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#1 Posted on 25.7.05 2207.59
Reposted on: 25.7.12 2208.49
Hi, all. I own a Gamecube and find it frustrating that the majority of games released nowadays are on both PS2 and X-Box, but Gamecube is ignored.

So I'm looking at buying a PS2 now. They're somewhat cheap, I guess, at around $160 new for the slim PS2.

I went on eBay and found a TON of systems don't read discs, don't work, etc. Before I go and buy a system, is this a problem with PS2? That they break down easily?

I've had zero problems with my Gamecube. What other problems/complaints are there for PS2? I've heard loading times can be really bad for some games.

Also, with PS3 coming out, should I wait until then to buy a PS2 or do you think the price will be around the same it is now?
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#2 Posted on 25.7.05 2232.50
Reposted on: 25.7.12 2236.30
The disc error and problem PS2's are common in the very early models, but I haven't heard any problems with the slim ones.

I'd suggest actually waiting to get one. I recently purchased a slim model since I don't see my "PS2" brother as usual as I used to. Other than San Andreas (which will get you hefty amount gameplay), I've still mainly been using my Cube for the past couple months.

To be honest, there's not much left to come out on this generation of consoles as it is. All I need for the next couple months is a new Madden title and new wrestler and Cube will have both coming shortly. After that you get the new Zelda (which should get several hours of gameplay thrown its way) and that pretty much wraps up this generation of consoles.

Unless there's something REALLY catching your eye on PS2, I'd stick with your Cube.
Mrs. Guru
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#3 Posted on 26.7.05 0454.54
Reposted on: 26.7.12 0455.02
Unless you find a great deal on a used slim model and you have specific games in mind to play I wouldn't get it. We have all three systems in our house and Game Cube gets played the most, with Xbox a distant second and PS2 coming in dead last. There just haven't been very many PS2 only games to our taste (though I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2) and anything that was released for all three systems we picked up on Game Cube because the load times seem better and we own Wavebirds.
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#4 Posted on 26.7.05 1038.14
Reposted on: 26.7.12 1040.32
In a nutshell: look at the games that you can't get for your Cube. Do a lot of them look interesting? Then go for it. There are TONS of cheap (new and used) games for the PS2 that are worth getting; it all depends on what kinds of games you like to play.
Lap cheong
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#5 Posted on 26.7.05 1119.20
Reposted on: 26.7.12 1121.33
If you play RPGs, get a PS2 and play all the great ones you've missed out on. Other than that, I don't think PS2 is much different/better than X-Box or Gamecube.
Matt Tracker
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#6 Posted on 26.7.05 1155.46
Reposted on: 26.7.12 1159.01
The only problem I've had with my PS2 (a launch model) is that it can't play newer DVDs very well. But it has no trouble playing newer games.
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#7 Posted on 26.7.05 1253.13
Reposted on: 26.7.12 1256.20
    Originally posted by samoflange
    If you play RPGs, get a PS2 and play all the great ones you've missed out on. Other than that, I don't think PS2 is much different/better than X-Box or Gamecube.

The difference is in third-party software.

People who bought Cubes generally did so to play first-party Nintendo software -- Mario platformers, Mario Kart, Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros., anything that Miyamoto comes up with. It's not that first-party's all that exists for the Cube, but I doubt anyone will argue that it's the console's primary selling point.

There are _hordes_ of third-party games that came out for PS2 and/or Xbox that never made it to the Cube. As per the usual rule of life (90% of everything is shit), there's a lot of shovelware, but there are also tons of oddballs and B-list titles to get into beyond the obvious hits for each system. Something like Katamari Damacy, for instance, never would've sold enough on the Cube to justify a port.

PS2, being the most popular system worldwide by a landslide, gets the lion's share of game development, and thus more titles to choose from. I'd find it hard to believe that with the vast PS2 library, _any_ gamer couldn't find at least a good handful of PS2 games that'd entertain them.

Don't wait for the PS3 or Xbox2 if you want to play games now. Both are some time off, and nobody knows exactly what games will ship in their first year or how good they'll be.
Kei Posiskunk
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#8 Posted on 26.7.05 1757.41
Reposted on: 26.7.12 1758.58
I think there's plenty of interesting games on the PS2, but to expand on what vsp said, if you're looking for a game in the mold of Nintendo's first-party games (Mario/Zelda/Metroid), you're not really going to find anything.

That said, the game I've played most on my PS2 recently isn't even available in the US (Initial D Special Stage), and most of what I play doesn't seem to be the kind of games the majority of Cube fans seem to like (the RPGs being a possible exception).

If you're an RPG fan, it'd be worth a PS2 to look into games like Disgaea, Star Ocean 3, Shadow Hearts 2, and Atelier Iris.

The best advice before buying any system that I can give is just to see how many games there are for it you're interested in playing. For me, when that number grows above 6, that's when I consider buying one.

(edited by Kei Posiskunk on 26.7.05 1857)
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#9 Posted on 27.7.05 0014.18
Reposted on: 27.7.12 0014.26
The main reason I bought my PS2 is that I can play PSone games on it...isn't that reason enough to pick one up? There were some awesome games released on the PSone, like Final Fantasy VIII...and outside of a PC port, it hasn't been released anywhere else.

J. Kyle
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#10 Posted on 30.7.05 0450.19
Reposted on: 30.7.12 0451.10
Wait for the PS3. Even if the launch games suck you can play play the PS2 games on it.

If you want the RPGs that tend to be more game than cut scene, look into a GBA.

Or, if you like shooters (HALO 2), Star Wars (KOTOR!), Tennis (Top Spin), and dogfights (Crimson Skies) snatch an X-Box. Or a 360, and pray it can play all the aforementioned. Damn vague backwards compatibility promises.
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