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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Summer! Slam! Preview! And! Predictions! Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 15.8.05 0155.55
Reposted on: 15.8.12 0158.11
The 18th Edition, LIVE from Washington, DC on Sunday August 21st, 2005

WWE Championship Match:
John Cena [Champeen] vs. Chris Jericho [Challenger; seconded by Eric Bischoff]
PICK: Cena retains.
WHY: He's way over and it wouldn't make sense for him to lose right now.

World Championship No Holds Barred Match:
Batista [Champeen] vs. John Layfield [Challenger; possibly seconded by Orlando Jordan]
PICK: Batista retains.
WHY: Some folks are saying that they're gonna pull the plug on Batista because he's not setting the world on fire...but he's drawing better than JBL why would they put the belt on a guy they KNOW draws less than Batista?

Legend vs. Icon:
Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels
PICK: Hogan.
WHY: He's Hogan, and he's NEVER lost at SummerSlam.

"She was mine at about the same time she was yours!":
Matt Hardy vs. Edge [seconded by Lita]
PICK: Matt Hardy in a somewhat inconclusive manner.
WHY: Clean Edge win destroys Matt. Clean Matt win destroys Edge. Doing a cheap win for either guy, specifically a schmozz leading into a stips-laden Unforgiven match, makes sense.

Legend vs. Legend Killer...AGAIN!:
The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton
PICK: Orton.
WHY: He's been out for 4 months. He's young. He's gonna be on the show more regularly than Taker. It's not WrestleMania, so it doesn't hurt the Taker.

A Lame Angle May Be Saved...BY A LADDER MATCH!!:
Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
PICK: Eddie.
WHY: Eddie wins, gets the custody papers...and gives 'em back to Rey, since now he's gotten what he wanted: a win over Mysterio.

Gold Medal Grudge Match:
Eugene [seconded by Christy Hemme] vs. Kurt Angle
PICK: Kurt Angle
WHY: He hasn't won much this year...and they're HIS MEDALS. He won the last match of the medal feud with Benoit in 2001...why would he not now?

WWE United States Championship Match:
Orlando Jordan [Champeen] vs. Chris Benoit
PICK: Benoit.
WHY: Uh...he's Benoit, and there's no way he'll lose to Jordan TWICE...right?

And guesswork for the rest of the card:
-MNM beats WWE Tag Champs Heidenreich & Animal
-Shelton Benjamin beats IC Champ Carlito
-Big Show breaks the MasterLock

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#2 Posted on 15.8.05 0240.18
Reposted on: 15.8.12 0240.56
Cena over Jericho
Batista over JBL
Edge over Matt
Hogan over Michaels
Orton over Taker
Eddie over Rey
Angle over Eugene
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#3 Posted on 15.8.05 0755.53
Reposted on: 15.8.12 0756.01
Cena over Jericho
Batista over JBL
Edge and Matt - Edge because Matt will brutalize him somehow and get DQ'd.
Hogan over Michaels - HHH-terference?
Taker over Orton
Rey over Eddie - Why break the streak now?
Angle over Eugene.

The funniest thing this morning was seeing the SummerSlam ad from our cable company that advertised:
Edge versus Cena
Hassan versus Batista
and HHH versus Flair?!?

Too funny to see how things changed that quickly.
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#4 Posted on 15.8.05 1112.43
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1112.47
Cena retains the belt, via clean win, DQ win, DQ loss, doesn't matter. Most likely clean win since Jericho will put anybody over and this Cena/Jericho program doesn't look like it's got long legs. Near certain interference by Bischoff.

Batista over JBL. clean. JBL is indestructable, overshadowed in this regard only by HHH. JBL can lose 30 matches in a row and still be the legit number one contender by being his asshole heelish self. Outside chance of interference due to it being a no holds barred match. Plenty of blood.

Hogan with a victory over HBK, moral victory for sure, if not a definitive clean victory. A clean ending (one way or annother) is REALLY the way to go with this one, but most likely not going to happen due to the egos involved. It's not like this is going to be part of a series ala HBK vs angle, and either one could "get their win back". HBK bleeds. I don't think we'll see HHH back just yet, although it is a possibility. Most likely we'll see him monday.

Matt vs Edge ends in DQ or no contest. No way there is a clean laydown by either competitor. This is the start of a long feud (hopefully done in time for edge to challange at WM22 for the championship), not the end. I agree that it's just a lead in for a street fight at the next raw ppv.

Taker vs Orton HAS to go to Orton or he's burried (no pun intended)... unless:
1. He does a phenominal job of showing offense vs the big man
2. The big man actually sells
3. Orton gets screwed out of a win. However, considering Orton is the heel, how's that going to happen?

Rey vs Eddie... I'm sorry to say that I just don't care. Hopefully it'll be a fun match to watch, because I really don't give a rat's ass about the storyline implications at this point.

Medal match: One of two endings, either Eugene over Angle via the anklelock, or complete destruction of eugene resulting in DQ loss for angle. Like matt/edge, I think this is the start of a storyline (if a hopefully brief one). Either one of those endings would best set the stage for a rematch.

That makes what, 7 matches? That seems awful short.
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#5 Posted on 15.8.05 1120.16
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1120.18
7 matches can be the ideal amount, because it enables them to give enough time to each match to develop.
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#6 Posted on 15.8.05 1224.45
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1224.54
Cena over Jericho clean because they want Cena to be "The Man" and the chances of Jericho ever winning th big one again are approximately nil.

Batista over JBL because JBL is done as a main eventer, at least for the short term. 12 straight SD Title matches on PPV is overkill no matter how much I might personally like JBL. It's approaching Triple H levels of market saturation.

Orton over Taker to get his win back. I'm kind of glad that Taker didn't job to Hassan so that now when Orton beats him it will still mean something. Hopefully this is semi-clean, at least. Anyone else think that Orton should eventually be the guy to take the belt of off Batista?

Edge beats Matt by DQ. This program clearly has to continue, and I don't think that they can really work a match based on these two using rollups and hammerlocks. It has to be stiff and vicious, and Hardy should get himself DQed but at the same time pick up the "moral victory" by dominating Edge. Will Edge ever use his Title shot?

Hogan pins HBK, I guess. I don't see Hogan losing under any circumstances so by default Michaels is doing the job. Maybe some sappy post-match hug or something so that Michaels can go back to being a babyface.

Eddie beats Rey. I don't know how they'll do the angle, but Eddie has to snap his losing streak at some point, doesn't he? And I'd suspect that this is the blowoff match so now is the time to do it.

Kurt Angle over Eugene. Angle is getting geared up for a shot at Cena at some point in the near future so I figure this is just a one month placeholder program to get both guys on the card. Angle needs his medals back so he can keep doing the Angle Invitational in order to save his neck for the big matches.
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#7 Posted on 15.8.05 1235.00
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1235.06
Considering the past few weeks of build-up and the reactions/views about the angle on this board, I don't see how you guys can say that Hogan is going to go over Michaels. Although I am loathing it and really, really hoping it doesn't happen, Michaels is beating the Hulkster.

Why? Because Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler in the history ever!!1!!11!...well, at least according to the WWE.

Personally, I've hated how this angle has played out and I don't think it is exactly fair that whichever way the match goes, people and/or the IWC will chalk up a good match solely to HBK carrying Hogan. Hogan is older, more worn down, and considerably heavier than Michaels...of course he's not going to be able to keep up with HBK and expecting him to do so is, in my view, just easy fodder to be used to rag on Hogan.

I dunno, I just think it is stupid. I've been force-fed for 12 years that Shawn Michaels is the best thing the WWE ever produced and I'm afraid that all of that hype and talk given to him will be force-fed proved to me via a pin over Hogan.

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#8 Posted on 15.8.05 1331.17
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1331.29
Eugene v.s Angle: I'm guessing Angle gets the victory- no real reason for Eugene to keep the medals.

Rey v.s Eddie: If it weren't for Eddie losing to Rey seemingly all the time, this would be an easy choice. I'll go Rey again anyway, but Eddie regains his heat after the match.

Orton v.s 'Taker: I'll take Orton on this one.

Matt v.s Edge: Edge...c'mon, you REALLY didn't think things would change when Matt got re-signed, did you?

Hogan v.s Michaels: Tough one- I say Hogan though.

Batista v.s JBL: Batista wins, maybe moving onto a feud with Orton.

Cena v.s Jericho: Pretty sure Cena wins here.

EDIT: Benoit v.s Jordan: I'd like to think after the debacle at GAB, they finally put the belt on Benoit.

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#9 Posted on 15.8.05 1338.01
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1338.02
I predict a Carlito vs. RVD match. I HAVE SPOKEN!
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#10 Posted on 15.8.05 1345.45
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1345.48

I don't think RVD is cleared until October. I'm 99% certain I read that in one of the 8,568 interviews he's done lately.
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#11 Posted on 15.8.05 1412.04
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1412.04
Cena v. Jericho: Cena retains.

Batista v. Bradshaw: Batista retains. If JBL gets the belt again, I'm personally putting Stamford on a bomb watch.

Hogan v. Michaels: I'm gonna be ballsy and say HBK gets the clean pin. Hogan will win the aftermath, however, which is all he needs.

Edge v. Hardy: It's a DQ finish, whether Matt gets too aggressive and draws it himself, or Edge draws it via the briefcase. With Lita sure to be involved, I'm choosing the latter.

Undertaker v. Orton: Orton gets the clean pin, which is the finish they should have done at Wrestlemania.

Rey v. Eddie: Rey gets the papers, but only after he taps out to the Lasso from El Paso in the middle of the match. (Meaning Eddie would have won if the match had been conventional.)

Eugene v. Angle: Eugene gets a fluke pin after Angle kicks his ass for 10 minutes. They have to keep Angle strong for Cena next month, but I just can't see them jobbing Eugene in his PPV return match...

    Originally posted by Freeway420
    Eddie wins, gets the custody papers...and gives 'em back to Rey, since now he's gotten what he wanted: a win over Mysterio.

Pro: It turns Eddie face again, which I like because I was against the heel turn from the beginning.
Con 1: Doesn't that just render the last few months kinda pointless?
Con 2: A lot of the new ME matchups that were created with the heel turn would be lost...
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#12 Posted on 15.8.05 1445.09
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1445.09
I'll just say this regarding Summerslam (which is the first PPV I am buying in quite a while). I have a feeling tonight's Raw will do a lot in the HBK/Hogan storyline, so I am still unwilling to call that one. Seems to me that Hulkster wouldn't go out on a clean pin to Michaels. I can only envision interference to give the win to a heelishly DXish Shawn. Conventional wisdom says the interference would be from Austin to set up a Wrestlemania between the old guys, but I am thinking it's one of two things:

Hart somehow can bump enough to interfere and bumps Hogan instead of Michaels.

Hunter does it, and we reform some sort of DX. This is what I think happens. I dread it, but it's my little prediction.

The rest...

Of course Cena retains - they think he is gold.

Edge and Hardy - as mentioned, DQ, I think. I look for Kane to be in there somehow, maybe even Snitsky if they think he has any more legs.

Eugene/Angle. Eugene "nick's" out and reveals himeself and Nick and retains.

I don't follow Smackdown, so I don't know much about those storylines, but I am looking forward to eddie/Rey and looking to get a Pizza during Mugataker/Orton. JBL and Batista - doesn't Dave just have to KILL him? How could people accept anything else?
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#13 Posted on 15.8.05 1453.46
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1453.50
Originally posted by Texas Kelly
    Originally posted by Freeway420
    Eddie wins, gets the custody papers...and gives 'em back to Rey, since now he's gotten what he wanted: a win over Mysterio.

Pro: It turns Eddie face again, which I like because I was against the heel turn from the beginning.
Con 1: Doesn't that just render the last few months kinda pointless?
Con 2: A lot of the new ME matchups that were created with the heel turn would be lost...

How does giving the custody papers to Rey turn Eddie back to being a face? Trying to make sense of the angle for a minute here, if I was Rey and a former friend of mine had dragged me through hell for two months, I wouldn't forgive them because they didn't really want the child after all and just wanted to feel better than me for a bit.

That idea could also get rid of the whole 'don't custody battles take place in courtrooms?' logic hole, with Eddie admitting afterwards that the whole thing has been a sham just to try and get yet another match with Rey. Though of course, that then opens up further holes that need to be filled.

Fantasy booking. Eh. :)

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#14 Posted on 15.8.05 1501.39
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1501.46
I'll be a neysayer in a few of my predictions:

JBL over Batista (Since JBL is more exciting, IMHO)
Jericho over Cena (Jericho's last hurrah?)
Eugene over Angle (To continue this fun feud)
Hardy over Edge (I smell swerve)
Orton over Taker (Cuz I don't like the Taker)
Hogan over Michaels (Cuz I'm a Hulkamaniac, brrrrother)
Rey over Eddy (they should PLEASE kill this angle)

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#15 Posted on 15.8.05 1513.27
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1513.39
    Originally posted by gugs
    Cena over Jericho
    Batista over JBL
    Edge over Matt
    Hogan over Michaels
    Orton over Taker
    Eddie over Rey
    Angle over Eugene
I'm just going to say, "Ditto."
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#16 Posted on 15.8.05 1517.51
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1517.55
Hulk Hogan over Shawn Michaels: Michaels makes more sense since he's a long-term wrestler and Hogan isn't. However, it's not like a loss will hurt either man, so I guess they might as well put the babyface over and send the fans home happy.

John Cena over Chris Jericho: Foregone conclusion since Jericho is leaving for at least a couple months.

Batista over JBL: I like JBL, but it'd make less than zero sense to job Batista to him.

Matt Hardy nc. Edge: I see schmoz ending, as this feud MUST CONTINUE!

Randy Orton over Undertaker: Orton's just returning, and Undertaker can handle a loss.

Eddie Guerrero over Rey Mysterio: Eddie's jobbed the past 100 matches so it's time he gets a win. I'd personally like the feud to just die, but the ratings for their segments have been really good so I'd doubt they'd end it just yet.

Kurt Angle over Eugene: If Kurt is getting the title shot next month, then it's time to start building him up. Personally, I loved the Eugene gimmick at first, but it's run it's course. Time for Nick Dinsmore to move on, IMO.

Chris Benoit over Orlando Jordan: Benoit lost on the last show before SummerSlam, so WWE logic gives it to Benoit. Plus, they need, need, NEED to get the title off OJ. Jordan is great in his role, but the US Title is DYING while he's holding on to it.

Wow. No Booker, Christian, Carlito, MNM, Shelton. No IC Title, no Cruiserweight Title, no Tag Titles. Not to complain, as this is a STACKED card, but that's a lot of guys being left off of the 2nd or 3rd biggest show of the year.

EDIT: Added Benoit/Jordan for the none of you who care.

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#17 Posted on 15.8.05 1549.24
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1549.48

1.) Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels ... Depends on how long Hogan stays around. And since his VH1 show got picked up for another season, I'll say he'll be around for a few more months. Thus, I'm picking HBK (if only for that Hogan/Flair vs. Michaels/Triple H match I have dreams about). Besides my pre-PPV PS2 match will between these two will be better since I have Bret Hart as the special referee.

2.) John Cena vs. Chris Jericho ... Jericho winning the championship? Riiiiiight ... I'm going with Cena

3.) Edge vs. Matt Hardy ... Edge, just to keep this feud a-rollin' to the "LOSER MUST DIE" match at Survivor Series.

4.) Kurt Angle vs. Eugene ... Angle makes him tap.

1.) Batista vs. JBL ... Batista wins, but JBL finds a way to retain his heat, as he always does

2.) Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio ... I'm going with Eddie, in what might be the match of the night despite the silly stipulation. This soap opera will continue.

3.) Randy Orton vs. the Undertaker ... Orton HAS to go over here if he's to become a main event player again. So I'm going with RKO.

With guys like Shelton Benjamin, Big Show, Chris Benoit, Christian & Booker T, as well as, all titles excluding the Heavyweight Championships not booked (yet) for the show, I don't understand, for the life of me, why Heat can't have a couple of good matches as opposed the recaps we've 100 times & will see during the PPV itself.

If the Smackdown side adds another match, I could see Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T vs. Christian for the U.S. title. Or MNM vs. Booker T & Chris Benoit in a #1 contenders match for the WWE Tag Team titles (or just throw Animal & Heidenreich in and make it a Triple Threat tag match).
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#18 Posted on 15.8.05 1715.26
Reposted on: 15.8.12 1715.38
Yeah, there do seem to be a lot of big players being left off the biggest show short of mania (mania jr!). I'm look at it this way though... how long has it been since we've had a stacked card AND had a half dozen guys or more who deserve to be on the show but there just isn't room for them? I see it as a sign of the business picking up... or at least the booking and writing. I'd love for booker and benoit et all to get in on the SS payday, but a rushed US championship match will be pointless unless Orlando loses.

You know, we have enough people left over for a decent 20-man (or so) battle royal. Benoit, Carlito, Orlando, Christian, Big show, Masters, Booker, MnM, Animal, Heidenrich, Hurricane, Rosey, Heartthrobs, the unfireable Bob Holly, Conway, etc. These are all people the fans care about (to some degree or other). Can't we get that on heat? Or is that ripping off WM?

(edited by Skarecrow on 15.8.05 1815)
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#19 Posted on 16.8.05 1934.43
Reposted on: 16.8.12 1934.52
Hogan v. Michaels: Hardest match on the card to call, but I think I'm going to go with Hogan here.

Cena v. Jericho: And this one is the easiest. Cena retains.

Edge v. Hardy: I'm skeptical that WWE has any long-term interest in Hardy. Edge goes over, and unless they set the world on fire, Matt is looking for new employment by the end of the year.

Angle v. Eugene: Angle.

Batista v. JBL: Batista.

Eddie v. Rey: Rey. Why break the streak now?

Orton v. Undertaker: As with Triple H, there have been a ton of cases where it looks to me like the Undertaker just has to lose -- there's no upside to him winning, and his opponent needs the win. And he goes on and wins anyway. So, here I say Undertaker.

Benoit v. Jordan: Please, for the love of Goddess, Benoit.
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#20 Posted on 16.8.05 2326.17
Reposted on: 16.8.12 2326.20
Cena over Jericho
Michaels over Hogan
Angle over Eugene
Edge by DQ over Hardy
Batista over JBL
Orton over Undertaker
Rey over Eddie
Jordan over Benoit
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