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15.12.10 1554
The 7 - Site Bashing - Ultimate Warrior versus SomethingAwful.Com
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 11.4.05 1203.03
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1204.05

(edited by Alessandro on 12.4.05 1637)
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#2 Posted on 11.4.05 1302.26
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1305.06
I just finished reading that.... glad I don't have a "director of communications" like that on MY payroll.
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#3 Posted on 11.4.05 1712.48
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1713.01
You know, things like that really make me wonder if certain types of insanity are contagious. Really, how else can you explain the "Director of Communications"?

DJ FrostyFreeze
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#4 Posted on 11.4.05 1738.12
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1739.38
I'm beginning to think that Warrior is his own Director of Communitations, in which case I wonder why "Director of Communications" was the best fake title he could come up with. Maybe "Spokesperson" didnt sound Warrior-y enough?
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#5 Posted on 11.4.05 1739.10
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1741.43
I'm not convinced the guy actually worked for Ultimate Warrior.

His email is "" - not exactly "professional"

his behavior, especially considering he was "being advised by a lawyer" was just plain stupid and childish. I think this guy at somethingawful just got duped into some idiot's prank
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#6 Posted on 11.4.05 1739.14
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1745.55
    Originally posted by DJ FrostyFreeze
    Maybe "Spokesperson" didnt sound Warrior-y enough?

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#7 Posted on 11.4.05 1748.51
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1751.49
Minister of Verbal Destrucity/He Who Cannot Unspeak What Has Already Been Spoken?

(edited by Blanket Jackson on 11.4.05 1850)
Deputy Marshall
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#8 Posted on 11.4.05 1752.10
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1754.02
The paragraph the "Director of Communications" wrote about finding out the guy's personal information and calling his father reeked of...I don't know, harassment? Stalking? Borderline threatening? I know he attained the information through legal means, but if I read something like that I'd be more than a little disturbed. Are there any Ws here in the legal profession that would know if what was said could be construed as such?

Seems Warrior's employees (or volunteers or whatever) are just as whacked out of their mind as he is. On the other hand...

    Originally posted by TheBucsFan
    I'm not convinced the guy actually worked for Ultimate Warrior.

    His email is "" - not exactly "professional"

    his behavior, especially considering he was "being advised by a lawyer" was just plain stupid and childish. I think this guy at somethingawful just got duped into some idiot's prank

...TheBucsFan brings up a good point. Thing is though, Warrior was never the most professional person on the planet, as is evidenced by his crappy website and holding out for more money right before a title defense on a pay-per-view. Unprofessional conduct/e-mail address from someone under the employ of Warrior doesn't really surprise me.
Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#9 Posted on 11.4.05 1808.38
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1808.52
I haven't read the SomethingAwful site, but I think this may be another communication from the same guy?

    Originally posted by Russ Passig's email conversation with me about putting up the bit torrent of the speech

    This release was authorized by Warrior. Accredited members of the media may
    email me with their contact information if they wish to request additional
    comments from Warrior.

    Chris Lewis
    Communications Director
    Ultimate Creations, Inc.

    From the Desk of Warrior

    April 6, 2005

    Santa Fe, NM - This release is in response to allegations made in an email
    from UConn student Russell Passig, as well as remarks made in two press
    releases by the UConn College Republicans regarding Warrior's appearance at
    UConn on April 5, 2005.

    First, Mr. Passig's claim that Warrior's address was tantamount to
    "university-funded hate speech" is absolutely ridiculous. While it is
    certainly true that Warrior's positions are often controversial, the reality
    is that what people like Passig whiningly denounce as "racist and
    homophobic" is merely what reasonable adults would classify as nothing more
    than being politically incorrect. While Mr. Passig, Mr. Traugh, Mr.
    Moghtaderi, and any others who objected to the substance of what Warrior had
    to say would certainly have been within their rights to challenge Warrior
    during the Q&A period, the truth is that they lacked the class and common
    sense to do so. After repeatedly interrupting Warrior's speech, these
    individuals chose to further instigate Warrior with baseless ad hominem
    attacks - thus eliciting highly-charged responses from Warrior. To top it
    all off, this World Class Crew of Crybabies is now attempting to have the
    UConn administration punish the CRs for words that Warrior spoke. Yet
    another timeless liberal/left-wing/anti-American tradition - when in doubt,
    blame the Republicans.

    All of the above notwithstanding, it is somewhat sad to see how utterly
    spineless the UConn College Republicans have turned out to be. Not a single
    UConn CR voiced any objection to Warrior after the event. The detailed
    emails between Warrior and the UConn CRs reveal that the CRs repeatedly
    encouraged Warrior to single out the Tent City Trash for some re-education.

    Yet, it now seems that the CRs have collectively decided to bow down and beg
    forgiveness from various extremist, anti-American, left-wing groups who
    infest the UConn campus. Perhaps the UConn CRs should refrain from engaging
    in political activism until such time as they develop enough backbone to be
    able to withstand not being liked by their opponents.

    It bears mentioning that Warrior demonstrated considerable restraint given
    the disrespectful and petulant behavior of a small minority of the students.

    These individuals unwittingly illustrated one of the most pernicious
    truths of modern liberalism: that while self-described liberals claim, ad
    nauseum, that they support freedom of speech, the truth is that they only
    support free speech as long as the content of that speech is acceptable to
    them. The moment that a single word is spoken that questions, challenges,
    or otherwise conflicts with their myopic, misguided views of the world,
    their enthusiasm for the First Amendment totally disappears.

    In closing, Warrior emphatically rejects and dismisses any attempt to
    portray his appearance at UConn as anything other than it was - a
    straightforward, honest discussion of Warrior's philosophical beliefs. That
    his words have been mischaracterized and that the speech was occasionally
    interrupted by a relative handful of students (who, for some reason, all
    seemed to smell like patchouli oil and burnt flag) does not detract from the
    fact that the overwhelming majority of those in attendance had a wonderful
    time and agreed with most of Warrior's points - a fact that is corroborated
    by dozens upon dozens of emails that Warrior has thus far received from
    attendants. Warrior thanks all of his true fans and all of the true
    Conservatives who took time out from their studies to welcome him back to
    Connecticut, and hopes to see them all again very soon.

    Always Believe,

So... this came from the University to Russ as far as I can tell.

//edit: Sorry about the spacing, I'm pasting this from an email and it's not fitting in the quote box too well. This is the same release that was posted on the other sites, but without the attribution to Chris Lewis, Communications Director of Ultimate Creations, Inc.

(edited by Guru Zim on 11.4.05 1610)
Barbwire Mike
Boudin rouge
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#10 Posted on 11.4.05 1912.37
Reposted on: 11.4.12 1917.01
And Warrior does introduce him on his website:

    Here is a formal press release: UConn Press Release. This was sent out by Mr. Chris Lewis. This clearly and accurately reflects my thoughts on the entire situation. Mr. Lewis works for and with me. He came on board with Project Warrior a few months ago to help me expand and bring about the fruition of my long-worked-on goals. He has not yet been formally introduced. In a couple of days this will be happening at the site. You can find out more about both him and the nature of his involvement with Project Warrior at that time.

Also, my bad.
Sean Carless
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#11 Posted on 12.4.05 0013.31
Reposted on: 12.4.12 0013.38
I received an almost duplicate email myself for a column I wrote at from "Chris Lewis," where he basically made the same "legal" threats as was made to Lotax at Somethingawful. However, unlike Lowtax, he didn't threaten to dispatch Warrior to smite me. However, I have been training myself in the art of ducking clotheslines as a precation.

(edited by Sean Carless on 11.4.05 2214)

(edited by Sean Carless on 13.4.05 1628)
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#12 Posted on 12.4.05 1256.25
Reposted on: 12.4.12 1259.01
    Originally posted by article
    Also, from now on, I shall refer to you as "Peaches."
Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

(edited by SOK on 12.4.05 1156)
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