm really waiting for JLU, and if it took them this long just to get Season One out that could be quite awhile.

Sooner than you think. SEASON 2 (featureing the INCREDIBLE three episode arc "Starcrossed" is due out in JUNE. By the end of the year for sure, we should have some JLU season sets later this year (you know they'll make a mint on the OUTSTANDINGLY MAGNIFICANT Season Two of JLU.....probably in time for Christmas).
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#11 Posted on 23.3.06 1431.25
Reposted on: 23.3.13 1431.30
I agree El Nastio, I had hoped they had learned their lesson with Batman The Animated Series DVD's, but I guess not. I ordered mine from Amazon for $30 on Tuesday. Takes a little longer with the free shipping, but worth it.
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