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25.6.11 1433
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11-22-04
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#41 Posted on 23.11.04 1802.17
Reposted on: 23.11.11 1806.49
    Originally posted by Mayhem
      Originally posted by CANADIAN BULLDOG
      I cannot believe there's no (or at least, very little) love for Triple H's role in that final segment last night. Come on -- he was TREMENDOUS in that whole running storyline and his mocking of Randy Orton was hilarious.

      For every snide remark people have made about his position in the company (and I'll admit, I've made some of those in the past), I still think he deserves it for his show-stealing performance last night.

      I mean, I think most of us could see it would be a swerve with Batista, and that's fine. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with making things fairly obvious. And Batista was great, too; with HHH's one comment about "You still should have beat Jericho," it keeps the door open for a feud down the line. But I think there should be credit given where credit is due -- Triple H rocked last night.

    I gotta agree with you Bulldog ... A friend of mine and I were talking after RAW went off and I told him that Triple H reminded me of the smart-ass dick Triple H, as opposed to the "I AAAAAMMMM THE GAAAAAMME" Triple H.

He was great last night. I had forgotten how great he can be when he's being smarmy instead of cutting long, boring promos about how superior he is. I want the old Triple H back. Now. On a weekly basis.

Batista was great, too.

Overall, the best Raw in a while. I enjoyed about 75% of it, which is unusual. The Simon dean gimmick has to go, but other than that, I like the dsirection they're headed. I'm even starting to like Randy Orton, despite my best eforts otherwise.
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#42 Posted on 23.11.04 2058.58
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2059.01
Before I get started, I will tell you what happened when we were watching Smackdown tonight. We were watching SD, wrapping Christmas presents that have to go out of town. About 30-35 minutes into SD, the Heidenreich promo is on. After Heyman says that Heidenreich is the Undertaker's demon, Tivo just stopped. I thought, maybe someone pushed pause. I did push pause, thinking it was stopped. Same Heidenriech shot. I fast forwarded a little, same shot. It was until 1:24 into SD that some other shot appeared, JBL's victory speech. After checking the recap and watching the rest of SD, it was a blessing in disguise. SD wasn't good, and we were able to watch Raw and end at a decent time.

Now, to Raw (just matches unless otherwise). I will get to other thoughts at the end...

0) Opening skit...when I saw the opening skit on MNF last week, I had no problem with it all. It was the media that went way too far. Thank you Vince for bringing it up, yet putting a little twist to this. See you in a couple of months. Hope we don't get into fans and wrestlers getting at it in the stands.

1) Snitsky/Maven...that sure is a nasty cut on Snitsky. Maven, could you please put that "M" somewhere else on the front of your tights? OK match.

2) Stacy/Dean/Hurricane/Rosey...Yes, the T-shirt blaster is on. A commercial only item is shown. Next,
>>SIMON DEAN: Yes!!!
>>ME: NO!!!
>>MY DAD: (just puts his head up in disbelief that Simon is on)
Ooooh...a heavy leather weightlifters belt, better than a plastic container of powder.

3) Batista/Jericho...another rare sight, a DQ due to not breaking the five count. It just shows how tough Batista is. Did anyone notice a trickle of blood from his head? What happened?

4) Coach/Rhyno...squash. Maybe next week, they will get it right. Then again, maybe not. Couldn't they get someone easier for Coach to even have a shot against.

5) Divas match...actually pretty nice match. Many mask moves (mainly by Lita on Trish). HA!!!

6) 6 man match...nice match, now Eugene is bringing kids in the ring to dance and do the airplane. Next week, he's going to bring a bird to ringside.

7) Benoit/Edge...NO HHH??? He is never late for his intro. Great, he's down. Instead of doing a song and dance routine for aAt least the match with Edge was good, nice push out at the end. Some good juicing by Benoit.

8) HHH/Batista...Well HHH, you did it again!!! (plays instrumental ending theme of Gilligan's Island when the Skipper is slapping Gilligan with his hat at the end of almost every episode). You guys got me, but not my dad. I was thinking, if they did this in the old WCW, you would expect a lot of garbage thrown from the crowd (shouldn't have said that because it is too sensitive in a couple of NBA cities, but it did happen in WCW quite a bit...see Daytona Beach, see Atlanta) Orton finally appears, and brings out the entire roster to go up against HHH in a battle royal next week. Man, I was expecting Jericho to be GM next week, and Orton the week after.

Other thoughts:
A) Why are you bringing back the Diva contestants. There are probably more backstage Divas than wrestling Divas now.
B) That Mohammad guy...ZZZZZZ. His manager...ZZZZZZZZZ.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'll be back sometime this weekend for Smackdown (hopefully all of it this time). I'm just worried we'll see the Divas in a 3-way gravy bowl match that night, and maybe a food fight will happen. I'll just spend my Thanksgiving with my family watching football all day, talking about everything in sight, hopefully seeing my Bears, in their 1946 uniforms (can't wait to see them), get a win over Dallas. Later.

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#43 Posted on 23.11.04 2135.12
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2138.15
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    I'd like to know what diet Lita used this week. She looked like she dropped about ten pounds from all over. She hitched up her pants a bit but her face and jawline were much more defined.


She's using the Simon Dean system of course.

Best part of the opening skit was the Monday Night Football music being used.

OTher than that, Batista is in for one hell of a face turn whenever it happens.
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#44 Posted on 23.11.04 2149.14
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2149.18
Am I the only one in shock that Vince McMahon uttered the words: 'Are you ready for some wrestling'? Considering Vince's utter despisal of the word wrestling, shouldn't he have gone 'Are you ready for some sports entertainment'? And, considering the Vince/Trish storyline of a few years ago, he really shouldn't have been shocked when he saw Trish without a towel.
Lay off a bunch of wrestlers, then have Coach have matches every week. Sure, that makes sense.
At least Benoit still hasn't had to job to Trip in a singles match since winning the belt from him.
I thought they would have Orton go last. Would have made some sense, have the battle royale in Charlotte, let Flair last until the end, get the crowd really into it. Of course, they could have Flair fluke win the belt in the battle royale and retire the next week in Charlotte by vacating the belt, allowing for a tourney in Puerto Rico, and actually providing a reason for people to purchase that PPV.
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#45 Posted on 23.11.04 2155.27
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2156.11
Does anybody know where I can find a clip of the opening? Because as an African-American who LOVES White Canadian Women With Broken Noses, I'd love to forward it to other like-minded African-Americans.
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#46 Posted on 23.11.04 2158.58
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2159.01
    Originally posted by Battlezone
    Does anybody know where I can find a clip of the opening? Because as an African-American who LOVES White Canadian Women With Broken Noses, I'd love to forward it to other like-minded African-Americans. has it.
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#47 Posted on 23.11.04 2208.21
Reposted on: 23.11.11 2209.47
I missed Raw, so I didn't get to see it until I saw it at I think Vince was great in it. "Shelton, you may not know it, but you are an African-American". I felt like he saved the whole thing.
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#48 Posted on 25.11.04 1438.09
Reposted on: 25.11.11 1438.17
    Originally posted by Mr. Boffo
    I missed Raw, so I didn't get to see it until I saw it at I think Vince was great in it. "Shelton, you may not know it, but you are an African-American". I felt like he saved the whole thing.
Am I the only one who thought it was boring? I really didn't care for the skit.
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#49 Posted on 25.11.04 1933.17
Reposted on: 25.11.11 1934.15
Opening seg was probabaly one of the best of the year, totally out of tune with the usual including multiple camera angles. Triple H was MVP for the night, just brilliant, smart, funny and brilliantly executed. Batista still makes me cringe on the mike, he always interupts people, hopefully he'll get there. Overall good show.
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#50 Posted on 25.11.04 2230.23
Reposted on: 25.11.11 2230.45
    Originally posted by hhhgamewmx7
    Triple H was MVP for the night, just brilliant, smart, funny and brilliantly executed.

"That performance deserved an Academy Award! Or... at least a Slammy, or something!"
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#51 Posted on 28.11.04 0319.35
Reposted on: 28.11.11 0320.23
I hated the ending. Personally there are a few things worse in pro wrestling then the "What you seen in front of you was all an act". Very finger point of doom IMO. It's always been a sore issue with me, when you have the fans start questioning the issues between people on screen is legit (in a storyline sense) it's a very dangerous precedent... It would have worked better for me if Batista wasn't in on it. Flair & HHH are in on it as Batista walks around saying "It wasn't me who attacked him" and then at the end HHH comes out and says "I know it wasn't you big guy, I was just outsmarting Benoit". Cooler heads would prevail between the two in-ring but Batista has that added notion for a later turn that he was kind of taken for a ride as well.

The crowd really was deflated after the non-World title match with HHH. I like Edge's heel character but it's no real substitute to a World title match that was expected here at home or at the arena... Even though the match was good, hard to blame the crowd for not eating up this cage match.

Why on earth did Lita want revenge on Molly? The week before Molly was pretty much Lita's b*tch by getting squashed, tapping out & then getting hit with a DDT after the match. All it was left to do the other week was to stuff her in Lita's locker for good measure. That's a first wanting revenge on a heel that did nothing wrong to you... Match this week was not paced well, full grades for Trish for playing the mask/injury way up in her bumps, she made it seem so real. Always cool to see the Molly-Go-Round. Both heels took finishers & needed to be saved really protecting Lita in looking strong in there. After the match Lita attacks Trish because she can and smiles. Is the title even important to her?

When I think ECW, I think Stacy Keibler. Simon Dean having his face plastered on the back of his zip up shirt is funny. This is sure some build to feud with Rosey, hopefully it's Hurricane that he ends up feuding with... Maven squashed by Snitsky. Wish the 6-man tag was longer.

The opening was shockingly decent, I thought the nose guard was a funny wrestling twist... I see a lot of people thinking they are going to go with the Battle Royal, I think HHH will take Door #1 and give Orton a non-title match.

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 28.11.04 0423)
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#52 Posted on 28.11.04 1548.58
Reposted on: 28.11.11 1550.42
If they are planning a one on one match for the World Title at WM21 then there is no way they will have Orton vs Trips any time before WM21. If they plan a 3 way or 4 way for the title then we might see them square off somewhere but it won't be on Monday.Vince won't change a heavily hyped main event two weeks in a row.
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