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The 7 - One Question... - What is your favorite meeting with a celebrity? Register and log in to post!
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Mr Heel II
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#1 Posted on 17.10.05 2237.05
Reposted on: 17.10.12 2240.30
This one's inspired by Pieman's brush with Foley
What is your favorite run-in/meeting/relationship with a celebrity?

Mine was meeting Catherine Coulson, the "Log Lady" from Twin Peaks, during the Twin Peaks festival in Washington the weekend they premiered "Fire Walk With Me".

It was in front of the Mar-T Cafe (the Double-R Diner) on the corner. Walked right up and asked if a picture would be possible. "Of course!" she exclaimed. Her assistant took the picture.

(image removed)

Then a camera guy showed up and they shot a brief piece where she's holding the log and runs across the street in horror when somebody appears with a chain saw. The bit ran on MTV News.
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#2 Posted on 18.10.05 0135.31
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0136.04
Hrm..has to be meeting Alyssa Milano, who I really like but not as much as a friend of mine. So this has to be my favorite meeting if only for his reaction.

This was back in like 99 or 2000 or so when she was married to the singer of a small alternative band called Remy Zero.
They made pretty cool music so this friend and I figured we'd go see them. All the way there I joked around that she might be there, then dismissing that idea. When the show started I was annoyed by this lady to my left shrieking loudly so I looked to my left to growl a bit when it turned out to be Alyssa. I informed my friend who went into a trance until he finally went over to her a few minutes later and talked to her for a short bit, asking her autograph. She's cute in real life. And tiny.

Other meetings would mostly be wrestlers (including walking into Rhyno who demanded to sign my forehead) and such but the above meeting has to be my favorite.
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#3 Posted on 18.10.05 0255.21
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0255.21
I briefly saw Ben Stein as my mother and I walked out of a terminal at LAX a couple years ago. I got a very good look at him, and it absolutely was him.
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#4 Posted on 18.10.05 0310.43
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0312.35
I've interviewed a few ROCK STARS -- John Linnell (TMBG), Billy Bragg, Jonathan Richman, some others -- for my almost-entirely-dormant zine, but those don't really count since I set them up ahead of time.

As far as random encounters, I think the only one ever was a couple of months ago when I sold a sweatshirt to Ryan Stiles.

Oh, and once I got an unsolicited email from Jeremy Borash! Does that count?


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#5 Posted on 18.10.05 0730.03
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0730.28
I sat with Oscar Robertson (The Big O) on a plane trip from Cincinatti to Philadelphia. He was super nice - he's still involved with the NBA and the Cincinatti Bearcats, but all we talked about was football.
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#6 Posted on 18.10.05 0821.53
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0821.56
When I was about 5 or 6 (7 tops), my Mom and I were walking around downtown Milwaukee...I forget why. Anyhow she took me into a joke shop which I thought was great, and we made a few purchases.

After we exited the store, a couple of guys came by. They had been shaking hands with people, and my Mom definitely recognized him.

He introduces himself as Don Nelson (then coach of the Bucks)...being a kid I don't recognize him at all. Then much to my Mom's horror, I offered him a piece of gum (which was in the pack that snaps your finger)...we HAD just been in a joke shop.

Don was laughing about it, but my Mom just apologized profusely and, with a red face, dragged me on down the street.
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#7 Posted on 18.10.05 0958.49
Reposted on: 18.10.12 0958.57
Sat one row behind Mike Tyson while watching "Mortal Kombat" at the Tower City Cinema. I thought it was funny 'cause he got in line right after our gang had arrived, so I overheard the cashiers talking:

"Hey - that's Mike Tyson!"
"Don't you think he'd have a bodyguard or something?"
"Would YOU mess with him?"
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#8 Posted on 18.10.05 1013.48
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1017.03
I met Ben "Steroid" Johnson one time, at a super-mall opening. He was a complete dick. Didn't even say HI.

My favorite would probably be meeting Rick "Big Titan" Bogner and Tony "Bad News" Allen; those two were really, really nice people.
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#9 Posted on 18.10.05 1100.51
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1102.39
One of my favorite celebrity encounters was bouncing off of The Big Show in the Charlotte airport. Our flight had been delayed in Jamaica due to lightning striking the terminal and my wife and I were sprinting through the terminal trying to make our connector to Indy. I turned a corner and tried to injure myself by running into his lower chest. He was quite gracious and very nice in accepting my hasty apology and I kept on running for our flight. It was only after we got most of the way down the terminal that I realized exactly who it was that I had run in to in my haste.

He may not be as big as the WWE claims on their shows, but he's really imposing in real life.

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#10 Posted on 18.10.05 1156.50
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1158.29
Other than Joe Walsh when I was in high school and before he was famous, it would be an event we put on where I met and spoke with the following politicians: Interior Secretary Norton, Sen. Pat Roberts, Rep. Jerry Moran, and Lt. Gov. Sherrer. Norton was actually quite nice and engaging and believe or not Roberts was hilarious. Ask me and I'll tell you about the Secret Service protection at the event and getting a Surburban full of food past the check point with a beard, fairly long hair, and wearing cooking clothes.
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#11 Posted on 18.10.05 1222.41
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1223.56
I was skiing in Sun Valley a few years back with my younger brother when we saw this guy in front of us wipe out hard - a real yardsale - skis & poles in every which direction. We collected all of his stuff and helped him up. When he said thank you, we realized that the distinctive voice behind the ski goggles belonged to Clint Eastwood.
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#12 Posted on 18.10.05 1524.40
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1529.01
One night when I was 18, I went to see George Carlin perform in Pittsburgh. After the show while I was walking to my car, I started crossing the street as a limo came screaming around the corner. The limo braked and it just bumped me enough to knock me down. I got right back up, and then I heard someone asking me if I was alright. I turn around to see George Carlin sticking his head out of his limo window. I immediately turned into a blabbering idiot and went on and on about how I just saw his show and how great I thought he was and how funny I thought he was. George kept saying "thank you" as he continued to try to find out if I was alright.

My other celebrity moment was two years ago when I was in line to get something to drink at intermission for the Broadway show MAMMA MIA in Pittsburgh. I discovered that Pittsburgh's own hockey great Mario Lemieux and his family was standing right next to me. I wished him luck for the upcoming hockey season, and then I let him and his family cut in front of me when it was my turn in line. He then asked me what I wanted, and then he paid for it.
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#13 Posted on 18.10.05 1643.31
Reposted on: 18.10.12 1645.35
Former Steeler LC Greenwood came to our high school once back in the 80s. Very pleasant man. I also met Brooke Shields in Bahrain on a cruise ship while I was in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. She was very pleasant, very tall and very attractive, even without makeup.
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#14 Posted on 19.10.05 0014.58
Reposted on: 19.10.12 0019.13
Professional? Rico Brogna (at a steroids symposium), Joe Pepitone (at a coffee shop opening), and Joe Andruzzi (at a football banquet). All three were for articles at my current paper.

Non-professional? Well, in high school, I was working at Boston Market, when Maura Tierney comes in and gets lunch. Didn't recognize her at all until the assistant manager, who was not only neurotic as hell, but also WAY over his head in this job, pointed it out. (This was during the former Greater Hartford Open, now the Buick Championship.)

The really good one in the family was my father sitting next to Kenny Mayne on a flight back to Hartford. I think he was on the same flight as us a week or two later out to Seattle, but I'm fairly certain he got off at the layover (in Chicago?).
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#15 Posted on 19.10.05 1327.04
Reposted on: 19.10.12 1327.45
Tops: the day Jim Rome did his first tour stop in Green Bay (the week of the 1996 NFC Championship between the Packers and Carolina...actually played in January 1997), my dad and I attended.

That night, he did a sit-down live interview w/ our sports guys at the TV station I was working with at the time. He was quite cool to talk to while I hooked him up to an IFB and mic...making sure he stayed in gimmick. Long live kayfabe! :-)

Second place...sharing a Pontiac Silverdome elevator w/ Tim Allen before the 2001 Turkey Day Packers/Lions clash. (Sh*tty stadium, though.) My reporter got booted off another elevator because John Madden wanted to use it...heh.
Matt Tracker
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#16 Posted on 19.10.05 1330.17
Reposted on: 19.10.12 1331.09
I met Mercedes McNabb from the Buffy and Angel shows just this September at a convention. She was quiet but kind with a smile that was virtually glowing. An utterly charming lady.
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#17 Posted on 21.10.05 0813.26
Reposted on: 21.10.12 0813.32
I've been lucky enough to meet just about all of my musical heroes, but my favourite was Shawn Kemp. I was a HUGE Kemp fan when he was with the Sonics and I bumped into him in a bar in Chicago while he was there with Dream Team II (Shawn Kemp at a bar? no way!).

I saw he was drinking a Miller Lite, so I bought him one, he motioned me over and my two buddies and I got to sit at his table and watch chicks try to get his attention all night. When I used to tell the story (and when people might have known who Shawn Kemp was) folks would say "You bought a millionaire a beer?" and I would reply "No, I bought a $3 story that I get to tell until the day I die." Thanks for another opportunity!
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#18 Posted on 21.10.05 1112.15
Reposted on: 21.10.12 1113.18
Tom Savini comes in "my" Suncoast about twice a week - he should be in sometime tonight, in fact - but he's a real dick so I wouldn't call any of those my "favorite" meetings.

Also, Virgil's in the mall once a month for our sports memorabilia shows and I talked to him once and he was in a really bad mood and started going on and on about how little the mall was paying him and how this was a waste of his time and now I guess he recognizes me (or, more likely, the Suncoast shirt), so I try to avoid passing his table lest I get sucked into another long conversation. It's amazing how quickly someone can go from "guy I own action figure of" to "that guy you never want to make eye contact with".

Otherwise, my volunteer work for the Kerry campaign last year allowed me to meet a ton of notable Democrats - Al Gore was a pretty nice guy, I shook his hand and called him "Mr. President", and he laughed like he doesn't hear that about fifty times a day every single day.
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#19 Posted on 21.10.05 1629.35
Reposted on: 21.10.12 1630.08
Tim Robbins, Skydome, 1997

A bunch of us were sitting behind home plate during a Jays game quoting lines from Bull Durham and saying how much we loved the movie. Ten minutes goes by when some guy sitting behind me taps my right shoulder and says "Hey, thanks."

I turn to look up...and Tim Robbins has been sitting behind us the whole time.

He was at the game with his kids...he was super nice.
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#20 Posted on 21.10.05 1654.59
Reposted on: 21.10.12 1655.28
When I was a pizza delivery guy in high school, we got a call to deliver a pizza to the Irvine Marriot, which was a notoriously poor tipping destination. Since no one else wanted to take it, I bit the bullet and took the order.

When I got there I told the front desk that I was supposed to go to the 17th floor, and they said I wasn't allowed to, but a bellhop would accompany me to the 16th floor. I asked the bellhop who was staying here, but he said he couldn't tell me.

I got there, and security was EVERYWHERE. Police, private, just everywhere. Some random person came over, paid my for the pizza, and I went to leave.

As I entered the elevator to go back down into the lobby, a guy in a business suit just makes it through the doors. On the way down, he mentions that the person who picked up the pizza was a White House medic, and I kind of laughed and thought, "Oh, right..." I didn't really ask anything more, but as he exits the elevator, he mumbles:

"Vice President Dan Quayle"

...and walks out.

I received a $1 tip for the delivery. Cheap bastard.
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