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23.6.11 2030
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Survivor Series Prediction Thread
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#1 Posted on 12.11.04 1044.43
Reposted on: 12.11.11 1045.02
An interesting show, to say the least, in that it's not got a lot of buzz going in but has the potential to leave both shows with a plethora of new storylines to explore.

Classic Survivor Series Match, Winners Control RAW For Four Weeks: Randy Orton/Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Maven Vs. HHH/Batista/Edge/Gene Snitsky

Maven's obviously been slotted in as a replacement for the injured HBK, which makes me puzzle over his selection. There are better stopgap candidates out there for such a position-both Eugene and William Regal spring immediately to mind-so why did they run with a guy who, just a day before his push began, was losing to a tag-team wrestler on Heat? I think they're reviving the "Maven turns heel, joins Evolution" angle that was mulled over last year. He's been a total non-entity in the build-up, which means the turn will come out of nowhere, and yet in the aftermath his actions could be made to look totally justified. He recognizes his place, and by throwing his lot in with Evolution he's ensuring himself of a powerful position long past the following four weeks.
Match-wise it should be a pretty good twenty-five to thirty-minutes, as long as the most obvious weak link-Snitsky-is protected.

Official call: Maven turns heel and costs Orton the pinfall against Hunter, with side issues involving Jericho/Snitsky and Benoit/Edge set into motion through other intra-match goings on.

WWE Title Match: John Bradshaw Leyfield Vs. Booker T

This is maybe the first time since he won the belt that JBL actually looks and feels like a dominant champion. Booker's been hung out to dry ever since arriving on SmackDown, which may just play to his advantage here. They've got three more PPVs between now and WrestleMania to transfer the title from JBL to Angle in time for the Angle/UT marquee match. Doing it here, and putting Booker over, say, Eddie at Armageddon, will keep things heated and interesting as the Rumble approaches. Regardless of all that it's time to take the belt off of Bradshaw anyway; I've enjoyed his push and title run, but if it goes on any longer it's going to run the SD main-event scene dry. Put the belt on Booker, even if he does end up being a lame-duck champ til Kurt beats him.

Official Call: Booker beats JBL to win his first, and likely only, WWE Title.

Classic Survivor Series Match: Eddie Guerrero/The Big Show/Rob van Dam/John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns/Mark Jindrak/Carlito Caribbean Cool

So it looks like the Cena/Carlito thing will have to be blown off pretty quickly; I'm thinking Cena beats the crap out of CCC and gets disqualified. Thus Carlito is put on the shelf and Teddy Long is "forced" to suspend Cena for another month or so. Which leaves us with a match that, whilst likely to be decent, is not all that different from what we've been watching every Thursday night for the past five weeks. I see it unfolding fairly straightforwardly, with Eddie and Big Show being the sole survivors.

Official Call: Eddie Guerrero and The Big Show remain for their team after Eddie eliminates Angle with a frog splash.

The Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich

This one's pretty cut-and-dry. Taker will have his way with Hrrnnrr. I don't think we've seen the last of Tazz stepping in to defend his pasty announcing partner, so that may ply in here somewhere too.

Official Call: Taker finishes off Heidenreich neatly with the Tombstone.

Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian

Another join-the-dots feud, albeit one which should result in a pretty good match. Christian can afford to drop a loss here, after which he should maybe move into the t ranks with Tomko for a while. And Benjamin needs to hang onto the title so he can feud with either Batista or a freshly-turned Maven.

Official Call: Benjamin retains his title with a clean pinfall victory.

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus Vs. Lita

Am I the only one who thought it was ludicrous that there was no explicit mention of Trish's history with Jericho when guested on the Hilite Reel Monday night? Whatever; Trish is too good a champeen to lose the belt here, particularly given the depleted state of the division. She gets a screwy win to prolong the rivalry, and if they really wanna weird things up they should give her Snitsky as her new beau.

Official Call: Trish holds onto the belt via heel shenanigans, but she won't hold Lita off forever.

Fatal Four-Way For The WWE Cruiserweight Title: Spike Dudley Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio

There is such an obvious result here that the fed would be stupid to book it any other way. Kidman's easily the best candidate for a title reign here, and he's got ready-made matches with both Chavo and London right there to take advantage of.

Official Call: Kidman wins his umpteenth cruiserweight championship.
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#2 Posted on 12.11.04 1624.15
Reposted on: 12.11.11 1624.45
WWE Title Match: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs Booker T:
I've liked JBL more than many have. I thought his title win was a mistake at first, but I quickly began to enjoy his character. But nowadays, the title picture is very stagnant. It's not neccesarily JBL's fault, as there's no one besides Eddy Guerrero that really excites me as a champion. Even though they supposedly need to get the belt to Angle, I can't see Booker T as even a transitional champion. Therefore, your winner and still WWE Champion, Jhon Bradshaw Layfield!!

IC Title Match: Shelton Benjamin (C) vs Christian:
Christian has been really good lately; it's a shame they didn't get a chance to do a full-fledged feud between Christian and HBK. Of course, on the other hand, it looks like Shelton Benjamin is being positioned to make a run at the main event. it's Shelton's first chance to hold singles gold; therefore, the winnner of the bout, Shelton Benjamin.

The Undertaker vs Heidenreich:
The Undertaker doesn't seem to like to job. Heidenreich is very, very bad (or so I hear, the WWE has done a good job protecting his weaknesses). Because of this, I don't see Heidenreich being put over by the Undertaker, even via managerial interference. Your winner, The Undertaker.

Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Maven/Randy Orton vs Triple H/Batista/Gene Snitzky/Edge:
This match is for control of Raw for the next month. It's kind of a stupid stipulation, in my view, because it will probably get really repetitive after a week or two. I don't expect them to go with the heels winning because that would be too much like having Eric Bischoff running the show. The winner of the match, and Soul Survivor, Randy Orton!

Eddy Guerrero/Big Show/Rob Van Dam/John Cena vs Kurt Angle/Carlito Caribbean Cool/Luther Reigns/Mark Jindrak:
This match seems to be sort of aimless. It's not really a clearly defined feud or cohesive teams. I just don't think that people view Angle's teammates the same way that they view the other five guys in the match; not even close. But still, Angle is apparently headed to WrestleMania XXI as the champion, which means he needs to end his feud with Guerrero. Also, Cena gets a measure of revenge on Carlito, when the two of them fight to a double-countout. The winners of the match, Kurt Angle!

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus (C) vs Lita:
They've been building to this match in a roundabout way since March or April. Lita is still very over with the crowd, while Trish Stratus is simply the most talented female in the company. Lita looks to be back on the fulltime roster now, and as such, she will receive the now uselss Women's Title. The winner and NEW Women's champion, Lita!!

Cruiserweight Title: Spike Dudley (C) vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero:
This match should be a show stealer because, based on only having a seven match card, it should get plenty of time. Dudley's act as the Boss of the Dudley family seems to be coming to an end, as there are indications that his brothers may soon turn face. Mysterio is the most over guy in the division, so he doesn't really need the belt. It ought to come down to Guerrero vs Kidman. Kidman has been red hot since winning the Tag Team Titlws, so he ought to win the gold from Spike to set up programs with Chavo and a returning Paul London. The winner and NEW cruiserweight champion, Billy Kidman!!
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#3 Posted on 12.11.04 1635.10
Reposted on: 12.11.11 1635.17
"This match should be a show stealer because, based on only having a seven match card, it should get plenty of time."

I don't think it will, because the 8-man matches will eat up sizeable chunks.
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#4 Posted on 12.11.04 2219.29
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2220.14
Spike Dudley (C) VS Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Billy Kidman VS Chavo Guerrero Jr.
FUZZY SEZ: Everyone in this match honestly deserves the belt - and I'm loving Spike's heel run, but Kidman is on the biggest uphill stretch at the moment and he needs the belt more than everyone else. New champ.

The Undertaker VS John Heidenreich
FUZZY SEZ: Seriously, who cares? Undertaker, most likely. Don't get me wrong, I've been enjoying Heidenreich's poetry/anal raping, but I've also got no desire to actually see him in the ring.

Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Carlito Carribean Cool VS Eddy Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam and John Cena
FUZZY SEZ: Honestly, you could give this one to any of the faces and it would make sense. (Well, maybe not Harvey Dee, but I'd still like to see that.) This one's a huge tossup, so I'm just going to go with Kurt Angle as he's been on a PPV losing streak lately, and the other main event matches are going to be looking pretty face-heavy.

John "Bradshaw" Layfield (C) VS Booker T
FUZZY SEZ: Sure, it's probably just to transition the belt onto Kurt Angle, but Booker T is going to be your WWE Champion. It will also be the first time the WWE belt had three first time champions in a row since Randy Savage first won the belt in 1988.

Trish Stratus (C) VS Lita
FUZZY SEZ: Common sense booking would indicate Lita's getting the belt here. However, according to some incredibly nerdy records I'm working on, this will be the ninth time Lita has fought for the Womens Championship on PPV, and on all eight of her previous shots, common sense booking seemed to indicate she would win, be it due to a recent return from injury, being way more over than her opponent or her opponent being an overrated transvestive who generally fought men and was heavily (and correctly) rumored to be on her way out of the company. And, of course, in none of those occasions did Lita actually win the belt. History states that Trish Stratus retains.

Shelton Benjamin (C) VS Christian
FUZZY SEZ: Quite possibly the biggest no-brainer of the night - Shelton Benjamin retains his belt.

HHH, Batista, Edge and Gene Snitsky VS Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Maven and Randy Orton
FUZZY SEZ: First of all, I still don't believe Maven's actually going to be in this match. He's gotten *no* build-up compared to his partners, and he's about as over as the turnbuckles. I'd expect Evolution to take him out early in the show, only to have the non-shit-taking version of Eric Bischoff replace him with Kane. (Personally, I'd rather see them finally pull the trigger on the Ric Flair face turn here in a replay of Curt Hennig's face turn in 1992, but that's seeming less and less likely.)

Either way, I've got to give this one to the face team. Snitsky and Batista aren't going to be survivors - and Edge's gimmick is actually furthered by an elimination. That leaves HHH, and in a situation like this, the best move from a storyline perspective would be to have the likely sole survivor Randy Orton getting a clean pinfall over him.

(Plus, I think the faces doing everything in their power to fuck over HHH for a month and having him somehow get out of it every single time would make for more entertaining television than more "evil heels make life miserable for plucky babyface" shows.)
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#5 Posted on 13.11.04 0206.11
Reposted on: 13.11.11 0206.30
One Fall for the WWE Championship:
John B. Layfield [WWE Champion; 290 pounds, New York City, with Orlando Jordan] vs. Booker T [250 pounds, Houston]
PICK: JBL can't be champion forever. He's had the title since June. Booker's due.

Survivor Series Rules 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match:
Kurt Angle [220 pounds, Pittsburgh], Luther Reigns [270 pounds, Phoenix], Mark Jindrak [253 pounds, Auburn NY] & Carlito Caribbean Cool [United States Champion; 234 pounds, The Caribbean, with Jesus Aguilera] vs. Eddie Guerrero [220 pounds, El Paso TX], The Big Show [470 pounds, Tampa], Rob Van Dam [220 pounds, Battle Creek MI & John Cena [240 pounds, West Newbury MA]
PICK: Carlito & Cena get into a tussle. Angle & Eddie get into it. Since there's nothing at stake, I'm saying the heels win. Angle wins via ~CHEATING~!

Fatal Fourway Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Spike Dudley [Cruiserweight Champion; 150 pounds, Dudleyville, with Dudley Boyz] vs. Billy Kidman [195 pounds, Allentown PA] vs. Chavo Guerrero [210 pounds, El Paso TX] vs. Rey Mysterio [165 pounds, San Diego]
PICK: Tons of crazy crap going on. Dudleyz accompany Spike, but get tossed out. Kidman hits the ~SHOOTING STAR PRESS~ on Chavo for the pin and the title, but Paul London returns and goes batshit on him afterwards.

One Fall:
The Undertaker [328, Death Valley] vs. Heidenreich [275 pounds, New Orleans, with Paul Heyman]
PICK: Foregone conclusion. Taker beats the fizuck out of Heidenreich. Shockingly, nobody cares.

Survivor Series Rules 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match for Control of RAW:
Triple H [World Champion; 260 pounds, Greenwich CT, with Ric Flair], Batista [317 pounds, Washington DC], Gene Snitsky [300 pounds, Nesquehoning PA] & Edge [240 pounds, Toronto] vs. Randy Orton [245 pounds, St. Louis], Chris Benoit [220 pounds, Atlanta], Chris Jericho [231 pounds, Manhasset NY] & Maven [210 pounds, Chantilly VA]
PICK: Maven first man out. Snitsky eliminates somebody. It ends up being Benoit & Orton vs. The Heels. Then everyone gets picked apart and the faces win.

One Fall for the WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin [Intercontinental Champion; 245 pounds, Orangeburg SC] vs. Christian [235 pounds, Toronto, with Tyson Tomko]
PICK: Shelton wins.

One Fall for the WWE Women's Championship:
Trish Stratus [Women's Champion; Weightless, Toronto] vs. Lita [Weightless, Sanford NC]
PICK: Why are they doing this now? Sigh... Trish retains via heelness.
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#6 Posted on 13.11.04 0953.12
Reposted on: 13.11.11 0953.59
I'm actually more excited about this PPV than most seem to be. Everyone seems to really be down on the card. However, while I'm not expecting any ***** matches, I don't think the card will be nearly as bad as anyone thinks.

Elimination Match
Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Big Show, & Rob Van Dam v. Kurt Angle, Carlito Carribean Cool, Mark Jindrak, & Luther Reigns

Seriously, could Angle's team be any weaker? Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns? Sorry WWE, but nobody's buying those two. Anyways, I say Kurt takes out Show early to give the heels the advantage. Van Dam eliminates Jindrak. Carlito eliminates RVD. Eddie eliminates Luther. John Cena eliminates Carlito. Eddie eliminates Kurt for the win.
SURVIVORS: Eddie Guerrero & John Cena

WWE Women's Title Match
Trish Stratus v. Lita

For a while, I honestly thought that they were saving this all the way to WrestleMania. Lita isn't exactly the greatest of workers, but Trish is great, so this could go either way, workrate-wise. While Lita winning would be the perfect blowoff, I say Stratus retains and continues her role as heel champ (which she plays to PERFECTION, btw).
WINNER: Trish Stratus

WWE Cruiserweight Title, Fatal Fourway Match
Spike Dudley v. Rey Mysterio v. Chavo Guerrero v. Billy Kidman

I have NO clue who'll win here. I doubt Rey, as he'll probably join back up with RVD to finish their Tag Title hunt. But any of the other three could pull it off. While I think Spike should retain to continue his role as the Boss Dudley with the title, Chavo v. Billy is the only feud going in the cruiserweight division. So, I say Billy wins and Chavo chases him.
WINNER: Billy Kidman

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Shelton Benjamin v. Christian

Another match that could go either way. Should be good, if given enough time. I'll say Shelton wins, although I wouldn't be suprised, nor dissapointed, if Christian got the gold here.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

Undertaker v. Heidenreich

Just keep it short. Please god, keep it short!!!
WINNER: Undertaker

WWE Title Match
John Bradshaw Layfield v. Booker T

Leading up to the show, I thought Booker would win the title and then drop it to Angle at Armageddon. However, after the added stipulation of Bradshaw leaving SmackDown if he lost, I'll reverse my prediction. They could just have Booker win and then weasel out of the stipulation, and I certainly wouldn't put that past WWE. However, I'll go on the notion that WWE is honest with their stipulations (yeah, I know) and say Bradshaw retains.
WINNER: John Bradshaw Layfield

Elimination Match
Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, & Maven v. Triple H, Edge, Batista, & Gene Snitsky

I just really don't care about this match. I don't know why. It has interesting stipulations, and there's enough talent in there to make it good. Maybe I'm just sick of all the 'Triple H v. The World' storylines. Hunter is the strongest man alive and could beat God himself if they were ever in the ring together, we get it! Anyways: Hunter eliminates Maven. Jericho eliminates Batista. Edge eliminates Jericho. Benoit eliminates Edge. Snitsky eliminates Benoit. Orton eliminates Snitsky. Hunter eliminates Orton.

Some of those matches, mainly the title matches, I really have NO clue who will win, so this could be interesting.

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#7 Posted on 13.11.04 1130.39
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1133.33
Trish v.s Lita: Hopefully Lita's "performances" in the ring and behind the mic will convince WWE to keep the title on Trish.

Heidenreich v.s Undertaker: No way Heidenreich wins this.

Shelton Benjamin v.s Christian: Christian wins with some cheating, but Benjamin beats Christian the next night in a re-match for the title.

Spike v.s Chavo v.s Kidman v.s Rey: I'll go with Chavo winning this one.

JBL v.s Booker T: JBL retains, which isn't as bad an idea I would've thought months ago.

Eddy, Cena, Show, RVD v.s Angle, Carlito, Jindrak, Luther: Eddy is the sole survivor here.

Trips, Batista, Snitsky, Edge v.s Jericho, Benoit, Maven, Orton: This is a tough one. I'll go Triple H and Batista surviving. I have a feeling the Smackdown and RAW matches won't BOTH go to a heel or face team.
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#8 Posted on 13.11.04 1536.09
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1536.41
Shelton beats Christian and Undertaker beats Heidenreich in the obvious matches

Trish beats Lita to extend their feud for yet another goddamn month

I'm actually picking Spike to retain the cruiser belt thanks to Dudley-ference (they have to show up somewhere on the card)

JBL beats Booker T in order to pave the way for JBL/Cena for the belt at WrestleMania (yes, WWE will keep the title on Bradshaw until March).

* Carlito and Cena eliminate each other through double-countout, double DQ or something. RVD is eliminated by Reigns after missing a frogsplash. The heels gang up on Big Show and try to soften up his ankle. Show (fighting off pain) chokeslams and eliminates Reigns, but then is forced to tap out to an anklelock from Angle. Eddie eliminates Jindrak. Eddie cheats to beat Angle so Eddie FINALLY gets a victory after being Team Angle's bitch for the last few months.

* Snitsky eliminates Jericho with cheating. Orton eliminates Snitsky after an RKO. Triple H takes out Maven with a pedigree. The heels beat on Benoit for a long time, but Benoit beats Batista with a surprise roll-up, leading to HHH coming into the ring to try and finish the job. Triple H is beaten by Benoit after Batista-ference backfires, leading to a very heated argument between Hunter and Dave outside the ring. Edge then comes into the ring and gets a cheap spear on Benoit to eliminate him. Orton beats Edge with the RKO.

ULTIMATE SURVIVAL MATCH....Eddie vs. Orton...oh no, wait WWE doesn't do these anymore. Dammit! Oh well, Orton would probably win anyway.
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#9 Posted on 13.11.04 1553.11
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1553.24
    Originally posted by Big Bad
    I'm actually picking Spike to retain the cruiser belt thanks to Dudley-ference (they have to show up somewhere on the card)

I was under the impression they were on the card in a tag team title match against Suzuki/Dupree. At least, that's what I read a couple weeks back. Could've been nixed, who knows.

Classic Survivor Series Match, Winners Control RAW For Four Weeks: Randy Orton/Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Maven Vs. HHH/Batista/Edge/Gene Snitsky - I'm hoping they'll book the heel team to win here, just because it'd be a lot more entertaining for those four to control RAW than the faces...even if it means more HHH over-exposure. My gut tells me they're going to go with a Team Orton win, however.

WWE Title Match: John Bradshaw Leyfield Vs. Booker T - This program's been pretty weak, and they really haven't pushed Booker T as a legitimate threat or made the fans really get behind him to win. JBL retains.

Classic Survivor Series Match: Eddie Guerrero/The Big Show/Rob van Dam/John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns/Mark Jindrak/Carlito Caribbean Cool - Team Guerrero. Reigns and Jindrak are a far cry from Team Angle. What an awful running crew...

The Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich - This match will be really telling of what they'll do with Heidenreich. They've been giving him the heel monster push, but have also been burying him at house shows and tapings. Smart money would be on Heidenreich to win via a screwy finish, but again, it depends on if they decide to continue Heidenreich's push. I have a feeling this is one of those matches that they won't decide on until the day of the show.

Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian - Benjamin retains.

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus Vs. Lita - If WWE was smart, they'd have Lita take the title, if for nothing else than to give some semblance of a women's division. With the recent cuts, they've all but killed it.

Fatal Four-Way For The WWE Cruiserweight Title: Spike Dudley Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio - I'm thinking maybe Rey Mysterio. Something will go down with Chavo and Kidman, leaving Spike and Rey. Rey wins despite Dudley interference, building to a program between him and Spike.
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#10 Posted on 13.11.04 1752.02
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1752.37
I hope to get to see this on Sunday at a friend's house or I'll be offically on my honeymoon, either way I win unlike HHH, because either way he loses.

1. Team Orton vs. Team HHH. I don't care who wins, but to make it interesting, I'll say HHH wins. The faces have had an entire month to dick with HHH and it ends Sunday. Monday, he'll got out first and say he has giving himself a month off from fighting for the title. Thus, killing any intrigue on Raw till Wrestlemania. Team HHH wins via Flair interference on Orton.

2. Team Kurt vs. Team Eddie. Since Vince should know better than having both heel teams wins, this one gets the win. Cena comes out and destroys Carlito outright then ends up staying to help Team Eddie and Kurt carry the dead weight. Team Eddie via F-U, chokeslam and two frogsplashes on Kurt.

3. Fatal Four way for the CW title. I'm picking logical choice with Billy since he has instant fueds with Chavo, Paul London and then Rey win he pins him.

4. Woman's title. I am going with Lita, because the writers have beaten the hell out of here for an entire year now. I know the IWC hates Lita, but I have a soft spot for her. Trish and her work well so trading the belt to Wrestlemania in a hardcore match will work till Vince fires the entire Woman's division.

5. Undertaker vs. Heindrich. Taker via killing me and God willing taking him off my TV.

6. IC title. They have been advertising Christain vs. Y2J for the IC title in Hershey for a month now, so I'm inclided to be pick Christian, because Vince has no faith the mid card faces when it comes to titles. Then again, Edge/Orton vs. Batista/HHH was advertised too, so who knows.

7. JBL vs. Booker T. JBL has sucked as champ, the buyrate shows it, the ratings have been up since the Booker T push, Vince would have to be an idiot not to take the title off him. Yet, its Vince's brain child, so expect JBL to retain even though Booker/Kurt would be awesome. JBL will carry to Wrestlemania and be viewed along with Nash, Sid and other hosses like him to be one of the worst champs ever.
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#11 Posted on 13.11.04 1925.14
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1925.26
I'll probably wind up missing this one, since Mrs. Shem needs to be picked up from a train. But still:

Raw faces v. Raw heels: I'm going to hope for a face win here. We've already seen Triple H running the show.

Anglers v. Eddieots: Might as well say the heels win here to balance things out, plus they probably want to give Jindrak, Carlito, and Reigns a chance to look strong here.

Fatal four-way for CW title: Kidman in a rushed and disappointing match. As usual for CW title matches.

Women's title: Lita, because there's pretty much no one fresh left for Trish to feud with.

Undertaker v. Heidenreich: Yeah, right. Heidenreich gets to look tough for, oh, about 30 seconds, and then the no-selling begins.

IC title: There have been Christian vs. Jericho IC title house show ads in Philadelphia, too. I'd like to think that Vince is smart enough not to cut Benjamin off at the knees like that in favor of a feud that was played out back in the spring ... but I suspect Benjamin is going to have to be satisfied with holding gold for a month.

JBL/T: I'm going for JBL here. Booker just hasn't gotten much of a build-up going into the match, and I think it'd be an anticlimax for him to beat JBL at this point.
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#12 Posted on 13.11.04 2051.50
Reposted on: 13.11.11 2052.25
Team Angle vs. Team Guerrero: Paul Wight survives, leading to his annual end of year title run push.

Bradshaw vs. Booker T: Bradshaw retains, leading to Paul Wight's annual end of year title run push.

Taker vs. Heidenreich: The only question, as always, is will Taker actually sell something. The answer is no. Taker wins.

Chavo vs. Spike vs. Kidman vs. Rey: Chavo wins.

Team Benoit vs. Team Trip: Team Benoit wins after Flair comes to ringside and turns on Team Trip, leading to an Orton victory. Flair gets rewarded by Orton being in control of RAW in Charlotte, giving Flair one last title match on December 6th. In side notes, Maven still won't be over before, during or after the match, and Edge will injure himself yet again.

Lita vs. Trish: Lita screws up minimum 5 moves. Lita wins.

Bejamin vs. Christian: Heel needs to go over on the RAW side, and it allows for a potential 3-way Benjamin/Jericho/Christian feud. Christian wins.
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#13 Posted on 13.11.04 2112.33
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My short & bad predictions.

Lita over Trish for the title because it makes little to no sense to give Lita the belt right now.

Shelton retains against Christian.

Team Eddie over Team Angle, which by default means Trips' Team wins on the RAW side.

Spike retains the Cruiserweight belt.

Bradshaw retains against Booker.

Taker squashes Heidenreich and bores everyone.
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WWE Title - JBL (c) v. Booker T
The concept here is actually interesting (JBL not losing since March/April, but Booker T is the first to do that since then, therefore he gets a shot at the the title), but they've focused more on the subplot of Josh Matthews than anything, which has relegated this feud to the backburner in favor of the 8-man. With the lack of hype, plus the "JBL leaves SD if he loses" stip, I don't see them doing a title change here.
PREDICTION: JBL retains, w/ some shenanigans from OJ

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich
They're potentially pushing SNITSKY~ over on RAW as a legit main event threat... but will they elevate Heidenreich has that same threat? I doubt it, since Taker hasn't won a PPV match since the Great American Bash, and they'll likely have him win here as the start of the buildup to Wrestlemania.
PREDICTION: Taker wins cleanly

IC Title - Benjamin (c) vs. Christian
As popular as Christian is, he's been hovering at the IC title level for well over a year now, and it's getting stale. This feud seems like a placeholder for both guys... for Benjamin, until he gets reinserted into the Evo and friends vs. everybody else storyline; for Christian, until he gets inserted into that storyline (haw) or gets placed in a tag team with Tomko until they can think of something for him to do.
PREDICTION: Benjamin retains cleanly

Orton/Benoit/Jericho/Maven vs. HHH/Batista/Edge/SNITSKY~
I honestly have no idea where they're going to go with this match... last week's RAW made both teams have legitimate cases for winning, as pretty much all the men involved want the World title (or at least it's assumed with Maven and Jericho). Still, there's probably going to be some sort of important storyline development here aside from the "Control of RAW" thing... I've seen the Maven joining Evo rumors floated about for a while now, but now it makes less sense than ever. Bit of fantasy booking: Orton eliminated by Edge, Maven eliminates Snitsky, Benoit and Jericho are sole survivors. Benoit/Jericho/HHH, Orton/Edge, and Snitsky's quest to annihiliate Maven are some mini-programs set up for the next few months.
PREDICTION: Orton is the sole survivor

Eddie/Cena/Show/RVD vs. Angle/Carlito/Reigns/Jindrak
The face team heavily outweighs the other in talent... Van Dam seems like the weak link, so he'll likely be eliminated early to give the heels an advantage. Cena likely beats the holy hell out of Carlito, explaining the latter's absence and getting Cena DQ'ed. I agree with those who say that Show will end up getting a title push, so he'll (of course) be booked strong in this match. Eddie gets the final pin on Angle, setting up a final match between the two at Armageddon.
PREDICTION: Eddie and Show are the survivors

Women's Title - Trish (c) v. Lita
As great as Trish has been, she's been champ for a long time for WWE standards, and Lita is the best choice to put the title on for now. She's over, they have a good storyline going, and there's nobody else for Trish to feud with. Then again, the only other women's wrestlers on the RAW roster are Molly and Stacy, unless they plan on promoting somebody from OVW soon... or pushing Christy as a legit threat.
PREDICTION: Lita wins the title

Cruiserweight Title - Spike (c) vs. Chavo vs. Kidman vs. Rey
Rey seems out of these guys' league, being pushed down the card from one of the big 3 matches to a match that is arguably getting the least hype out of all 7 matches. Kidman has been on a hot streak as of late, so I think that WWE will capitalize on that and give him the title, leading to feuds with Chavo and Rey. Spike's character needs some freshening up, maybe a split with the other Dudleys and him trying to find some alternative backup.
PREDICTION: Kidman wins the title via SSP on Rey
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#15 Posted on 14.11.04 1245.42
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WWE Championship
JBL (c) vs Booker T
I see them going towards Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker as the Smackdown WrestleMania Main Event. Now who goes in the champion? I assume they'll go with Taker chasing Angle so Booker T wins the title and loses it to Angle next month.
WINNER: Booker T

The Undertaker vs Heidenreich
Based on the last match, I see Undertaker finishing off Heidenreich next month but I don't see him laying down for the big lug.
WINNER: Undertaker via DQ

IC Title - Shelton Benjamin vs Christian
Benjamin just won and Christian already had some runs as champion. Should be one of the better matches of the night, though.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

RAW Survivor Series Match
At first I thought Maven would be turning but Triple H hates Tough Enough so why would he allow Maven to be in Evolution? Plus, Maven is horrible. So the faces win and Triple H fights them off for a month.
WINNERS: Dudes With Attitude

Smackdown Survivor Series Match
Lots of dead weight in this one. It was pretty dumb to wait until the last week to announce Cena's return. Angle keeps himself strong by going over in this one.
WINNERS: Kurt Angle survives

Women's Title - Trish vs Lita
The most heated Women's Title match in a long time. Too bad Lita is so clumsy in the ring. It will be a true test of Stratus to see if she can hide enough of Lita's weaknesses to make this watchable. They just gutted the division so Trish steals a win and the feud continues.

Cruiserweight Title Four Way
I could see Paul London returning here to screw over Kidman and allowing Spike to retain OR this is a way to transfer the title from Spike to Kidman indirectly. I pick that one because they usually only have one Cruiserweight storyline going on at once.
WINNER: Kidman
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#16 Posted on 14.11.04 1310.44
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As an addendum to my thoughts on the WWE Title Match, I hope they don't go with the Taker vs Angle match for the title at Mania 21. If they do that means that they'll have to take the title from JBL and put it on Booker T (or another face in the very near future), then transition it to Kurt Angle, probably at Armageddon, and then have Angle lose to Taker at Mania (because Taker has the winning streak at Wrestlemania). That way, it's on 4 guys in five months, which is, in my view, a very bad thing.
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#17 Posted on 14.11.04 1346.57
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Classic Survivor Series Match, Winners Control RAW For Four Weeks: Randy Orton/Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Maven Vs. HHH/Batista/Edge/Gene Snitsky

Faces win when Orton pins HHH after Flair's interference backfires.

WWE Title Match: John Bradshaw Leyfield Vs. Booker T

JBL. Who cares how. He guaranteed the win, which doesn't mean it has to be clean.

Classic Survivor Series Match: Eddie Guerrero/The Big Show/Rob van Dam/John Cena Vs. Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns/Mark Jindrak/Carlito Caribbean Cool

Angle wins, sole survivor.

The Undertaker Vs. Heidenreich

Heidenreich squeaks out a win.

Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian

Benjamin retains.

Women's Title Match: Trish Stratus Vs. Lita

Lita wins.

Fatal Four-Way For The WWE Cruiserweight Title: Spike Dudley Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio

Kidman wins.

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Just a thought..........JBL only said that he would leave Smackdown if he lost the match, not the belt. So what if Booker wins by DQ or something; could the championship be held up and we see a tournament for the title leading into the December Smackdown PPV? That would be a good way to transition to the belt onto whomever WWE wants for WrestleMania, be it Angle, Undertaker, Cena, Eddie, whomever.

Angle/Undertaker might not have to be for the belt; it's enough of a big-name match that it can stand on its own as a main event. I always kind of figured that Cena would get the title at WM21, though I dunno if he'd face JBL (which means four goddamn more months of Bradshaw as champ) or Eddie (which would be a big-time match, though since WM is in Los Angeles, Cena wouldn't get as big a reception as Guerrero).
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#19 Posted on 14.11.04 1455.26
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-Orton/Benoit/Jericho/Maven vs. HHH/Batista/Edge/Snitsky-- MY PICK: HHH/ BATISTA/ EDGE/ SNITSKY-- Toughes pick of the night, last week Raw threw a bit of a monkey wrench into things. But I see the heels winning even though I could easily see them giving Orton the superstar push tonight as well.

-JBL(c) vs. Booker (WWE Title)-- MY PICK: JOHN LAYFIELD-- I'm picking JBL to keep the title more than anything.

-Eddie/BigShow/Cena/RVD vs. Angle/Carlito/Reigns/Jindrak-- MY PICK: EDDIE/ BIGSHOW/ CENA/ RVD-- Cena comes in and kicks butt. Face side has too much star power.

-Undertaker vs. Heidenreich-- MY PICK: THE UNDERTAKER-- Yup, lets move on.

-Benjamin(c) vs. Christian (IC Title)-- MY PICK: SHELTON BENJAMIN-- Christian has kind of lost some steam that he had after WM because of his injury. I thought his HBK feud might get it back but he just jobbed to him on free TV. Christian has won this title so many times, it's meaningless to give him the title tonight.

-Stratus(c) vs. Lita (Women Title)-- MY PICK: TRISH STRATUS-- After this weeks Raw, it looks like Lita will still be occupied with her previous storyline. Maybe even turn Christy heel & help Trish considering it looks like they are already lost in what to do with her. Turn her heel & have her be Trish's run-in buddy.

-Spike(c) v. Chavo v. Kidman v. Mysterio (Cruiserweight title)-- MY PICK: BILLY KIDMAN-- Being a 4-way match it's a good opportunity to take the title from one heel and pass it to another. Kidman has potential title feuds with Chavo and London. Has most character momentum of the four, well until Tough Enough crap took a lot of his time away.

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