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The 7 - Random - Episode II
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J. Kyle
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#1 Posted on 7.5.02 2246.29
Reposted on: 7.5.09 2259.01
WOO! I just got my advance tickets for opening day today. Come the 16th I will be in that special perfect seat that's not too close and too far, in the Pearl Highlands Stadium. See you fellow Hawaii resident geeks there. All you other people, c'mon get Happy!

That's an odd choice of words considering my moniker...
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#2 Posted on 8.5.02 1330.25
Reposted on: 8.5.09 1332.57
Episode II sucks. It's boring as hell, and then some Jedis invade Toon Town.
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#3 Posted on 12.5.02 0023.39
Reposted on: 12.5.09 0024.12
But, but, Jedi's invading Toon Town...
I just saw an old fanmade trailer, and the Jedi fighting in that looks sooo much cooler than in the real trailer. Maybe they should just let SW geeks make the third film, huh?
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#4 Posted on 12.5.02 0124.29
Reposted on: 12.5.09 0128.01
it'd be nothing but bobba Fett having sex with Princess Liea. Lea. Leaia. you know who I'm talking about.
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#5 Posted on 17.5.02 0349.35
Reposted on: 17.5.09 0354.17
eh. saw it today.... hmmmmmm i liked some scenes... but the flow... damn... i dont know... the action... was almost too much... too many things... too much going on ... and it wasn't the trilogy finale. hmmmmm....
Boudin rouge
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#6 Posted on 17.5.02 0625.00
Reposted on: 17.5.09 0629.02
Well I thought the movie blew chunks until they got to Tatooine, once they got there the movie really picked up. The last 30 minutes really piece together a lot of unanswered questions from Episode 4-6.

But the most important thing we learned from "Attack of the Clones"- YODA IS A BAD ASS!

(edited by Ffej on 17.5.02 0725)
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#7 Posted on 17.5.02 0713.23
Reposted on: 17.5.09 0713.48
I pretty much loved the movie.
Granted, the first half told alot of story, and one single moment I was like 'so when was all the action gonna be' but the whole story came together pretty nicely.

Anakin's temper was shown pretty well and since you know he becomes Darth it was really one of those 'oooh, he is gonna go heeeeeel!!'

And all the other little hints at things (not just in the end, but all through out) to come (being things we already know - ep. 4,5,6) the favorite being Obi-Wan saying when Ani did something risky "someday you'll be the death of me!"

And yeah, Yoda fucking kicked ass..
When he walked in for his fight, the audience started cheering and once it was over another big cheer.

*doh..stupid typo..Yodi/Yoda..must change or he will come after me!*

(edited by dMp on 18.5.02 0215)
Potato korv
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#8 Posted on 17.5.02 1213.04
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1217.13
Here's my review of AOTC. A bit slow moving in parts, but overall quite good. I have to say the obligatory "Yoda Kicks Ass" that everybody says when talking about the movie, too. He definitely does. I'm really curious to see Ep.III to see how it links all the characters in the first three with the second three. Some things stuck out to me, though, when keeping the original trilogy in mind. Why doesn't R-2 ever fly in the original trilogy? I'd think that his rockets would've come in handy in the swamp or when he was on Jabba's barge in ROTJ. And it seemed to me that Obi-Wan and Mace and the other Jedi were having too much fun in there killing everything. Jedi are supposed to be peace-loving and not want to kill. Obi-Wan even had a little smirk on his face when he killed a giant beast. Little things like that, which are contradictory to the original trilogy, stuck out. The movie really slowed down whenever it focused on the "love story". I know it's essential to the overall story and all, but if there's any time to take a bathroom break during the movie, any of these scenes would be it. In fact, the love story could be almost completely taken out and it wouldn't hurt THIS movie at all. But, like I said, it's essential to the overall Star Wars story, so it must stay. At least they kept those scenes short. I don't think any of their scenes were over 5 minutes each. Overall, though, I'd say it's at least on par with ROTJ, if not a little better. I'll have to see if another time or two to really make my decision, but at least I didn't leave with a bad taste in my mouth like with Phantom Menace.

--Monte N
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#9 Posted on 17.5.02 1300.27
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1301.05
Sorta spoilers, but not really:

I definitely enjoyed Star Wars Episode Dos, and the love story was handled better than I thought. All I heard from the critics was about how bad the acting is and how the love story is horrible, and they are wrong. Hayden was a fine actor and Natalie P. is always great. Besides, an entire movie of fight sequences does not a well-rounded movie make.

Kudos to Lucas for giving us the Yoda fight scene. The audience was laughing when Yoda first gave the "Matrix-stance," but by the time the fight started, they were cheering non-stop. In fact, one of the bigger laughs came after the fight, as Yoda gets his cane back and walks out like a senior citizen.

Overall, this movie kicked The Phantom Menace's ass and probably ranks 3'rd all time for the Star Wars flicks. But don't take my word for it (especially since I always thought that Return of the Jedi was the best movie in the series).

(edited by Torchslasher on 17.5.02 1101)
Boudin blanc
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#10 Posted on 17.5.02 1333.06
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1333.47
All I heard from the critics was about how bad the acting is

It always cracks me up when I read this in the reviews. Does no one remember Mark "Dramatically looks away when his adopted parents both get torched" Hamill?
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#11 Posted on 17.5.02 1344.14
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1344.33
Just because the first series had bad acting doesn't make it alright the second time around. Especially since Lucas seems to have changed his mind about them being kids movies similar to old movie serials, bad oevracting and all.
J. Kyle
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#12 Posted on 17.5.02 1725.20
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1729.01



Ok then. When Anakin is getting his slaughter on with the Tusken Raiders the meditating Yoda hears someone yell "Anakin no!" Does anyone else think that was Qui Gon? And I'm pretty sure Palpetine set the Tuskin Raiders up, paying them to kidnap Shmi thus giving Anakin an excuse to truly begin his path down the darkside.

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#13 Posted on 17.5.02 1914.21
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1918.55
I didn't notice the Anakin, No! part.

And I dunno if or why Palpatine would do that. It's not like the Tusken raiders need an incentive to be asshole kidnapping pod shooting random evil do-ers.
I think it was clear enough before that, that Anakin has enough of the dark side in him to warrant the turn. I don't think he needed that extra little push provided by Palpatine.

MonteCarl, as far as I always understood (and I am definetly no expert btw) Jedi's do not like to fight but they are damn good at it. And doesn't everybody, when being restrained for years and years while you know you have mad skillz, like to go out there and kick some ass.
As long as they use the energy for good I guess it's alright.

And maybe in part 3 we get some sort of decreet saying 'no more fighting for the jedi'.
IMO everything goes towards the episode 4 universe. After prt 1 I was wondering how they were going to do that (with all the robots and other equipment) but it all comes together nicely I'd say.
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#14 Posted on 17.5.02 1923.39
Reposted on: 17.5.09 1927.02
According to some folks on a star wars fansite I visit, it is Qui-Gon's voice. Some of them recognized the voice, and supposedly the book states that Anakin hear's Qui-Gon's voice warning him of the danger of this action and it leading to the dark side.

Some of those same folks also heard Vader's breathing when Yoda was meditating about Annie.

As to the rest of the movie. Loved it!!! Awesome action and intrigue. Was so weird to see Clone(Storm)troopers as the cavalry. Just great stuff all around. Can't wait to see it again, and again, and possibly again.
Lap cheong
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#15 Posted on 17.5.02 2000.52
Reposted on: 17.5.09 2003.26
I thought it was really weird, and neat, how all the clone troopers talk like Jango Fett (who was a rockin' supporting character). I kept waiting for them to turn on Yoda, due to some kind of flaw in their cloning design.

Also, Palpatine subtly influencing Anakin ruled. You only saw it for a few seconds, but you know he's manipulating him. "You don't need guidance... trust your feelings... etc." Then when Anakin is talking about the politicians he trusts, you know he's talking about Palpy. Also, the way Yoda looks at him is cool. You can tell Yoda's on to something, but he's too cocky, and he's gonna miss it until its too late.

In closing, Palpatine rules.

Spaceman Spiff
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#16 Posted on 17.5.02 2116.17
Reposted on: 17.5.09 2116.33

    I thought it was really weird, and neat, how all the clone troopers talk like Jango Fett (who was a rockin' supporting character)

Well, they are all clones of Jango, so it would stand to reason they would sound like him.

Ian McDiarmond (Palpatine) RULES~! "It is with great reluctance that I accept this power." That whole dialog was just dripping out of his mouth.

And as for Anakin, that is how you do a heel turn. The WWE should be taking notes.

J. Kyle
Level: 101

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Since: 21.2.02
From: The Land of Aloha

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#17 Posted on 17.5.02 2126.50
Reposted on: 17.5.09 2127.17
    Originally posted by MonteCarl
    Here's Why doesn't R-2 ever fly in the original trilogy?

My theory is that it's wear and tear. He's like 30 years older in eps 4, 5, and 6

(edited by AngryJohnny on 17.5.02 0928)
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#18 Posted on 17.5.02 2154.44
Reposted on: 17.5.09 2155.42
Just got back from seeing it.

Loved it.

Stormtroopers and all.

Heard and recognized Qui Gon's voice. All the critic's I've heard and read were wrong. This movie was great.
Summer sausage
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#19 Posted on 17.5.02 2244.03
Reposted on: 17.5.09 2244.57
That was an outstanding movie. After Episode I and the somewhat poor reviews for this one, I went in almost expecting to be a little disappointed. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This was an awesome, awesome, awesome movie.
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#20 Posted on 18.5.02 0023.22
Reposted on: 18.5.09 0023.57
Episode I was pretty good/overly bashed. 3 outta 5 stars.
Needed less kiddie stuff.
Episode II was better than I, but not as good as Empire or Star, 4 outta 5 stars.
Star Wars was coolness personified...4.5 stars
Empire KICKED ASS 5 stars
Jedi 4 stars.


And the beautiful part of Attack of the Clones is that, ulike Phantom Menace, it make the other movies cooler and make more sense. When Yoda has his speech about the Force in Empire, YOU GET IT. When Palpatine does his whole schtick in Jedi..YOU GET IT. And the whole emotional arc of Anakin comes full circle. In Episode II his mommy dies because he couldn't stop the Tuskens, and he lashes out. In Jedi, his son is about to die, and he has that momentary lapse before sacrificing himself. BRILLIANT. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

And now, we wait for Episode II: More Killing, Less Jar Jar!
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