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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW #660 1/16/06 Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 16.1.06 2211.04
Reposted on: 16.1.13 2211.11
I have to be honest - I watched "24" and now I'm watching "Ultimate Fight Night" so I can't tell you how great the TLC match was for a few hours. ekedolphin says he won't have a recap ready for an hour because he's going to obsess over getting everything thanks to his DVR - babe - don't go down this road - trust me.


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#2 Posted on 16.1.06 2215.56
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If the most entertaining performer is the one who should carry the title, put that belt on Mama Benjamin right now. What may have started as a dumb idea has blossomed into genuine comedy goodness with the perfect actress. Make HER the GM.

I flipped back and forth between RAW and the Golden Globes, but saw enough to know Angle/Michaels couldn't be topped, even by a TLC match.

Also, seems the best, quickest way to get Cena over with the masses is to keep him away from the mic in the ring.

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#3 Posted on 16.1.06 2216.11
Reposted on: 16.1.13 2216.32
The opening segment was fine, and I'm liking Edge better on the mic. The explanation for Angle going to Smackdown was just okay....Angle v.s Michaels was solid, though nothing we haven't seen before out of them. I just think Angle's intensity better suits him as a heel, but you can't argue with what the fans want (unless you're Vince)....The Masters/Cena segment was good, no doubt helped by the fact that it really did look like Cena was going to pass out....

The women's tag match was short and pretty bad at times (especially Trish's bulldog/rana)....As bad as the Shelton/Mama angle may be, I'm loving the job Thea Vidale is doing....Now why didn't Triple H draw a DQ in the Big Show/Shelton match?....The Edge/Flair match was absolutely brutal, in a good way. Helped out by a hot crowd too. Didn't expect so many big moves in the match.
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#4 Posted on 16.1.06 2225.14
Reposted on: 16.1.13 2226.56
If Vince isn't going to do his old MLK Day Spiel, let Dusty do it. The American Dream pontificating on MLK's Dream would have been classic.
Crowd seemed to die for a while when Edge went on about the ratings and pageviews. Edge vs. Angle at Mania Title vs. Title would actually be an interesting idea. Won't happen, but, considering they appear to be booking by the seats of their pants, at least they could dig up backstory video for it. And, did Angle slip up when he said his contract expired 1/1, but he was going to negotiate with Bischoff but then Batista got injured? Way to many flaws there, as he wrestled on RAW after 1/1, Bischoff was gone in early December, and Batista didn't reinjure himself until after 1/1.
Speaking of the American Dream, when Vince announced it as HBK's career on the line, the images of Shawn Michaels dressed as the Midnight Rider to torment Vince appeared. Hate seeing Angle lose after getting the belt, but, when you don't have long term booking, sometimes you have to do that.
They needed Flair to cut the old Wahoo/Race/Brody/Rhodes/Von Erich/Steamboat etc. promo leading up to his match with Edge.
Shelton's mother really is annoying. But, at least it wasn't the usual Vince's wife walking through the door when Vince had his pants dropped spot. Shouldn't Vince by now find out the name of the woman at the door before stripping?
I didn't think Flair would be able to take some of the bumps he took. Thought they should have teased the piledriver on the table spot as a homage to Flair vs. Funk. Was Edge vs. Flair in the Top 200 matches of Flair's career? No. But, it was enjoyable, Flair bled and took a beating, and Edge was able to take the monster bump and still rally his way back to retaining the title, thus strengthening him as a champion. And I'll even give them credit by building a graphic showing Flair or Edge facing Cena at the Rumble, thus demonstrating doubt in the outcome.
Two good or very good matches for RAW. Tough to ask for much else.
And, I'm sure eke is just delayed from his putting Masters vs. Cena on a constant loop.

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#5 Posted on 16.1.06 2256.08
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    but saw enough to know Angle/Michaels couldn't be topped, even by a TLC match.

So, so wrong. Angle/HBK was so boring & paint-by-numbers. While by no means a technical masterpiece, the TLC match was way more fun/entertaining than anything else on the show.
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#6 Posted on 16.1.06 2326.53
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^ ^ ^

Couldn't agree more, was there live and the crowd was super hot, and a really well booked match. On the other hand, the Angle/Michaels, while solid with a great ending, didn't have the electricity that the TLC match had. Totally swerved me, thought I would be in for a snore fest or fast screwjob. Instead I was treated to a great match.
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#7 Posted on 16.1.06 2343.53
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Not to be too rude, but that picture is way too large, and I doubt anyone cares which RAW Superstar you are, even if it was a guy who was still a RAW Superstar.

obRAW: USA went out on my cable during Trish's entrance. I think all this TLC talk is a grand conspiracy to trick me into thinking I missed something.

Odd they had Edge and Angle confront each other, when they skirted around it when Batista and Cena were both on the show as champions.
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#8 Posted on 17.1.06 0006.39
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Ashley Flair is awesome.
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#9 Posted on 17.1.06 0024.21
Reposted on: 17.1.13 0024.33
We start with Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech, or the most-played highlight of it, anyway, and I think we can all agree that our worlds a better place because of his dream.

Its announced that Edge will make his inaugural defense of the WWE Title tonight as he faces Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. And the rubber match, Angle/Michaels IV, will take place tonight, with Angle as the new World Heavyweight Champion in the worst-kept SmackDown spoiler of all-time.

We start off by hearing from Edge, whos got his WWE Title belt on one shoulder and Lita on the other, basically.

I understand that some people are calling me a cheap championthat I stole my victory over John Cena at New Years Revolution. But the fact is that I won this title fair and square. I won it fair and square when I exercised my Money in the Bank clauseat the right place, at the right time. And now, thanks to that, I stand before you your new WWE Champion!

Edge spins the belt and holds it high over his head, to a chorus of boos.

And being the champion, I do what I want, when I want. I call the shots. And last week I wanted to have a live sex celebration with my love kit, Lita. But apparently, some people were offended at Lita and her incredible body being stripped down to its bare essentials. And to those people, I say too damn bad! Im the Rated-R Superstar, and youd better get used to it! Our celebration last week was the highest-rated ending to RAW in over two years! Not that theres much competition on that front. The day after I won the WWE Title at New Years Revolution, over 25 million people got onto WWE.comover 25 million page views. Now what does that mean? It means Pause for you suck chants. Say it all you want, but that means that I am the most-watched WWE Champion of all-time! Now for those of you who dont like that, theres consequences to pay. And just like your legendary Ric Flair Obligatory WOOs from the crowdtried to stick his nose in our business, well heres the consequence that he paid last week.

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week and the One-Man Conchairto on Flair.

So much for Flair Country. You see Ric Flair disrespected me, he disrespected Lita, and BAM, conchairto, I bashed his brains in. Now later on tonight Im gonna finish Ric Flair off in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match! But right now, I want Lita to finish *me* off! Right now I wanna have live, uninterrupted sex, right here now! Edge calls for a chair from a techie. Joey wants to know what the chairs for. Think outside the box, Joey, is the reply from Coach.

Lets show em how its done, baby, Edge says as he sets the chair down in the ring. Cue the cheesy porno music as Lita pulls off Edges shirt, and sits him down, straddling him and kissing him. Lita bends over backwards, showing off more than a little bit of cleavage, and then of all peoples music to play, Kurt Angles music plays to interrupt!

Angles got his new faceplate on the belt, I should add. His pyro and explosions go off, and Kurt points at Edge as if he wants a piece of him, as he heads down to the ring. I wonder what his justification is. Daivari is accompanying Kurt, by the way.

Edge: In case you missed it Kurt, all these people are saying that YOU SUCK!

Kurt Angle: Thats funny Edge, you know I was listening to the crowd very clearly, and I dont think they were referring to me. I think they were referring to Lita! The crowd cheers at that.

KA: You think these cheap parlor tricks make you a champion? You handed in a briefcase and beat John Cena, a man who got his ass kicked for 45 minutes in an Elimination Chamber match, and now youre the champion?

Edge: Yeahthat makes me smart!

KA: That *was* a smart move. But its ability thats gonna keep you champion. See, when Im in this ring, everyone knows that Im the real thing. And the crowd agrees with that, as does Daivaristrange having them on the same sideand Edge is like, Oh, please. That Im a real championI dont take the easy way out!

Edge: You see Kurt, thats your problem

KA: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! My contract on RAW expired January 1, and I was about to re-negotiate my contract with Eric Bischoff, and then I heard about Batistas injury.

[Thats bad continuity, right there, but Im still listening.]

KA: So I signed on with SmackDown, beat 19 other Superstars in a battle royal, and became the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Edge: You know, Kurt, I think I know the real reason that you went to SmackDownI think you were embarrassed! For four months you tried to beat John Cena, but you couldnt get the job done! And in my very first try, in less than two minutes, I beat John Cena! And if you wouldve won the Elimination Chamber, I would have done the exact same thing to you!

[Theyre really up in each others faces right now.]

KA: Oh, is that right? You think you could beat me? Well, lets find out! Lets unify these titles! Lets unify them right here tonight! Lets make history, right here, Raleigh, North Carolina! Lets go!

[The crowd pops BIG-TIME for that, but you know that aint happening. Daivari takes off Kurts belt, and Edge motions to the crowd.]

Edge: You people wanna see that? You people wanna see it? Not a chance! Youre the World Champion on a second-rate show! Who the hell do you think you are coming out here and challenging me? In case my memory forgetswait, werent you the first one eliminated in the Elimination Chamber? Thats what I thought

And Edge sucker-punches Angle, but Angle ducks a second swing and German suplexes Edge, who rolls out of the ring. Litas taken the opportunity to walk out of the ring, and suddenly No Chance in Hell plays as Vince McMahon comes down to the ring.

VM: Ill tell you what Im not gonna haveIm not gonna have two world heavyweight champions beating the hell out of each other tonight! Ill tell you what I *will* haveand thats both of you fulfilling your obligations tonight, regardless. [turns to Edge] That means that you will be defending your WWE Championship for the first time ever in a Tables Ladders Chairs match here tonight! Defending the title against a man whowell, quite frankly you beat the holy hell out of last week, I dont know what kind of condition hes in, but its you one-on-one with the 16-time world heavyweight champion, Ric Flair! [sotto voce] Get outta here, get ready for the match. [to Lita] Go cover yourself up. [turns to Kurt] And you, heyfirst of all, congratulations. Secondly, youre gonna defendwell, actually, I dont think Im gonna let that happen, no Im notyoull be facing Shawn Michaels here tonight. But youre not gonna be defending your World Heavyweight Title tonight, no, but there will be a stipulation. A good stipulationif Shawn Michaels loses to you here tonight, Shawn Michaels contract will be terminated immediately tonight.

Kurt and Daivari like that, a lot.

And were gonna go right to the matchVince tells Lillian to introduce Michaels, and get him out here right now. He stares off with Vince as he gets to ringsideYou wanna fire me? Yup. Vince gestures towards the ring magnanimously, and sarcastically claps. We go to breakwhich, thanks to my new DVR, I can skip right through, since Im now about 20 minutes behind the actual broadcast.

When we get back, HBK is chasing Daivari around the ring. Daivari runs into the ring, HBK comes in after him and ducks the expected clothesline from Kurt, answering with a chop. Another chop, and a headlock takeover by Michaels. Angle gets up to his feet, bounces HBK off the ropes, HBK knocks Angle down with a shoulder block, goes for the immediate pin and gets two, and takes him right back down into another headlock takeover. Kurt tries to get his knees involved, in vain so far. Kurt back up to his feet, backs Michaels in the corner, and slams his shoulder into Michaels midsection a few times. Punch, kick, kick, punch, punch, punch, and Michaels reverses, getting Angle into the corner. Chop (WOO!), chop (Woo!), chop (woo!), Michaels whip into the corner reversed by Angle, who charges but eats HBKs boot. HBK immediately climbs up to the second rope, trying to come down with a sledge, but falls right into prime overhead BTB suplex position. And Angle capitalizes on that.

Angle celebrates that, lifts HBK to his feet and hits one, two, three rolling German Suplexes. One, two, kickout. Angle gets two on a body-scissors, and another two. HBKs trying to escape the move, with the referee staying right there to call the submission or pinfall. HBK rolls up on top of Kurt, and hits multiple elbows to Kurts shoulder to get him to remove the hold. Both men get to their feet, but Kurt does so in a corner, which means, for Michaels, MORE CHOPPY! Michaels whip into the corner reversed, and he hits hardand then Angle power-whips Michaels into the opposite corner, and HBK falls down from the impact.

Another celebration move for Angle, and now he coils himself for the Olympic Slamwaiting for HBK to get up. Olympic Slam reversed into a Tornado DDT by HBK! The referee starts the count, and at five, HBK rolls over onto Angletwo-count. Both men quickly get to their feet, and HBK takes Angle down with a shoulder block. HBK goes to bounce off the ropes, but falls out of the ringDaivari pulled down the bottom rope, and HBK landed on the floor. Daivari unbuttons his shirt jacket, and points at Michaels, screaming in Farsi as the referee, still in the ring, is telling Daivari to knock it off. HBK replies with a superkick to Daivari, but Daivari served his purposebefore HBK even knows that Angles behind him, he gets leveled with an Olympic Slam on the floor. We go to break, with Michaels in big trouble.

Back from the break, Angle and Michaels are both back in the ring. Michaels is on all fours, and Angle is wrenching HBKs back with his knee while applying a crossface. Apparently Shawn gets the signal that were back on USA, because he immediately starts his comebackgetting up to his feet, punching Angle in the gut (breaking the hold) and chopping him into the corner. MORE CHOPPY! for Michaels, and HBK tries to whip Angle into the corneryoud think by now hed know not to do that. Angle reverses, for the third time tonight, and HBK does a flip-landing in the corner like only HBK can.

Angle lifts Shawn to his feet and scoop-slams him, going right for the cover and getting two. Angle lifts Shawn back up, European uppercuts him, and punches him in the corner, lifting him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and threatening the overhead belly-to-belly superplex. Michaels punches him off, and takes a moment to get into a more favorable position, but Angle was playing possumhe runs towards Michaels and tries another superplex. Again Michaels shakes him off, and gets nearly up the turnbuckle, but Angles relentlesshe runs at Michaels a third time, and this time hits the Olympic Slam off the top rope, good NIGHT!

Angle cant quite capitalize on it immediately, but he rolls over after a few seconds and gets a long two-count. Angle jaw-jacks with the referee, gets Michaels to his feet and says, You got a death right, you stupid son of a bitch! or something like that. You got *that* right? I dont know, one of them. HBK pushes off, Angle ducks the superkick and immediately applies the Ankle Lock. HBK rolls it over and gets two. Two punches by Angle, one chop (woo!) by Michaels. Punch/chop, and now the punches and chops are all Michaels. Michaels whips Angle into the ropes, it gets reversed *again*, but a flying burrito by Michaels, and both men are down. Michaels kips-up, but right into the Ankle Lock. HBK turns over and kicks Angle away, and now for the rest of the Five Moves of Doom. Inverted atomic drop, clothesline, and both men are down. HBK rolls over to the corner and heads to the top turnbuckleMacho Man Elbow misses!

Angles the first to his feet, and the straps are downlets get dangerous! Kurt is primed and ready for the Olympic Slam, which is reversed into a sunset flip but re-reversed into an Ankle Lock. Michaels is trying desperately to get to the ropes, but Kurt gets him in the middle of the ring. HBK tries to kick off, Angle will have none of it. Daivaris kneeling on the ring apron, but he gets close enough for HBK to slap him. But then Angle rolls HBK back into the ring and applies the Special Fuck You Variation of the Ankle Lock, but for some reason Daivari decides this is the right moment to bring a steel chair into the ring. The ref wont have any of that, and Angle releases the hold to go up to Daivari and ask, What are you doing, man? But Daivari wins the tug of war at that exact moment, and (accidentally?) hits Angle with the chair right in the upper chest. Michaels rolls Angle up from behind, gets three, and both Angle and Daivari are beside themselves. What happened? Angle wants to know.

Daivari, perhaps a little too eager to prove that he didnt try to screw Angle just now, immediately commences to mudhole-stomping on HBK. And ironically, Angle pulls Daivari awayhe wants to know what was up with Daivari just now. Im sorry, Daivari says. What the hell are you doing? Angle replies.

What the hell were you doing in the ring? I had the match won! Daivaris begging off. Im sorry, it was an accidentlook, youre still the champion, okay? Youre still the champion, were going to SmackDown, Ill fix it, I promise. Daivari turns to leave, but Angle grabs him by his suit jacket. Whatin the hellwere you thinking? Tell me what you were thinking! I had him beat, he was tapping out, and youre over here for what? I KNOW! Im SORRY! Youare stillthe championbecause of me! And Daivari slaps KurtUH-OH!

Angle grabs Daivari and punches him, lifts him up for a European uppercut, and lifts him up again for an Olympic Slam from the ring to the floor. Um, okay, you werent very convincing, apparently, Daivari. Now play Kurts music because he lost! And are those you rock! chants I hear?

We see a promo for Edge vs. Cena, WWE Championship on the line, at the Royal Rumble. And weve got 13 days to figure out who Angles feuding with for the World Heavyweight Title. Daivari? Mark Henry?

Back from break, Jerry Lawlers got a laptop, and he tries desperately to get me to watch Unlimited again. Eh, no thanks. Especially because now were going to see a Unlimited Exclusive on USA. Why would I want to watch the same promo twice in less than a minute? (Unless I was transcribing it, of course, which I am.)

Kurt Angle: I won the Olympic gold on my own, and I won that battle royal on SmackDown on my own. And you know whatif you run into Daivari, tell him that he sucks. He turns to leave, but then changes his mind. As a matter of fact, if you see him, tell him his managerial services are no longer required.

And were reminded that well have a TLC match for the WWE Championship tonightEdge vs. Flair.

And Let Us Take You Back to WWF WrestleMania X-Seven in 2001, in which Edge jumps off a ladder and spears the living FUCK out of Jeff Hardy in only one of the many, many memorable moments of that match (and the event, for that matter). FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JEFF HARDY MAY BE BROKEN SMACK-DAB IN HALF! exclaims JR. And look, its a Christian sighting!

I never thought Id say Ric Flair is out of his element, but he is in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, says Jerry. And I tend to agree. Hes never *had* a ladder match, Joey points out. Hes the underdog tonight!

And, joy, later tonight well see the Master Lock Challenge, as John Cena tries to become the first person to break the Master Lock.

Not sure why Im bothering to transcribe this, but since Ive got DVR Ive got the time, so

[Backstage with Maria.]

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, The Masterpiece Chris Masters!

[Camera pans to Masters ugly mug.]

Maria: Chris, you were in the Elimination Chamber at New Years Revolution, and you and Carlito acted as a team for most of the matchuntil the end. Do you wanna see?

[Maria enthusiastically points to the television behind us, and hey, we see that Masters can show annoyance as well as he can show cockiness. Now if we can add a third emotion into that mix, he could be the BEST WRESTLER EVER~!]


[Let Us Take You Back to New Years Revolution eight days ago, Masters and Carlito double-backdrop-suplexing Cena off the top rope, and Carlito calls for the Master Lockonly to low blow Masters when he had his back turned. A rollup gets three, and were back live, with the still-annoyed face of Masters.]

Maria: That was MEAN. Tonight, you face John Cena in the Master Lock Challenge. Do you really think that you can make *John Cena* give up?

[Masters face moves back to cockiness.]

Masters: Maria, the only reason I didnt beat John Cena in the Elimination Chamber match is because *Carlito* messed it up. But you see, Carlitos gonna have to deal with me at the Royal Rumble, but tonight, I show everybody what *should* have happened at New Years Revolution and make John Cena pass *out* to the Master Lock. You see, Maria, theres two things that I want everybody to know. Number one, Chris Masters is gonna be the youngest WWE Superstar to *ever* win the Royal Rumble. And two, John Cena is gonna find out firsthand that nobody, and I mean nobody, breaksmyMaster Lock.

[We go right to Trish and Ashley, who are in the dressing room. Trish is putting on an elbow pad, and has the WWE Womens Championship belt on her shoulder.]

Trish: I hear what youre saying Ashley, I hear you.

Ashley: Look Trish, I trust you, but after Mickie attacked me last weekand now were supposed to have a *match* with her?

Trish: I know, shes a little overprotective of me for some reason.

Ashley: Shes a *lot* overprotective.

Trish: OK, but have you seen her in the ring, OK? I promise you, tonight when we face Victoria, Candice and Torrie, or as I like to call them, the Three Skankateers

[They share a laugh.]

Trish: Okay, shell be there.

Ashley: I know thats how you feel, but I just feel that shes getting a little bit obsessed with you, Trish. A *lot* obsessed with you.

Trish: You dont have to tell meoh, hey, Mickie!

Mickie: What are you doing[turns to Ashley]are you *talking* about me? Trish shakes her head. You think Im obsessed?

Trish sighs. No, we were just, uh,

Ashley: Oh my God. All right you know what, I *am* obsessed. I obsessed all week about what I did to you Ashley, andI dont know what to say, I dont know what happened, Im truly sorry, I truly am, and I just want you to accept my apology.

Trish is giving Ashley the please? eyes.

Ashley: Fine, Mickie, fine, I accept your apology.

Mickie: You will? [turns to Trish] You will?

Ashley: Its fine, really. And Trish nods.

And in a quick mood swing, Mickie grabs both her teammates and hugs them.

Mickie: Well all right, were a team right? We can go deliver some Stratusfaction.

Trish: Okay

Mickie: Right, lets go kick some bootie! And she smacks Ashleys and Trishs buttskinda hard on the Trish side, in any event, cuz she reacts as ifwell, she just got slapped kinda hard on the butt.

Mickie: What, itsjust for luck

The Master Lock Challenge is up next.

Back from break, we see a RAW Magazine promo, and in this months issue theyre going to, of course, talk about the Royal Rumble.

And now The Greatest Entrance in the History of Great Entrances, as Chris Masters comes down, and apparently Chris Masters now has Joey Styles trained to shut up during his entrance.

Lillian mistakenly refers to this as being a LastMaster Lock Challenge, and I wonder if that Freudian slip will be prophetic.

Masters: Its time for my Master Lock Challenge! Now, the reason I issued this challenge is to show everybody that I would have defeated John Cena in the Elimination Chamber match if it wasnt for Carlito. Well, thank God for Carlito, thenI mean, DAMN THAT CARLITO! Damn him straight to hell! And I will prove it tonight. So without further ado, how bout I introduce to you yourFORMERWWE Champion, John Cena!

Cena comes out, does his posing and is all, Lets get her done right now, but Masters has some words first.

Masters: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, John, John, heyI just wanna thank you, first of all, for having the guts to take my Master Lock Challenge. Oh, you think youre gonna break it, huh? Well, how about this, John[big-time Cena chants, and Cena poses to get the crowd behind himand I mean that in more ways than one] You think youre gonna break it? Hey, I got an ideahow about you sit your ass right here and how about we do this rightNOW?

Cena tosses the cap, tosses the shirt, and Masters says Welcome to my world as Cena cautiously sits down. Cena tries to block the Master Lock, and Masters backs upYou gotta let me put it on. Duh, moron. This segment has constituted at least ten minutes of practically every other RAW in the past eight months or soyou *do* watch RAW, right Cena? Cena kneels in the chair, Masters applies it, and the crowd chants Cenas name as he screams, trying to find some way to break the thing. He lifts Masters onto his back, slams him kidney-first into the turnbuckles, but Masters gets him back in the center of the ring. Cena now shifts the weight back and forth between Masters arms.

Masters has to hang on for dear life, but he gets Cena back to a vertical position. Cena now drives his left elbow repeatedly into Masters gut, but Masters gets him vertical again after a moment. Cenas now down to one knee, and hes not moving at all. The referee reaches for Cenas hand, but he shakes him offhes not done yet. With incredible tension on his face, screaming with arms lifted in a Triple H top-turnbuckle pose, Cena prepares to make one last effort to break the thing

--And Edge is suddenly in the ring, holding the WWE Championship in front of Cenas face like this was the myth of Tantalus. He twirls the spinner a few times, and Cena lets out another enraged screamthen Edge drills Cena with a belt shot to the head. Edge lifts the WWE Championship belt high above his head, and does the You Cant See Me pose, as Cenas busted openand Masters makes no attempt to re-apply the thing. Now play Edges music!

Um, so, it ends in a no-contest, perhaps?

Coming back from break, Shawn Michaels is having his ankle attended to by the medical staff, and then we hear a booming SHAWN MICHAELS! Michaels rolls off of the table and stands to face Vince, though hes limping.

VM: I cant believe you. Ive heard of pulling rabbits out of hats before, but this is ridiculous. Ive heard of the luck of the Irish before, but this is ridiculous. Whadda you got going for you, huh? I can tell you one thing as far as luck is concernedone of these days your luck, I promise youno, no, I guarantee youyour luck is gonna run out. But since I can see that youre standing here, and you can stand on your own power, I would suggest that uh, you get your things together because youre going to be escorted right out of the building. Michaels rolls his eyes and smirks to the camera.

VM: Heh heh heh heh! But here we go, yeah baby The strut gives away who hes speaking to before we can see his faceRic Flair! [slaps him on the back] Sixteen-time world heavyweight champion! Just think about ithistory could be made. Tonight, here in Flair Country, tonight Ric Flair can break another record, tonight Ric Flair can do the impossible, Ric Flair can become the seventeen-time world heavyweight champion! I can see it in your eyes, yeah I canI can feel it in your heart. You can do it. I know you can. I mean, the fact that you interrupted my celebration last week, I mean, Im not holding that against you, okay? On the contrary, even though youve got a concussion, Im rewarding you, because you can do it Ric, I know you can. Look at you. Look how clear your eyes are. Come on Ric, its just one given night, and on one given night, magic can happen again, the lightning can strike. Cmon, Ric. Cmon Ric, you can do it. Seventeen-time world heavyweight champion!

And to interrupt this segment is Candice, that dumbass wand still in tow. Well, hello, Vince. OhCandice, how nice of you I was actually really excited because my match is gonna be up next. But, I was wonderingwill you watch my match and critique it-- *move* for *move* [Candice is unbuttoning her jacket] for me? As a matter of fact, Id be delighted, and how about after your match, you and I, we have that littletalkwe were talking about? But before you go, you mind if Ihold your wand for a minute and you can do that [Vince rotates his fingerhe wants the dumb-ass, un-sexy Go Daddy dance.] Sure, Vince. She does, and Vince reacts like hes getting a blowjob. Thanks for watching my match. She leaves. Heh, I dont know about you champ, but I feel better already! I feel good.

Neither Shawn Michaels nor Ric Flair said a single word in that segment. Strange.

And back in the actual, you know, wrestling part of the arena, Trish Stratus music plays, bringing out all three members of the teamTrish, Ashley and Mickie. Victorias I Aint The Lady to Mess With music brings out The Three Skankateers, as Trish said, but I think thatd be a horrible official name for them.

And we see a Behind the Scenes look for another Go Daddy commercial by Candicewho promises (threatens?) to do something at the Super Bowl, too. Joy.

We start out with Trish and Victoria in the ring, and Victoria wrenches Trishs arm a couple times then drops her down to the mat. Trish looks pissed as she circles Victoria, and as shes about to lock up with Victoria, she gets kicked in the gut instead. Whip into the corner, but Victoria eats elbow. Trish gets up on Victorias shoulder, rolls her up and gets two on the victory roll. Victoria whipped into the ropes, ducks the clothesline, but Trish does a Lou Thesz press complete with the punches, Austin-style. She dismounts and heads back over to Victoria, but Victoria punches Trish in the gut, and then in the upper back. Whip into the corner, but Trish grabs the ropes, lifts herself up and puts Victoria in a whipping head-scissors takedown. Kick to the gut, and Trish signals for Stratusfactionbut Candice inserts herself in the way. Trish grabs Candices head between her ankles, and takes her down in a head-scissors, felling Victoria at the same time.

The tag to Ashley, and Mickie looks hurt that Trish didnt tag *her* insteadso upset that shes still reaching for the tag two seconds later, which is long enough for Victoria to kick Ashley into the corner and knock Mickie down out of the ring. Mickie stays down on the floor, wanting to know whats up with that, as Victoria whips Ashley into the ropes. Ashley ducks a clothesline but runs right into an intentional spear by Mickie, who starts slamming her head into the canvas and punching her just like last week. Trish realizes what has happened, goes to the floor and grabs Mickies foot, rolling her out of the ringand she asks what her problem is. Mickie clearly doesnt realize that what happened was an accident. But while theyre arguing, Victorias hitting the Widows Peak on Ashley and getting three. Mickie tells Trish, Im sorry, but doesnt look sorryshe stays on the floor while Trish tends to Mickie.

Another TLC highlightthis time from SummerSlam 2000. Bubba Ray Dudley climbs the ladder, and it looks like The Dudleys are gonna win the WWF Tag Team Championship, but Edge and Christian tip the ladder over, and Bubba gets launched into four tables on the outside of the ring.

Back from break, were reminded that R- V- D is returning at the Royal Rumble.

And back in the ring, Carlitos music is playing and Carlito stands in the ring, with a Hawaiian shirt and white pants. Hes got a microphone in one hand, and two apples in the other.

CCC: I dont know why everyones so excited about the return of RVD. Let Carlito remind you of what happened to RVD the last time he made an appearance here on RAW. Oh, yeah, good point!

Let Us Take You Back to Last June. The truth is youre injured, and Carlito likes it that way. A sucker-kick to the injured knee, and RVD goes down like a sack of potatoes. He proceeds to slam him ontoI guess thats a skillet?and then spit the apple into his face.

Carlito made sure RVD stayed on the disabled list a lot longer than he should have. And Carlito wont hesitate to put him right back on it if he messes with me again. Cause lets face it, Carlitos on a roll! [RVD chants.] Hey, hey, hey, Carlito came this close to winning the WWE Title at New Years Revolution. But its okay, cause Carlitos gonna win the Royal Rumble match and head straight on to the main event at WrestleMania 22! Cause Carlitos better than ever, and theres no one in the locker room, be it on RAW or SmackDown, that can throw Carlito over the top rope. And thatthats cool!

BOOM! Carlito flinches as Through Hellfire and Brimstone, here comes Kane for a rebuttal. Carlito tries to talk Kane down, but then goes right after him, punching him back into the ropesbut when he goes for a clothesline, Kane grabs his neck. Carlito with the thumb to the eyes, and he runs into the ropes but eats a Big Boot. Kane grabs one of the apples, shoves it right into Carlitos mouth, and presses him over his head, throwing him onto the floor. Uh, yeah, he should have said no oneexcept Kane. Now BUST OUT THE PYRO!

And, hee, there was juice coming out of the apple as he was lifted over Kanes head.

A knock at Vinces doortheres a woman outside who wants to see Vince. Oh, boy. Vince thinks its Candice, and asks the techie to give him a few minutes to himself firstCandice really has the hots for him, but its just between Vince and the guy, OK? And the millions of people watching RAW. We go to break.

Back from break, Vince sprays some breath freshener into his mouth, takes off his jacket and tie, unbuttons his shirt, takes off his watchoh, this is gonna be so embarrassing when it turns out to be Mrs. Benjamin. Another knock at the door. Come in. Vince keeps his back turnedan old comedic standby. Dont say a word, Candice. I just wanna feel your presence. And down come the pants. Vince fancies himself a porn star, I guess. Now, how is it you do that, Candice, its kinda like And he starts to do the Go Daddy dance. Whos your daddy? Oh, sugar, sugar, Mr. McMahon.

Mrs. Benjamin looks less offended than I would have expected her to beshe looks more amused. Hey, I got a couple dollars, baby. HA! I wasnt expecting all the dancing. Vince, trying to pick up whats left of his pride, changes the subject: Shelton, Shelton, how you doing? Shelton points to Vinces pants. Can I *help you?* Can I help you, please? Yes, you can. I wanna know why my son is not wrestling todaywhy my baby aint gonna be on TV. We came all the way from Orangeburg, South Carolina, and he gonna wrestle. You want your son in a match tonight. Yes, I do. Shelton tries to beg off. Mind your business, grown folk talking. Back up off me, baby. Fine, hes in a matchagainst suitable competition. Now if youll excuse me

Shelton wants to know who hes facing. It dont matter, you gonna whoop that assHEY!go get ready. Dont eyeball me, boy. Shes a hoot. You walkin on the devils ground. I got some business. Im sure you dobut whenever you ready for a *real* womanyou want some chocolate thunder and she starts to massage Vinces chest, much to Vinces shock and dismaybrown sugaryou better look me up, mmm-hmm, baby! Ill make your hair grow. HA! Mrs. Benjamin is the best character ever in promo segments, and one of the worst ever as ringside accompaniment. Holla, baby! Vince looks traumatized for life, and might swear off women from now onwhich would be fine with me.

We see a Royal Rumble promo. The 30-man Royal Rumble Match features, as usual, 15 Superstars from RAW and 15 from SmackDownwinner gets a title shot. John Cena will challenge either Edge or Ric Flair for the WWE Championship. And the Coach points out that the January-to-March corridor has more on the line in those three months than at any other time. Yeah, and the TVs better, too.

And we see the TLC match from a 2001 episode of SmackDown, in which Chris Benoit goes for the Diving Headbutt on Matt Hardy, but Hardy moves and Chris eats table. Hmm, a non-Edge-related highlight, eh?

Back from break, Aint No Stopping Me Now brings out Shelton Benjamin and his mama, who are talking about theyre whooping ass tonightat least until Big brings out Big Show, and they both stop talking in mid-word and freeze. Shelton and Mama are in shock, but Big Shows smiling like hes gonna walk all over Shelton, and he shouldnt do that. Shelton hides behind Mama, and tells her to give him a piece of her mindHes just tall, thats all, Mama, dont worry about the size Mrs. Benjamin looks Big Show over from bottom to top, and is all, Good Lord, but Sheltons telling her not to sweat it, give him a piece of your mind. Shelton tells Show, Dont you touch my mama, man, cuz my mama aint scared of nobody and shell take on anybody including youwhats the smile about, what you doing? Show magnanimously opens the ropes for Mrs. Benjamin, and as she leaves the ring to Sheltons dismay, she says, You do the best you can, son, you do the best you can. Right, as in do your own work, and stop trying to turn Sheltons character into someone who relies just on his mama. Theres a difference between making Sheltons character someone who *loves* his mama, and making him someone who *hides behind* his mama.

Shelton goes after Show with some punches, but a knee to the head ends that quickly. Shelton to his feet, Show whips him into the ropes, Shelton ducks the clothesline but gets caught with a sidewalk slam. Shows selling like he may have re-injured his right hand, which is still taped up. Shelton with a thumb to the eyes, Show walks into the corner and immediately Shelton slams his hand against the ring post. Shelton to the top, but instead of a flying clothesline, he gets caught by the right hand of the Big Show. Show lifts him for the chokeslam but cant keep him there; Shelton lands back on his feet and runs into the ropes, but gets caught in fall-away slam position. And thats what Show connects with, sending Shelton tumbling to the floor.

Show climbs over the top rope and exits the ring, lifting Shelton to his feet and tossing him back into the ring over the top. Suddenly outta nowhere, Triple H runs in, and Show blocks a punch from him before we can clearly see who it even is. Show drops him with a headbutt, a punch, and the two men brawl up the entrance ramp. And Triple H runs away just as Show gets counted outShelton Benjamin wins again, technically. Shelton and Mama dance around like Shelton just won the World Heavyweight Championship.

And another highlight from TLCthis time from a RAW in 2002, in which RVD does a Van Terminator onto Kane, with Jeff Hardy holding a chair in front of Kanes face. Yeah, the teamings there in the last few TLC matches were starting to get kind of unusual. Remember when it was just E&C, The Hardy Boys and The Dudley Boys?

The TLC match is next.

WOO! Here comes The Nature Boy, in search of his seventeenth world heavyweight championship. He hugs his daughter Ashley at ringside. Edge comes down with Lita and the WWE Championship, and hes got a new entrance video, though hes still got the same theme.

The harness comes down, and the referee hooks the WWE Championship belt onto it. The bell rings, and Flair and Edge lock up. Edge backs Flair into the corner, Flair reverses and chops the hell out of Edge five times, then punches away on the WWE Champion. Another chop sends Edge sprawling out of the corner, but he comes back with a knee to the midsection and elbow to the back of the neck. Edge stomps away on Flair, drops an elbow, and rolls out of the ring to grab the ladderand a chair. Edge uses the ladder as a battering ram right to Flairs head, and then pulls the ladder apart, puts Flair in the middle and slams the top of the ladder onto Flair multiple times. Now Edge with a chair, slamming it onto the ladder on top of Flairs head. Might be a short match the way hes going.

Edge rolls Flair out of the ladder sandwich, stomps him out of the ring and goes after him, but just as Edges feet hit the floor, Flair comes back with a chop. A second chop, and Edge retreats to the barricadeover to be sent over it by a third chop. Flair follows him into the crowd, chopping and punching. Edge retreats back towards the barricade, and this time back-body drops Flair over it and back into the ringside area mat. Edge climbs back over the barricade and suplexes Flair onto the floor. He tosses a ladder aside and sets up a chair in the ring, while putting a table about ten feet away from where Flairs lying on the floor, and parallel to the announce table. Edge puts a chair on the table, and calls Lita for another chair, while he opens up on Flair with punches. Edge sets Flair up on the table and slams his head into the chair. Now he gets the hand-off from Lita, and tosses the covering off of the announce table, climbing on top of it. Hes about to go for a Super One-Man Conchairto, but at the last moment Flair applies the Testicular Claw!

Flair chops Edge with the other hand while still holding on to Edges nuts, and then throws the WWE Champion onto the barricade. Lita immediately climbs onto Flairs back and tries to choke him, but Flair tosses her off and turns aroundwalking right into a vicious chair shot by Edge! Flair is now busted wide open, as Edge kicks away at his head. Edge calls Lita over again, and she holds Flair on the table while screaming NO DQ! at the referees insistence that she remove herself from this match. Edge sets up a ladder in the ring, and climbs up topcoming down hard and splashing Flair through the table. HOLY SHIT! chants by the crowd as Ashley screams for her dad to get up. We go to break.

Back into the ring, Edge is dragging himself to his feet on the floor, while Flair, doing his best The Passion impersonation, is staggering around inside the ring. Flair drags Edge into the ring, and low-blows him, much to the fans delight. Flair knocks down the ladder that Edge splashed off of earlier, and sets Edge up in between the ladder halves. Id be remiss if I didnt point out that theres another ladder propped up on the near-side turnbuckle that I dont think was there before the break. Flair drops the ladder half onto Edge, and leaves the ring, grabbing a steel chair. He slams it onto the chest section of the ladder, and Litas showing her dismay at this situation.

Flair drags Edge to his feet, and the following chair shot sounds like a gun going off. Flair slams a ladder on top of Edge, and then slams a chair onto him a few timesincluding once onto the ankle. Now Flair sets up the ladder in the middle of the ringlooks like hes gonna try for the title, but when Edge reaches for Flairs ankle the Nature Boy changes his mind, and drags the ladder closer to the one in the turnbuckle. Now Flair tosses the turnbuckle ladder off onto the floor, and sets the first ladder up in the corner. Edge gets to his feet and gets knocked down by a chop. Now Flair heads to the top turnbuckle and climbs the ladder, bad intentions in his mindbut Edge climbs the other side of the ladder and the two exchange blows. Edge now tries to set Flair up for a superplex off the ladderAND CONNECTS! Holy shit. Lawlers already giving Flair the turn out the lights, this partys over treatment as Edge climbs the near-side of the ladder.

Edge connects with a missile dropkick, but only catches a glancing blow, just staggering Flair. Edge hits the canvas pretty hard, though. Oh, check thatFlair does the Flair Flop anyway. Edge crawls up to his feet, chair in hand, and drills Flair with a chair, sending him out of the ring. Now Edge sets up the ladder right underneath the WWE ChampionshipDo it, kid! Make yourself famous! Hard to believe, actually, that of The Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, that Edge would be the first of those men to win a world heavyweight title. Edge slowly climbs the ladder, but Flair is crawling back into the ring. Edge gets a hand on the WWE Title belt, but Flair tips the ladder over towards us, so to speak, and Edge goes sprawling off the ladder and through a table that had been set up on the floor. Edge doesnt seem to be moving anytime soonbut can Flair capitalize?

Flair sets up the ladder, and starts climbingbut here comes Lita, who pulls Flairs leg and forces him to climb down off the ladder. Then she decks him with a punch and starts hammering away on the sixteen-time world heavyweight champion, but Flair breaks free, and looks like hes gonna punch Litano, he applies the figure-four leglock! He releases it after a few seconds, and Litas rolled back out of the ring. She bought Edge some time, but he still doesnt appear to be movingthough he *did* open his eyes, briefly.

At this point, Flairs pretty much a redhead, if you know what I mean. He starts climbing up towards the title belt, but when he gets halfway, we see that Edge has now reached the ladder as well. He grabs one of Flairs hands to prevent him from progressing further, hooks his other hand and punches him. Now the two men start exchanging punches, Edge hits one too many and Flair falls. Edge finishes his climb, and pulls down the WWE Championship. Edge is your winner, and still WWE Champion.

As Flair staggers to his feet, Edge is primedand hits a spear on Flair! Edge rolls out of the ring, grabs two chairs, and prepares to go for the One-Man Conchairtobut John Cena runs out and makes the save, punching away on the WWE Champion and running Lita off. But Litas distraction allowed Edge just the time he needed to escape. Edge retains, and barring a title change between now and January 29, itll be Edge vs. Cena for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

I hope yall enjoyed the recapsorry for the lateness, but I was getting upset with so-and-so regains the advantage but I didnt see how because I wasnt watching the TV at that exact moment. It took longer this way, but I think it was worth ithopefully youll agree.

DASCOOL: Mrs. Benjamin is a hootI loved that segment with her and Vince. Edge/Flair and Angle/Michaels were both great matches, and how about the shocking development with Daivari? But I guess if Angles gonna be a face on SmackDown, he needed to get rid of Daivari. I also like the continuing storyline with Mickie James, and the reminder that, hey, RVDs got an issue with Carlito that hell no doubt want to resolve upon his return.

YOU SUCK: Jeez, Vinces libido is completely out of control, you know that? Also, Im still disappointed that WWE isnt allowing Shelton to get a good, clean win over anybody.

WHAT?!: So, when did Chris Masters/Carlito get added to the Royal Rumble? Or did Masters mean Carlito would have to answer to him in the Royal Rumble *match*? If so that doesnt make much senseone of them could be eliminated before the other one even arrives. And, for that matter, whos the face? I know Carlito turned on Masters, but WWE isnt actually expecting the crowd to accept Masters as a face and Carlito as the heel, are they?
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#10 Posted on 17.1.06 0440.11
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-Nice to see them deliver with the Angle/Michaels match after the net spent the last week bitching about how they wouldn't deliver it. I was pretty shocked when Angle's music hit. Okayish match which is disappointing with these two and the whole thing just seemed to be building to Angle firing Daivari. Thank you for finally (officially) turning Kurt face after listening to the crowd cheer the guy for several months.

-Having Edge's first title defense a TLC match was a good ideal, but against Flair? Flair just look completely out of place in a car-wreck spot match. To pile that on, they played highlights from the other TLC matches and all the sick bumps that completely overshadowed this one. Still, Ric tried hard (superplex off the ladder on Flair was sick considering Flair's back), bladed, and tried to keep up. However, Lita dropping a 16 time world champion with HER limp-wristed punches annoyed me to no end. Yeah, it looked like Flair was supposed to be tripped up by Lita there, land on his back, then get wailed on, but still that's not cool.

-I thought the whole point of Shelton's mama was to finally have Shelton actually win matches? If you're gonna turn him into a midcard punchline, at least let him win the god damn match decicively. Instead, you turn Benjamin into a goofball AND book him to look like a pansy. I'm still not sure if we're supposed to boo or cheer Shelton (or mama for that matter) because they're not doing anything particularly villainous and the whole thing is booked like a joke. Rapidly losing patience with this since Shelton is awesome and this is a waste of time on the midcard treadmill for him.

-Man, is Vince cool or what?! He tries to screw Shawn Michaels over, taunts 16 time champion Ric Flair, has Candice Michelle trying to get in his pants and gets dollars thrown at him by Mrs. Benjamin! They should just change the name of the show from RAW to "Vince McMahon's Happy Time Sunshine Hour" and have him sing "Moon River" the entire show. I'd watch every week, tape it, then watch it again!

Vince hasn't drawn a dime since Austin vs. McMahon (ditto for all the McMahons) and really the only draw there is with him is against Bret Hart, and that's never gonna happen. Maybe Vince is irritating the shit out of his audience so when they bring Dusty in as GM it won't seem as annoying.

-Time to pull the trigger on the Mickey James heel turn. It's been established that she's crazy and obsessed with Trish for over a month now, but the sledgehammer of plot just keeps wailing away. Turn her heel before the Rumble, have her beat Trish there, set up the re-match for Mania.

-So, is Edge a heel for trying to have sex with Lita on live TV? They keep teasing it like it's supposed to be. "Boo! He's having sex with his hot girlfriend on live TV! How dare he!" Are wrestling fans supposed to be the paragon of virture here? At least they keep having him kick-ass to make up for it

-Speaking of confusing angles, am I supposed to feel sorry for Big Show and his broken hand? He goes out there and cries like a baby whenever someone taps it and I'm supposed to feel bad and cheer him out of sympathy? Why not just USE THE OTHER HAND for the chokeslam!? During the Shelton match, he looked like a little kid who just got his ice-cream cone stolen by the burly 5th grader who lives down the street. Bad asses kicking peoples' asses are cool. Crying pussies are not cool.

-Crowd is still 50/50 on Cena. Guess Hershey, PA was a fluke. Oh well, I'm still with him. The Masterlock challenge isn't gonna get him over, however. They need to put him on the mic more because that's where he gets the crowd behind him.

-How sad is it when you're forced to hype a 30 second COMMERCIAL where you say nothing and shake your boobs around? Line of the night: Candice trying to explain "what they were trying to do" with this GoDaddy commercial, like it's A Clockwork Orange and there's an actual social commentary and stuff. Bit of the old in-out in-out?

Overall- Man, Vince sure is great. He should book himself against the entire roster in a gaunlet match next week so he can show how manly he is.
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#11 Posted on 17.1.06 0453.59
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Enjoyed Ultimate fight night more than this but RAW has been unwatchable outside of Thea for it seems like forever. I mean really since last "draft" just painfull to watch. It may be stupid to run a show like this as really ratings don't matter and they aren't making advertising revenue, so trying to counter program against UFC is silly...still I won't complain.

Was surprised as they didn't do the normal Vince Mcmahon basso voice narration explaining the importance of Martin luther King. Instead they had King speak for himself..

Angle v Michaels was worked stylistically like Coco Verde v. Xibalba but better than that. Not as good as Caifan Rockero II vs. Oriental I but better than Coco Verde vs. Xibalba. Not a style I care for much.

I'm not sure when Michaels yanked Eddie's old reverse opponents finisher into a DDT as transition spot but Michaels does it really really poorly. It may be worse than Chavito's frog splash. At least with the frog splash the audience understands it as a tribute spot. this just feels like a stolen spot that he doesn't know how to execute.

Thea was fun as last week they had her work church lady which she did well. But she's a lot better sticking to her bread and butter and working blue. This week they dropped the Church lady stuff and had Thea work as Thea (except in a fat suit).

Benjamin's looked absolutely awfull in the ring lately but liked the Big Show match as that 's best Shelton match in ages. Unfortunately HHH comes in so he and Show can chase each other to the back causing count out... I was actually enjoying the match dissapointed by the finish.

I was surprised by liking the Edge vs. Flair TLC match a bunch. Edge takes a huge bump and they make you believe for a minute that the WWE will actually give Flair the belt. The right match in front og the right crowd.

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#12 Posted on 17.1.06 0850.40
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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    YOU SUCK: Jeez, Vinces libido is completely out of control, you know that?

Geesh Ek....your kinda a few years late with that comment. ; )
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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

      but saw enough to know Angle/Michaels couldn't be topped, even by a TLC match.

    So, so wrong. Angle/HBK was so boring & paint-by-numbers. While by no means a technical masterpiece, the TLC match was way more fun/entertaining than anything else on the show.

Having seen it, my comment stands. The chairshots Flair delivered were weak at best. He delivered them with very little impact, killing the credibility of a hardcore match. Edge carried this match by going through tables, and the ending spot (Flair merely punched off the ladder) was uninspired. I wasn't digging it.

This doesn't do anything to diminish my enjoyment of either guy. I still dig Champ Edge, and I applaud Flair for giving it a ago.
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#14 Posted on 17.1.06 0924.11
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Its actually been about 6 months sice I have watched any WWE programming with any enthusiasm. The Shelton Benjamin's momma thing is pretty decent, and I think they are trying at least to take John Cena into the same cool guy badass type gimmick like the rock and austin were. too bad that wont be accepted in the long run.

As much as I love and respect Ric Flair, its time to go my friend. The days of Flair Steamboat are long gone, and what we are left with is a shell of a performer who now has man boobs.

The WWE creative team needs to do something different, because we are rehashing the same stupid things that were around a few years ago (Ie - Vince and his women. What happened to the heel Linda McMahon - where'd she go?) Also, too many things are being left poorly explained, or unexplained at all.

As a TNA fan, they arent any better there right now either, but they have a much smaller budget to work with, so for at least a small period of time, i will give them a pass. But the WWE is the only major promotion in the world right now, and the problem is that sometimes when you have no competition, you put on what you think will be good, and dont listen to your audience.
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    Originally posted by tomk
    Angle v Michaels was worked stylistically like Coco Verde v. Xibalba but better than that. Not as good as Caifan Rockero II vs. Oriental I but better than Coco Verde vs. Xibalba. Not a style I care for much. I'm not sure when Michaels yanked Eddie's old reverse opponents finisher into a DDT as transition spot but Michaels does it really really poorly. It may be worse than Chavito's frog splash.

Hey, I'm from Earth. And you?
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#16 Posted on 17.1.06 1018.50
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This is kind of minor, but why wasn't Masters upset at Edge breaking up the Masterlock Challenge on Cena?
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    Originally posted by dskillz
    This is kind of minor, but why wasn't Masters upset at Edge breaking up the Masterlock Challenge on Cena?

Because he still didn't lose it -- Cena never broke it. Maybe we'll find out next week he is ... if a heel is angry at two other heels does that automatically make him a face? As someone mentioned, he never DID reapply the move. Wouldn't a full heel Masters do that?

Not sure how I feel about a potential face turn. Hercules Hernandez was never the same after Heenan tried to sell him to slick. A brute-force power wrestler who hurts people doesn't seem to translate well as a face, I guess.
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#18 Posted on 17.1.06 1045.42
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If they want to turn somebody that would give me a little more interest in watching, turn carlito face
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#19 Posted on 17.1.06 1051.39
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    Originally posted by dskillz
    This is kind of minor, but why wasn't Masters upset at Edge breaking up the Masterlock Challenge on Cena?

Yea, you could see when Edge was taunting Cena, he started getting more pumped to break the Masterlock. Edge's face was all worried, like he knew Cena was about to break it. I would think Masters would thank Edge for saving his face.
Matt Tracker
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#20 Posted on 17.1.06 1054.24
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    Originally posted by Hokienautic
      Originally posted by dskillz
      This is kind of minor, but why wasn't Masters upset at Edge breaking up the Masterlock Challenge on Cena?

    Because he still didn't lose it -- Cena never broke it. Maybe we'll find out next week he is ... if a heel is angry at two other heels does that automatically make him a face? As someone mentioned, he never DID reapply the move. Wouldn't a full heel Masters do that?

    Not sure how I feel about a potential face turn. Hercules Hernandez was never the same after Heenan tried to sell him to slick. A brute-force power wrestler who hurts people doesn't seem to translate well as a face, I guess.

While Masters made sure we all knew he blamed Carlito, neither guy were made to look as a face last night. Although, Masters did give Cena some respect for taking the challenge.
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