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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW 9/26/05
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#1 Posted on 26.9.05 2211.18
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2211.53
Well, according to tonightís main event will be John Cena and Shawn Michaels taking on Chris Masters and Carlito in a tables match. Why theyíre involving Cena instead of Flair, I donít know. And I hope this doesnít mean that Kurt Angleís already out of the running for a WWE Championship match in the near future. Jericho got at least three shots at the thing.

Big Show and Gene Snitsky will battle in a Street Fight that nobody wants to see. And hereís a match Iím looking forward toóTrish Stratus will have her first Womenís Title defense since her return, as she takes on Victoria. Bet your ass that Candace and Torrie will get involved.

Weíre now a week away from the WWE ďHomecomingĒ edition of RAW, and immediately after that Iíll be watching the replay of TNA Impact. I wonder if anyone here would be willing to do the recap for that. Itís not my place to invite anyone, of courseóall I know is I have the literal physical capability of doing so (but only for the replay, not the original broadcast), but writing a three-hour RAW Recap will be hard enough on the wristsóduring Impact I donít wanna be doing anything but watching. And Iím not very knowledgeable about TNA, so Iíd probably piss people off (more so than usual) anyway.

And now for the last broadcast of on Spike TV, formerly known as [Booker T voice] THE NEW~! TNN!

Yeah, they refuse to see the change in me, WHY WONíT THEY WAKE UP?!

Weíre live in Waco, Texas, and we start off with ďNo Chance in HellĒ and Vince McMahon. Apparently heís gonna make an announcementóisnít that the only reason they bring him out nowadays? Remember when he used to get his ass kicked on a regular basis? I miss that. Now everyone sucks up to him.

ďWell tonightís gonna be an historic night here tonight on Monday Night RAW. Matter of fact, weíre gonna start things off with a championship match here in a moment, but itís historic because tonightís the last night weíre going to be on Spike.Ē Vince talks about the history of their partnership, and thanks them for their five-year partnership. But when he tries to talk about Homecoming, heís white-noised out, I guess, when he tries to say ďUSAĒ. McMahon talks about the Cena/Bischoff match next week, but heís interrupted by Kurt Angle. Get that man a YMNTD page or seven trillion.

VM: This better be good. KA: You know something Vince, I heard you talking about the WWE Championship match set for next weekís Homecoming, and I have to admit that I was a little bit upset that you picked the GM Eric Bischoff to face Cena next week for the WWE Championship next week instead of me. I mean, come on. Then I started to think, and I came down here to clarify something. As you already know, I defeated John Cena at Unforgiven. Whatever, I beat John Cena, so I get first dibs at the WWE Championship. Whether it be Eric Bischoff or Cena, I face the champion for the WWE Championship. Am I right, or am I right? VM: Kurt, you make a decent point. I mean yes youíre qualified no question about that, and youíre an Olympic gold medalist as wellÖ I think that probably qualifies you for another title match.

Just as theyíre getting ready to consummate the deal, HBKís music plays, and Vince introduces him. HBK: Now hold on a second moneybags, I just wanted to clear something up here. Youíre giving the Olympic guy all the championship matches, and if I understand correctly that itís because he won at Unforgiven, [well, so did I.] KA: I think the Masterlock cut off the circulation to your damn brain! [HA!] In case you forgot, I defeated Cena at Unforgiven. And you obviously forgot something elseó[HBK chants] I want each and everyone of you to hear this, OK? Remember WrestleMania, because I made your ass tap out! HBK: Cut off my blood flow to what? I remember WrestleMania, I was there, I was there. But do you remember Vengeance? A little Sweet Chin Music, HBKís hand raised in victory. Weíre even, Steven! KA: Yeah, well I beat you first! HBK: Is that the game weíre gonna play? VM: Iím gonna solve that problem. Next week at Homecoming, itíll be Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels, in a rubber match! I assure you the outcome of this match will go a long way towards determining just who will be facing the WWE Champion. But it wonít be any ordinary matchÖ this will be a 30-minute Iron Man Match!

BOO-YEAH, you know Iím there! Geez, a WWE Title match, an Iron Man match and a ladder match in the same show? Theyíre serious about making this season premiere a beautiful thing.

But if all Unforgiven winners are eligible according to Angle and Michaelsí logic, whereís the shot for Matt Hardy, The Big Show, Shelton Benjamin or Trish Stratus?

And the championship match starts right nowÖ Trish Stratus comes out accompanied by Ashley. But first a word from our sponsors.

We come back with the Slam of the Week, in which Trish defeats Torrie, but post-match the faces get the shit beaten out of them by PMS.

Victoria comes out with Candace and Torrie, and we get a very brief ďWeíre experiencing technical difficultiesĒ message during the entrance, but it lasts for only a moment. The ref clears the noncombatants out of the ring, and Victoria pokes Trish, and they start trading punches, here we go! Victoria gains the advantage with a knee to the gut and whips Trish into the corner, but Trish hits a head-scissor takeover. Victoria rolls out of the ring and they go at it outside the ring. Victoria throws Trish over top of the railing, but when Trish gets back up she hits a flying clothesline. Vic gets back in the ring, but when Trish gets on the apron sheís knocked off by Torrie. Ashley bangs her opponentsí heads together, but Vic finally breaks it up and gets Trish back in the ring, where she stretches her with an Indian deathlock and hits a hell of a tilt-a-whirl something on her. Trishís Stratusphere is reversed almost into a Boston crab but Trish gets to a seated position and trades punches with Vic, ending with both women falling out of the ring. Trish blocks Vicís right hands and gains the advantage with punchesÖ clothesline blocked and a spinebuster hit for two. Vic rakes her eyes, but clothesline is blocked by the Matrix move, and Trish hits the StratusfactionÖ but before she can get the pin, Torrie and Candace interfere, causing a DQ. She fights off all three girls by herself very well for a moment, and when Candace tries to jump her from behind, Ashley takes her out. Ashley and Trish strip Candace down to her bra and panties, and when she realizes it, sheís humiliated.

Ultimately, Candace challenges Ashley and Trish to a handicap bra and pantiesóCandace, Victoria and Torrie vs. Ashley and Trish, next week. I can handle that. And I dig Ashley and Trish playing matador with Candaceís top, with Trish as the bull, horns and all. Damn, sheís hot *and* playful. What more could you want?

We come back, and well, itís the big show. Please say this is the end of this underwhelming feud. And again with the ďtechnical difficultiesĒ message during the intro. Big Showís appearing on Conan soon, sweet. He cracks me up on that show.

ďIt wasnít my fault!Ē Snitsky comes out, all business, and heís already got a steel chair with him. God, this feud started a month ago?! Snitsky misses the chair shot, it gets punched into his head, and Big Show manhandles him with punches for a moment before Snitsky low-blows to bring him down to his knees. He brings in some weapons, and drills him with a street sign four times, getting a two-count. Snitsky now with a trash can to Showís back, and Show gets pissed and knocks it fiercely out of his hand. They play with the trash can for a moment, Show getting whipped into it in the cornerÖ Snitsky pulls out another trash can but ends up getting back-suplexed onto it, followed by a shot with the trash can lid. Now Show with the chokeslam, and heís got a huge smile on his faceÖ but heís not covering him, heís going underneath the ringóand yes, it *is* the kitchen sink. Snitsky gets drilled with it, and he ainít getting up from that. Gotta love Big Showís sense of humoróI canít hate a guy who seems to be having as much fun in the ring as Show does.

Ha, Coach starts talking about the Homecoming but gets censoredóďyou wanna see what theyíre censoring, go toĒ

We see Flair backstage with a woman, and Let Us Take You Back to Last Week, when Flair defeated Carlito, and Carlito gets pissed, eventually pounding the Nature Boy with the help of Chris Masters. Flair will apparently speak when we return!

ďTheme From 2001: A Space OdysseyĒ plays, and here comes Naitch, I-C Title belt around his shoulder. RF: Itís no secret that Iíve been beaten down in my career before, and Iíve been jumped from behind more times than I can count. But one of the things that makes the Nature Boy special is he always gets up and always gets even. Now Iím not naÔve enough to say I can do that by myself, but Iíve always had friends in this business. Back in the day it was the Four Horsemen. Nowadays it just takes one of them. One what? Iíll be right back. [And he comes back with a sledgehammer.] Next week at WWE Homecoming, the Nature Boy gets even! Itís the return of Triple H, the greatest wrestler alive today and my best friend! [What about Arn?] Game on! WOO!

ďJust in case youíve forgotten, I want to remind you just who in the hell I am.Ē And we get a big promo package for him. So, what, heís coming back as a good guy? Didnít last long last time, did it?

Bischoffís on the phone talking to CRZ, and John Cena interrupts him to talk about the title match next week. Eric Bischoff is a ninja in four states, apparently. Heíd better bring his black belt, nunchucks and samurai sword and shuriken stars. Whoop-dee-doo, youíre an idiot. Can we please get a WWE Champion who acts more mature than an average nine-year-old?

We come back, and Shelton Benjaminís headed to the ring. Good to see that heís getting some TV time againónow if they can get him a winning streak going, Iíll be excited. And heíll face Chavo Guerrero in a rematch from Unforgivenóand he has a new caddy, named Nick Nemit or something? SB: You actually went out and got yourself a caddyóIím really happy, thatís awesome man. Now you have someone to carry around your clubs and wash your balls. It doesnít matter whether youíre in a WWE ring or on the golf courseóChavo sucks.Ē Shelton gets right to it, whipping Chavo into the ropes and body dropping him, but Chavo gets an advantage briefly and chokes Shelton with his shirt. They exchange punches but Chavo goes downstairs and applies a submission move, but Shelton gets up to his feet and tosses Chavo around for a moment. Ooooh, Shelton skins the cat; I thought HBK was only allowed to do that. Stinger Splash denied, but Shelton lands on the top rope and connects with a sweet top rope clothesline. Shelton dodges Chavoís headbutt, hits the brainbusterÖ but the caddy grabs Sheltonís feet and Chavo scores the three-count.

Post-match Shelton attacks Chavo, but the caddy drills him in the back with a nine-iron, knocking him down. We see the requisite quadrillion replays, and when we come back a techie is setting up a ladder in the ring. Why? WHY, I ASK?! (No ladder match tonightóprobably an Edge promo.)

We come back, and the arenaís darkened, with a spotlight on the ladder. Edge and Lita come out, yup. Saw that coming five minutes ago. Not that it wonít be ten kinds of awesome. Litaís wearing a neck brace, poor baby.

LITA: Poor Matt Hardy, he thinks he actually accomplished something by giving me the Twist of Fate. He accomplished and proved what a pathetic loser he is who refuses to go on with his life. Iím gonna speak for the entire world, including myselfóyouíre gonna be just fine without you, OK? Weíre moving on. I know a lot about Twists of Fate. I might have spoken too soon, I donít know if these pathetic losers are ready to move on. As I was saying, I know a lot about twists of fate, some can be really vicious, yeah. Others rather ironic. Because it was five years ago, right here on the first episode of RAW on Spike TV. It was Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys in a ladder match. And there I was, proud as I could be to support my man. My, how things have changed. AC: One week, Matt. Seven days. You know, each rung on this ladder could represent a day left in your career. This time the stakes are even greater than the Tag Team Titles, even greater than the WWE Championship. The guy who doesnít get that briefcase loses everything, he loses his lifeblood, his every reason for beingóhe loses his career. And next week Matt I become a career killer! No more bitching and moaning and whining and complaining on the internet! No, next week loser leaves RAW. Chant Hardy all you want! Matt says he will not die, he will not die. Well when it comes to do or die situations I thrive. How do you think I got that money in the bank in the first place, because when Iím in ladder matches I donít lose. I never have and I never will. See Matt, in life thereís winners and thereís losers. Me, Iím a winner, and thatís why that pretty lady Lita is with me now and not with you. And in this story youíre the loser, nothing but a loser and underachiever. Every opportunity youíve had youíve blown it. How are you gonna prevent the inevitable? You canít do it! Oops, he got on top of the ladder, and Matt starts swinging it, looking like heís about to topple itóhe seems to have a change of heart and gets ready to leave the ring, but, ah, screw it! He does it, hee!

Hee, burnóKing and Coach both get USA past the censor. Nice try Censor Monkeys! What are ya gonna do about it, rip up WWEís contract? Hey, they gave you five years of the best ratings you will EVER have, and probably made a lot of you assholes into very rich men-- the least you could do is allow them to announce where RAWís going to be next without all the censoring.

Teddy Long comes down to see Eric Bischoff. Whatís he doing here? He wants to talk about next weekís Homecoming show, which is shaped up to be one of the greatest shows in WWE history. Long wants part of the Homecoming show and Bischoff isnít receptive. McMahon comes down and is very respectful towards Long, much more so than he is towards Eric. But what do you expect? ďThink about it, Homecoming, three hours, probably the best television program ever produced by Eric Bischoff.Ē Theyíve had joint PPVs before, so letís get SmackDown involved. And Bischoff turns around, heehee, and says itís a hell of an idea. Teddy Long will announce SmackDownís match for Homecoming on Friday night. Bischoff again tries to talk Vince out of the title match next week, but Vince actually pumps him up for itóheís got the same resources he had in WCWóhe has friends. When heís done talking to him, Bischoff actually looks damn near *confident* that he can beat Cena. Interesting how he turned him around on that.

Hey, if damn near everyone went black when Bischoff joined WWE in the first place, I can just imagine what their reaction would be if Bischoff won the title.

We come back, and Val Venis and Viscera will battle C&M, the World Tag Team Champions, in a non-title match. Does non-title mean the champs lose? I hope not in this instanceóno sense hurting C&Mís momentum. Cade and Venis start off, and they tie up into the corner, but Venis gains the advantage and knocks Cade downÖ Murdoch comes in and gets drilled too. Venis hits an elbow on Cade for two. Whip reversed by Cade, but he goes into a boot. And now Murdoch knocks Venis off the top turnbuckle and stomps him on the floor. Two-count by Cade. Venis is beaten down some more and thereís some good double-teaming by C&M as Murdoch gets the tag. Murdoch applies a chin lock, but Venis gets back up, headlock appliedóMurdoch tries to cheap shot Viscera but that ainít happening. Vis gets tagged and he cleans out C&M. Vis gets both men in the corner and splashes them, then tosses Cade out ot the ring and hits a slam. Splash by Vis, Money Shot by Venis, and the two-count is broken up by Cade, but he does it by grabbing the ref, earning a DQ. Venis and Viscera win by disqualification, and while I applaud the thought of giving Val Venis a program for a change, they sure as hell picked a bad tag-team partner for him. Oh, well. Not a terrible match.

Carlito and Masters are backstage, and hee, Carlito starts going nuts in Spanish. Masters is all ďSpeak English, please,Ē but when Carly switches to English, Masters *still* doesnít get a lot of it. Carlitoís concerned about getting splinters, but Masters (please tell me heís not the brains of the operation) is rightly more concerned about whatíll happen to their bodies overall. They need a planÖ a Master plan. Bah. But the best talk segment Masters has ever been in, save for the cool ďYou know, after 20 years youíd think Iíd be smart enough not to let myself get in these situationsĒ line by Michaels several weeks back.

We come back from break and Eugene comes out complete withÖ one of those wacky Shawn Michaels bears, it looks like. Heíll battle Project Conway, with his neat theme music. Eugeneís talking to the bear, apparently doing his best Al Snow impersonation. The bear is the new Head! Conwayís apparently undefeated one-on-one on RAWóbullshit, but nice try JR. Conway brings the chain wrestling, hammerlock, whip into the corner and shoulder block. I think itís so funny Conwayís still got his shades on. Conway gets him in the airplane spin, and there go the shadesóeye gouge, ducks through his legs, bites his butt--- Conway out of the ring and Eugene puts Conwayís shades on. Uh-oh. Conway comes back in and commences to bringing the violenceóďNOBODY TOUCHES MY SUNGLASSES!Ē I wouldnít do it, either. Conway with the Scott Steiner pose elbow drop, which was more impressive with Steinerís roided up arms. Two-count. Sleeper applied by Conway with Eugene on his knees. But then Conway makes the mistake of knocking his head into the turnbuckle, goddammit donít you watch Eugene matches? Eugene brings the Hogan punches, and then tries for the Rock Bottom, which is reversedóbut the spinebusterís hit, and Eugene goes for the Peopleís Elbow, which connects for two. Bad, bad Peopleís Elbow impersonation. Now he brings the Hacksaw Jim Duggan thumbs-up and three-point stance, but Conway gets the bear involved, ripping his head off, and the Ego Trip gets three. Somebody call the Stuffed Animal Cops, Conway just decapitated someone before our very eyes!

Post-match Eugeneís more upset about his teddy bear than about losing the matchóyeah, he doesnít have his priorities straight.

SmackDown Rebound, and like The Rick, I donít recap recaps.

We see a preview of Homecoming when we return, and something newly announced is that Mick Foley will be on Piperís Pit, hee, that ought to be neat!

Carlito spits in the face of people who donít want to be cool, and youóyouíre not cool. Hee, during the introductions Spike doesnít even bother trying to censor the USA mentions now. Coach says in a pretty flagrantly gay voice, ďChris Masters will be on the USA Network also.Ē Add the little hand wave and hair flip and weíre all set. (Not that thereís anything wrong with that, and I certainly donít mean that as a derogatory remark against gay people.)

We come back, and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels comes out, followed by Cena. Cena and Carlito brawl, and Michaels goes after Masters. Carlito is thrown over the top by Cena, and slammed on the barricade, while Michaels chops Masters and finally throws him out. HBK watches while Carlitoís slammed by Cena, and then he drops the elbow. Cena tries to find a table, but when he gets up heís attacked by Mastersóbriefly, before Cena drops him and chokes him with his shirt. With four legal guys itís not easy to call this match. Carlitoís the first to get a table, and the heels gain the advantage. Cena dn Carlito fight very close to the table on the outside, and it looks like Carlitoís gonna suplex Cena through it, but nothing doing. HBK charges up Sweet Chin Music but both Carlito and Masters duck out, and the refereeís hit. Cena, Carlito and Michaels are all in shock, wondering what the hellís gonna happen next. Ah, another referee just comes in before we go to breakóanti-climactic.

We come back and Cenaís beting hell out of Mastersósets him up for the F-U, and Carlito jumps in but eats a Big BootÖ but Masters puts the Master Lock on Cena! Michaels is quick to get to his aid, but the faces are in a bad way right now. Cena eats the steel stairs at Mastersí request, and the heels double-team Michaels, slamming his back into the ring. HBKís rolled back into the ring by Masters, whip into the ropes, gorilla press. Carlito sets up a table outside, and signals to Masters, but he eats a clothesline by Cena. Cena is quick to turn the table over, and Masters drops Michaels out of the military press. Chop, whip into the corner, and a big bump by Michaels from the top turnbuckle to the floor. That shit mustíve hurt. Cenaís isolated by the heels, and Masters sets up the table in the corner for Cena. Vertical suplex by Masters on Cena, and they get Cena back to his feet, trying to charge him through the tableóbut HBK spears *Cena*, saving him from getting drilled into the table, WHOA~! The faces regain the advantage, atomic drop by HBK on Carlito, and Cena bulldogs Masters. Stereo corner ten-punches by Cena and Michaels. The heels are whipped together, stereo (not quite) scoop slams, and a Stereo Five-Knuckle Shuffle, complete with Michaels doing the ďYou canít see meĒ, ha! Michaels looks so ridiculous, but I love it. Masters is F-Uíed by Cena, and he sets the table upÖ but Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff come out. Angle and Michaels brawl, and Masters is set up on the tableÖ Michaels goes for the Macho Man Elbow but Angle throws him off the top rope and through the tableóand the bellís rung? Uh, sure.

Post-match Cena almost F-Uís Angle through a table, but Bischoff low-blows him, and Cena is Olympic Slammed through the table. Angle hands the WWE Title belt to Bischoff, who holds it high over his headócould this possibly be whatíll happen next week?

DASCOOL: Main event was pretty good! Two weeks in a row Masters has been in a good match, but he had the benefit of being in there with three guys who are awesome. Matt Hardy knocking Edge off the ladder was sweet. And the tag-match wasnít bad, either. Heck of a womenís matchÖ just an overall good RAW. Not great, but good.

YOU SUCK: Eugene mourning the loss of his teddy bear. And Shelton/Chavo was a little too short, though it was an OK match.

WHAT?: Interesting how Spike TV stopped trying to censor the ďUSAĒ referencesóif I recall correctly, they did it right about the time we entered the ďRAW ZoneĒ for hour two.


ďI think the Master Lock cut off the circulation to your damn brain!Ē
--Kurt Angle to Shawn Michaels

ďWeíre even, Steven!Ē
ďYeah, well I beat you first!Ē
--Shawn Michaels; Kurt Angle
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#2 Posted on 26.9.05 2215.49
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2215.51
The opening interview thingy was decent enough. I thought it was going to be one of those "four guys come out and claim the title shot" dealies. And funny, I don't remember USA censoring WWE when they announced they were going to TNN....The women's match was good, but since its the two best women wrestlers, it was expected. I could've done without the post-match shennanigans....

I THOUGHT that backstage guy talking to Big Show looked like Wippleman, but then decided it wasn't. Keller says it was though....The B.S./Snitsky match was fine for what it was- a comedy match....Did we really need a Trips video package?....Kerwin/Shelton was okay, though the timing was off a couple times....That bump Edge took was pretty scary....

The tag match was good, but is Venis/Viscera the right team for Cade and Murdoch to feud with?....Anyone else notice former WCW ref Mickey Jay reffing the Eugene/Conway match?....I love how Spike eventually just quit trying to censor the announcers....The tag match was a pretty satisfying ME.

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#3 Posted on 26.9.05 2220.45
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2221.14
Was it just me, or during the Big Show match, as he went under the ring to get the kitchen sink, I could have SWORN I saw an ECW ring cover underneath the RAW one.
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#4 Posted on 26.9.05 2228.38
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2229.01
    Originally posted by geemoney
    Anyone else notice former WCW ref Mickey Jay reffing the Eugene/Conway match?
Highlight of the night!

    I love how Spike eventually just quit trying to censor the announcers
If I had to guess, I'd say I'm *pretty* sure that "censorship" was a work. The "find out what's being censored on!!" stuff kinda clinched it for me.
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#5 Posted on 26.9.05 2234.03
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2234.11
    Originally posted by CRZ

      I love how Spike eventually just quit trying to censor the announcers
    If I had to guess, I'd say I'm *pretty* sure that "censorship" was a work. The "find out what's being censored on!!" stuff kinda clinched it for me.

Ah, never thought of that.
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#6 Posted on 26.9.05 2237.46
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2237.48
Considering they had to expect that Spike might try to censor them, wouldn't it have made sense to wheel out Duggan and Slaughter tonight? Have the crowd start chanting USA and see if that would get by the censors. And all they would need to do is slyly state that what a coincidence, that's where we'll be starting next week.
I was surprised Vince was magnanimous towards TNN and Spike. However, didn't it change to The National Network prior to the premiere of RAW?
Why was a glorified stripper mortified about appearing in her bra and panties? And, why did they give her a mic?
They need to repackage Dinsmore ASAP.
Val Venis doesn't lose on RAW? That's a rarity on TNN/Spike.
That didn't look like the best of landings off the ladder from Edge.
I never thought I'd root for Uncle Eric to win a championship, but if it means Cena's not champ, I'm for it.
Funny how Trip is the poster child for Technical Difficulties. Hopefully, they'll go at least the first week on USA without one of his 58 minute 'I'm in Love With Me' speeches.
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#7 Posted on 26.9.05 2239.44
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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Hee, burnóKing and Coach both get USA past the censor. Nice try Censor Monkeys! What are ya gonna do about it, rip up WWEís contract? Hey, they gave you five years of the best ratings you will EVER have, and probably made a lot of you assholes into very rich men-- the least you could do is allow them to announce where RAWís going to be next without all the censoring.

Aside from what I thought was already evident, the network has control over what goes out over the airwaves. If they did in fact censor WWE, then they would have been well within their rights.

Not really sure what to make of your highly-excited reaction though. You act like WWE got nothing out of the five years they benefitted from Spike putting their product on TV.

If your heroes had half a brain, they'd have realized all they need is a few patriotic chants and then play off that. Although if I was Spike, I'd have censored that myself. They can do whatever they want. It's like what parents say to bratty kids: "As long as you live under my roof..."

I found it odd that Candice Michelle was mortified to be left wearing a bra and panties... when Torrie who was standing next to her was wearing less clothing. Next time, have enough foresight to think about those things first.

And based on the reports that Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be at Homecoming (with a lot of other legends too), can we assume he'll have something to do with Eugene? I wouldn't mind them tagging. Hacksaw's still really entertaining, even at 50 years old.

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#8 Posted on 26.9.05 2303.04
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2303.04
Bah, I call people assholes even if I like 'em. And I wasn't pissed pissed, just kinda like "Hey, how about allowing them to let everyone know where the hell they're gonna be next week?" annoyed.
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#9 Posted on 26.9.05 2303.33
Reposted on: 26.9.12 2303.33
Actually, in response to Candice getting stripped down, Coach actually did wonder why she was so upset, and pointed out that it wasn't like this was the first time it had ever happened.
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#10 Posted on 27.9.05 0007.35
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Assuming that the censoring thing was not a work, I know exactly what I would have done if I ran Spike (and maybe even if it was a work): put up a bug or crawl promoting Impact. The only reason that they're not promoting TNA during Raw matches is because it's against their agreement--just like WWE promoting USA is. I'd have something on screen that said "Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy on TNA Wrestling Impact!, this Saturday night at 11 on Spike TV....See Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Brother Ray and Brother Devon, and many more on TNA Wrestling Impact!, Saturday nights at 11 on Spike TV....They call him The Phenomenal One--AJ Styles, this week on TNA Wrestling Impact!, Saturday night at 11 on Spike TV..." and so on.

Hell, if they have a real firm footing to say that WWE breached their agreements, maybe even use the names "Dudley Boys" and "Road Dogg" and such. That would really drive WWE nuts...and what are they gonna do? B^)

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#11 Posted on 27.9.05 0015.52
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I just have one question leading from tonight's events:

Can we put Flair v. Trips solidily in the books for Wrestlemania?
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If the censoring thing was for real, why would they've have stopped doing it? Plenty of people (obviously) didn't catch the one time they missed it, so there still would've been a gain if they kept it up - instead, they (they being WWE) dropped it, because Vince felt they were just as much in trouble with Spike for letting it slip once as they'd be for letting it slip tweleve times. (Hence the latter part of Carlito's entrance, where they mentioned it in about five consective sentences.)

I'm sure somewhere in that contract WWE signed before coming to Spike, there was a clause saying they weren't supposed to mention any other non-Viacom network, and WWE signed it with full knowledge they wouldn't be able to promote a move if there was one. Like with the WWE/WWF name issue, it's not the other party's fault WWE signed a contract it didn't want to fufill.

EDIT: Well, shut my mouth

Spike attempted to edit all the on-air references to a move to the USA Network by Raw during tonight's show during the first one hour and 40 minutes or so of the show. However, something happened at that point and all three announcers made several references to Raw moving to USA after that point.

Outside the U.S., McMahon's remarks aired as is, because there was no conflict with an existing network.

- Meltzer

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#13 Posted on 27.9.05 0053.25
Reposted on: 27.9.12 0054.24 week:

-WWE Championship: John Cena [c] vs. Eric Bischoff
-Loser Leaves RAW, Money in The Bank Ladder Match: Edge vs. Matt Hardy
-30-Minute Iron Man Match: Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
-Piper's Pit with Mick Foley
-Handicap Bra & Panties Match: Trish & Ashley vs. Torrie, Candice & Victoria
-Unspecified Smackdown Match, possibly involving some combination of Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio & Batista (6-man?)
-The Return of HHH, probably featuring Ric Flair
-The Returns of Stone Cold & Hulk Hogan
-Bunch of legends: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, Hillbilly Jim, Superstar Billy Graham, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Harley Race, Jimmy Snuka, Chief Jay Strongbow, Greg Valentine, Koko B. Ware & Nikolai Volkoff, amongst others

The sad truth is that this show could end up being better than 95% of the WWE's pay-per-view offerings this year, and that could end up hurting them somehow.
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#14 Posted on 27.9.05 0216.33
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I like Wade Keller's theory on the whole bleeping incident during his RAW review:

>The fact that Spike has given up on bleeping it makes you believe either they don't have legal grounds to censor the mentions of USA, or they're planning a lawsuit against WWE at this point and want WWE to pile it on.<

>I'm surprised Spike TV doesn't have a constant crawler at the bottom of the screen advertising the UFC Fight Night live special next Monday in retaliation for WWE repeating "USA" over and over again three different times during the show, something that was not approved of ahead of time.<

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Sky didn't get any censoring I see from the earlier post, so I guess it wasn't considered important for us over here. How ever Sky do their deals I'm not sure.

I'd checked Vinces speech online and noticed no difference at the time.

Totally pointless anyway if the broadcast team are deliberately going to mention USA constantly. I read Spike gave up even trying to bother bleeping it.

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I personally thought the best thing would have been for WWE to have demanded their full over-run that night ... and then wrapped up the show ten minutes early so Spike would have had to scramble to put on their UF show as soon as possible.

Yeah, people can count the consequences of pulling that stunt, but I would have thought it was funny.

As for the censoring, I would suspect it was real up to a point where Spike either got tired of it, or figured no one was paying attention anyway.
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#17 Posted on 27.9.05 0736.20
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    ďJust in case youíve forgotten, I want to remind you just who in the hell I am.Ē And we get a big promo package for him.

This "Triple H" fellow (wait, is that his name? I didn't quite catch it), is he a new guy from OVW? I don't recall seeing him on TV before. Anybody seen him in action before? What's he like? Hopefully he'll be able to work his way up through the lower card to become a breath of fresh air to the ME scene, which has really been stagnant over the last couple years.

I predict big things from this guy. Hopefully he won't let success go to his head!
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    Originally posted by mikebuk
    Sky didn't get any censoring I see from the earlier post, so I guess it wasn't considered important for us over here. How ever Sky do their deals I'm not sure.

Being the UK provider, Sky couldn't care less what goes on between the American companies, so there's no conflict in it for them.
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#19 Posted on 27.9.05 0827.34
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The women's match stole the show because they were doing moves cruiserweights aren't allowed to and the heavyweights won't. Trish lariats off the railing, Victoria with a springboard somersault legdrop, the Widowmaker, the reverse Indian Deathlock, the dangerous fall off the turnbuckle -- cripes, that's gotta set some sort of workrate standard. And, because this kind of comment is obligatory, Victoria's outfit was outstanding.

Vis and Venis KILLED the tag champs, and Coach started to put them over as faces by quoting them as saying they're surprised by the number of teams that want their belts. This would have had more weight if those teams weren't limited to Vis/Venis, Rosey/Hurricane, and the Heartthrobs, but it suggested a humble perspective as opposed to the cocky heel stance I expected.

Can you lose a tables match if both guys are put through them by someone other than the opponents? On the other hand, Angle is just a tablin' fool, baby!
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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    EDIT: Well, shut my mouth

    Spike attempted to edit all the on-air references to a move to the USA Network by Raw during tonight's show during the first one hour and 40 minutes or so of the show. However, something happened at that point and all three announcers made several references to Raw moving to USA after that point.

    Outside the U.S., McMahon's remarks aired as is, because there was no conflict with an existing network.

The above paragraph doesn't exactly ring with "authenticated by any sources" but I guess I'd take educated guesses from Da Meltz over educated guesses from CRZ. I guess also they wouldn't have a separate Spike/TSN feed from the Sky feed so Spike would have to be involved with any post-production....ahh I'm now overthinking this and it isn't worth it. Expect Meltz to hear from a source or two in the next 24 hours and either change his story or not make any more mention (because he feels he's said all he has to say because that's all there is).

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