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23.5.11 2331
The 7 - Movies & TV - Last Night's Adult Swim - Squidbillies (ha) and Super Milk Chan
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Big Brother
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#1 Posted on 8.11.04 1418.45
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1418.49
It's up to me to play { Sorry, you must be logged in to see this text! } , I guess.

Nothing makes me happier to be a loyal viewer than one of those wonderful AS bait'n'switches like enduring MONTHS of "Squidbillies" garbage for... "Perfect Hair Forever?!" Thumbs down. (I MIGHT have liked it on its own, but in context it was a major disappointment)

"Yuk yuk yuk MAYBE we'll show Tom Goes to the Mayor next week yuk yuk yuk" yeah, keep stringing me along, genius, that'll work - I certainly don't have any DVDs I could be watching instead of your television shows. It's all a concept I live every day: It's the difference between running a message board and programming a network.

As for Super Milk Chan: another waste of a half hour and depending on how long it sticks around, it looks like there's now a large hole in my viewing block (or if you hate "Oblongs" like my wife does, twice as large a hole). Who exactly was this show supposed to appeal to, anyway? You dumbass - thumbs WAY down

(Here is where you tell me I simply don't understand the genius)
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Lap cheong
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#2 Posted on 8.11.04 1514.39
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1517.27
Given my recent illness, I didn't watch the entirety of [as] this week, so I can't attest to the crapitude of Super Milk Chan. I'll take your word for it, though, as even the promos had me sort of stupefied.

Do you think they had "Perfect Hair" in the can months ago, or did they just come up with it when something unexpected delayed "Squidbillies?" The segment they ran after it was even worse, IMO.

And I hate "Oblongs," too. Clearly Kim knows what she's talking about.

New Sealabs coming up, though, and even without Captain Murphy, that show still amuses on a more or less consistent basis.
Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#3 Posted on 8.11.04 1628.26
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1629.01
I caught the last half of perfect hair and watched the Space ghost thing until they blew his other hand off.

What a horrible combination.

I think we ended up watching Daria out of frustration.
Deputy Marshall
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#4 Posted on 8.11.04 1640.56
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1645.59
Absolutely terrible. It's disappointing, because after months of Saturday nights being less than stellar, they've added two pretty good series ("Fullmetal Alchemist" and "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex").

I saw about five minutes of...whatever that was in the place of "Squidbillies"...and I have to say I wasn't impressed. They were trying too hard, and it showed.

"Super Milk Chan" was just awful, and just sitting through ten minutes of it was like having my pubic hairs yanked out by a pair of rusty pliers. What's insane is that unlike with Lupin III, they went for a straight English dub rather than modifying any of the dialogue. As a result, the jokes (all of which are references to Japanese pop culture) are completely lost on myself and every other American watching it. It's amusing to see people on message boards who defend the show, saying it was hilarious. Just another example of uber-dorks pretending to know what the Hell they're talking about when it comes to the Japanese.

And CRZ, I couldn't agree with you more. Between what you mentioned and the Harvey Birdman "marathon" where they just aired one episode 24 times, I have to wonder what the Hell the people at Adult Swim are thinking. I wonder if it's nonsense like this that caused Chris Ward to up and quit Adult Swim out of nowhere.

    Originally posted by Guru Zim
    I think we ended up watching Daria out of frustration.

You poor bastard.

(edited by Deputy Marshall on 8.11.04 1743)
Eddie Famous
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#5 Posted on 8.11.04 1735.41
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1741.01
Super Milk Chan.

After watching this train wreck of Japanese pop immediacy I sat, dazed on the couch. I don't know if it was from the stupefying mess I just watched or the slight overdose of NyQuil.

The second half of the "Squidbillies" segment was ok only for Space Ghost and Meatwad making appearances.

The closing song for the first half of the "Squids" was pretty good.
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#6 Posted on 8.11.04 1755.13
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1759.03
I was really upset with Super Milk Chan. I finally have a Sunday night off, and this is the dreck I get? I have to say though that I did laugh at the guy screaming the words "BELGIAN WAFFLES." Other than that, the show was udder crap. It's a good thing that I had never seen the Aqua Teen episode that was on before it, so I got something out of last night.
Ruby Trax
Summer sausage
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#7 Posted on 8.11.04 1804.26
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1805.45
"Super Milk Chan" was indeed about the stupidest thing I'd ever seen. I actually thought it was a U.S. production pretending to be a Japanese production, complete with "wacky" bad colloquial English, so I guess the Japanese aren't very good at parodying themselves. I wonder if this is what watching South Park would be like in Japan? No, it's just bad.

I would maybe have bought into it if they chopped it down into five-minute chunks, but instead it wore out its welcome fast. After 15 minutes I was thinking that it was a horrible endurance test, but I had no idea it was actually slotted for a half hour. Oh my God.

Maybe if it had no dialogue, or no understandable dialogue, it would at least retain a certain "... whaaaa?" quality. Also, if it was five minutes long. It actually made me miss "The Venture Brothers." If that was the intention, then they're smarter than they look. (I doubt it.)
Barbwire Mike
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#8 Posted on 8.11.04 1954.35
Reposted on: 8.11.11 1955.59
This thread is such a relief. I watched that last night then went to bed depressed I had lost my sense of humor for not being able to laugh ONCE during those 30 minutes. Because in theory everything happening onscreen should have been funny.

(and I didn't even see this Milk Chan stuff, my gripe is all with the Squidbillies nonsense.)
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#9 Posted on 9.11.04 0943.33
Reposted on: 9.11.11 0943.50
I'm reminded of the whole South Park Cartman's father debacle that took place and the huge backlash that followed.

I hope Adult Swim gets their act together, because I've now switched over to the COPS marathon on CourtTV on my Sunday nights (and my local NBC station's Max X marathon). I've been of the belief that they've being going downhill for a few months now, but was going to try out Squidbillies. Oops.

The previews for "Tom Goes to the Mayor" look just dreadful to me, but maybe I'm not cool enough for that channel anymore.
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#10 Posted on 9.11.04 1442.35
Reposted on: 9.11.11 1443.46
Super Milk Chan is the worst show I've ever seen on Adult Swim. I hated the Oblongs, Venture Brothers and Home Movies, too but that was just trash. Why is it that the Adult Swim 1/2 hour shows (excluding anime) are terrible and the 1/4 hour shows (Aqua Teen, Sealab, Birdman, Brak, Space Ghost) are so goddamn good?

So, anyway, I figured that I could tune into my customary 12 o'clock Sealab last night. Fucking Venture Brothers was on.

I love Futurama, and Family Guy is occasionally amusing, but there's only so many reruns one can take. there is now no weeknight programming on AS worth watching.
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#11 Posted on 9.11.04 1803.40
Reposted on: 9.11.11 1813.40
"Great Hair Forever" was a total waste of my time and energy. I felt like I had wasted part of my life. I could have been tearing thru San Andreas for 30 minutes. And, "Super Milk Chan" was the perfect time to take a crap. I couldn't watch 5 minutes of that garbage. I admit certain parts of the Adult Swim schedule has taking a dive.

Case Closed and Lupin the 3rd are the shows that got me watching anime. Tue-Thu, I feel Wolf's Rain and Witchhunter Robin are barely watchable. And, I do prefer Sealab 2021 to The Venture Brothers, however I do feel Venture Brothers is a realy good show and deserves a chance.

And, much as I believe ATHF is pure gold, I was totaly disgusted in the last batch of episodes.

It's like the writers feel like they can just have Shake scream some obsurb shit and it's funny.

Just because the Mooninites are in an episode doesn't make it good.

And, having Mc Pee Pants/Sir Loin come back as an old man was sad. Even if I did laugh when the old man said, "what bring's you to the assisted living 'hee-zee'?"

I was completely disapointed in the last batch of new ATHF episodes. But, at least the new DVD comes out soon with such great classics as "Super Hero" and "The Shaving". And, I can always look back on other classic episodes.

I also can watch The Invader Zim DVDs, which by the way, if you didn't know-pure gold. (in content not material)

Also, the latest Case Closed DVDs(which they sell at Target now?) have never before aired episodes (season 3). As well as the latest Lupin DVDs (not sold at Target).

(deleted by davidlister on 15.11.04 1457)

(resurrected by CRZ on 28.8.11 0034)
Lap cheong
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#12 Posted on 12.11.04 2011.54
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2014.00
I caught some of the new shows on the Rehash Thursday thing last night.
I don't know, maybe I'm just not enough of an adult to find the repetition of the words "penis" and "vagina" absolutely hilarious.
As for Super Milk Chan, was that actually trying to be funny? I couldn't understand what was going on, and I didn't get any of the jokes. Maybe if I were born Japanese, I would understand exactly how this show insulted my intelligence.
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#13 Posted on 12.11.04 2130.29
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2130.58
After watching the hype/tease for however long it's been on, I didn't actually think/remember to check it on Sunday; I think I was watching Heat on delay instead, actually. And I didn't bother taping it because the whole concept had sounded dumb to me - maybe they should've done something more intersting sounding if they were doing a bait and switch? If they were?

So I caught it on the rehash - except I missed the first half, and I kept waiting and waiting during the second half for the punchline and I guess it was thru all the mayhem, they still gave that guy his message but that's a pretty weak punchline.

And then I tried to watch Super Milk Chan and probably would've flipped with in 30 seconds if there were choices. I think I might have saw the whole thing, but my brain shut off after 15 minutes in as a defense mechanism.

Speaking of new shows, GitS:SAC was good except the always hilarious "lead female wearing next to nothing for no particular reason" aspects. I think FMA could be good, but I hope future episodes give me an actual seperation between the good guys and the bad guys; the main characters are hard to get behind when they're coming off as more greedy than the evil priest.

I should stop before I tell you of my secret Duel Masters love..
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#14 Posted on 12.11.04 2224.32
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2226.02

(edited by Guru Zim on 12.11.04 2045)
Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#15 Posted on 12.11.04 2245.53
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2246.51
That's not a very useful post.
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#16 Posted on 12.11.04 2332.58
Reposted on: 12.11.11 2336.06
    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    I should stop before I tell you of my secret Duel Masters love..

A couple weeks ago I flipped my sleeping schedual and happened to be up at 5am (or whenever) and Duel Masters came on. The episode had the "Evil bad guys" hanging around talking about evil while the silly kid was battling somebody else. The show cracked me up. "The cable is out." "Call the cable company." "We were stealing that cable." "Oooh, we really are evil."


"I have to go make an appearance at a duel match and intimidate the hero." "But sir, the cable guy said he'd come sometime between 2 and 4. You have to wait here for him." "Ooooh, the cable guy is evil."

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#17 Posted on 13.11.04 1420.38
Reposted on: 13.11.11 1421.34
I think their hubris has caught up to them. They believe that whatever they put on the air will be comedy gold, even if it's only because they'll be laughing at the people who watch it. I have felt this coming since they switched to the cue cards. It doesn't really bother me if I find some other way to spend my Sunday evenings. Does it bother them?
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