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21.4.11 2011
The 7 - Site Feedback - 75% of our registered users don't come here any more Register and log in to post!
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Mike Zeidler
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#41 Posted on 26.12.04 0719.37
Reposted on: 26.12.11 0720.10
    Originally posted by sweetroll
    Loosening standards so CRZ doesn't hurt the feelings of a mongoloid will not improve the board.

It certainly won't improve the board, but it will make it more commercially viable. Appeal to the lowest common denominator and you'll never worry about money.

(edited by Zundian on 26.12.04 0721)
Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#42 Posted on 26.12.04 1504.06
Reposted on: 26.12.11 1506.44
That really isn't the point, though.

My commercially viable site is going to be elsewhere on the server.
Captain Insano
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#43 Posted on 26.12.04 2238.11
Reposted on: 26.12.11 2244.03
Well I have been lurking around here since about 2001. Constant fear of being mocked for my horrid grammer, and poor spelling being the only deturent from me posting.

I suppose that I have kept comming back for all sorts of diffrent reasons. Used to be wrestling, but as i got older I found myself reading more of the politics forum to see who Grimis pisses of, or the sports pages for my daily updates from guys like kawshen.

I suppose that most of the people that are unacounted for have the same back story as myself.

And by the way....being a 20 year resident of MN now living in warn AZ I have plenty of winter survival tips for ya CRZ.
Big Brother
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#44 Posted on 27.12.04 0232.27
Reposted on: 27.12.11 0232.46
    Originally posted by Captain Insano

Weren't you this guy (The W) and also this guy (The W)?
Captain Insano
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From: Glendale AZ

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#45 Posted on 27.12.04 0933.02
Reposted on: 27.12.11 0934.00
Guilty, and guilty.

The age of that first profile should give ya a good handle on how long I have been around. They also both have only 1 post each on em. Classic example of someone registering to say something, then leaving.
Boudin rouge
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#46 Posted on 27.12.04 2136.58
Reposted on: 27.12.11 2136.59
Well, I've been a member of this board for quite a while now, and I guess, since I've posted very little over the last several months, I'll chime in as to why I haven't.

I had some issues in the past with CRZ. It had to do with my brother antagonizing this board. I didn't like what he did here, and he's gone. Cool. He's happy, I'm happy, everyone's happy. But, in regards to a certain incident, I felt that the way he was dealt with by CRZ was unfair.

No need to go into particulars, but the ultimate result of what occurred was me feeling that essentially, my concerns were simply summarily dismissed, although I tried to, in a very tactful manner, discuss my point of view in a way that wouldn't precipitate any immediate rebuke.

This is the major reason why I post very seldomly, because I felt that I had been indirectly punished and insulted due to my brother's activity on this board. For the most part, it's water under the bridge, but from that point till today, I just really haven't felt too comfortable posting. Despite that, I respect CRZ immensely, I always have and I always will, and I really do appreciate the fact that him and Guru Zim have maintained this very rare board for all this time. You guys are tops in my book.

Now, I'll let it be known to all right now: I've been placed into the Banished folder before. In fact, I'm one of the first examples of what NOT to do and what NOT to be on this board. If you read my banned thread you'll witness my stupidity first-hand. The post was IDIOTIC. Period.

Now, whith that said, over time, I feel that I've matured as a fellow W here. I know what's expected. I've tried to contribute in a way that respects this board. But I have come to a realization (at least on my part) that there may be no way my rating will ever go beyond where it is and where it's been ever since the ratings system was implemented. I know that nowadays, I'll post in threads, and a lot of the time I'm virtually ignored. That's fine. I am resigned to this series of possible truths.

Yet, I choose to stay on this board because at very least, I can still post here with the HOPE that someone will be willing to give me some kind of feedback on the ideas I lend.

In my time away, I thought other message boards were a solution, but by and large, only one other board that I now post at semi-regularly has been a good experience for me-- at InsidePulse's board. At 411, I was FLAMED beyond all belief and ultimately stopped posting there, because *I* decided to be dumb enough to do verbal battle with a bunch of half-witted bigots. Go fig, huh?

How many message boards are like this one? None. In fact, too many of them, particularly ones associated in some way or another with wrestling, are about nothing but the 'YOU"RE THE FAKAIN' SUXXORS OMGLOLROTFLMAO PWNED GAYEEEE LOL! I'M SO FUNNY NOTHING MATTERS BUT MY OWN LITTLE UNIVERSE AND MY CLIQUE NO ROOM FOR ANYONE NEW YOU'RE PWNED' (ad infinitum) milieu. So, it's some folks' cup of tea. Cool. I mean no disrespect. But it's not my preference.

That's the reason why I'm still here and will post once in a blue moon to stay active. I'd love to post here more, in fact. I love The W's layout, all the personalities and the great conversations here, even though I may not be involved in them/lurking/ignored. For what it's worth, I feel kinda' special that I was amongst the first handfuls of registered wieners here. *And I've been a W of the Day TWICE!*

So, now that I've said my piece, all I want to say is that these are the reasons, feelings and reflections on not postong here often. But I'd like to start up again. And if/when I do, I'll be sure to uphold my end of the deal to maintain the quality of this board in terms of my posting, as this board is one that is very unique.

If I could, I'd run a message board where intelligent conversation occurs, laughs can be had and where one could feel that after visiting, they had gained a chunk of enlightenment however that would happen. But I don't need to because I'm here at The W.

I'll do my part to add to the participation round here. And I hope that in future, great discourse will continue to be the norm here.
Potato korv
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#47 Posted on 27.12.04 2240.13
Reposted on: 27.12.11 2240.24
    Originally posted by RKMtwin
    In fact, too many of them, particularly ones associated in some way or another with wrestling, are about nothing but the 'YOU"RE THE FAKAIN' SUXXORS OMGLOLROTFLMAO PWNED GAYEEEE LOL! I'M SO FUNNY NOTHING MATTERS BUT MY OWN LITTLE UNIVERSE AND MY CLIQUE NO ROOM FOR ANYONE NEW YOU'RE PWNED' (ad infinitum) milieu.

It's not just wrestling boards. Just about ANY message board that I've been to that has those types of idiots. In fact, most boards have little to no tolerance for new members, and openly ridicule them. At least here, it's just CRZ hassling the new members, and then it's only the ones that deserve it.

For example, I went looking for information on the PSP, and stumbled upon a message board that seemed to have some of the similiar types of members that are around here. So, I registered, only to be told that my membership had to be "approved". That was a week and a half ago. In that time, I lurked on those boards, I saw more idiotic rantings, complete disrepect for "junior" members, and just STUPID topics COMBINED than I've seen in the three years I've been here. So, I decided not to bother. Heck, I usually only post here during the day when I'm bored at work, so to join another board JUST to have to "prove myself" didn't seem worth the hassle.

Let me put it another way. Since I only post here, I have NO idea what "PWNED" means, why people spell it that way, and why people are so afraid of it.

And I couldn't be more thankful.
A Fan
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#48 Posted on 28.12.04 1607.03
Reposted on: 28.12.11 1608.14
(deleted by A Fan on 29.12.04 0715)
Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#49 Posted on 28.12.04 1617.57
Reposted on: 28.12.11 1618.19
I want to clarify something.

My intention was to ask the 500 or so people who always read the site but never post - to post. I was not begging the
"10 or so people who dominate every conversation" to post more.

This is consistent with what we have always said - I don't want to hear the same thing from the same guy every day... I'd love to see more opinions represented. This is NOT asking for more repetition of the same opinion.

Just so that there is not confusion, my direction to you, "A Fan", is to a) use the spell check feature and b) Post less.

JimBob Skeeter
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#50 Posted on 29.12.04 0813.16
Reposted on: 29.12.11 0814.17
    Originally posted by TopTenPro
    I can explain where Brokenwings went.

Please, don't. We don't care. Quit bringing her name up. Sure, it's your claim to fame, but we know the story and think less of you for it, and NO, I don't want to discuss this.

As for the site, hell I've read Z since Micasa and keep coming back cuz I loved his recaps, and even tho they are gone, this is a nice board to visit. Excellent job, Z brothers.

(edited by JimBob Skeeter on 29.12.04 0814)
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From: Starkville, MS

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#51 Posted on 30.12.04 1405.43
Reposted on: 30.12.11 1406.31
Wow . . . TWO posts from me in one day! If I keep this up I'll need JimBob to order me a replacement hip from all the activity.

As far as the topic at hand, every board has it's regulars, it's lurkers, and it's once-in-a-blue-moon posters. Most of us were brought here by CRZ's wonderful recaps and wrestling in general. Wrestling (WWE/TNA) has taken quite the downward spiral as far as enjoyment the last couple of years, so I'd say a lot of people just kinda broke loose from it.

*shrug* Or maybe the board just jumped the shark? I mean, we're not Wieners anymore, just W's. And CRZ and his faithful VW Beetle moving from the sunny coastline of California into the depths of Minnesota? TRASH, as Frosty might say.
The Red Sox Fan
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From: Philly Burbs

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#52 Posted on 31.12.04 0946.28
Reposted on: 31.12.11 0946.35
I'd say I might fit into the category of someone who's here a lot and rarely posts. Much like a lot of folks, I got here via reading the brilliance of CRZ's 'caps. I stay here out of a real sense of loyalty towards him, because he provided me with literally hours of entertainment for free, and I think that goes unappreciated by many.

I can't really say why I don't post that much here. I mod at an NFL board, and have been modding there for years. I wish the people that ran that site had some of the ideals of the Zims in terms of what gets posted. Ocasionally, I come down on a few for just the stupidest things, and feel gratified in doing so. But, there is no real law on the internet, the rules are determined by the owners, and they have the final say. For the most part, the "first amendment means I can say whatever I want" defense is laughed at, from what I've seen.

At any rate, yeah, I lurk here and check out the folders as I go. I'll post in music if someone is talking Radiohead. I avoid politics like the plague. For the most part, IMO, the posters on this board are some of the most intelligent posters that I've run across, and I think that's why the glaring examples of what the Zims don't want stand out so brightly. Lurking, while learning how things are done, is a good idea here, it seems.

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#53 Posted on 31.12.04 1227.05
Reposted on: 31.12.11 1227.18
Maybe I should jump in here as I seem to be the type of person that you guys are talking about. I first joined earlier this year (2004 for the Aussies among you). I joined up simply because I was looking for a good wrestling board with intelligent people who didn't think two things. Firstly, that they were vastly superior due to their post count and second that because they could name who beat who in whatever match in 1946, I had no idea what I was talking about. I have checked the board regularly but don't always login as I have a rule I always abide by. I only actually post if I have something legible to add to the discussion. I have always checked out the satire columns which for my money, are some of the highlights of my week. I also keep checking CRZ's forum. Now, I have never spoken to CRZ or any other admin/mod but find his ramblings entertaining and like his general attitude towards idiots posting.
Now I have posted the good bits, its time for the reasons why I didn't come back for a while.
I'm probably alone on this one, but sometimes I actually find it funny when 2 teenage idiots whose only knowledge of wrestling is reading a Foley book, start arguing with each other. It can be entertaining in a car crash type of way. This is one of the reasons I always read the Banished thread
The second would be that due to other work commitments, my interest in wrestling wained a bit. Sometimes its as simple as that.
I am registered on a few different boards though and I have never seen a 'I haven't being to the W and am never going to try because someone moaned about the admins' post.
Hope that shed's some light on your problems and if not then at least my post count is up one. ;-)

EDIT: Spelling

(edited by devineman on 31.12.04 1438)
Boudin rouge
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#54 Posted on 31.12.04 1756.24
Reposted on: 31.12.11 1756.59
I graduated from college and got a different job. School and work was where I did most of my W surfing. I just have a lot less time now than I did then. Of course, I never posted that much anyways! FYI

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#55 Posted on 2.1.05 2025.10
Reposted on: 2.1.12 2029.03
I'd say that there's a decent amount of "signed up, but found a new interest" posters. Heck, I'm probably one of them. I don't think this is a bad thing, necessarily - of those 500 people, not all (and I'd say less than half, but I'm cynical) of them would have something worthwhile to say. Some of them, yes, but would it be worth the new viewpoints to have to deal with 10 new pages in the Banished folder?

Maybe they thought they had to register to read the threads, maybe they registered because they didn't want to see the ads. Heck, if I wasn't auto-logged in, I probably wouldn't login at least most of the time; I can't think that I'm the only person who does so. I've just posted a decent amount here before getting into this phase.
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