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Potato korv
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#1 Posted on 24.8.05 1044.10
Reposted on: 24.8.12 1046.07
Last week, we headed to Detroit to work on getting a short EP recorded in studio. We got 5 songs finished. I'd love to get some un-biased thoughts on what we accomplished in this time.

I fully understand that our music is not for everybody. We're a double-female-fronted, happy, fun, poppy, "bubblegum with an attitude" band. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't say I didn't warn ya before you clicked the song links.

EDIT: fixed link

(edited by MonteCarl on 24.8.05 0847)
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#2 Posted on 24.8.05 1116.18
Reposted on: 24.8.12 1118.59
Reminds me a lot of 1991 era MTV Alternative Nation type bands. Not a bad thing, just not my cup of tea. But, overall, not BAD music really.
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#3 Posted on 24.8.05 2156.31
Reposted on: 24.8.12 2156.32
well, taking a study break (yay for summer school), I downloaded "Wake Up" randomly and i'm listening to it as we speak. It does have that 90's poppy, rocky vibe. Hell, one of the female singers (the one doing backing vocals) is somewhat reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Catchy, bouncy stuff. I dig it. I'll definitely get the other tracks and maybe play them while I continue my studying (won't be that big of a distraction, i'm just doing math anyway).

I love the harmonica that kicks in towards the end too.

btw, for your webpage, you might want to re-think the whole yellow theme. the yellow background started straining my eyes after awhile. heh.

thanks for sharing.
Potato korv
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#4 Posted on 25.8.05 1416.25
Reposted on: 25.8.12 1417.34
Thanks for the input thus far. Out of all the songs, I'd say Wake Up is the weakest. Not that I think it's bad at all, but putting the 5 in order, that one is weaker than the rest. It's meant as a lead off/first track/theme song type of thing. I'd like to know your thoughts on the rest of the songs, if you've listened to them, that is.

Yes, I realize there's a LOT of yellow on our website. But we ARE The BANANA Convention, afterall. Yellow is sort of our color.
Karlos the Jackal
Lap cheong
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#5 Posted on 26.8.05 0603.17
Reposted on: 26.8.12 0607.07
Your band makes me think of, maybe, the B-52s mixed with a little bit of the Eyeliners (I may be way off).

"Theme from Quake" is your hit single, clearly. To be honest, I'm not real fond of the "Amadeus" reference -- it kinda pulled me out of the song (and also, I'm not sure of the legalities of it). But overall, that's a pretty hott trakk.

"Time is Standing Still" is a close second -- great vocal harmonies, and it manages to be a ballad while still remaining bouncy and energetic. Actually, listening to it a second time, it might even surpass "Quake."

"Blood on the Sand" is what it is, which is what it's pretty clearly meant to be. I'm guessing this is one the guitar player brought in.

"Wake Up" isn't bad at all. I'm listening to it right now.... I really like the between-verses guitar work (like the part that begins at :40), and somebody's really working that tambourine! This is an easy one to envision a video for -- and it involves go-go boots! For everyone! OH FUCK YES THAT HARMONICA IS AWESOME. AND HANDCLAPS!!!

"Oh Ho Ho (Be Mine)" -- great title. Song didn't leave too much of an impression -- hang on, lemme go listen to it again. *several minutes later* Yeah, I dunno. The vocals are maybe for me, I guess. Great chorus, though. This is the song that made me think of the B-52s.

I like it. Tell me when it's out and I'll buy a copy.

Now I have questions for you.
What instrument do you play?
Do you really have two drummers (Tucker & Fletch)? Like, simultaneously?
How long did you spend in the studio?
Analog or digital?
What's the proportion of live-to-overdubs?
How much more yellow could your website be?

Okay, that's it.


(Actually, you know what? I'm listening to "Time is Standing Still" again and it rules. Fuck all that shit I said about "Theme from Quake" being your hit single -- "Time" is the one. Okay, now I'm listening to it a fourth time.)
As young as
he feels
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#6 Posted on 26.8.05 0829.39
Reposted on: 26.8.12 0829.59
Very cool. I enjoyed the Amadeus break, though.

Theme from Quake was my favorite.

Poppy, likeable, danceable, excellent.

Which one are you again, Monte?
Potato korv
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Since: 21.1.02
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#7 Posted on 26.8.05 0932.57
Reposted on: 26.8.12 0938.29
Thanks again for the input. We get the B-52's comparison a lot. We're working on learning "Rock Lobster" as a cover to perform live.

I'm "Oily McBride". I do backup vocals (lead on a few songs here and there) and that's me rocking the tamborine (and maracas and vibraslap).
We do have two drummers, but not simultaneously. When one can't make a show, the other plays. It's Fletch who's on the recordings.
We recorded at Ghetto Recordings in Detroit with Jim Diamond. It was a pretty quick and dirty process straight to analog tape.
Oh Ho was done in one take, as we Blood on the Sand. The music was all recorded at once, then we went back and layed down the vocals. We got all 5 songs recorded in one day, then spent a little of the next day mixing the sound. Not a lot of mixing or production was done to keep it at that "raw" feel.
The Amadeus thing was thrown in Quake just as a silly little break....and because "Amadeus" was the only word we could think of that rhymed with "San Andreas"

Thanks again. The EP will be up for sale on our website soon. A full length 13-14 track album will be available in the next few months.
Bob C
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#8 Posted on 26.8.05 2151.18
Reposted on: 26.8.12 2151.54
Theme For Quake is catchy as hell, I love it. The two vocals work very well together.

You bet that it will be in my car for the next few weeks.

(edited by Bob C on 26.8.05 1951)
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#9 Posted on 28.8.05 0646.48
Reposted on: 28.8.12 0647.58
I pimped your band out on a couple forums and to a bunch of my friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Here's a couple quotes:

    Jaguar they're not my kind of thing, but I could definitely see myself dancing to them when drunk, they've got that kind of drunk funk (ok, I'm going to have to buy the rights to that awesome phrase).

    Time is standing still is pretty good though.

    Ok, I listened to all the songs you linked and... I downloaded all the others I could find on the site.

Personally, OhHoHo is my favorite, but they all rock. Upon listening to OhHoHo again yesterday I realized that it may have been because it has a ska beat going for it. Same for Time.

Time to save money for purchasing your fine merchandise. You guys planning on touring at some point? I hadn't really planned on going to Michigan anytime this year.
Potato korv
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#10 Posted on 29.8.05 0935.16
Reposted on: 29.8.12 0935.32
Thank you very much for plugging us elsewhere. Very cool of you.

Right now, we're based solely in Michigan. Every once in awhile, we'll venture out of state for a short weekend jaunt, but it has to be close by like Ohio or Chicago, etc. Not sure if/when we'll make it any further than that. Perhaps Kentucky some weekend, as I have family there. But that's a bit down the road.

We are working on a DVD with some live performance videos and such. That, along with the 5-6 track EP, will be on the website soon for purchase. We also have a new T-Shirt available that isn't on the merch page as well. Man, there's a few things there that aren't readily available right now. I should update that.
Mr Heel II
Lap cheong
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#11 Posted on 3.9.05 1956.39
Reposted on: 3.9.12 1956.47

Seriously...I liked it quite a bit. You guys must be a lot of fun live. I was in Saginaw earlier this week too (nuts).

Here's my gratuitous nitpicking that's probably undeserved...

"Time is Standing Still" kind of sounded like the tempo dropped off a bit in the first few riffs. When it goes into cut time, then it's the best track of the bunch.

I also didn't care for the "Rock me Amadeus" bit in "Theme from Q-U-A-K-E". It kind of felt like it stopped the momentum. I think some more Duane Eddy-ish twang to the guitar would make it a little cooler too.

"Blood on the Sand...back to the "MORE TWANG GUITAR" thing.

I liked "Wake Up" and "Oh Ho Ho" just fine as is.

Really, though...This'll make my ipod rotation.

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