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19.6.11 1723
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#1 Posted on 17.2.06 1705.44
Reposted on: 17.2.13 1706.25
Sorry, I've been busy getting ready to do stuff. Anyway here's what's worth getting for the rest of the month.

---Titles available on February 21st---

ACTION: THE COMPLETE SERIES (The W at Amazon)-- Excellent series... that no one watched. FOX killed it way too early. Does this all sound familiar?
DOMINO (The W at Amazon)-- Keira Knightly sure is pretty holding a shotgun.
EELS WITH STRINGS: Live At Town Hall (The W at Amazon)-- Good group, you should give them a listen.
ERIK THE VIKING (The W at Amazon)-- This is perfect for those of us who didn't buy that boxed set a few months ago... or bad for those of you who did.
GG ALLIN: Terror In America-Live 1993 (The W at Amazon)-- Hmm, I wonder if this is the one where he pisses on stage and threaten to kill himself? OH, my bad, that was EVERY GG ALLIN show!
THE JAM: Ultimate Review (The W at Amazon)-- It features previously unavailable hilights like thier TOP OF THE POPS and THE TUBE performances and some live footage from the Reading festival.
LEFT OF THE DIAL (The W at Amazon)-- This HBO produced documentary is about the making of AIR AMERICA, the 'left wing' radio station. I missed it when it aired, so I'm interested to see this.
MIDNIGHT COWBOY (The W at Amazon)-- No pudding eating in this cowboy film. Jokes aside, this is a classic and should be viewed by all.
MOLLY HATCHET: Live In Hamburg (The W at Amazon)-- Get you Camero hair ready, cause Molly Hatchet is gonna ROCK YOU! (I am SO getting this!)
NYPD BLUE: The Complete Third Season (The W at Amazon)-- About fucking time, shit, the second season came out like two years ago.
THE ONE STEP BEYOND COLLECTION (The W at Amazon)-- Underated series that holds up pretty well. Much like THE TWILIGHT ZONE, but this show pre-dates that. It used many of the same writers as TZ as well.
THE PARAMOUNT COMEDY SHORTS 1929-1933 (The W at Amazon)-- See Hollywood back when it was funnier. George and Gracie, Milton Burle, Jack Benny... tons of good stuff.
THE RAMONES: The True Story (The W at Amazon)-- This could either be good or crap. It's got Tommy Ramone in there, so it should be at least worth one viewing.
RENT and TOMMY (The W at Amazon)-- Sure, RENT wasn't as good as it could have been, so you can buy this for TOMMY, which is awesome, and sell RENT to a pawn shop!
SIGN OF THE TIMES: The Belle Stars Live! (The W at Amazon)-- Don't ask, just watch... or skip it all together, but I'm getting it.
SYB BARRETT: Under Review (The W at Amazon)-- Rare live and studio performances on this disc. Well worth buying if you're a fan.
TNA WRESTLING: GENESIS 2005 (The W at Amazon)-- Will Justin Credible get an extra pay check if I buy this?
ULTIMATE AVENGERS: The Movie (The W at Amazon)-- The one we've all been waiting for hits store shelves and our homes so we can complain about what was left out (Like the Hulk eating people) and the voice acting (Samuel Jackson DOESN'T do the voice of Nick Fury.) but we'll still buy it and give the our money.
VH1 Metal Mania- Stripped Across America Tour Live (The W at Amazon)-- What the hell? When did THIS happen? There's a 'rare live performance' of WHEN THE CHILDREN CRY, so this will be making it's way into my home.
VICE SQUAD (The W at Amazon)-- Sweet awesomeness, how is this only NOW making it's way to DVD. Wings Hauser with a fucking coat hanger messing up a whore. 80's American cinema at it's BEST!
VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA: Vol. 1 (The W at Amazon)-- This is the series, not the movies, in case you didn't know. With 3 discs and 16 episodes in this set, including a second version of the pilot in color, though, I'm a tad leary of getting it. I fear the discs might be double sided, which is bad news.
WWE - DIVAS DO NEW YORK- The Lingerie Edition (The W at Amazon)-- Is this the one with the matches, or is this just T&A? Oh wait, Maria T&A is worth it, right?

---Titles available February 28th---

THE AVENGERS - The Complete Emma Peel Megaset (The W at Amazon)-- and this is pissing me off. It includes three never before released episodes from season one... not on ANY past AVENGERS boxed set or disc, making THIS an absolute MUST HAVE!
BEAST MACHINES - Transformers: The Complete Series (The W at Amazon)-- Gotta get them all! This was a pretty good series though, so I don't mind.
BLEAK HOUSE (The W at Amazon)-- Hey, look, Gillian Anderson's in this!
C.O.P.S. (The W at Amazon)-- This was pushed back from January. Great series, go buy it. This is the first 22 episodes.
CHARMED- Season Four (The W at Amazon)-- OUCH! Hell hath no fury like a producer scorned. Say hello to Rose McGowan after Shannon Dougherty decided to quit because she wasn't making more money. The series lived on AND some say, got better.
DOG DAY AFTERNOON (The W at Amazon)-- The 'agenda' continues with this two-disc special edition of a Al Pacino classic.
THE DREW CAREY SHOW: Television Favorites) (The W at Amazon)-- How THIS isn't out in season sets yet is beyond me. ABC made a bazillion dollars off this guy and they totally gave him the shaft the last two seasons of the show. DAMN YOU ABC!
ELLEN - The Complete Season Three (The W at Amazon)-- ...on the other hand, a show that didn't do as well is already on the third season... I wonder WHY?
FEAR OF CLOWNS (The W at Amazon)-- Fangoria did a article about this film back in 2003. They pushed it as the 'best film of the year!" then it was never released. Well, here it is, it better be good.
GOTO, ISLAND OF LOVE (The W at Amazon)-- French arthouse/porn! From the director of such classics as LA BETE and IMMORAL TALES and EMMANNUELLE '77 comes this 1968 kafkaesque film about an island trapped in the past after a terrible disaster.
GRAPPLERS QUEST 2005 North American Grappling Championships (The W at Amazon)-- ...or 'real wrestling' to the rest of us.
HBO ON LOCATION WITH REDD FOXX (The W at Amazon)-- A classic commedian live on stage. Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle only WISH they were this funny.
HOW TO KILL A JUDGE (The W at Amazon)-- Franco Nero goodness.
HUMMEL - Mobile Heavy Artillery (The W at Amazon)-- German tanks are cool!
THE ICE HARVEST (The W at Amazon)-- Widely ignored film directed by Harold Ramis and starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton. My bad, I missed it too.
J. EDGAR HOOVER AND THE GREAT AMERICAN INQUISITIONS (The W at Amazon)-- Conspiracy goodness from 1995. I wonder if the Trilateral Commission knows this got out?
KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS (The W at Amazon)-- Criterion Collection release of this
THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF SPIKE MILLIGAN (The W at Amazon)-- This is the guy that inspired Robin Williams, Michael Palin, Eddie Izzard and many others to get into comedy. See where they all got thier act from.
LIVING IN THE PAST Boxed Set (The W at Amazon)-- Let me first say that this wil not be for everyone. What this series does, is show you as truthfully as possibly, what it was like to live in different eras. No hollywood gloss over either.
THE LOSERS (The W at Amazon)-- EXCELLENT! 1970 exploitation masterpeice! Directed by Jack Starrett who did CLEOPATRA JONES and written by Alan Caillou who wrote KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS.
LUPIN THE 3RD - STRANGE PSYCHOKINETIC STRATEGY (The W at Amazon)-- The only live-action Lupin film, made back in 1974 and written by Monkey Punch. This film was as insane as the comic.
MADE IN BRITAIN (The W at Amazon)-- Tim Roth's first, and arguably best, film. He plays a skinhead, and the film was a take off of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Music by The Exploited!
MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS: Graham Chapman's Personal Best (The W at Amazon)-- What a fucking ripoff! How can they call these his 'personal best', when he's dead and has no say in the matter. Anyways, this is volume five in the series, and if you wasted your money on the other four, you might as well get this as well.
THE MURDER OF JFK: A Revisionist History (The W at Amazon)-- Obviously, I'm a conspiracy nut, so I must buy this.
NETWORK (The W at Amazon)-- This 2 disc set features an all new commentary track by Sidney Lumet.
NEWSRADIO - The Complete Third Season (The W at Amazon)-- There sure are a lot of fans of this show on here.
OLD SCHOOL SOUL PARTY LIVE! (The W at Amazon)-- Isaac Hayes, Clarence Carter, A Taste Of Honey... sweet soul goodness!
PANZER - Germany's Ultimate War Machine (The W at Amazon)-- More WWII German tank stuff for me.
PEEP 'TV' (The W at Amazon)-- Disturbing drama centering around a 'goth lolita' who allows herself to be used for a internet TV show. This film uses real footage from security cameras and even some 9/11 film footage.
PHANTOM (The W at Amazon)-- NO, not the Billy Zane film. This animated film is about a average guy who finds the woman of his dreams... only she's a government spy who enjoys killing people.
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS - Creatures Of The Night (The W at Amazon)-- OH MY GAWD! Someone up there loves me...
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS - Slimefighters (The W at Amazon)-- Sure, there's only four episodes on each disc...
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS - Spooky Spirits (The W at Amazon)-- But if we buy these, they'll se there's a market for them and give us season box set.
SATAN'S BLOOD (The W at Amazon)-- Seventies Sex and Satanism flick from Spain. Try saying that three times really fast!
SON OF SAMSON/SON OF CLEOPATRA (The W at Amazon)-- Sixties Sword and Sandals flicks from Spain. See above.
3 EXTREMES (The W at Amazon)-- CREEPSHOW like film with three of asia best directors taking on different stories. If interested, Bai Ling stars in one of them.
TOKYO PSYCHO (The W at Amazon)-- Creepy film from the director of TOMIE. CREEPY!
VALLEY OF THE BEES (The W at Amazon)-- I'm not sure how to describe this one. Well... imagine David Cronenberg writing and directing a historical period drama. That's what you got here, only it's Czech New Wave from the sixties.
WALK THE LINE (The W at Amazon)-- Johnny Cash biopic... you all know what this film is, you don't need me to sell it to you. Reese Witherspoon already does that for me!
WHERE THE TRUTH LIES (The W at Amazon)-- When did this come out? How did I miss it, I try to see all Kevin Bacon films in the theatres. Damn! Anyway, it's got a naked Alison Lohman in it, evidently making out with another girl who's dressed like Alice In Wonderland and singing WHITE RABBIT? Well then...
WWE: ROYAL RUMBLE 2006 (The W at Amazon)-- Just wait for the year end boxed set. Really, why spend $20 one a single disc when, come Jan. or Feb 2007, you can buy the whole years collection for under $200?


That's it for me, Later.
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#2 Posted on 17.2.06 1809.29
Reposted on: 17.2.13 1810.06
The only thing on the list that I think is a MUST BUY would be Action. Everything about the show was perfect, well, except for FOX pissing off idiots by advertising Salma Hayek or Keanu Reeves as guest stars and then featuring them for like 15 seconds. Everytime I watch Entourage I wonder what we could have seen had HBO picked up Action...
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#3 Posted on 17.2.06 2329.54
Reposted on: 17.2.13 2330.08
Actually Action was developed for Showtime. So blame its early death/lighter content on them.

Cerebus, I'd complain if they LEFT IN that ignorant shit about eating people. The Hulk is the Id personified according to PAD, and a child according to Stan Lee, marry those too and you just have a selfish child. Not a fucking cannibal.

P.S. Super psyched about COPS and hoping the Darkwing rumors are true...
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#4 Posted on 18.2.06 0245.05
Reposted on: 18.2.13 0245.06
VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Across America Tour Live
Product Description:
Fresh off the heels of fall 2005's SOLD OUT Stripped Across America tour comes a live DVD of Rock's greatest performances... Done acoustically.

They had me, then they lost me.
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#5 Posted on 18.2.06 0831.04
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    Originally posted by Kevintripod
    VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Across America Tour Live
    Product Description:
    Fresh off the heels of fall 2005's SOLD OUT Stripped Across America tour comes a live DVD of Rock's greatest performances... Done acoustically.

    They had me, then they lost me.
I'm SO there with this. Awesomeness!
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#6 Posted on 20.2.06 0119.46
Reposted on: 20.2.13 0119.50
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    WWE: ROYAL RUMBLE 2006 (The W at Amazon)-- Just wait for the year end boxed set. Really, why spend $20 one a single disc when, come Jan. or Feb 2007, you can buy the whole years collection for under $200?

Do you really think there will be a whole year's worth of PPVs that are worth keeping?
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