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21.6.11 0146
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WWE Royal Rumble 2006
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#21 Posted on 29.1.06 2253.45
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2254.36
Fun night, highlighted by the drunk guy in my bar yelling for Norman Smiley to win the Rumble for the entire night. thoughts:

-Overall, an entertaining rumble match. As mentioned the three open spots could have been filled a little better, but entertaining nonetheless...Better than Drew Carey. Always a good match when you can see Shane's idiotic dance.

-All that crap or whatever for Cena's entrance? C'mon...I thought we were getting ready to have a good ol' fashioned scaffold match or something. Lame confetti as well. Give me Chyna's entrance over that.

-Very lackluster championship matches. Definitely was expecting something big since Mark Henry was saved for last. The Undertaker and his "devil" powers were a bit of a let-down.

-Boogeyman kept me entertained.

-Ranking the last five year's in order would go something along the lines of...
1) 2002 (simply because I was there)
2) 2004
3) 2006
4) 2005
5) 2003
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#22 Posted on 29.1.06 2259.07
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2300.17
I'm surprised that they just didn't leave the belt on Cena to have Helmsley taking the belt after a year seem that much more important.
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#23 Posted on 29.1.06 2259.39
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2302.39
    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
    I just read the Meltzer bit about the Rumble winner not getting a main event match at Mania this year. Now I feel a bit cheated. That's why I have a love/hate relationship with backstage info.

    My question is...if not Rey, then who? Orton? Two heels challenging at Mania? That's crazy talk.

That the Rumble match wasn't even SECOND TO LAST on the PPV card this year is pretty telling IMHO. Also, the only reason Rey won? Eddie Guerrero.
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#24 Posted on 29.1.06 2308.16
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2309.10

    Also, the only reason Rey won? Eddie Guerrero.

Well if they want to tell a story of Rey winning the title at Mania for Eddie then so be it and at least someone deserving will win the the belt and make Mania special. If they put him over dedicating the Rumble to Eddie just so Orton could steal the title shot and give the RKO to the legendary Dominick Gutierrez, then that will be awful.
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#25 Posted on 29.1.06 2308.52
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2310.10
-As soon as Helms walked out it was obvious he was winning the invitational, cuz otherwise he'd still be stuck on Raw. My friend was really impressed at how much of a badass the former Hurricane looked like. I was rather impressed as well. We enjoyed London's dropsault/splash combo too.

-The crowd may have shit all over it, but the women's match was actually really good, with hatred you tend not to see even in your main events. Ashley Massaro threw some hella good punches in there as well, which is shocking for someone who's been wrestling for like 3 months now.

-Wow, Boogeyman squashed the HELL out of JBL. Probably for the best, as JBL is bulletproof for overness, and anything longer would have made Boogey look like shit. Good clean fun, and that was a good cringe watching the replay of the worms falling from Boogey's mouth into Jillian's.

-I was surprised to see the Rumble wasn't the main event, but I guess with the post-match antics of the title matches it kind of had to be. I was going in hoping Rey would win and terrified that HHH would, and when they came out as 1 & 2 I was both relieved and afraid. I was counting on HHH not being THAT big of a cock to go through 29 people to get the title shot, and I was a little surprised to see he wasn't. Too many short elimination & too many "God, would somebody get in there and clear out the chaff"* kept it from being great, but it still worked, and I marked like crazy when HHH & then Orton got the boot. I turned to my friend, and said that with Angle-Rey likely with main event time, we should just buy our Wrestlemania tickets now. Also, Shane vs. Shawn > Vince vs. Shawn

*Note to WWE: when Chavo doesn't have room to do the 3 Amigos properly, you probably should have had people cleared out sooner. I also don't get why Kane, Big Show, and Lashley, who were all obvious Diesel push contenders, got dumped early on, leaving us with the 12 in the ring at a time scenario.

-When the giant ramp came down, I was hoping it was Edge. My friend turned to me and said it had to be, cuz he's a big dick; no way would Cena do that. Then Cena came out. *sigh* I enjoyed the asskicking Edge dished out, but as soon as Lita hopped onto the apron I saw the end coming (minus the STF). Edge, welcome back to the midcard. I believe Benoit kept your room open for you.

-Angle's cheat2win was plenty of fun, especially Mark Henry being a MONSTER and taking 2 stiff unprotected chair shots to the noggin. The Undertaker stuff was what it was, although the lightning was pretty cool.
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#26 Posted on 29.1.06 2310.13
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2312.15
    Originally posted by SchippeWreck
    The only really frustrating moment for me was Cena winning. And by tap out. AFTER ZERO OFFENSE. WTF? There were a million ways to get the belt back on him if that's what they were determined to do, but they picked the worst possible way to do it. Poor Edge.

Sounds like the typical Cena title match to me.

WWE should just change the slogan already "Screw what the fans think, screw what the ratings show, we're WWE dammit, we do what we want!"
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#27 Posted on 29.1.06 2325.10
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2327.06
First off the booking/format of the PPV isn't all that strange. They do it about every two or three years. Keeps it a bit different. Plus, they blew up the ring, Undertaker had to do his mystical powers thing.

Cruiserweight opener was great.

For what it's worth that was the best womens match in a while. The ring phycology and story of the match was good. The action wasn't a homerun but it was good.

Boogeyman is OVER! No ring ablity at all...worse than JBL. Yet, he's so over the top, the adverage fan is catching on to him like the orginal Goldust. they had thar ring full for while. I'd had heard Rey might be the man of this Rumble. So I wasn't to shocked but the place I was popped and broke out into an Eddie chant.

Yep, Cena's entrance gave it away. I so wanted Edge to hold onto the strap. This make him look like such a fluke champion.

I wasn't bored with Kurt/Henry. Not the way to end one of the major PPV of the year. I, once again, liked the phycology of the match again. Kurt having figure out a way to beat the big man. They even gave Henry kickouts...made him damn, to the adverage fan, credible but no win for him.

Overall: A good enjoyable 2hrs and 45 minutes for me. I love the rumble surprises. RVD is BACK!
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#28 Posted on 29.1.06 2332.57
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2335.06
    Originally posted by jwrestle
    First off the booking/format of the PPV isn't all that strange. They do it about every two or three years.

Not really. They haven't done it in 8 years. 1996-1998 at the Rumble, the match was NOT the main event.

    Boogeyman is OVER! No ring ablity at all...worse than JBL. Yet, he's so over the top, the adverage fan is catching on to him like the orginal Goldust.

And this is why the character will have no long-term longevity. Because he's all gimmick and no wrestling skill. He's just the latest in a long line of stupid gimmicks and characters like Eugene. With Eugene it just got to the point where people were rooting for HHH and Angle to destroy him.

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#29 Posted on 29.1.06 2341.26
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2341.52
    Originally posted by The Vile1
    He's just the latest in a long line of stupid gimmicks and characters like Eugene. With Eugene it just got to the point where people were rooting for HHH and Angle to destroy him.

Eugene also had the double curse of a great premise abandoned. A wrestling savant able to draw from decades' worth of moves learned from TV? That's fun rasslin'. The same guy limited to JYD, Hogan, Austin, and Rock? That's LAME. He ditched the Polish Hammer after a month. What better way to reward longtime fans by dusting off the moves they saw on TV at the same time Eugene was supposed to?

I'm surprised they brought Dinsmore back as Eugene as this is the second time he's returned from a lengthy absence, and, as you pointed out, people were rejecting the gimmick before his England suspension.
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#30 Posted on 29.1.06 2342.06
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2342.10
Well, all I can say is that Cena's win was way over in Tom & Jerry's Bar. Probably need a slightly bigger sample than that to decide, though ...

I left before the "main event" because, c'mon, Mark fuckin' Henry. Looks like I missed absolutely nothing.
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#31 Posted on 29.1.06 2347.53
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2348.20
WOW was I annoyed with the Rumble not being the final match. I actually hoped a lot of the crowd would go home at the end of the Rumble, leaving a rather empty arena for the rest of the show. The Taker stuff could have waited for Smackdown. That was just stupid.

Having said that, it was a fun Rumble, but not a great one.

When Cena's big stage was coming down with all the smoke, I halfway expected Boston to appear and launch into "Long Time".

The Boogeyman succeeded in grossing out all of the women in my living room, none of whom had seen him before. The Boogeyman was awesome, but I was surprised that he squashed JBL like that.

Mama needs to hook up with Viscera.
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#32 Posted on 29.1.06 2347.58
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2350.57

There's your Rumble stats (from the past five years).

Super Crazy was eliminated by Rey just as Goldust reached the ring. I missed it on my initial viewing, but thanks to the magic of DVR, I was able to just catch a glimpse of the elimination.

Not having the Rumble as the main event is stupid. The UT crap should have been saved until Friday. Oh well.
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#33 Posted on 29.1.06 2348.02
Reposted on: 29.1.13 2351.02
-The cruiserweight match was good, and it went longer than I thought it would. Nice touch to put Helms in there, too. Should be interesting to see where he goes from here.

-Mickie v.s Ashley was surprisingly watchable, considering Ashley's background. I guess Mickie could be reasoning that Trish not wanting to hug her at the end was because she was supposed to be impartial, not because Trish didn't love her back.

-Didn't see the JBL/Undertaker match...

-Not a big fan of the RR not being the main event, but as others have pointed out, I can see why it wasn't. I didn't like how the first half was rapid-fire eliminations with guys that should've lasted (Booker, Flair, Show and even Lashley), but it got better in the second half.

I don't mind the Michaels/Vince shennanigans, but HBK not winning the Rumble (even though he wasn't really talked about) seems to cement that he'll be facing Vince at WM, which is sad. I also like how the Carlito/Masters backstabbing continued from NYR, with Carlito throwing Masters out. The Goldust and Carlito eliminations were weak, and RVD was the common denominator there. Just saying Rey's win, even though rumored, was still a bit unexpected. In the end, it was a disappointing match.

-Edge should've one-uppped Cena buy riding rocket-powered jet packs to the ring. FWIW, the fans at my college who were watching popped pretty good for Cena's win. I thought the match was below-average, and it seemed shorter than it actually was.

-I thought Angle could've gotten a better match out of Mizark. I REALLY don't agree with the decision of not having Angle beat Henry cleanly. But at least the post-match antics seems to indicate that Henry's run in the title picture is over.

Overall, thumbs in the middle, leaning down. The first few matches were a good start, but the latter portion was completely forgettable.
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#34 Posted on 30.1.06 0045.01
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0045.26
    Originally posted by hansen9j
    -As soon as Helms walked out it was obvious he was winning the invitational, cuz otherwise he'd still be stuck on Raw. says that he's staying on RAW and that the Cruiserweight Title is moving to RAW.

I guess he could defend against the Heart-throbs, and maybe Coach's pep squad...

Tribal Prophet
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#35 Posted on 30.1.06 0051.48
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0052.13
    Originally posted by Tribal Prophet
      Originally posted by hansen9j
      -As soon as Helms walked out it was obvious he was winning the invitational, cuz otherwise he'd still be stuck on Raw. says that he's staying on RAW and that the Cruiserweight Title is moving to RAW.

    I guess he could defend against the Heart-throbs, and maybe Coach's pep squad...

    Tribal Prophet

Actually, during the Instant Access, they ask Helms what it feels like to be back on Smackdown as the cruiserweight champion, and goes from there, and on the main superstar page, he's listed over with the SD roll call of current champions.
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#36 Posted on 30.1.06 0056.23
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0056.35
angle, edge and rvd look a lot smaller and thinner since the E stopped letting guys drink their juice.

Lashley looks very sloppy.

rey rey winning was nice though, good stuff.

Cherries > Peaches
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#37 Posted on 30.1.06 0134.12
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0134.29
"Shane Screwed Shawn" is really hard to chant -- particularly after several tasty beverages.

I thought Edge did a wonderful job -- some of those Canadian guys are fabulous at making their opponents look good. (See especially Christian, Benoit & Lance Storm.) Now, if Mr. Cena could just learn to call moves without being *quite* so a) obvious, & b) audible, that'd help the overall credibility. I really didn't think for an instant that they'd be silly enough to pull the belt back off of Edge so soon -- poor, poor plan.

Cruisers were fun, in spite of the outcome being so obvious. And I thought the women's match was reasonably decent, for them both being rookies. Poor Victoria -- still relegated to the back room with the bimbos. Well, at least she'll get some PPV $$$.

The big news from the Mark Henry match: Didn't look like he damaged Kurt! That was the best I was hoping for.
It's False
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#38 Posted on 30.1.06 0139.31
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0139.42
Rey Mysterio? No, really, Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble? Are you kidding me? This could have been a good move...last year when JBL had run roughshod with the title for 9 months. But with no monster heel, this move doesn't make a lick of sense.

Damn, it takes a special kind of talent to mess up this PPV, but this one bit the big meat missile. I can't even tell what direction they're headed for Wrestlemania. Boo-urns!
Boudin rouge
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#39 Posted on 30.1.06 0234.53
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0235.14
    Originally posted by It's False
    I can't even tell what direction they're headed for Wrestlemania. Boo-urns!

Maybe then you'll have to watch the shows in between!
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#40 Posted on 30.1.06 0431.00
Reposted on: 30.1.13 0431.00
...Sigh. Just when I started to think, "Hey, Edge's reign is getting ratings, so maybe Cena winning the belt back at the Royal Rumble isn't a foregone conclusion after all," sure enough, Cena wins the belt back.

Does WWE really think that's going to help anything or anybody? Edge was getting monster heat, and hey, it was nice to see someone other than Cena hold the title for a change. Now Cena regains the belt, and what the hell's the plan for WrestleMania? They're honestly gonna have Triple H challenge for the WWE Title?

Rey's an... unusual choice to win the Royal Rumble. No way in hell they had that booked before Eddie's untimely death, I don't think. Don't get me wrong, I think Rey deserves to be a main-eventer, but he's never even been an Intercontinental or United States Champion before, and now he's suddenly competing for a world heavyweight championship at WrestleMania? I think Rey should have gotten a prolonged main-event push and maybe a brief run with the U.S. Title before his Rumble win. I mean, it's not like they've done anything to make the U.S. Title interesting recently. (And yes, I recall the best-of-seven series).

So now we've got a face champion on each show (if Cena's really still a face despite the fact that very few people are cheering him), and a face won the Royal Rumble. So the way things are set up right now, Mysterio will challenge for either the World Title against Kurt Angle, or the WWE Title against John Cena. Or perhaps The Undertaker will win the World Heavyweight Title from Kurt Angle at No Way Out, and we'll have (a heel? face?) Undertaker against Mysterio at WrestleMania.

This is even assuming that the winner of the Royal Rumble really gets a WWE or World Heavyweight Title shot at WrestleMania 22, but if he doesn't, what the fuck's the point of having the Rumble in the first place?

So lemme take a minute to explore all three possibilities for a Mysterio title match at WrestleMania. (This is assuming that neither world heavyweight championship changes hands on free TV, and that Angle/Undertaker is the main event at No Way Out).

WWE Title: John Cena (C) vs. Rey Mysterio

Judging by the reactions Cena has been getting, Mysterio winning the WWE Title from him would probably get quite the pop, I'd think. I don't think it would be a particularly good match, and WWE seems intent on (come hell or high water) trying to push Cena as a face, so I dunno. Cena/Mysterio doesn't quite have the WrestleMania main event ring to it, you know? (Then again, if WWE had done anything with Rey the past couple weeks other than have him lose to Mark Henry, maybe I'd have a somewhat different opinion).

In any event, in order to really make this work they'd need to do the damn right thing and turn Cena heel already. Have him do something to really make everyone go (moreso than usual), "Man, fuck Cena!" But instead of "fuck Cena!" in a "let's change the channel" way, I mean "fuck Cena!" in a "Man, I hope Rey kicks the hell out of that sumbitch at WrestleMania!" way.

World Heavyweight Title: Kurt Angle (C) vs. Rey Mysterio

This would definitely be the best match of the three potential title matches here. Kurt and Rey would tear the house down and there'd be much rejoicing. But again, in order to really get everyone behind Rey the way they should be (particularly if they're actually interested in putting the belt on him), they would have to turn Kurt heel again-- and he was a heel only three weeks ago.

Don't get me wrong, if anybody can pull off such a quick re-heel turn, it'd be Kurt Angle. But I'm not convinced it's really a good idea in this instance, anyway. I'm guessing Undertaker's gonna be the heel against Angle in their No Way Out match (mainly because, "who the hell does this guy think he is, trying to frighten Angle for no particularly good reason?"), and if that's the case they'd have to turn Angle heel pretty darn quickly after No Way Out.

Which has been done before, obviously-- 2004's an example, when a face Angle won a triple-threat match for the #1 contendership at No Way Out and then promptly turned heel against WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero. But I'm not convinced it's a good idea. People want to cheer Kurt Angle just as much as people want to boo John Cena, which is why Angle should be a face and Cena should be a heel. I mean, c'mon, this isn't rocket science.

Anyway-- Angle/Mysterio's the best of the three Rey matches in my opinion in terms of "OMG WORKRATE~!", but they'd need to trod a very wavy road in order to get there-- unless they intend to have both guys be faces, and that'd be just weird.

World Heavyweight Title: The Undertaker (C) vs. Rey Mysterio

In terms of workrate, this would by far be the weakest of these three entries. And I'm not sure the crowd would accept Taker as being the heel in this scenario, as he's simply got way too much history in WWE, and is too well-respected by the marks.

But if WWE can successfully get people to boo for The Undertaker (probably despite their best efforts to screw up the WM22 main event), I can see potential in this pairing. I mean, Rey Mysterio's entire career has been one big underdog story, particularly when he started wrestling against guys who were waaaaaaay bigger than him. One of the best lasting memories of WCW I have is the time when Rey did the unthinkable and pinned Kevin Nash out of nowhere.

This could be one of those things. 'Taker, obviously, is far, far bigger than Rey, has the Powers of Darkness on his side and all that, and more importantly would come into this match as a five-time world heavyweight champion. (Note the lower-case spelling of that before I hear a "Wait, but he'd have only won the World Title once and the WWE Title four times" comment).

With Cena and Angle, one could quite easily see Rey beating them under normal circumstances even with nothing to fight for. In the case of Angle, Rey has beaten him on more than one occasion. But Undertaker? Rey would be a huge underdog against him-- and I think that if WWE's going to actually put one of their top belts on Rey, it should be in a match in which he's seemingly overpowered and outmatched.


None of these scenarios is perfect right now-- but then I think the original main event for WM22 was probably Eddie Guerrero defending the World Title against Batista in the blow-off to their rather unusual feud/friendship involving the belt. Eddie would have won (on the day he instead ended up dying), Batista would've had his surgery and come back around Royal Rumble time, maybe winning it again, and then Eddie would finally, at long last, turn on Batista. Then Batista would, for the second year in a row, win the belt at WrestleMania.

It would have been a great storyline-- and the fact that it was cut short is another in a long, long list of reasons why Eddie Guerrero's unexpected death was an incredible tragedy. (And relatively low on that list, I should add, so please hold off on the hate mail-- I don't mean to sound cold).

Rey winning the belt for Eddie, and for Batista, would be a great way to cap WrestleMania 22-- and if they do it well, it could be every bit as memorable as Benoit's win two years ago. It's just a matter of finding the right storyline and the ideal opponent. Can't say I envy them the task, particularly considering how poorly booked the Rumble PPV was overall.
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