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23.5.11 2328
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - TNA IMPACT Workrate Report Episode #22
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#1 Posted on 2.3.06 1829.22
Reposted on: 2.3.13 1830.30

The promo for the Ultimate X match was really really great. I mean here’s a ropes course match that I have absolutely no desire to watch and they made me STOKED for it. If they’re going to do the “ULIMATE X IS MOST DANGEROUS MATCH” booking they need to have someone get stretchered and taken out of action for a couple months as result of an Ultimate X match. But shockingly good promotional package.

Also liked both X-Division matches this week. On the first Spike show Styles squashed Strong and gave him no offense. This show they worked almost as though they were on same level and really liked the Strong escapes Styles jumping into ring spot with the backbreaker counter. Joe vs. Sharkboy was also really fun as liked the Joe gets hung up in the ropes spot allowing Sharkboy to get in his run of offense. Joe will sell for anyone.

Enjoyed the A1/Roode vs. James Gang tag and angle. BG is still doing the “Next World Champions”mic work despite the fact that they aren’t anywhere near tag team contention. Also weird that they’re still letting Kip do the Stinger Splash. Then of course this is the promotion that teases Montreal when they’ve spent a ton of money on Sting…you want to be reminding audience of the Scorpion Deathlock not the Sharpshooter. Bob Armstrong coming in to clear the ring with a bunch of Georgia Jackjawing punches was cool. They really need him to come to ring without the Marine jacket on as it’s more effective when you get to see his arms. He probably should also be clearing the ring in jeans and not flooding dress slacks. Its those important details that TNA always misses. Also somewhat hurt by him working a stable of all shirt-wearing heels as you don’t get the visual of him lighting them up. Still some nice stiff Georgia jack jawing strikes. Looked good enough in there to get me to go to a Sadler booked house show mained by Bullet vs. Homicide.

WOW I liked both the backstage segments this week. Yeah. I enjoyed backstage TNA segments. What the fuck. Borash’s face was either kept in profile or off screen for most of the AMW interview. Harris is really fun on the mic now. He just plays his role really well. Favorite line was when he referred to his future opponents as “Mr. Killings and Mr. Rhino”. The big end of show backstage segment also entertained me. At first I was worried about the Shelley/Young pairing and the hunt to find video footage of Sting. I was kind of worried that this would be too much of a Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards “Blonde Bitch Project”. And while I love Stevie Richards…being booked as “Stevie/Meanie-in-WWF" isn’t really something you want to wish on anyone. But Jarrett isn’t Helmsley standing above the comedy acts. Jarrett is willing to play comedy foil. And the whole backstage segment with Borash, Gayda, Young, DÁmore, Shelley and Jarrett really reached “Smart Bart Sawyer’s Nashville stable” levels of ridiculousness. And while I normally can’t stand Gayda, Damore, Kim, or Borash all trying too hard it was really clear that Jarrett knew that they were comedy and this was all to be played for comedy. Often wrestlers doing comedy isn’t funny. And nothing more painful than comedy sketches dieing. This sketch didn’t die and well the actual video was really funny. Shelley had me in stitches: “EDDIE BAUER EDITION~!”.


Holy shit its Dylan Knight!!! I didn't even know Dylan Knight was still wrestling. I saw Dylan Knight live in one of Shiya Hashimoto's NWA title defenses. It was a fucking great match and Dylan Knight really stepped up and delivered in his NWA title match. DAMN that was a great match.
Monte Brown doesn't give Dylan Knight as much as Hashimoto gave Knight. Knight gets nothing as Brown just squashes him. Brown gets on the mic and challenges for an NWA title match against Christian Cage while Dylan Knight lays on the floor selling a "pounce period". And Christian comes out and they do some mic work and well all that I know is those two aren't going to deliver an NWA title match half as good as the one Knight once had. And I shed another tear for the late Hashimoto.

Oddest thing about this whole Joe v Styles v. Daniels three way feud is that Daniels is always the guy who gets the mic time sitting at announce table when he pretty clearly is the least mic worker of the three.

Another week with Ron Killings stuck in the Big Daddy tag partner role. Harris does a nice job making Rhino's offense look good and Storm and Killings work each other really well. And then out comes Abyss and he hits a really shitty looking Black Hole Slam through an obviously propped cardboard part of the set. The spot looked awfull and wasn't helped by the Sinister Minister makeing his "I'm evil" faces and going "Boom" while Abyss made his worlds shittiest "I'm crazy faces". Both of them have never looked as third rate Horror Movie host as they did here. These two aren't fit to shine Count Gore Devol's shoes.

Why are the heels forcing Jackie Gayda to dress like a trampy chimney sweep? All the guys get together at Russo's house to talk buisness. Disco sees Russo's daughter's Mary Poppins DVD sitting there and tosses it in the player:

Disco: Super calli fragilistic expialadocious. Supercali faragilistic expia lie docious...

Vinnie Ru: See I don't get this movie. Why are Jane and Michael not schtupping? Their brother and sister after all. Thats what families do. How am I supposed to buy them not schtupping? Plus if this bankers wife wants to be all liberated why is she not showing her tits? Shes in a full length dress all covered up. How is that liberated?

JB: That Dick Van Dyke . He's so dreamy. I love those Euros. He's like a more rugged Galliger brother or Jarvis Crocker, you know. Oh you handsome chimney sweep.."I wish I could sleep with common people"

Disco: umm didleiddy iddy umm diddle eye umm diddle...

I MEAN WHAT IN HELL'S NAME WAS JACKIE GAYDA WEARING? That wasn't a French maid outfit. You can get a "sexy" French maid outfit at any costume store in Orlando. She was dressed like a trampy chimney sweep. It was all soot colored with the weird cut of shirt arm pieces. Did thye have to get that custom made? I mean is trampy chimney sweep a standard stripper costume in Orlando? I read the Radar article about the Backstage sexcapades at Disney World. I could see being next to Disney would make folks get weird fetishes. But striptease to the tune of Chim-Chminey? Chim Chimeny Chim Chimney Chimney Chim Chim Chiree a Sweep is as lucky as lucky can be! Who fantasizes about a sexy chimney sweep? I mean I can understand a fantasy about forcing your medicine down Julie Andrews throat. "UH UH UH YEAH SWALLOW THAT SPOONFULL OF SUGAR, BITCH!" That makes sense. But fetish costume based on someones fantasy about Dick Van Dyke cleansing your chimney??? Really? How much booking power does Borash have?

(edited by tomk on 2.3.06 1702)
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#2 Posted on 3.3.06 1035.41
Reposted on: 3.3.13 1035.48
One thing I noticed and liked was when Kip James stopped during his ring entrance to hang with a kid and parent. I just thought that was cool.

Gayda looked horrible.

I don't care about Sting but I'm begining to care about Eric Young and Shelly. I think it would be funny if they did a Black Scorpion thing but I don't know how long it would be funny for...

I think Daniels is better on the mic than Joe.

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#3 Posted on 3.3.06 1107.41
Reposted on: 3.3.13 1107.56
The Bangkok joke was both incredibly stupid and very well done. It keeps Christian a smartass weasel instead of making him a noble face.

What I really liked in the Styles/Strong match was some novelty in the simple transitions. When Styles puts Strong on teh mat and begins to run toward the ropes for a move set-up, Strong simply grabs his leg. It stops the move. Simple and smart. Later when Styles sets up a flip over Strong's back from the apron, Strong moves to let Styles land in a backbreaker. Those are parts of a match where the eyes can momentarily glaze over, but they made them interesting.

There is no logic to the Jackie stuff. Your brain will aslpode if you try to make sense of it.

Wow, they push Jay Lethal and bury Aries every week, it seems.
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#4 Posted on 3.3.06 1855.27
Reposted on: 3.3.13 1855.28
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Wow, they push Jay Lethal and bury Aries every week, it seems.
Well, Lethal skipped the ROH show to make it to the last TNA PPV on time, and Aries did I am not surprised.

    Originally posted by JohnHayduke
    I think Daniels is better on the mic than Joe.
Yeah -- also, I think Daniels is pretty obviously better than Styles, too. Sometimes I worry about tomk.


(edited by Karlos the Jackal on 3.3.06 1700)
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#5 Posted on 4.3.06 0623.38
Reposted on: 4.3.13 0626.28
    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
    Yeah -- also, I think Daniels is pretty obviously better than Styles, too. Sometimes I worry about tomk.


    (edited by Karlos the Jackal on 3.3.06 1700)

I wasn't as clear as I should be.

What I said was: "Oddest thing about this whole Joe v Styles v. Daniels three way feud is that Daniels is always the guy who gets the mic time sitting at announce table when he pretty clearly is the least mic worker of the three."

Styles doesn't have good mic skills but what he has are mic skills that are better suited to the sitting at the table role.

If your going to have guy sit at table to push their angle...the normal thing to do would be to have each guy get a shot at sitting at table to call a match that an other one of the participants in this angle is in.

They haven't done that. Instead they have Daniels regularly come in as third man at the table.

What I wrote on DVDVR when called out on same point:

"Daniels on the mic is opposite of compelling. Not even retail sales guy on mic compelling, maybe middle manager talking on mic compelling. Doesn't make you care.

Three man booth thing should be about Tenay and West calling the match with third participant getting over their angle.

Styles can't do pbp as well as Daniels.
Styles can't call match as well as Daniels.

But the role here is for third guy to get over their own character, their own storyline. Styles can do his impassioned southern babyface thing and let West and Tenay call the match.

Daniels calls the match and doesn't make me care about his angle. Even when he tries to sell the angle it doesn't work from him.

It's like he's auditioning for Steve Romero's job...he's better at calling the matches but not as good at shilling the PPV.

Styles may not be good on the mic but I think he's better at letting West and Tenay call the match while he heats up the angle.
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