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#1 Posted on 20.3.06 2315.01
Reposted on: 20.3.13 2315.28

Starring CRZ as "seeourzed"
with Y2J 420 as "the other guy"

14-15 March 2006:

23:55:13 lodz316: hey
23:55:24 lodz316: so I see you're finally viewing TNA the same way I do
23:55:36 lodz316: the constant spot matches are a joke
23:55:58 seeourzed: I don't think this is a new opinion from me (although I probably haven't posted it lately)
23:56:36 lodz316: well all I remember is when I posted about TNA being junk, I was one of maybe 2 people who had the urge to say those things
23:56:46 lodz316: now it's FINALLY starting to spread
23:57:38 seeourzed: Yes, but nobody takes you seriously
23:58:44 lodz316: and that's a shame because since I was the first to state the truths about TNA's way of doing things, and now people are starting to come around and view it the same, why should they be taken seriously?
23:59:13 seeourzed: I guess it's your "style"
23:59:38 lodz316: of being blunt and stating why I hate their product? Pretty crappy style I guess
00:00:07 seeourzed: You don't state WHY you hate their product. Go back and read your posts. You just say "I hate TNA" without offering any supporting evidence or anything constructive
00:00:25 lodz316: no no must have had some selective reading
00:00:44 lodz316: I stated MONTHS ago that TNA matches are all "I can outdo you" psychology based
00:00:54 lodz316: with finisher...counter styles
00:01:15 lodz316: I always stated how AJ Styles doing a flip into a DDT doesn't add anything to the move
00:01:38 lodz316: how the Canadien Destroyer truly is the most contrived move in the businiess
00:01:42 lodz316: etc etc
00:01:57 seeourzed:
00:01:59 seeourzed: I'm not seeing that
00:02:21 lodz316: Yeah because most of them say "Delted by CRZ" lol
00:02:45 seeourzed: Well let's look at the last one I deleted
00:02:52 seeourzed: "Probably because Spike TV knows they couldn't draw decent ratings..."
00:02:54 seeourzed: That's your ENTIRE post
00:03:07 lodz316: and in the context of the fit perfectly
00:03:11 seeourzed: People see that and it's "oh, the guy who always bashes TNA is bashing TNA again. YAWN"
00:03:55 seeourzed: Bullshit, there's no context there. You make a one-liner that sounds like every other TNA bash you've ever posted. It's tired and boring, it pisses people off, it's bad message board stuff and that's how you end up banned. You really can't see this?
00:04:06 seeourzed: You're bringing nothing to the table
00:04:32 lodz316: now in all honesty you don't see people doing the same thing with their WWE bashes?
00:04:49 seeourzed: And when I do, I call them on it too
00:04:59 lodz316:
00:05:20 lodz316:
00:05:38 seeourzed: Wait, let's start with the first one you posted
00:05:55 seeourzed: "God TNA is dumb..."
00:06:04 seeourzed: Your FIRST post in that thread. Your ENTIRE post.
00:06:15 lodz316: yep
00:06:23 seeourzed: Totally useless comment
00:06:24 lodz316: My opinion was that TNA was dumb for signing Savage
00:06:28 lodz316: how so?
00:06:49 lodz316: and OMEGA's first response was any better?
00:07:12 seeourzed: Actually, yes, it is.
00:07:57 seeourzed: He responded to someone else's post, elaborated, offered his opinion. He didn't just throw out a stupid, obvious comment that isn't productive in any way
00:08:09 seeourzed: He got YOU to make a decent post, so that's another plus.
00:08:41 seeourzed: I notice Deputy Marshall responded to you - why didn't you answer his question to you? We'll never know, it was 2004.
00:08:46 lodz316: which with my first post someone responded to in theirs...which by your logic would make mine a good post
00:08:54 seeourzed: Your post was a troll.
00:08:54 lodz316: what was the question?
00:09:08 seeourzed: I'm not going to read the thread for you
00:09:52 lodz316: I read the question again now...stupid then stupid now
00:10:54 seeourzed: You know you can pat yourself on the back all you want, believe that you were the first person ever to question the worth of TNA but the bottom line is you're not making much of a contribution to the message board in general with most of the posts you make, and this is why people get on you about it. You can take the advice and try to do a better job, or you can ignore the advice and eventually Aaron or I will get tired of your posts and the complaints they generate and ban you again.
00:11:37 lodz316: can I generate complaints about everything I consider a WWE bash?
00:11:46 lodz316: the snide remarks in titles
00:12:00 seeourzed: I don't know. Can you do it in a way that doesn't look like you're just trolling?
00:12:00 lodz316: the way WWE pops up in TNA threads "WWE isn't smart enough to do that"
00:12:31 lodz316: Joe > Godzilla
00:12:35 lodz316: crap like that
00:12:49 seeourzed: You're ignoring MY question, but that's not a shock
00:13:40 seeourzed: If you see something you disagree with, yeah, you can quote it and respond to it - and I don't mean respond to it by saying "No it isn't" but offer your reasons WHY you're disagreeing.

No answer.

19 March 2006 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!):

19:09:22 lodz316: thanks for banning me without allowing me to see your reply to my justified reply to your message
19:09:40 seeourzed: I didn't ban you
19:09:52 seeourzed: Also, I didn't reply to you
19:09:53 lodz316: well whoever did, so be it
19:10:01 lodz316: Because it was a legitimate reply
19:10:11 lodz316: I backed up my opinions as you wanted
19:10:14 lodz316: I backed up my claims
19:10:15 seeourzed: You really don't get it
19:10:19 lodz316: and it still wasn't enough
19:10:24 lodz316: No I get it
19:10:26 lodz316: I got it as well
19:10:37 lodz316: I did what you asked, but you still didn't find it satisfactory
19:10:50 seeourzed: Also, you're not banned
19:10:52 lodz316: If TNA does something wrong, anyone but me is allowed to comment on it
19:10:57 lodz316: that's your policy
19:11:26 seeourzed: You seem to have this idea that any time someone posts anything about TNA, you're justified to go trolling
19:11:28 seeourzed: You don't.
19:11:57 lodz316: someone made the statement before I commented on the Candadien Destroyer in that thread about it looking bad
19:12:05 lodz316: I agreed and gave reasons why yet you deleted it
19:12:18 lodz316: that's my problem
19:12:30 seeourzed: Did you or did you not say "I could care less about TNA?"
19:12:52 seeourzed: It's really funny that you accuse people of having a hardon for TNA when you've obviously got the biggest hardon for TNA out of the people posting on the board
19:13:16 lodz316: In regards to whether or not Abyss or Monty Brown have taken a Canadien Destroyer in the past
19:13:19 lodz316: "I'm not a fan of the move at all (in fact I hate it), but it would completely destroy whatever credibility the move had if some pudgy manager could do it. I mean, half the move is "look at what an incredible athlete Petey Williams is that he can do this!"

Keep it on the house shows for a laugh though."
19:13:20 seeourzed: The thread was started because someone wanted to talk about TNA's house show - that was NOT an invitiation for Y2J 420 to give us another of his "LOL TNA sux" posts
19:13:41 lodz316: I just gave you a post that was in the thread before me commenting on how the move is bad
19:13:49 lodz316: I agreed with that person and gave reasons why
19:13:52 lodz316: yet yoiu deleted it
19:13:59 seeourzed: You are really fixated on that post, too - but the problem is that was your second post in the thread
19:14:01 lodz316: you either delete mine and his, or don't delete either
19:14:05 seeourzed: You already blew it with your first post in that thread
19:14:28 lodz316: By stating that they didn't have a sell out? What a shame
19:14:36 lodz316: I'm sorry for stating the obvious
19:14:44 seeourzed: Yeah, I know - you see no problem with your posts
19:15:14 lodz316: You're clawing for reasons to justify your deletion of my second post and yet they're coming up short
19:15:26 seeourzed: No, see, I don't HAVE to claw for reasons - I run the board.
19:15:39 lodz316: I agreed with a previous poster...gave reasons supporting my claim...
19:15:48 seeourzed: If you hadn't made your first post, your second probably would have gone unnoticed
19:16:07 seeourzed: But because you're incapable of letting anyone talk about TNA without putting your two cents in, you find yourself in this position
19:16:36 lodz316: By the way you run the board...unless someone is sucking your dick or has an opinion that matches yours, criticism of a company other than WWE is bad
19:17:07 seeourzed: Really, you might want to go find another board, then, if you believe that. You won't be happy with mine
19:17:48 lodz316: WWE gets bashed all the time in posts...even in TNA threads and yet you allow it
19:18:27 seeourzed: I disagree. What can we do, obviously I'm not going to convince you and you're not going to convince m.e
19:24:58 lodz316: 328373 - TNA thread with an unjustified WWE pot shot in this post
19:25:36 seeourzed: Did you really just spend five minutes looking for "evidence" to convince me of.....what are you trying to convince me again?
19:26:16 lodz316: 328397 - This post, and I agree with it completely falls into the same realm of how I handle my posts yet it went unseen...TNA thread with a justified TNA "bash"
19:27:20 lodz316: 328478 - this post, in a TNA thread, states:"...My only point was that WWE is bad enough that you don't need to exaggerate that badness to make a point..."
19:27:23 lodz316: Ummm that's ok?
19:27:33 seeourzed: Yeah, that's fine
19:27:37 lodz316: My subpoint would be that "this didn't suck as much as something WWE did!" is not high praise.
19:27:45 lodz316: - JustinShapiro
19:27:47 seeourzed: Justin is a moderator.
19:27:52 lodz316: can you please explain why
19:27:54 lodz316: So?
19:27:55 seeourzed: Justin became a moderator because I like him
19:27:58 seeourzed: I enjoy his posts
19:28:02 lodz316: I don't give a shit if he owns the place
19:28:02 seeourzed: I do not enjoy your posts
19:28:09 lodz316: He can't make himself any higher than the "law"
19:28:27 lodz316: Like I said if someone sucks your dick, you let their posts go
19:28:57 seeourzed: Seriously, if you can't understand the vast chasm between the quality of your posts and the quality of Justin's posts, there's really no point us continuing the discussion
19:29:22 lodz316: You deleted my post because I said I don't care about TNA...
19:29:38 seeourzed: I deleted your post because you forfeited your right to post in that thread with your FIRST post in the thread.
19:29:39 lodz316: Justin said WWE is suckitude and you don't need to exaggerate how bad it is
19:29:44 seeourzed: You realise how obsessed you come off?
19:29:49 lodz316: With NO EXPLANATION
19:29:51 seeourzed: WWE DOES suck.
19:29:56 lodz316: TNA DOES suck
19:30:12 lodz316: A generic statement like that means nothing
19:30:17 lodz316: I can back up my statement easily
19:30:29 lodz316: WWE can charge for admission to their TV tapings
19:30:44 lodz316: WWE pulls in more than 200 fans a show and they aren't amusement park drifters
19:30:57 seeourzed: Justin is a Wrestling Observer columnist who has made many columns AND posts in the past which show that he knows what he's talking about. You are...some guy who really has a hardon for TNA.
19:30:58 lodz316: WWE doesn't rely on gimmick matches in order to sell a PPV
19:31:06 seeourzed: I don't care about any of this.
19:31:25 lodz316: WOOOOOW the Wrestling Observer with Dave he's someone important
19:31:27 seeourzed: What's your ultimate goal? Are you hoping everyone will "see the light" and.... then what?
19:31:49 lodz316: no I'm just trying to balance out the amount of blind WWE bashing with jsutified TNA bashing
19:32:08 lodz316: You don't seem to see the problem that your board allows WWE bashing but not TNA
19:32:08 seeourzed: Two wrongs don't make a right.
19:32:15 lodz316: irregardless who does it it's wrong
19:32:16 seeourzed: *I* bash TNA, for crying out loud.
19:32:26 seeourzed: I also bash WWE
19:32:30 lodz316: and you use less justification than I do
19:32:31 seeourzed: I bash a lot of stupid shit.
19:32:38 seeourzed: I bash your posts, for example
19:32:49 lodz316: Because you disagree with my justified points
19:33:12 lodz316: is the Canadien Destroyer a good move? No
19:33:14 seeourzed: You seem to think this is some kind of contest, where TNA and WWE are scoring points or something and you have to try to score points for WWE to bring the cosmic balance into line or something
19:33:24 lodz316: and if you say it is you're completely retarded
19:33:30 seeourzed: Please, stop fixating on your individual posts and listen to me
19:33:40 seeourzed: I don't give a shit about the crappy Canadian Destroyer
19:33:55 lodz316: No, quit trying to push some agenda and actually read the posts before you delete them
19:33:59 seeourzed: You have a long and storied history of making crappy posts consisting solely of TNA bashing and a lot of "..." between them
19:34:10 seeourzed: I don't want to see it on the board, so I warn you and I warn you.
19:34:11 seeourzed: I give you advice
19:34:13 lodz316: You wanted me to change my stayle...I did...I followed your policies yet you still deleted
19:34:15 seeourzed: Other moderators give you advice
19:34:17 seeourzed: You ignore all of it
19:34:20 lodz316: And I followed it
19:34:23 lodz316: How?
19:34:30 lodz316: You wanted justification...I gave it
19:34:39 lodz316: I don't do personal attacks in my posts
19:34:48 lodz316: I state an opinion and give at least 2 reasons for it
19:34:57 lodz316: I defend what WWE does and it's bad in your eyes
19:35:05 seeourzed: You do nothing of the sort
19:35:09 seeourzed: Everything you do is an attack on TNA
19:35:14 seeourzed: OVER AND OVER AND OVER
19:35:15 lodz316: someone bashes WWE for no reasons, I counter it and you delete my post
19:35:19 seeourzed: NOBODY wants to read it
19:35:37 lodz316: No one wants to read about shit ass TNA house shows either
19:35:40 seeourzed: Your definition of "counter" is to make another tired-ass attack on TNA
19:35:56 seeourzed: Hey, guess what? If nobody wants to read about TNA house shows, then don't put another post in the thread
19:36:06 lodz316: I counter correctly and then I use the opportunity to make a justified critique of TNA
19:36:08 seeourzed: It'll move down the list and not get pageviews
19:36:09 lodz316: nothing wrong in that
19:36:20 seeourzed: It's a troll. Nothing more.
19:36:28 lodz316: then everyone who posts is a troll
19:36:32 seeourzed: "LOL ICP what is this 1999" I believe was your eloquent argument
19:36:54 lodz316: Yeah...everyone bashes WWE for bringing in former stars and TNA brings in ICP...
19:37:00 lodz316: what's wrong with my statement?
19:37:02 seeourzed: That's wrong.
19:37:05 seeourzed: ICP promoted the event.
19:37:10 lodz316: so?
19:37:16 seeourzed: So TNA didn't "bring them in"
19:37:17 lodz316: They run a shit ass low grade indy fed
19:37:22 lodz316: obviously they did
19:37:33 lodz316: because ICP wouldn't have been on the show any other way
19:37:57 lodz316: I don't think ICP went "Hey TNA we want to go intot the ring at your house show"
19:38:00 seeourzed: You're demonstrating a real lack of understanding here. This is the same thread of cluelessness that permeates most of your posts.
19:38:03 lodz316: and TNA was like "Sure thing"
19:38:19 lodz316: most != all
19:38:27 lodz316: and you seem to delete all for no reason
19:38:29 seeourzed: Okay, "all your posts."
19:38:37 seeourzed: Oh, I have very good reasons - you just don't like them.
19:38:51 lodz316: And I have very good reasons for bashing TNA and you don't like them
19:38:58 seeourzed: But you don't.
19:39:02 lodz316: yes i do
19:39:11 lodz316: is TNA making any great strides? No
19:39:12 seeourzed: YOU thinking that WWE gets bashed too much on the board is not a good reason.
19:39:24 lodz316: they won't release a buyrate unless it's what they consider good (35,000 or more)
19:39:40 seeourzed: Please, go find a board where people actually CARE about this.
19:39:41 lodz316: Why won't TNA release all buyrates?
What are they hiding?
19:40:12 seeourzed: I'm not interested in your agenda, I'm not interested in your "agenda posting," I have asked you to stop and I won't ask again. Next time is another ban.
19:40:15 lodz316: Why do their "wrtestlers" rely strictly on "I can upstage you" psychology
19:40:24 seeourzed: Try the DVDVR board.
19:40:52 lodz316: Well obviously I can't post in any thread because if I praise WWE it's wrong because according to you WWE SUCKS
19:41:00 seeourzed: That's not true. You're clueless.
19:41:11 lodz316: and if I justifiably bash TNA it's wrong because Justin will bite down on your crotch
19:41:18 lodz316: you said it yourself that WWE sucks
19:41:29 lodz316: you're not impartial in any way in terms of moderating
19:41:48 lodz316: See Our Zed: WWE DOES suck.
19:41:54 lodz316: word for word
19:41:59 lodz316: it's biased right there
19:42:16 lodz316: if I praise them, you'll find a way to argue it and then delete my post
19:42:31 seeourzed: You're incapable of praising WWE without taking a shot at TNA.
19:42:53 lodz316: WWE No Way out was the best PPV of February
19:42:59 lodz316: is that a pot shot at TNA?
19:43:12 seeourzed: If YOU post it in a TNA thread, it has no business there.
19:43:18 lodz316: and I don't
19:43:29 seeourzed: Bravo
19:43:33 lodz316: I don't into Impact threads and discuss RAW
19:43:53 lodz316: however, people manage to bring in pot shots of WWE while in a TNA thread
19:44:03 seeourzed: And those people get called on it
19:44:08 seeourzed: Oh, I know, you don't see it
19:44:11 lodz316: never never never
19:44:52 seeourzed: Is WWE paying you to make sure they're fairly treated on Internet message boards?
19:45:35 lodz316: I already showed you 3 posts in one thread that are problems but you don't care...maybe you should become a bit less biased...a bit more fair...and find a way to have a universal view on things since you have the power at the board

No need for WWE to pay me for prasining a far superior product
19:46:12 seeourzed: Maybe YOU can go find a board not run by me - because I won't change and I'm the one running the board.

Could not send because lodz316 is not available. (19:46:13 )

Man, hanging up on me is RUDE!

And finally,
20 March 2006:

22:42:14 lodz316: wow you or your goonies now attack me on Scott's cool
22:42:44 seeourzed: I don't know what you're talking about AND I'm not interested in finding out
22:43:17 seeourzed: Since you're here, can I post our other chats on the board? I want people to kiss my ass and this seems like a good way to do it.
22:43:28 seeourzed: I was going to ask you Sunday but you kinda hung up on me
22:44:04 lodz316: man I'm so truly concerned about forum members and their perception of me...I'm truly bothered by the notion...
22:44:19 lodz316: Well I guess since I don't live on the net like some people, I'm at a disadvantage
22:44:29 seeourzed: Coulda fooled me. So is that a yes or a no?
22:45:15 lodz316: Since I don't own a board where I can get my nuts sucked by a bunch of lackies, I guess I'm cool with you posting messages or whatever...if you need to do immature things to get your rocks off so be it
22:45:30 seeourzed: Awesome - thanks! I'll stop answering you now.


22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

THE W™ MESSAGE BOARD - we aim to please
THE W™ MESSAGE BOARD - our only desire is to entertain you CRZ
THE W™ MESSAGE BOARD - it can only end in tears...and another ban
THE W™ MESSAGE BOARD - the line to kiss my ass starts RIGHT HERE
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#2 Posted on 20.3.06 2317.24
Reposted on: 20.3.13 2317.32
Kick ass...that lodz316 guy has no business expressing any comments unless they agree with yours CRZ...

Kick ass post...
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#3 Posted on 21.3.06 0827.33
Reposted on: 21.3.13 0829.01
...and then he waited an HOUR & A HALF just to see that post and reply to it with his sparkling wit. Can you say "Unhealthy Obsession"? Sheesh. As much as I love to read stuff like this, I have to shake my head. (is that dandruff?!)

If you feel picked on; if you don't like the Moderators; if the Administrators don't like care in the least about you; if you have to fight to post what you want to post-- Go play in somebody else's yard. Why would you allow something so inconsequential as a message board to raise your bloodpressure?!

All the same, if ya gotta obsess, always let CRZ post the conversation. At least the rest of us can enjoy it....
Guru Zim
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#4 Posted on 21.3.06 1047.35
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1052.18
Here's the funny thing... of the 9 votes toward his rating, NONE of them are from CRZ or I. He's earned that 0.06 by annoying the rest of the site.

In fact, I'm outing the one vote that was above a zero. At least Jeb likes you enough to give you a 1.
Y2J 420
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#5 Posted on 21.3.06 1059.18
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1100.14
    Originally posted by rinberg
    ...and then he waited an HOUR & A HALF just to see that post and reply to it with his sparkling wit.

An hour and a half? I posted my reply like 2 or 3 min. after the thread started...

(edited by Y2J 420 on 21.3.06 0903)
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#6 Posted on 21.3.06 1257.04
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1258.26
    Originally posted by Y2J 420
    An hour and a half? I posted my reply like 2 or 3 min. after the thread started...
    (edited by Y2J 420 on 21.3.06 0903)

22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

...and how many times did you refresh the page until Zed did post it? ;>

*edit-- Can I be any clearer by adding this:
#1 Posted on 21.3.06 0015.01
#2 Posted on 21.3.06 0017.24

From 22:55 to 00:17 is 1hr and 22 minutes. Now, I'm implying that you went to CRZ's World and refreshed the page continually until you could see his post. I would ask if you understand, but the point has become moot.

(edited by rinberg on 21.3.06 1557)
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#7 Posted on 21.3.06 1347.19
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1347.43
    Originally posted by rinberg

    22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

22:45:30 seeourzed: Awesome - thanks! I'll stop answering you now.


22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

That's a difference of 10 min...not an hour and a half idiot...still trying to pass kindergarten with that logic?
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#8 Posted on 21.3.06 1348.46
Reposted on: 21.3.13 1349.09
    Originally posted by Y2J 420
      Originally posted by rinberg

      22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

    22:45:30 seeourzed: Awesome - thanks! I'll stop answering you now.


    22:55:39 lodz316: come the shit already fool

    That's a difference of 10 min...not an hour and a half idiot...still trying to pass kindergarten with that logic?
It was half an hour, because I didn't start the thread until 23:15 (rinberg may have a time zone confusion), but let's just stop talking about it because you can't respond anymore. Take it to Scott Keith's blog or something.

(edited by CRZ on 21.3.06 1349)
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#9 Posted on 22.3.06 1501.20
Reposted on: 22.3.13 1501.46
I think my favorite part of all was "What are they hiding?" In the middle of this conversation about why he's getting posts deleted, he just busts into a paranoid rant about TNA. Good stuff.
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#10 Posted on 22.3.06 1647.29
Reposted on: 22.3.13 1647.42
Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel - Mark Twain

I think that sentiment can neatly apply to this situation, or anyone where someone tries to get the last word with the guy who owns the board.
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