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13.12.10 1848
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Unforgiven picks
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#1 Posted on 16.9.05 2227.38
Reposted on: 16.9.12 2229.01
I'm surprised this thread hasn't been started yet. Here goes nothing.

Cena beats Angle
Carlito beats Flair
Michaels beats Masters
Hardy beats Edge
Cade & Murdoch beat Hurricane and Rosey
Big Show beats Snitsky
Trish & Ashley beat Torrie and Victoria
Kerwin beats Shelton
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#2 Posted on 16.9.05 2312.55
Reposted on: 16.9.12 2327.25
    Originally posted by Redcumo
    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been started yet. Here goes nothing.

    Cena beats Angle
    Carlito beats Flair
    Michaels beats Masters
    Hardy beats Edge
    Cade & Murdoch beat Hurricane and Rosey
    Big Show beats Snitsky
    Trish & Ashley beat Torrie and Victoria
    Kerwin beats Shelton

Im not surprised the thread wasnt started. This PPV has no appeal whatsoever to me, and I assume the vast majority of you feel the same. Basically the line-up is piss poor, and I probably wouldnt even watch it if it were free. Cena and Angle might be cool I suppose, but not worth $30 bucks. The only thing remotley interesting on the horizon is the Oct 3rd shows. TNA has a great creative team right now (and yes, I am a Jarrett fan and am enthralled he regained the belt) and each PPV has been a homerun.
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#3 Posted on 16.9.05 2332.06
Reposted on: 16.9.12 2332.46
    Originally posted by Redcumo
    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been started yet. Here goes nothing.

    Cena beats Angle
    Carlito beats Flair
    Michaels beats Masters
    Hardy beats Edge
    Cade & Murdoch beat Hurricane and Rosey
    Big Show beats Snitsky
    Trish & Ashley beat Torrie and Victoria
    Kerwin beats Shelton

The other problem is that most of the feuds and possible results look very predictable. In fact, I agree with every one of your picks. I have Cena going over Angle via DQ, but perhaps other than that, your picks are almost assuredly going to happen.

Okay to be different I'll go with Edge over Matt Hardy.
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#4 Posted on 17.9.05 1222.02
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1223.14
Cena vs. Angle: In a perfect world, Angle goes over after dedicating the match to Curt Henning and Bobby Duncum Jr. and proving that Rap is Crap. No RAW PPV for almost two months, so Cena wins via DQ, setting up some sort of major stipulation match for the October 3rd RAW.

Flair vs. Colon: Blood. That is all that should be asked for, and expected. Flair doesn't need the I-C title, but he gets it anyway to set up some sort of rematch on the October 3rd RAW.

Murdoch/Cade vs. Whoever the Tag Champs Are: Since the Tag Champs haven't had a title defense on RAW since around 643 BC., it might be time to move the belts. Murdoch and Cade win.

Paul Wight vs. Snitsky: Paul Wight wins, as it is the fall and this is generally a time of year for a Paul Wight main event push.

Michaels vs. Masters: Shawn Michaels job on back-to-back PPV's? Highly doubtful. Michaels wins.

Trish Stratus and someone vs. Victoria and someone: Victoria wins to set up a title match with Trish on the October 3rd RAW.

Kerwin vs. Shelton: If its on the PPV, Kerwin wins because Shelton keeps jobbing since dropping the IC Title.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge: Somehow, Matt Hardy has been neutered to the point where Edge is going to end up becoming a face. Brilliant decision by Vince to bring in Matt to bury him, as it killed the You Screwed Matt chants and any credibility/sympathy Matt might have had jumping to a competing company after being fired. Edge is a squash.
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#5 Posted on 17.9.05 1411.27
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1411.47
Cena v.s Angle: I guess Cena retains. But it won't be Angle's last title shot.

Flair v.s Carlito: Carlito wins this one, especially if Flair can't beat Masters.

Murdoch/Cade v.s Hurricane/Rosey: No reason to keep the belts on the SuperHeroes, especially when the writers can't be bothered to put them on RAW to defend them.

Big Show v.s Snitsky: Big Show.

Michaels v.s Masters: They seem to be protecting Masters pretty well for some reason, so he probably won't lose clean.

Trish and Ashley v.s Victoria and Torrie: Victoria pins Ashley.

Matt v.s Edge: Matt. Perhaps this will set off the better part of this angle that Matt is always mentioning.

Kerwin v.s Shelton: Shelton. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Kerwin win. It's that out-of-date kind of lame gimmick that Vince loves.
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#6 Posted on 17.9.05 1607.22
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1608.45
What I'm hoping for :
Angle over Cena--Ankle Lock submission
Carlito over Flair--Masters interference
Murdoch/Cade over The Superheroes--Clean pin on Rosey by Cade
Big Show Over Snitsky--Chokeslam into pin
HBK over Masters--Sweet Chin Music into pin
Trish/Ashley over Victoria/Torrie--Chick Kick on Victoria for the pin.
Edge over Matt--Spear, after Matt gets punked again.
Kerwin over Shelton--Nine Iron to the head,Pin.
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#7 Posted on 17.9.05 1944.16
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1945.09
I'm going to go quick on this one...

1) Kerwin/Shelton (Just to get the new gimmick going match) -> Kerwin by pin with a rollup w/tights.

2) Trish/Ashley vs Victoria/Torrie (Bathroom Break Divas Match) -> Trish/Ashley win by pinfall. Don't care who gets the pin or gets pinned.

3) Big Show/Snitsky (Big Men Battle) -> AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH CHOKESLAM!!!!! Big Show in squash pin.

4) HBK/Masters (Grudge Match)-> HBK by DQ, after HBK breaks the Masterlock, Masters chairs HBK to get the obvious DQ, still keeping his streak of not getting pinned.

5) Carlito/Flair (Intercontinental Title Match) -> Flair surprises everyone by winning by use of groin shot when ref is down, rematch 10/3.

6) Murdoch/Cade vs Rosey/Hurricane (Tag team title match of epic proportions...HAH!!!) -> Murdoch/Cade win belts by pin, Murdoch with bulldog, then Cade with flying elbow on 'Cane. I would be satisfied with a title change.

7) Edge/Hardy (Cage Match...No stopping them) -> Expect blood from both here. Edge wins by leaving cage easily, but it won't be over. Maybe...TLC match down the line?

8) Cena/Angle -> Cena by DQ, when Angle goes nuts on Cena. Expect rematch on 10/3, maybe see HHH be a part of this match.
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#8 Posted on 17.9.05 1949.15
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1950.36
Angle over Cena via Bischoff Shenanigans...Rematch at Taboo Tuesday with Gimmick to put the belt back on Cena
Carlito beats Flair
Michaels beats Masters
Edge over Hardy
Cade & Murdoch beat Hurricane and Rosey
Big Show beats Snitsky
Shelton over Kerwin
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#9 Posted on 17.9.05 1954.15
Reposted on: 17.9.12 1954.28
Angle over Cena
Hardy over Edge
Carlito over Flair
Michaels over Masters
Cade & Murdoch over Hurricane & Rosey
Big Show over Snitsky
Benjamin over White
Trish/Ashley over Victoria/Torrie
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#10 Posted on 17.9.05 2140.16
Reposted on: 17.9.12 2140.31
Kurt Angle defeats John Cena to become the new WWE Champion, and the feud continues with the babyface chasing, the way it's supposed to be, in a compelling fashion-- not like JBL losing to Cena and losing in a rematch, or Triple H's three losses to Batista, or JBL's three losses to Batista. Angle wins, Cena chases, and the main event for the "season premiere" of RAW on USA will be Angle defending the belt against Cena.

Carlito defeats Ric Flair to retain the Intercontinental Championship, but let's just say if I were Carlito, I wouldn't make any plans to visit his lady friends after the match. Not before making good use of the nearest ice machine, in any event.

Shawn Michaels defeats Chris Masters, and eats Robin's minstrels, and there is much rejoicing. (yay!)

Matt Hardy defeats Edge in some insanely-cool, spectacular fashion. Or else Matt is done.

Cade and Murdoch defeat Hurricane and Rosey to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

Gene Snitsky upsets The Big Show, whoop-dee-do.

Trish and Ashley defeat Victoria and Torrie, but something happens post-match to set up a feud between Trish and Victoria. Those two can bring it given the proper buildup and storyline. Let's see the evil psycho bitch Victoria return!

Shelton Benjamin defeats Kerwin White, 'cuz there ain't no stoppin' him now! (Although the last feud Shelton was in that was based on racism-- with Randy Orton-- he lost, so...)
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#11 Posted on 18.9.05 0038.02
Reposted on: 18.9.12 0038.36
I could go with Angle beating Cena. If I was Triple H, I'd be saving my glorious return, reclamation of my belt, and putting of John Cena in his place for the Rumble/Mania portion of the year, not the traditionally sucky post-Summerslam months. And if Cena beats Angle here, there's not much competition left for him, other than Edge cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

Carlito beats Flair.

Michaels beats Masters as a sop for the horror of having to job to Hogan.

Edge beats Hardy as a further object lesson as to the dangers of being a boat-rocker.

Cade and Murdoch beat the superheroes. No one cares.

Show beats Sid 2005. See above.

T&A beat V&T. Hopefully followed by Ashley vanishing to OVW for a while, at least until it's time for her to pop 'em out for Playboy.

Benjamin beats White, who seems to have been sent down into Comedy Wrestler Hell.
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#12 Posted on 18.9.05 1333.56
Reposted on: 18.9.12 1334.08
-Kurt Angle beats WWE Champion John Cena by pinfall [Bischoff gets involved, Cena gets screwed somehow, but ends up getting a rematch on the 10/3 RAW because of either a contractual loophole or Vince demanding it.]
-Ric Flair beats WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito by pinfall [Low blow, pin. Perhaps Carlito gets distracted by somebody (possibly his next IC Title opponent once he regains the belt.]
-Shawn Michaels beats Chris Masters via pinfall [Oh, and he breaks the MasterLock because the power of Christ compells him.]
-Matt Hardy beats Edge in a Steel Cage Match [Both guys bleed, Match of the Night.]
-Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch beat World Tag Team Champions The Hurricane & Rosey via pinfall [The Hurricane is your face-in-peril, ends up getting destroyed by the evil Southerners.]
-The Big Show beats Gene Snitsky via pinfall
-Trish Stratus & Ashley Massero beat Torrie Wilson & Victoria via pinfall [Guess which two end up doing the majority of the ringwork? C'mon! Guess! Ashley gets the pin on Torrie.]
-Shelton Benjamin beats Kerwin White via pinfall [Dark Horse for Match of the Night. These guys CAN light it up. There's no reason to bury Shelton by having him lose.]
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#13 Posted on 18.9.05 1339.11
Reposted on: 18.9.12 1341.45
I want to pick Angle winning the Title from Cena but I can't see it happening tonight. Angle should win but RAW is going to USA with Cena all over the commericials with the belt being called "The Champ" and all. Plus, a rematch looks set for Taboo Tuesday so I think Cena wins by DQ.

Flair beats Carlito to win the IC Belt for the 1st time.

Cade & Murdoch win the tag titles for the Superheros.

HBK beats Masters by pinfall but doesn't actually break the Masterlock so Masters' push continues.

Show beats Snitsky then Snitsky injures Show after the match.

Hardy beats the hell out of Edge to win the Steel Cagte match in convincing fashion.

Ashley/Trish win over Torrie/Victoria.

Shelton beats Kerwin proving white isn't always right.
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