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20.6.11 1941
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WWE DVD Recomendations
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#1 Posted on 28.11.05 1933.30
Reposted on: 28.11.12 1934.02
I've been away the sports entertainment for a little over a year and a half. I stopped watching right before or after Goldberg became champ. Anyway I started watching sporadically about 2 months ago. The Monday after Eddie died was my 1st full RAW show in many moons.

A co worker of mine has been watching non stop for a while watching every show, buying every PPV, checking all the internet sites religiously (Ahhh, the good ole days). He recommended I watch the Eddie DVD "Cheating Death, Stealing Life". I was thoroughly impressed. I then asked him what other DVD's he had. He said "all of them" to my surprise. So I asked if I can borrow the Ric Flair DVD. It blew me away I was in heaven re-living the Dusty Rhodes feud (YOU DON'T KNOW HARD TIMES!!!) and watching The Royal Rumble I missed back in the day. Today he brought in the Ultimate Warrior DVD. I've already have read posts on here about it, but im still amped about it.

Does anybody have any other recommendations on what I should ask for next? I'm leaning toward the Road Warriors DVD next. (I was a huge mark for them. who wasn't?).
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#2 Posted on 28.11.05 1942.47
Reposted on: 28.11.12 1944.26
The Steel Cage DVD goes over a few eras and has mainly above average matches and some classics.
Wrestling Stars of the 80's goes over more than a dozen wrestlers from that decade, with clips and matches from that era, going from Dusty to Steamboat, Heenan to Arn Anderson etc.
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#3 Posted on 28.11.05 2239.05
Reposted on: 28.11.12 2239.35
Not sure how recent or far back you want to go, but here's what I've been watching. I'm in a similar boat as you, actually. I didn't start watching wrestling again until I went to the Target Center RAW/SD event.

WrestleMania XX. Probably my favorite PPV of the last few years. Goldberg/Lesnar is a classic, for all the wrong reasons. Eddie/Angle and Benoit/HBK/HHH are great main events. Plus, and I don't know about the Anthology package one, but the original DVD has "The Mania of WrestleMania" movie which was great.

The Eddie DVD is also recommended. Haven't seen the whole thing, but I've seen all the matches on it and it's pretty loaded with his career highlights.

The Bret Hart DVD is worth watching, if you were a fan of his. The match selection is pretty good, although I'm disappointed they omitted the Flair title win and some key HBK matches.

The Warrior DVD is also a pretty good look at Warrior's career, if you liked him. I did, and even though a few people were harsh, I actually thought it was a fair retrospective, and was even more flattering than you'd think.

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#4 Posted on 29.11.05 1424.15
Reposted on: 29.11.12 1424.45
The Monday Night Wars and Rise and Fall of ECW are both good history pieces, albeit slightly askewed by the WWE universe.
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#5 Posted on 29.11.05 1852.43
Reposted on: 29.11.12 1853.07
I love "Hard Knocks -- The Benoit Story" at least I think that's what its called, though I may be getting it mixed up with Foley's book.
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#6 Posted on 29.11.05 1948.05
Reposted on: 29.11.12 1948.41
Benoit's DVD is Hard Knocks. Foley's book I believe is "Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops."

My WWE DVD recs:

From The Vault - The Best Of Shawn Michaels
From The Vault - The Best Of Ric Flair
Hard Knocks - The Chris Benoit Story
Eddie Guerrero - Cheating Death and Stealing Life
The Bret Hart Story - The Best There Is, Was, And Ever Will Be
Mic Foley

As far as I'm concerned, all those are MUST OWNS for any wrestling fan period.
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#7 Posted on 29.11.05 2227.07
Reposted on: 29.11.12 2227.13
Foley's autobiographies were "Have A Nice Day" and "Foley Is Good". "Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops" is Foley's DVD.
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#8 Posted on 30.11.05 0714.42
Reposted on: 30.11.12 0715.39
(IMO) The perfect DVD collection (=mine!):

From the vault: Shawn Michaels
The ultimate Ric Flair collection
Mick Foleys greatest hits & misses
The Stone Cold truth
The Monday Night War
Hard knocks - The Chris Benoit story
Rise + fall of ECW
Rob Van Dam - One of a kind
Wrestlemania - The complete antholoy

Release Date: 02/07/06 (this is from

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#9 Posted on 2.12.05 1428.29
Reposted on: 2.12.12 1428.59
DVDs I own that fall somewhere between "worth a look" and "very good":

- Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches
- Bret "Hitman" Hart: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be
- Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain!
- Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story
- ECW One Night Stand
- From the Vault - Shawn Michaels
- Hall of Fame: 2004 Induction Ceremony
- Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story
- Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Hulk Still Rules
- Jake "The Snake" Roberts: Pick Your Poison
- Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses - A Life in Wrestling
- Rey Mysterio: 619
- Road Warriors: The Life & Death of the Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History
- Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind
- The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the '80s
- The Monday Night War - WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro
- The Rise and Fall of ECW
- The Rock: Just Bring It! - Collector's Edition
- The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior
- The Stone Cold Truth
- The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection
- Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker
- Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed (Sue me, I liked it)
- WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology

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#10 Posted on 2.12.05 1531.54
Reposted on: 2.12.12 1532.00
The only WWE DVD that I felt inspired to purchase was the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view. It wasn't a show full of great workrate and exceptional psychological wrestling, but it was a really entertaining show.
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#11 Posted on 3.12.05 0040.54
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I think we've named just about all the DVDs that have come out over the past couple of years. So pretty much your friend was right, all of them. If there is a wrestler you like, chances are you'll like the DVD about them, so I would definitely get any featuring your favorite wrestler(s). My own personal favorites so far are the Rise and Fall of ECW and the Eddie Guerrero Story. Obviously you got great matches in the HBK, Benoit, and Flair DVDS, but the ECW and Eddie DVDS have such a great documentary to go with it.
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#12 Posted on 3.12.05 0803.47
Reposted on: 3.12.12 0812.55
What no mention of TNA Best of the X-Division? That to me is one of the best to come out in a while. Not alot of extras or snazzy easter eggs. Just some plain old fashioned good matches.
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#13 Posted on 3.12.05 0847.01
Reposted on: 3.12.12 0847.38
That's a great DVD set to be sure Derrick. However the topic is regarding WWE DVD's, not TNA/wrestling ones.
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#14 Posted on 3.12.05 1127.26
Reposted on: 3.12.12 1129.01
LMAO that will teach me to not read the topic. Sorry about that.
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#15 Posted on 3.12.05 1633.51
Reposted on: 3.12.12 1636.03
Hulks Still Rules and The Road Warriors set are tremendous.

Here's what I wrote in a thread about it when the Road Warriors set came out:

As an old AWA fan, I've always dug the Road Warriors. When the AWA was in need of star power after the Hogan & company exodus, the Road Warriors exploded on the scene kicking ass.

This set is incredible and a ton of fun.

The documentary is very well done covering:
-It tells the story of them growing up in Chicago and then Minneapolis
-Their dedication to sports and working out (body-building)
-Working together as bouncers in Minneapolis' toughest clubs
-Meeting and training with Eddie Sharkey (the class included Hawk, Animal, Rick Rude, Barry Darsow)
-Ole Anderson sending them to Georgia for their first big opportunity and the birth of the gimmick
-All of their stops from Georgia to the AWA to Crockett to WCW and to the WWF

All the important people are interviewed including Animal, Paul Ellering, Barry Darsow (fellow Minnesota trainee with Eddie Sharkey), Jim Ross, Micheal Hayes, Jim Cornette, Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. The only thing not covered in detail is Animal's injury and his Llyods of London settlement. When Animal hurt his back, in order to collect on his insurance policy, he was not allowed to wrestle. This is the main reason why Hawk worked as a single and went to Japan and teamed with Kensuke Sasaki forming the Power Warriors. They kind of buried Hawk here, making it seem like he just abandoned Animal, but Animal couldn't work. But that's just a small issue near the end of a very well done production. They deal with Hawk's substance abuse and his recovery, including his Christianity and how he was a new man. The documentary was excellent.

The promos are gold!

The matches are fun with highlights for me being:

Scaffold match against the Midnight Express from Starrcade '86
This was a legit 25 feet high with an insane bump by Cornette when he blew both knees out

Tag Title match vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard from Starrcade '87
Watching Arn and Tully's facials in this match are classic

AWA Tag Title match vs the Freebirds at the AWA Superclash '85 at Comiskey Park in Chicago
Awesome heat and biggest Chicago crowd ever drawn

This is a great set and is filled fun stuff. I give it the highest recommendation.

Match List:

- Road Warriors vs. Joe Young & Randy Barber (NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 11/06/83)

- Road Warriors vs. Arn Anderson & Paul Jones (NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 07/08/83}

- Road Warriors vs. The Brisco Brothers in a Texas Tornado Match (NWA World Championship Wrestling Omni 28/08/83)

- Road Warriors vs. Mike Jackson & Stone (NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 03/01/83)

- Road Warriors vs. Baron von Raschke & The Crusher for the AWA Tag Team Titles (AWA All Star Wrestling 25/08/84)

- NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling (27/08/83)

- AWA All Star Wrestling (28/07/84)

- AWA ESPN Championship Wrestling (15/10/85)

- NWA World Championship Wrestling (03/10/87)

- NWA World Championship Wrestling (10/10/87)

- NWA World Championship Wrestling (28/01/89)

- WCW Wrestle War (25/02/90)

- Brutus the Barber Beefcake's BarberShop Wrestling Challenge (28/09/91)

- Royal Rumble (21/01/92)

- In Your House: Degeneration X (07/12/97)

- Hawk Tribute Part 1 Confidential (08/11/03)

- Hawk Tribute Part 2 Confidential (08/11/03)

- Trophy Room

- Paul Ellering "Go For It"

- Michaels Hayes "A Lesson in Striving for Success"

- Road Warriors Music Video

- Road Warriors vs. Larry 'the Axe' & Curt Hennig (AWA All Star Wrestling 21/08/85)

- Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Freebirds for the NWA Tag Team Titles (Superclash 28/09/85)

- Road Warriors vs. Magnum TA & Ronnie Garvin (Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament Cup 19/04/86)

- Road Warriors vs. vs. Ivan & Nikita Kolaff in a Russian Chain Match (Great American Bash 05/07/86)

- Road Warriors vs. Midnight Express in a Scaffold Match (Starrcade 27/11/86)

- Road Warriors vs. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson for the NWA Tag Team Titles (Starrcade 29/11/87)

- Road Warriors vs. Midnight Express for the NWA World Tag Team Titles (New Orleans 29/10/88)

- Road Warriors vs. Demolition (Challenge 09/02/91)

- Road Warriors vs. Hart Foundation (Wrestlefest 12/03/91)

- Road Warriors vs. Hulk Hogan & Genichiro Tenryu (Tokyo Egg Dome 30/03/91)

- Road Warriors vs. Nasty Boys for the WWF Tag Team Titles (Summerslam 26/08/91)

- Road Warriors vs. Money Inc. (Summerslam 29/08/92)

- Road Warriors vs. Sting & Lex Luger for the WCW Tag Team Titles (Superbrawl 02/11/96)

- Road Warriors vs. The Godwinns for the WWF Tag Team Titles (Raw 13/10/97)
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