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21.5.11 1947
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - New Year's Revolution reaction thread
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 9.1.05 2141.02
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2147.00
Hey, the first PPV of 2005!

They've been having a harder time killing time on Heat than they usually do, what with this being a total one match show. Plus, no match on Sunday Night Heat this time out either.

The visual of JR & King doing commentary with palm trees behind them amuses me for some reason. Crowd is white-hot. Even Hugo & Carlos got a big pop.

William Regal & Eugene d. Christian & Tyson Tomko: Eugene came out dressed as Hulk Hogan and I'm sure this is the cue for thousands of internet writers to start their monthly "Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE" rumors. Pretty slow match. They're lucky that the crowd is so hot because I think this would have died anywhere else. Eugene hit a dropkick and ended up injuring his knee. However he schoolboyed Tomko from behind for the pin. Not sure if the injury is legit or not, but if it was an angle then Eugene did a hell of a job selling it.

Edge & Christian seem to be formulating a plan.

Trish d. Lita: JR & King are heavily building up that Lita would never try the suicide dive again, which means she will. Lita just dove from the apron to the floor and is selling a knee injury. So, I'm guessing one of these is legit, because it'd be odd for WWE to do two knee injury angles in a row on the same night. Trish won the match and the title with a chick-kick. I'm thinking that injury might be legit as the match ended AWFULLY quickly. That local Puerto Rican doctor is really getting a workout tonight making his second appearance in the span of 10 minutes.

Edge tried to get out of the Elimination Chamber, letting Christian take his place, since Shawn Michaels wouldn't let him win anyways. Eric Bischoff refused. Edge and Michaels then had a chat in the hall. I LOVE heel-Edge!!!

A commercial for WWE 24/7 aired, reminding me how much I want the thing.

Shelton Benjamin d. Maven: Maven got INSANE heel heat here. The fans chanted something to him in spanish. Maven got on the mic and told them that he couldn't understand what they were saying. Maven then walked out of the match, but at the 8 count he ran back in the ring and Maven immediatley rolled him up for the pin. Maven said that didn't count so Shelton went back in the ring, hit an exploder, and beat him in 5 seconds. Why yes, people DID pay 35 bucks for this show.

Muhammad Hassan d. Jerry Lawler: Extremely dull match. The crowd got into the Jerry Lawler come back, but other than that they were silent, and a few small "boring" chants even started up. The most entertaining thing in the match was Daivari and Ross yelling at each other outside. When the managers are the most entertaining part of a match then you know you're in trouble. Hassan took the best ddt bump this side of Rob Van Dam. Hassan won when he hit Lawler with the downard spiral as he was distracted by Daivari. No commentary here. They couldn't have at least gotten Coach or Grisham to call this ma.... on second thought, no commentary was the right decision.

Speaking of which, Coach has come out to replace Lawler. Well, I actually like Coach better than Lawler at this point, so whatever.

Orton asked Batista if he'd win the title or be Triple H's stooge. Dave said he'd win the title. Does this mean he's going to SWERVE us and lay down for Hunter at the end? Because that would totally kill all the momentum that Batista has been gaining.

Kane d. Gene Snitsky: We have another hour and 45 minutes and only 2 matches left. Kane won in a bad match. At least the crowd was into this one. Snitsky took a HELL of a back drop on the unprotected floor in the only bright spot of the match. Kane won with a sloppy looking tombstone, damn near dropping Gene on his head. Snitsky's theme now has the infamous "It wasn't my fault!" catchphrase in it. My credit card is in hand, ready to buy THAT t-shirt when it comes out.

They aired the BRILLIANT Royal Rumble promo. Seriously, how can anyone NOT love that commercial?

They've teased all show that something big happened at the pool with the divas earlier. It ended up just being them playing in the water. How's THAT for a show-long angle?

Batista told Triple H that he was just lying to Orton so as not to let him in on his real game-plan. Batista totally ROXORZ at this point and has every right to be in the main-events. VIVA BATISTA~!

Elimination Chamber is next, and at this point, the match needs to be about six-stars, because the PPV is "Worst of the year" calibre so far. Everybody in this match has gotten a great reaction. Especially MOTHAFUCKIN' BATISTA~!

Triple H won the Elimination Chamber: Smart move, as they're gonna' let the two workhorses, Benoit & Jericho, start this thing out. First 5 minutes were filled with some STIFF chops. Hunter was the first out of his chamber. Fans counted down in spanish, which was different. They all fought on the steel and Benoit bled. Edge was the next out of his chamber. He dominated early on. Jericho bladed from a slingshot. Hunter looked to be busted open hardway, bleeding from the bridge of the nose. Randy Orton was then released. He went right after Hunter. Edge accidentally speared Michaels. While Shawn was down Edge had Orton beat, but there was nobody to count. Edge got Shawn up and slapped him. Shawn then superkicked Edge. Jericho followed up with the lionsault to eliminate Edge. Big spot came when Jericho and Benoit got Hunter in the Walls and the Crossface simultaneously. The clock then started to countdown. The fans were literally jumping out of their seats, and were HOT AS FUCK during this spot. The countdown ended, but the ref couldn't get Batista's chamber unlocked. This was a legit goof, but actually increased the drama here. Batista finally got released and saved Hunter. Batista took everyone out and then he and Hunter had the big staredown. The crowd again came UNGLUED, but the other 3 men attacked before anything started. Everybody but Batista bladed. Batista spinebustered Benoit, then spinebustered Jericho onto Benoit. Batista then pinned Benoit. A few minutes later he hit Jericho with the demon bomb and pinned him. It was down to Batista, Hunter, and Orton. They ganged up on Orton but he fought back. Orton got the RKO out of nowhere on Batista to eliminate him. Hunter could have saved him but opted to stand back and watch. Hunter and Orton then went at it. Orton got the RKO on Hunter. But Flair distracted Michaels, and Batista took that oppurtunity to nail Orton with a stiff clothesline. Hunter then got up and delivered the pedigree on Orton to win the match and the title.

HELL of a main-event. The right decision was ultimately made if they want to go with the obvious ending to WrestleMania: Batista getting the title. Seriously, Dave was over as a motherfucker tonight and the crowd was SALIVATING at the thought of Batista v. Hunter.

The undercard was some of the worst stuff that WWE has ever had the gall to put on PPV, but the main-event was tremendous. And since this was obviously a one-match show, I'd say that was enough. If you didn't see this, get the DVD, but skip forward the first two hours because it's complete and utter crap. Main event is excellent, though.

EDIT: Umm, I don't know how, but somehow I'm now credited with starting this thread, which I didn't. What the hell?

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#2 Posted on 9.1.05 2141.03
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2147.01
Terrible undercard, fantasic Chamber match. Put it down in the books, Triple H is now solo 3rd as the most World title reins ever behind Hogan and Flair. I feel bad for the ref and being late opening Batistas Chamber. Ya think Maven looked bad tonight, tough break for Eugene and Lita. It was all about the Main Event though, expect the Batista turn at WrestleMania.
Texas Kelly
Lap cheong
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#3 Posted on 9.1.05 2147.52
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2149.00
Let's see...

-- Eugene & Lita go down with knee injuries
-- They book Maven as a complete idiot
-- Hassan gets completely neutered by Lawler's Memphis crap
-- The poor midcarders are forced into putting the useless divas over with the unfunny pool skits
-- An main event that was technically sound but simply put us back to square one and killed the crowd

This show was an insult to the paying customer who bought the Chamber for ANYTHING but Triple H winning AGAIN and a complete fucking waste of my time.

The WWE can blow me.
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#4 Posted on 9.1.05 2154.07
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2154.22
Considering that (a) Batista is back to carrying HHH again, (b) HHH is the champion after several weeks of the WWE booking a revolt against him, thus making all the babyfaces after Survivor Series look like idiots again, (c) Have Edge killed off quickly in the match (pinned by JERICHO no less), (d) Boiling it down to Orton/HHH/Batista, (e) the finish being the typical distractions/screwiness that made Evolution SO 'loveable', and (f) having a lame undercard which injured people and really didn't go anywhere...

Is it safe to say this isn't what you want to start the new year with PPV-wise?
The Vile1
Lap cheong
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#5 Posted on 9.1.05 2155.05
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2156.18
C'mon who else did so as well? I bet tonight's return for Jack Bauer to prime time was better than anything on what looks like from top to bottom the worst PPV card I can remember in recent memory. The real people I feel bad for is the Puerto Rico fans. The first ever WWE ppv in Puerto Rico and its ridiculously awful, I wonder how the people who actually paid to be there feel.

Only 6 matches, all of them sound either like crap or disappointing. Did Maven and Shelton even have a damn match? Did anyone buy or go to this PPV and feel ripped off?

And guess who won the main event? HHH of course to become the 10 time world champion. What was the point of all this? What was the point of taking the belt off Hunter in such a fashion, holding up the title just to put it back on him? Why couldn't they do something new and give it to Edge or at least Batista for God's sake who still looks to be on HHH's side for now. Just ugh.

One thing that we can say for without a shadow of a doubt is that there is no way Wrestlemania this year will be a fraction as good as Wrestlemania XX.

I also think something needs to be said about the Hassan gimmick. Its lame and its wrong. Its just yet another variation on the evil foreigner that hates everybody that goes for the cheap patriotic pop. My problem with it, just not how Hassan isn't even feuding with actual workers, his gimmick is so negative and incites racism as well as Arab/Muslim American stereotypes. You can argue the things he says are true. But what happens? When people disagree with Hassan he just beats them up brutally. How does that make him any different than a terrorist?

Matt Word
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#6 Posted on 9.1.05 2202.12
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2202.13
I didn't order it but everyone is saying Maria's top fell off. True or untrue?
Shem the Penman
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#7 Posted on 9.1.05 2219.01
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2219.02
    Originally posted by Matt Word
    I didn't order it but everyone is saying Maria's top fell off. True or untrue?

I think it's untrue, not that I was paying a hell of a lot of attention to the divas skits.

Anyway ... damn, that was a short PPV. Would it have killed them to slip in one more match?

Yeah, Maven/Benjamin wasn't really a match, but at least it was entertaining, which is more than I can say for the women's match or the Hassan/Lawler match. (By the way -- Daivari has his first name back! At least during the entrance.)

Amusing that the ref gave the X sign for Eugene's (probably worked) knee injury but not for Lita's (probably real) injury.

Half the guys in the bar where I was (myself included) were expecting Flair to suddenly give the thumbs down and Batista to drop Triple H after he picked him up on his shoulders.

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#8 Posted on 9.1.05 2237.25
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2240.05
Eugene's injury looks quite real to me. Notice he stopped cooperating after a bit and they just went to the roll-up finish.

While Lita's spill looked scary, she seemed fine afterwards, just a good selljob.
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#9 Posted on 9.1.05 2246.03
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2248.43
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    EDIT: Umm, I don't know how, but somehow I'm now credited with starting this thread, which I didn't. What the hell?

Politics damn it, politics!
Mr. Boffo
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#10 Posted on 9.1.05 2323.44
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2328.35
The Torch's review says "Maria's top almost fell off as Christy Hemme won." The Obverser doesn't mention anything about Maria.

BTW, WTF is a "chicken fight" anyway?

(edited by Mr. Boffo on 9.1.05 2324)
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#11 Posted on 9.1.05 2337.13
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2337.33

So, who else is grateful they saved their money for Final Resolutions?

The Vile1
Lap cheong
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#12 Posted on 9.1.05 2346.49
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2350.44
    Originally posted by LotusMegami

    So, who else is grateful they saved their money for Final Resolutions?

*raises* hand

2 hours of Jack Bauer in prime time baby!
The Sham
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#13 Posted on 9.1.05 2349.42
Reposted on: 9.1.12 2350.53
    Originally posted by Mr. Boffo
    BTW, WTF is a "chicken fight" anyway?

One person sits on the shoulders of another and faces off against a pair in the same precarious position. You stand in the shallow end of a pool and try to knock each other over. If you're on top and you fall off your partner's shoulders, you lose. If you're the base, it's considered bad form to try to trip up your opponent, but it makes it a lot more fun!

( What the hell do kids do in Wisconsin? )
Mr. Boffo
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#14 Posted on 10.1.05 0019.52
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0021.41
You have to understand, The Sham. I was in Math League in high school. I was a Computer Science major in college. I was (alright, am), to put it bluntly, a nerd.
Brian P. Dermody
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#15 Posted on 10.1.05 0131.48
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0131.49
I was (am) a nerd as well, but we did chicken fights. And we didn't even use a pool. Just the dirt in the section of the playground referred to as "The Boys' Jungle".

Oh, there was a PPV tonight? I briefly considered ordering it but opted instead to read for a while and then nap on the couch.

Looks like I made the right call.
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#16 Posted on 10.1.05 0259.17
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0303.23
This way HHH racks up more title wins without having to do any of that silly jobbing and actually losing the belt. Brilliant!
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#17 Posted on 10.1.05 0428.30
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0429.01
hey everyone,
I haven't posted here in a while but have been reading up on whts been going on in the WWE...WWE has become so horribly unbearable that i am forced to watch tna as an alternative...i actually really like their x-division...i haven't watch raw or smackdown in question to everyone is this...i've heard alot of ppl on this board say how much tna sucks and jarrett(sp?) sucks as champ but i see no difference...HHH gets the belt again and honestly he doesn't even deserve to be champ..i wudn't be suprised if some of the stars including edge make the jump to tna or any other organization cause WWE is going no where....u know he is going to drop the belt a few more times only to win it again in a week or 2 so he cud top the list of most title reigns...its inevitable...anyway..not that anyone cares but i just had to put my 2 cents in...i might actually buy the tna pay per view next sunday.
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#18 Posted on 10.1.05 0552.18
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0552.24
"The WWE can blow me."

Yeah dude, I'm sure they care.

Okay, let's bring some rationality to this thread.

Poor show for the most part, but considering its success, both critically and commercially, seemed entirely dependent on the ME, I'd say it delivered on what it promised. HHH winning is a bad thing from the no-surprises standpoint, but the fashion in which he accomplished it suggests a shift in direction for the WrestleMania plans. Orton and Hunter mixed it up a great deal whilst Batista was kept out of the picture, only to directly contribute to help his bud win the match.Which, lest we forget, is something that H couldn't do a week previous. With this booking, I can't see them aiming for anything other than a Batista Royal Rumble win, which will be the catalyst for the full-blown H-Batista feud and infinitely more attractive Mania title match.

(edited by oldschoolhero on 10.1.05 0353)
Lap cheong
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#19 Posted on 10.1.05 0556.41
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0557.11
Really, even though most of the IWC hates it, Hunter winning the title WAS the right decision here. All plans seem to be pointed towards Batista winning the title at 'Mania. So, therefore, Triple H winning the belts was the necessary finish here, despite how much bitching will appear on the internet for the next 2 months.
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#20 Posted on 10.1.05 0558.31
Reposted on: 10.1.12 0559.01

    This way HHH racks up more title wins without having to do any of that silly jobbing and actually losing the belt. Brilliant!

How many titles has he lost without actually losing ie: being stripped, having someone else pinned in a Triple Threat...?

(edited by BigDaddyLoco on 10.1.05 0700)
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