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#21 Posted on 24.5.05 0050.40
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0052.49
I actually think the Flair and Batista will end up together in the end. When Flair saw HHH, he had this look on his face of "oh shit" instead of "look at me screw Batista."

The Main Event was really terrible, though. The match itself was good but the ending was awful on so many levels. First, it makes Edge and Lita look inadequate as a heel tandem. It makes Christian and Tomko look super weak and Christian's supposed to be a rising heel. Edge didn't need to take the pinfall in that match. It's TV, just do the DQ and do the Triple H nonsense if you must.
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#22 Posted on 24.5.05 0059.09
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0100.37
Well they buried Edge pretty excellently tonight. And people aren't ever going to take him seriously as a title contender, threat, or champion if they keep doing that.

Almost two months after Wrestlemania and we are right back where we started. Yet another lame ass HHH/Batista match to main event the PPV. The feud was DONE 7 weeks ago. Time to move on.
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#23 Posted on 24.5.05 0114.39
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0118.56
Opening seg was good. I was a little "wrestlinged out" because I watched Judgment Day in the early afternoon, so I may be biased but I liked Lita bringing some logic back into this thing. I don't like when people say Kane raped her, because he really just blackmailed her for sex, which is really so much less of a crime, horrible as that may sound. Regardless, the shot at Matt was McMahon-inspired I'm sure. Of course, WWE should have followed her example. Defending Kane at the end of the segment made WWE look repulsive. By this logic as long as two people are married, it's game over.

Stevie Richards is an acquired taste. I think he could be used better, but people go on about him like they're just dropping the ball of the surefire talent of the next century. He should have a spot on the roster, and a prominent lower mid-card position, but I can't see people being engaged by him enough to justify anything beyond that. Chris Masters is green as hell, and has the generic hoss body, but I think his physical charisma and his mastery of heel body language is worlds ahead of most people his age, with his experience level.

Why was Jericho "punished" with the easiest possible match he could have drawn? That was dumb, but his mic work was superb. God, if he'd been this kind of heel when they'd given him the title he would have been more than a footnote. No pouty-face, no whiny voice, no subtle-as-a-bomb-threat crowd insults, (and granted, that could all still be on the way) just heel goodness. "I can do that because I'm Chris Jericho." Delirious.

Anyone praising Heyman's little rant on RAW tonight must not remember the one he let loose on Vince a few years ago during the Invasion, probably on a Smackdown show. That was ten times more passionate, and it seemed more heartfelt. I've never understood the point of view presented by Heyman and his camp about Bischoff "stealing" their talent, most recently on the ECW DVD, which I saw bits of on PPV (didn't pay for it, long story). These guys had families, Heyman seemed like he would have been thrilled for them to just starve their kids trying to make their underground franchise take off.

I'm glad WCW was around as long as it was, it was good for everyone. I liked when people could make a living in wrestling, even if one cockface didn't like them. I liked when Vince couldn't fire guys while they were out with neck injuries they got working on his shows. I also liked hearing Vince go in his magazines and to any source that would listen and whine like a bitch about how Ted Turner has a vendetta, how it was obscene to go on Monday Nights when they could have gone on any other night, how it was mean-spirited and unfair, how they "stole" Macho Man (who Vince wouldn't let wrestle) and they "stole" Hogan, who was already retired and wasn't associated with the WWF. And wah wah wah. A few years later, they put Smackdown on Thursday just to crush Thunder, so it really showed what kind of a hypocrite McMahon was. He's showing it again, coming on TV and acting like he supported ECW out of the kindness of his enlarged heart, when clearly it was done so he could have first-crack at any talent he wanted, and could send guys he didn't have any plans for.

Heyman did pave the way for what he claimed tonight. Lucha libre, technical masterpieces, and bloody brawls were done in ECW, then done better elsewhere. It was also the forebear of the misogyny and mind-numbingly depraved sexuality that still infects the business today, not to mention a lot of broken necks. I'd one day like to see a rounded presentation of the influence ECW had.

ME was pretty good. Great heat toward the end. People can talk shit about Cena all they like, but he doesn't need to be protected anywhere near as much as Batista does. This guy wrestles once a month, and when he does you need a whole lot of smoke and mirrors to mask his deficiencies, which from where I'm sitting outnumber Cena's ten to one.

As for Triple H, why even complain at this point? Unless he dies, this is what we're going to get. Your only option is literally to stop watching RAW. I hate to bring up Hogan, but he really did have a sense for avoiding overexposure that is sorely needed today.

(edited by Hogan's My Dad on 23.5.05 2323)
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#24 Posted on 24.5.05 0138.49
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0138.50
    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    I actually think the Flair and Batista will end up together in the end. When Flair saw HHH, he had this look on his face of "oh shit" instead of "look at me screw Batista."

Well, Batista would have to be very damn well forgiving for having to endure a severe sledgehammer beating from Triple-H while Flair stood by giggling.
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#25 Posted on 24.5.05 0208.04
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0212.14
    Originally posted by The Vile1
    Well they buried Edge pretty excellently tonight.

Edge who? If Edge has any self respect, he'll demand a move to SD, get it, and then use his MITB title shot to take out Cena, or something. Cause he's not getting anywhere on Raw.

It woulda been cool to have Edge sit around until Trips got done killing Batista, then taken the title shot (you know, like everyone round here has been saying for so long now), won the title with a simple pin, and then refused to give Trips a title shot. Now that would've been in consistency with his character, as well as adding a new dimension to him. Now he's just yet another heel who licks Trips' ass when he's not too busy doing evil things.

In comparison, the OTHER Canadian heels are both much better characters. Christian/Tomko v Flair is comedy gold, and Chris Jericho saying "I can do that because I'm Chris Jericho" is just...sweet. Subtle heels work far better than obvious ones, and Edge is becoming more and more run-of-the-hill as the days go on.
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#26 Posted on 24.5.05 0634.43
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0636.27
Did anyone else get the "Abrochado o Multado" ads (basically "Click It Or Ticket" en Espaol) in one of the first commercial breaks? Is that ad supposed to be for people who only speak Spanish and watch Raw (in English)? Because I'm not sure how big of a group that is. Now Smackdown would be a different story.
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#27 Posted on 24.5.05 0727.50
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0729.01
Ever know a couple, and they break up, and the next thing you know, you see one of them out on a date with somebody else? Gives you an uneasy feeling a bit. That whole first segment had me going "UGH, this is pretty creepy". I feel bad for Matt, if only because he was obviously pointed out in the promo, with all the "while I was out wiht an injury and yu were running my errands" talk.

I loved King bringing up how he invaded the arena as well. FANTASTIC of him! That was one of the better beat downs the WWF ever had part of. And, it was OLD SCHOOL LAWLER doing the beating. I loved the Heyman portion of the promo, and how many times is Vince going to openly gloat about killing WCW? Its old, but it's still a bit fun.

Trips in a main event.Great! That just made my decision about if I should oreder that PPV or not. Looks like my money is going to the ECW PPV.

Big Vis, You da man! Keep up the good work!

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#28 Posted on 24.5.05 0818.17
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0829.03
Hi, all. I was there, live, last night. So here's what I can remember (without having watched the show on tape).

On Heat: C.M. Punk lost to some guy in red shorts (my friend said it was a Matt from Tough Enough, but heck if I know). Rob Conway beats Val Venis (what a jobber Val is). Heartthrobs beat Regal/Tajiri in a Tornado match (y'know, all four men are legal). And there was some other match, but I forgot what it was.

On Raw: No opening pyro? What a jip. I sat right across from the Titantron; I was torn on whether to watch the ring or the 'tron when there was a match (the ref always seemed to be between me and the action - dang referees). The place was about 80-90% full; all open spaces were behind the cameras (and a goodly amount of those open areas were taped-off for cameras, anyways).

Shelton totally blew the "dragging-Hassan-into-the-ring-over-the-rope" move. At least my angle on the ring paid off on that one.

There was a lot of laughing during the Kane rocking/crying bit with "Tough Question" Todd Grisham. What a crybaby, Kane - this is what you get for trying to live a "normal life" and get married/have a kid. (Come to think of it, isn't this how it goes for most people in real life, anyways? Zing!)

Jericho's pyro is really hot (even sitting on the other side of the arena). I bet people nearer the ramp had hair singed off.

Batista's pyro blinds. Do not look directly at Batista's pyro (or the strobe lights that do their thing during his entrance - gah!). The most memorable thing about the beatdown was the blood-stained belt.

Post-show (whenever that was; apparently you all saw the beatdown), Batista was helped from the ring and he slowly made his way up the ramp. That is all.

I'm tired and have a long day of work. I'll watch the tape eventually (maybe), just to see how it came across on TV.
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#29 Posted on 24.5.05 0826.49
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0829.04
Sad part is I had to goto work at like 12am so I set RAW to record thinking I would get a nap in before I had to leave, and I awoke up just in time to see Flair low blow Batista and for someone reason I knew exactly what had happened during the main event just by seeing a 3 second clip. Oh well.

What I didn't know was Edge had Christian and Tomko out there for help. After finally seeing their promo earlier in the locker room, I was kinda hoping Christian and Tomko would turn face and screw over Edge and make him lose. So that way WWE could put Trish back with Christin and make it Christian/Trish vs Edge/Lita feud.

Other things are the opening promo was weird but I have to say I dig heel Edge and Lita. Doing know where they are going with Kane now. Hey, Stevie jobbed again, that sucked. Cool seeing the Vince/Heyman/Eric thing, since Vince brought up that he bought ECW I was shocked he didn't bring up that he now owns WCW as well. Hey, hHh is back, great (not).
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#30 Posted on 24.5.05 0837.50
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0859.01
I was waiting for Christian to steal the briefcase after the match, because even tho they didn't help Edge win, they still came out to help him. THAT would have rocked!

Line of the night - JR: "He's eating AND dancing at THE SAME TIME, King~!" I fell off the couch laughing. This Vis push rules.

For some reason, I knew about one minutes into Vince's promo that Heyman would be out. I just had a feeling, and they didn't let me down. I like the build for this PPV.

Hopefully, HHH will go away for a vacation after HITC. Just go.
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#31 Posted on 24.5.05 0846.48
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0859.02
ScreamingHeadGuy - I'm glad you chose a fun way to celebrate your birthday. The crowd seemed pretty hot, thank you for your screaminghead.

Did Tajiri wrestle as both face/heel for his doubleduty on Heat/RAW? Benoit choking him with the kendo stick in the open mouth seemed like they almost missed the spot at first, but they recovered nicely.

We all know Lita is terrible on the mic, but this was actually one of her better performances. I'm thinking either she or Trish gets moved in the draft - I don't see how they both appear on the same roster. Sign idea for next week - "Trish was right - Lita's a slut!"

I agree with Hogan'sMyDad that Chris Masters has the heel mannerisms down very well for someone that young and green. He's getting heat - but it's XPac/Bossman Heat. I think they've invested too much in him now not to pay off the angle with him getting pulverised on RAW. My guess is he's the tool Batista will use to recover heat on his way back to the midcard after dropping the title to HHH.

Say what you like about Christian, and I count myself as one of his peeps, but hot dog, for the past month Big Vis has stolen the show in the comedy dept.

I didn't like Bischoff's boredom stare while Heyman and Vince ranted.

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#32 Posted on 24.5.05 0909.32
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0913.25
The WWE has finally done it. They've made me care about Smackdown! more than RAW. The back-to-back Judgment Day/RAW sealed it. Judgment Day had a great title defense by a charismatic champ, the continuation of a brutal ex-friends feud, tag champs who actually defend their titles on pay-per-view, and hell even Heidenreich has become entertaining. They even kind of made me care about Booker T, though that ended once he started wrestling and throwing crappy kicks.

In contrast, the only thing that caught my interest about last night was the ECW promos. I'm not sure whether to give Smackdown! credit for bringing their quality up, or condemn RAW for bringing their quality down. Probably a little of both. All I know is, I heard Triple H's music hit and I turned off the TV.
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#33 Posted on 24.5.05 0925.13
Reposted on: 24.5.12 0929.01
Someone should remind Vince that Bischoff wasn't running WCW when it died. Hell, someone should remind Bischoff he wasn't running WCW when ECW died either. And, if anyone forgot why team WCW/ECW went in the shitter so quickly after the InVasion PPV did a top 5 all time buy rate, Vince's still getting a hard on about WCW's death should be a good reminder.
I'm surprised Ross mentioned highest rating in over a year, as that does allow people to put 2 + 2 together and conclude NO Trip equals ratings.
The briefcase needs to be stolen. Over 2 months without even an attempt is just wrong.
I'm sure the excuse for rushing the Flair semi-turn and Trip's return is that next week is Memorial Day, and heaven forbid a wrestling angle kickoff on Memorial Day. Right Scott Hall?
The good thing about the Lita turn: After Edge disposes of her in a few months (as he has his past 2 wives), Lita will end up on the unemployment line, as the "Girl Power" crap character she has had will be useless.

(edited by redsoxnation on 24.5.05 1025)
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#34 Posted on 24.5.05 1059.49
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1100.20
Wow, they ran an angle where it looked like Flair was going to turn on Triple H only for it to be a swerve! I've never seen that before. And the best part is that I didn't even see it coming. [/extreme sarcasm]

That whole monologue two weeks ago about leaving and old Paul couldn't even keep himself out of the spotlight for two whole weeks. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am a little pissed off. Actually, to be fair, they did fool me with the Flair angle. I thought that they'd milk it until Vengeance where if he turned back it would mean something. Instead, they just did the 453rd Evolution swerve of all time. Congratualtions!

Someone earlier said that the result tonight buried Edge. They were right. But the beauty of this Triple H fellow is that he not only buried Edge (and by proxy Christian and Tomko), but he also buried Batista. For six months the appeal of Batista is that he has been one step ahead of the Cerebral Assassin, thus beating him at his own game. But not anymore. You see, Triple H is always smarter. And he gets to book his own matches. Whatever.

Did anybody else think it ironic that Paul Heyman came out and cut that great promo about how ECW was more than just garbage brawling, and then in the very next segment, Chris Benoit and Tajiri, two fantastic regualars...wait for it...have a garbage brawl!

I like this new Jericho, but the best thing would have been, after Todd tells him his match is over, if Jericho took a minute to digest it and then left again.
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#35 Posted on 24.5.05 1228.18
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1228.56
The upside is that Ill have until at least 9:15 next week to run errands. I figure that HHHs promo will run at least that long, and wont tell us anything we didnt already know.
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#36 Posted on 24.5.05 1237.23
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1245.48
Yep, you guys are right. Triple H just buried everyone in one night. Damn him to hell for continuing his feud! That Edge character sure won't be getting any more paychecks....or tv-time.....or meaningless storyline wrestling match victories....or heel heat....NOPE! TRIPLE H BURIED HIM! Christian? Yeah that guy is going nowhere, that sledgehammer beatdown of Batista effectively killed and buried his character. It's back to noodles and Heat for Captain Charisma. Why? Well Triple H buried him of course. Didn't you see Evil Paul come out to continue the storyline that has been heading up RAW for months now? Burial. Pure ego trip by Trips, swear to god.
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#37 Posted on 24.5.05 1257.58
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1259.01
Random Raw Thoughts:

-Please, you people are acting as if Trips would have been there last week, the show would have received a TERRIBLE rating. Just a coincidence...

--I like where the Edge/Lita relationship is going. Their sloppy kissing is very heel-ish.

-Glad they finally found a gimmick for Jericho, but I'm not sure exposing that he doesn't care about right wrestling is the right way to go. By the way, on a side note, Jericho's hair is fugly. Wish he would grow it all the way out again.

-Big Vis' sexual chocolate 2005 entertains for another week...

-Even if you didn't see the swerve coming since last week, RIC FLAIR is on his knees behind a person's crotch...What do you think is gonna happen?

-Add another who marked out when Lawler mentioned his ECW history.

Big Brother
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#38 Posted on 24.5.05 1303.05
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1304.21
    Originally posted by PsychoticMidget
    Yep, you guys are right. Triple H just buried everyone in one night. Damn him to hell for continuing his feud! That Edge character sure won't be getting any more paychecks....or tv-time.....or meaningless storyline wrestling match victories....or heel heat....NOPE! TRIPLE H BURIED HIM! Christian? Yeah that guy is going nowhere, that sledgehammer beatdown of Batista effectively killed and buried his character. It's back to noodles and Heat for Captain Charisma. Why? Well Triple H buried him of course. Didn't you see Evil Paul come out to continue the storyline that has been heading up RAW for months now? Burial. Pure ego trip by Trips, swear to god.
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#39 Posted on 24.5.05 1333.59
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1340.56

Still not sure about the Jericho character yet. Will he be continuing to feud with Shelton (who looks to be feuding with Hassan). Is this the change the Jericho needs before he's shipped to Smackdown & engage in the "Rocker vs. Rapper" feud?

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#40 Posted on 24.5.05 1335.50
Reposted on: 24.5.12 1340.58
Hi, again. Here are a few more things I remembered:

On Heat: Hurricane beats Maven (Rosey, Stacie, and Simon Dean are all at ringside for shenanigans).

Masters/Richards - post-match, Stevie was helped to the back. It looked like his left knee was injured (wasn't there some move in the match that attacked it?). But, of course, I don't know if it's serious/real, just relating what happened.

Pet peeves: CellPhoneMan who sat in front of me and wouldn't shut the hell up. Whoever let rip right before the Main Event. Justin (my friend's friend), for taking up my left armrest.

(Thanks, too-old-now; it was a pretty nice day.)
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