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21.1.11 1237
The 7 - One Question... - What Was the Best Sporting Event You Ever Attended?
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#21 Posted on 19.8.05 0509.42
Reposted on: 19.8.12 0510.06
Game 5 of the 1995 World Series between The Indians and The Braves.

Cleveland was so inexperienced with postseason play back then, they gave tickets away in a lottery. And hell yeah, we got some.

Albert Belle hit a 2 run homer off of Greg Maddux, who then throws inside on the next batter the stoaic Eddie Murray, who goes totally apeshit. Benches clear, but unfortunately no one takes a bat to Tom Glavine's knee.

Living in Northeast Ohio, I know it won't get better then that.
The Goon
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#22 Posted on 19.8.05 0729.30
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I was there in May last year when Calgary defeated San Jose in the Western Conference championship. Man, was that loud.
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#23 Posted on 19.8.05 1227.30
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1229.02
August 5, 2001

SEA------ 048 020 000 00 14 17 0
CLE------- 000 200 345 01 15 23 1
Boudin blanc
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#24 Posted on 19.8.05 1237.43
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1238.33
Argentina-Brazil internation soccer match in Buenos Aires. Argentina won 3-1.

EDIT: Sports Entertainment: A Raw in Madison, WI (the only time they've ever had it there as far as I know). It was during the time when the crowd was starting to turn the Rock face (between his IC Title and first World Title) and it was the first time he actually used the People's Elbow as a finisher rather than a set-up move. And he was still using the floatover DDT.

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#25 Posted on 19.8.05 1239.52
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1241.22
    Originally posted by Jellofiend
    August 5, 2001

    SEA------ 048 020 000 00 14 17 0
    CLE------- 000 200 345 01 15 23 1

You Lucky Bastard!
My ex-boss was at that game, and he said it was freaking *electric*. He was in the bleacher section and actually had to send his wife and kids home 'cause the game went so late. (He rode home with a friend.)

My best sporting event so far was going to the Red Sox victory parade last year. That was an awe-inspiring sight - 3.5 MILLION people in the city streets for the world's biggest party. I made sure to invite several folks to stop by when the Tribe wins theirs. ;)
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#26 Posted on 19.8.05 1301.37
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1301.37
2004 AFC Championship Game
Patriots beat Manning and the Colts with the snow falling down. I paid A LOT for my single ticket on ebay, but I was there and the atmosphere was unforgettable. Strangers hugging, smiling, hi-fiving. It was LOUD.
(runner-up) Gillette Stadium 2002 Inaugral Game. Banner unveiled, fireworks, Monday night, sweet club seats, stomping on Pittsburgh. Fun

Syracuse Football beats Florida in the Dome-early 90s. Crowd was so pumped, it made the game. Miami game was the same but the Orange lost, and players were cocky (Bob Marley's kid and The Rock)

Sports Entertainment:
December 1998. Worcester, MA. Mick Foley wins the belt.
Blizzard conditions, driving from Maine, getting a hotel, sitting waaay back in the top section. Well worth it.
(runner-up) Royal Rumble 1992. Whooooo!
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#27 Posted on 19.8.05 1348.15
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1349.07

September 12, 1998 (props to

Brewers 008 020 200 12 16 0
----Cubs 020 012 415 15 18 2

Includes a pre-disgraced Sosa's 60th HR in the 7th, and a 9th inning rally topped by a 3-run homer into the basket by late season pickup Orlando Merced. Sell-out crowd standing and cheering for a good 15 minutes after the game ended. From the year the Cubbies go on to win the wild card in a one game playoff over Dusty's Giants, and get swept right out of October by the Braves.

Sports Entertainment:

Not such a great event, but after getting back home from an extended engagement working for the government, I decided to drive out to see an NWA (I assume) show at the UIC Pavilion. Taking my seat, I was pleased to see that the main event had Da Crusher teaming up with Baron Von Raschke, two of my old favorites, against a team I'd never heard of. Never did figure out why they were suddenly friends, but it was a treat to see the legends from 'Bob Luce Wrestling' in person.

Oh yeah, turns out those "Road Warrior" guys got quite a pop.
Deacon Jim
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#28 Posted on 19.8.05 1828.19
Reposted on: 19.8.12 1829.02
Super Bowl XXVII, Cowboys v Bills. Cowboys kick butt something like 52 - 17. Better experience than my honeymoon.

Big Bad
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#29 Posted on 20.8.05 0123.12
Reposted on: 20.8.12 0124.07
Five baseball games and a basketball game....

* My first ever baseball game, where Kelly Gruber hit a walkoff to lead the Blue Jays to a win over Seattle.

* The Doug Linton game. Blue Jays fans will remember this one. With the Jays locked in a tight pennant race and in a bit of a slump, they need career minor leaguer Doug Linton to start an important game against Baltimore. Linton pitches a terrific game, Joe Carter hits a homer and the Jays win 4-2.

* The last game of a Giants/Expos series in 2001. My pals and I wanted to see Barry Bonds jack one, but he was homerless in the first two games and wasn't starting in the third. With the score tied in the 7th, however, Barry came in to pinch hit. The Expos brought in Graeme Lloyd to face him, and Bonds promptly corks one to right field. The small crowd went nuts, since it was just such a cool moment. I believe it was #55 that Bonds hit that season.

* A Blue Jays/Braves game that took place in May of 2001. We're sitting behind the Braves bullpen and riding John Rocker all game. Glavine hits Raul Mondesi with a pitch, and Raul slowly walked to first, jawing at Glavine. The benches cleared but it was obvious nothing was really going to happen other than words. Then my drunken friend yells "Johnny, get out there!" and Rocker looks up, goes sprinting from the bullpen and shoves Mondesi, thus starting a minor melee. Two days later, Rocker gets traded from the Braves, with Schuerholz saying that the brawl was the last straw for Rocker in Atlanta.

* Last season, Jays/Red Sox. A beautiful afternoon, I'm there with about nine of my friends after we pooled our money for a limo, Halladay/Pedro, Jays win 3-1 on a Delgado homer. Just a great day, aside from my sunburned head.

* And finally, my high school basketball team's Cinderella run to the city finals in my senior year. We lost the finals by one basket, and a last-minute desperation three-pointer just barely missed.
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#30 Posted on 22.8.05 0551.19
Reposted on: 22.8.12 0552.05
My first NHL hockey game.
Got goosebumps just sitting in the MSG..
It was the Rangers vs Washington, in 1996.

Haven't been at that many other sporting events really.
I have been at Wrestlemania X7 through 21 and still counting.
All were special in another way. XX was the coolest due to Benoit standing in the ring with the belt.
The 2000 Royal Rumble was the first (US) ppv I attended and it was awesome. Also held in the MSG it was had a great card and was amazing to be a part of.
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#31 Posted on 22.8.05 2200.27
Reposted on: 22.8.12 2202.15
Sports: December 10, 1994. Texas Stadium. My beloved Browns took on the Cowboys, and my boss got a bunch of us stadium club tickets. We had gold parking (literally a hundred yards from the car to the gate) and FIELD PASSES. We got to walk the sidelines before the game. I actually got a thumbs up from my favorite player at the time, Eric Metcalf, when he saw my jersey, an early Christmas present from my brother.

Cleveland won, I believe it was 19-14, when Aikman's last minute pass to Novacek failed to score. Novacek caught the ball on the one-yard line, turned to walk into the end zone, and fell flat on his face. He was touched and the game was over. Greatest moment of my life, especially since I got to lord it over my co-workers for weeks.

I puked in the car and lost my glasses on the drive home, but it was still one of the greatest days in my life.

Sports Entertainment: two Fridays ago in Louisville. OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler series. Not only did I have front-row seats, so close that I could...well, Melina was standing on the apron right in front of me, let's put it that way. But before the match I got to meet Chris Benoit, shake his hand, and tell him he's been my favorite wrestler for years.

Oh, and I met Snookum. He's a cool guy.
Peter The Hegemon
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#32 Posted on 23.8.05 0234.44
Reposted on: 23.8.12 0235.39
My college basketball team at Northwestern knocking off Bobby Knight and the defending national champion Indiana Hoosiers when I was in college. (1987, I think.) Absolutely wild. And my dad watched it on ESPN and saw me in the crowd a bunch of times.

I also have to mention going to MSG for Game Four of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. Now, the diehard Ranger fans will know that Game Four was played in Vancouver, but they opened up the Garden for people to watch on the screen. You will never find a more electric crowd, because there were no corporate clients or whatever--just absolute die-hard Ranger fans, slapping hands and dancing in the aisles and generally going wild. It was an amazing game, too, with the Rangers trailing early on until Mike Richter made an amazing save on a Pavel Bure penalty shot and juiced them up for a comeback. It doesn't get much better than that.

I wanted to go back to MSG for Game Six, but the damn thing sold out! Sold out, with the game 3000 miles and a national border away!
Texas Kelly
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#33 Posted on 24.8.05 2019.09
Reposted on: 24.8.12 2026.10
Sports: 2001 World Series, Game 4. TINO, BABY!

Sports Entertainment: The RAW in Jersey in 2004 the night after Benoit won the title. There's something just gosh darn memorable about 20,000 chanting "You tapped out" at Trips, after all.
Reverend J Shaft
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#34 Posted on 25.8.05 0550.07
Reposted on: 25.8.12 0552.02

I'd probably have to say Game 5 of the 1988 NBA Finals (Lakers vs. Pistons). The last Piston game played at the Silverdome. There was just no way the Pistons were losing that game.

Sports Entertainment-

WM 2000 in Anaheim. Just a fun time... and I even LIKED Triple H at that point.
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#35 Posted on 25.8.05 2112.30
Reposted on: 25.8.12 2113.07
1992 SEC Basketball Championship in Birmingham AL. Kentucky's first postseason championship under Pitino, we snuck into the lockerrooms afterwards and ended up on Lexington tv, got the entire team's autographs as well as Benedict Pitino's, and got to see the best college game I've seen in person, the Arkansas/Alabama semifinal (Todd Day, Oliver Miller etc. v. Latrell Sprewell, James "Hollywood" Robinson, etc.)
Lap cheong
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#36 Posted on 25.8.05 2211.07
Reposted on: 25.8.12 2211.35
September 2003 SmackDown! The one with Brock Lesnar v. Kurt Angle in the 60-minute ironman match, as well as Los Guerreros v. Benjamin/Haas for the tag titles. A SmackDown that was ALL wrestling and the only non in-ring stuff that I think even took place was some 2 minute McMahon office quabble and John Cena cutting a promo on a roof. Greatest SmackDown ever, imo, and it was great being able to attend it live.

As for other sports, the only thing that really sticks in my mind is my first hockey game I went to with my dad. Minor league hockey, as it was the Raleigh Icecaps v. Hampton Roads Admirals at Dorton Arena. I've been to several major and minor league hockey games and some minor-league baseball games. No game was ever so thrilling that it really sticks out.
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