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22.5.11 2028
The 7 - Movies & TV - Tough Crowd may be coming back
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Summer sausage
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#1 Posted on 19.1.05 1351.01
Reposted on: 19.1.12 1351.01
According to Comedy Central Pres. Doug Herzog, Tough Crowd is just resting.
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Lap cheong
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#2 Posted on 19.1.05 1503.42
Reposted on: 19.1.12 1503.48
I always loved Tough Crowd. Even though I couldn't disagree more with Colin's political views, I always thought that he (and mostly his guests) always brought the funny. Hell, since they have nothing to follow the Daily Show (they're following the Daily Show with the previous night's Daily Show now) I don't see how it could hurt.
Santa Sangre
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#3 Posted on 19.1.05 1656.48
Reposted on: 19.1.12 1657.18
"He added that if "Tough Crowd" were to return to the network's schedule, it might be a retooled version, with Quinn likely involved in the series but not necessarily as the host."

Interesting, I would prefer Colin to be the host if it were to come back on.

I really liked Tough Crowd and the 4-5 regular guests. Plus they had some cool guest stars like Carlin every once in a while. Although there were a few guests I can do without. It was always funny seeing a comic come on for the first time and not get in a word edgewise for a segment or 2.

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DJ FrostyFreeze
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#4 Posted on 19.1.05 1749.52
Reposted on: 19.1.12 1750.03
I liked the one where they tore Dat Phan a new one for 30 minutes. Good stuff.

I hate that guy.
Matt Word
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#5 Posted on 19.1.05 1958.42
Reposted on: 19.1.12 1958.44
I love you all. Tough Crowd was the best show ever. From Colin to Jim Norton to Patrice O'Neal to everyone, it was brand new and fresh and the most real show on TV. Dat Phan stinks.

Please support a worthy cause :

Comedy Central has done it again. A network that was founded on the beautiful art form known as standup comedy has betrayed it's roots and cancelled perhaps the most influential show in NYC comedy history.
Years from now we will be able to tell our children about a television show full of the funniest human beings alive, speaking openly about touchy issues such as race, religion, relationships, and of course politics. These performers were given free range to shoot the shit 4 days a week, and produced some hilarious moments cherished by dedicated, & hardcore viewers like us.

As of November 4th, 2004 we will all be referring to the great Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn in the past tense.

Comedy Central (CC) has decided not to pick up the program for a third season, as it hasn't been producing satisfactory numbers ratings-wise. I wonder why? Could it be that CC gives the program no FUCKING promotion at all?

When was the last time you remember seeing a full 30 second spot advertising the show? Not since season 2 began. If you watch the network for more than 3 minutes, you are bombarded with commercials for Reno 911, Mad TV, Crank Yankers, The Daily Show, Blue Collar Comedy, The Graham Norton Effect, etc. but no Tough Crowd. Even episodes of Chappelle's Show & South Park that are YEARS old get more promotion!

Tough Crowd pulls in the same ratings as the dreadful Graham Norton Effect, which gets tons more advertising & an earlier time slot. Keep in mind Tough Crowd goes up head-to-head against Leno & Letterman. For the past few months, CC has been trying to shove that unfunny, British-hack, queer down our throats with relentless commercials and even billboards placed all over New York City. It's not working.

It sickens me that CC will also throw their money towards the lowest form of comedy, that being the Blue Collar Comedy garbage, and won't renew Tough Crowd for another season. Maybe Tough Crowd should completely change their format and feature Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Fucking Hack, & Bill Engvall talking about stuff rednecks do. Hey that would make a great title for the show, "Talkin' 'Bout Stuff Rednecks Do." They can tackle such issues like which chewing tobacco is the best, how much they miss Dale Earnhardt, Sr., and of course how you can "Get-R-Done!" They can even feature hilarious acts 3 in which the Blue Collar guys put gravy on everything, squeeze pimples on each other's back, and hunt down black people with bloodhounds & shotguns (like a true redneck would.)

Sad thing is, the above would pull in huge ratings and Comedy Central would sell their soul for that. Fuck true & edgy comedy - there is no such thing as integrity.

Another factor in Tough Crowd's demise is that Comedy Central reportedly threw between $35-50 million at Dave Chappelle for 2 more years of catchphrases that will be overused by drunken, white college students. Look, even I will admit Chappelle has a great show that is worth that money, but Jesus Christ, I'm sure renewing Tough Crowd will cost 1/1000th of that sum.

While searching for a full-time Tough Crowd replacement, CC plans on airing reruns of the show in the interim. How soon until those broadcasts are replaced with more reruns of Mad TV? Do we really need to see that 8 year old sketch comedy bullshit 5 times a day?

What happened to The Daily Show promoting Tough Crowd as a lead in? How come Jon Stewart no longer mentions "Tough Crowd is up next" at the end of each show? Why aren't the 2 shows still tied together with Comedy Central's Indecision 2004 campaign? It's no secret that Stewart isn't a fan of Tough Crowd and is using his powers to get it axed. I guess we should be subjected to boring fake news, delivered in a smarmy, sarcastic manner instead of hearing real opinions from true comedians.

Thank you for reading!
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#6 Posted on 19.1.05 2042.54
Reposted on: 19.1.12 2045.33
You know why I don't watch Tough Crowd? Because I hate Colin Quinn. I hate listening to that man's voice. I hate listening to him stumble over every single word. I hate the delivery of his very flat jokes.

I'm tired of Colin Quinn and I want him off my TV. If he gets relegated to a "Guest" position, I'd watch Tough Crowd more.


Everybody else on that show is great.
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#7 Posted on 20.1.05 2038.07
Reposted on: 20.1.12 2038.09
I roughly enjoyed the format of the show and as a fan of standup, this is good news. However, at the risk of getting flamed, I HATED TOUGH CROWD.

First off, part of the logistics as to why the ratings were mediocre had to do with how no matter what, Tough Crowd had to play off of the viewers of the Daily Show. While some have noted that the fact that Tough Crowd is right-leaning and Daily Show is left-leaning presents a conflict of viewership, I don't necessarily agree. I believe that same audience will still enjoy political humor of a different bent, if it's smart humor.

Here's the thing: Tough Crowd wasn't smart humor. Racial humor can be funny, don't get me wrong, but 90% of the show was devoted to very POOR humor of the racial stereotype variety. It wasn't smart ha-ha but rather "fuck you Patrice, you're black and like fried chicken" "HAHA Nick you're such a guinea" "Mus-mus-mus-lim-s- A-rAb d-d-d-d-amnairjae ldk aldk".

And yes, that last quote is from Colin Quinn. The man beats out Magic Johnson as the worst host ever. Almost everything he says isn't funny, but even if the Gods of Comedy grace Colin with one good joke, he stutters and fucks up the delivery. Meanwhile, while there have been many good guests, many of the regulars on the show lack the depth to either one, make a good point or two, be funny.

The bottom line is this: if Comedy Central can find a really good host, one that is politically neutral, is actually funny, and can speak clear, concise English, that'd be a good step. Next, I'd scrap whatever shit they do for the last ten minutes, and also change up the topics instead of the same old "oh noes the blacks/Muslims/women/gays/etc are taking over my country!!11", then I welcome that format.

And just to clarify, I dislike Bill Mahr, but Politically Incorrect is this format done much much better and more focused.
King Of Crap
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#8 Posted on 20.1.05 2058.47
Reposted on: 20.1.12 2059.01
Yeah, Quinn was awful as a host, and actual conversation lasted 5 seconds at the most before the guests went begging for laughs and started screaming over each other.
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#9 Posted on 20.1.05 2135.06
Reposted on: 20.1.12 2136.15
Not to be mean but I agree wholeheartedly with POV's POV. I find Tough Crowd's jealousy of the Daily Show, which is pretty apparent in that petition-thing and some of the remarks made in their final episode, to be really amusing considering the enormous disparity in the quality level of the two shows. I don't know where the "It's no secret that Stewart isn't a fan of Tough Crowd and is using his powers to get it axed" thing comes from, since if Jon was bothered by every mediocre or annoying show that aired on Comedy Central, he'd never have a moment's respite. But watching him eyeroll his way through a couple appearances on T.C. was pretty funny.

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#10 Posted on 21.1.05 1453.03
Reposted on: 21.1.12 1453.31
I will agree that Colin was not the best host, but I did enjoy the show. I liked most of the members of the cast, and it usually did make me laugh. They can find a better host than Quinn, but I liked the show because it wasn't afraid to take on the non politically correct issues of our times. It wasn't a show that I went out of my watch, but I usually enjoyed it when I did watch it..except for the host..
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#11 Posted on 21.1.05 2024.55
Reposted on: 21.1.12 2025.46
I liked the show, but I don't really miss it. Maybe I just got sick of O&A fanboys treating the show like it was the second coming, but giving a show to regulars on O&A plus Colin Quinn and his friends is only funny if it's, you know, funny. It seemed like they mailed it in a few days a week, and relied on stupid jokes making fun of haircuts, clothing, and race. You could almost always predict who was going to argue about what, and what their opinion was going to be, and Quinn screwed up the skits and killed the room with bombs more times than can probably be counted. When the show worked, it was beautiful, and the Dat Phan show was amazingly funny, but I often found myself changing the channel more often than not near the end.
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