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24.6.11 1942
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Greatest feuds of the last 20 years??? Register and log in to post!
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HarleM HeAt
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#21 Posted on 2.4.02 1356.20
Reposted on: 2.4.09 1359.04
um, Bret and Owen definatly wrestled more than 3 times. Plus there feud never technicially ended until the raw on week removed form WM 13 which the Hart Foundation angle started. They had many a matches, single and Tags, on Raw and other tv at the time.
great feud.
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#22 Posted on 2.4.02 1704.27
Reposted on: 2.4.09 1713.29
Best feud ever was Abdullah the Butcher-Carlos Colon.
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#23 Posted on 2.4.02 1826.32
Reposted on: 2.4.09 1829.14
Magnum TA/Tully Blanchard - Admittedly, I haven't seen much of the build-up, but the "I Quit" match to finish it had to be the most hate-filled match I've ever seen. Those two guys just made me believe they were plain trying to kill each other.

Hogan/Savage - The Megapowers EXPLODE! Savage's paranoia was always priceless to me, and it was a very basic storyline which somehow worked. That and the feud with Piper were Hogan's best feuds, period. The feud with Sting would be up there if it would have blown off properly.

nWo vs. WCW - The storyline that carried WCW through it's only period of dominance. Sure, the blow off got screwed, but the first year or so were absolute gold and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko - Such a great feud, with Jericho at his dickish best and Malenko actually getting ridiculously over as a face because of Chris' chickenshit antics.

Benoit & Jericho - Just great, great matches with a simple premise of two up and comers battling it out to see who's the best.

Rock vs. HHH - A feud that's lasted, one way or the other, for most of both guys' careers. Always has heat and may never end.

HHH vs. Foley - Another long-simmering feud that brought us two returns of Cactus Jack, made HHH into a legitimate main eventer and retired one of the best performers of the modern era.

Flair/Funk - Brief but intense and filled to the brim with violence.
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#24 Posted on 2.4.02 1832.48
Reposted on: 2.4.09 1833.49
I don't really consider Piper and Hogan to have feuded in the WWF, since they never really had a match with each other except for the first Wrestlemania--and after that Piper's feud was with Orndorff. I guess Piper was too small to be seen as a credible threat to Hogan in those days.

I liked Foley vs. HHH too--great matches between these two with a lot of violence. That's probably the last great WWF feud.

Roberts/Savage WAS a good feud, but they derailed it by having Undertaker turn face and feud with Roberts instead.
They never really had the big payoff between Savage and Roberts--their last match was on that Saturday Night's Main Event when Undertaker clobbered Roberts at the end of the show. After that, Savage concentrated on Flair and Roberts on UT.

Ric Flair and Buddy Landell was an interesting feud--it took place only at house shows and barely any mention of the two wrestling each other was ever made on television, but the house shows sold out big time.
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#25 Posted on 2.4.02 1943.23
Reposted on: 2.4.09 1959.02
Absolutely best feud ever, and glad to see it getting mentioned: FLAIR (and Horsemen) vs. RHODES. Seems like they went on forever int he 80s and their feuds *made* NWA wrestling. Classic, classic stuff.

Even though I didn't watch much WWF then, what I saw of the Vince-Austin feud seemed pretty good and pretty intense.

Even though WCW ended before it could be carried on, I think the Goldberg-Steiner feud had potential to be a great, dramatic feud. (After all, they both put their finishers on each other's woman.)

Ditto on Hogan's matches not being considered as feuds. And one other that hasn't been mentioned yet is Jake the Snake Roberts vs. Steamboat. It may not have lasted that long but it was a very dramatic build up.

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#26 Posted on 2.4.02 2002.08
Reposted on: 2.4.09 2021.20
I don't know about Piper and Hogan not really having a feud. They were the top face and heel from right after Hogan won the belt (early 84) to when Piper turned face sometime in late 86/early 87 and DiBiase took over the top heel spot (I'm not counting the various monster heels that came around). Their feud wasn't really based on wrestling each other, but more on a "leader of the bad guys vs. leader of the good guys" thing. I mean, it's what the Saturday morning cartoon was based on. I (and most I think) always saw Piper as Hogan's nemesis in the early "Rock & Wrestling" days, regardless of how often they fought or didn't fight.

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#27 Posted on 2.4.02 2204.51
Reposted on: 2.4.09 2205.02
I think you have to have at least a few matches to consider it a feud. Despite all the changes, it's still wrestling, and ideally things are played out in the ring.
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#28 Posted on 3.4.02 1003.30
Reposted on: 3.4.09 1014.59
There were a lot of great ones. But the ones that stand out are:

Dusty vs. 4 Horseman. That was my earliest wrestling memory. Where Dusty had to wear the special boot.

DiBiase (with the black glove) vs. The Armstrongs. That's when DiBiase was a MONSTER heel.

Nikita vs. Magnum TA, The best of seven series was awesome.

Dusty vs. Tully, I like how Dusty beat Tully for Baby Doll and just treated her like shit.

Austin vs. Hart, because that's what it was all about. The meanest dogs in the yard goin at it.

And of course Austin vs. Mcmahon. or anybody vs. Vince Mcmahon. Because Vince IS the man.
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#29 Posted on 3.4.02 1044.51
Reposted on: 3.4.09 1045.22
Owen v Bret

Michaels v Bret

Foley v HHH

Lynn v RVD

Raven v Dreamer

I can't really say a lot about some of the NWA era classics, becasue I didn't start watching NWA/WCW until early-mid 2000. Bad time to start, I know, but Thunder and Nitro had that train wreck effect on me (and awesome cruisers)
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#30 Posted on 3.4.02 1115.07
Reposted on: 3.4.09 1124.06
For some reason I've been recalling that Magnum TA/Nikita Koloff feud since you guys mentioned it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I distinctly remember Koloff crying out "Magnum TAaaaa!" in the ring every time he was beating up jobbers. That added a lot to the feud and it was probably a great one, although this is all I remember about it. That, and every time my friends and I went swimming around that time we would scream out "Magnum TAaaa!" before jumping in. (Ahh, the care-free fun of the mid 80s.)

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#31 Posted on 4.4.02 0018.41
Reposted on: 4.4.09 0028.14
Magnum TA vs Nikita was outstanding for a lot of reasons. It came at the height of the Cold War, and at a time when wrestling was known as wrestling, not "sports entertainment." It was the classic All-American Boy (which TA portrayed wonderfully) battling against the forces of evil. Great great great stuff.

Still, my favortie would be Flair/Rhodes, mostly because of how much I loved the Horesmen. Every Friday night they would wrestle here in Norfolk, and probably half of those times involved a Horseman vs Dusty in one way or another. They had every kind of match conceivable.

I'll never forget Dusty being "banned for life" from Wrestling, then the Midnight Cowboy showing up. That was really funny when you think about it. No one had the body of Dusty, yet the NWA was totally "fooled" by him wearing a mask. Funny stuff.
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#32 Posted on 4.4.02 0824.03
Reposted on: 4.4.09 0829.01
That was the Midnight Rider, and I don't know how many times he used that...I believe he did it in Florida a time or two, and he even showed up on a card in the Mid-South area to wrestle Kamala [who had just ended Hacksaw Jim Duggan's career with a fireball.] Bill Watts used the same gimmick in the Mid-South later on, and Skandor Akbar offered a bounty to "anyone who can take that sock off of Bill Watts' head."

Don't forget The Yellow Dog!
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#33 Posted on 4.4.02 0924.57
Reposted on: 4.4.09 0929.02
What about Lawler vs Superstar Bill Dundee(USWA) .
Man , whenever they would get to feuding , it would definitely put asses in the seats at the Mid-South Coliseum !
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#34 Posted on 4.4.02 1037.41
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1059.03

Hell, what about Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman? There's only been, what, three movies where that plays a prominent role in it?
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#35 Posted on 4.4.02 1119.20
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1120.00
Yeah you have to hand it to Kauffman, even though it was funny as hell, it did in many senses make a great feud. Too bad it was in such a small wrestling promotion; I don't remember ever seeing it as a kid. Then again if it was very early 80s I may have been too young.

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#36 Posted on 4.4.02 1208.50
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1217.32
No particular order:

Benoit vs. Raven's flock - I always was into this, always hoping someone would come down and help Benoit from getting his ass kicked by Reese, Kidman, Saturn, Raven, and Sickboy(?).

Piper vs. Snuka - the coconut over the head was a classic. I think Piper started many a great feud via Piper's Pit.

Magnificent Muraco vs. Snuka/Steamboat/Santana - either of the three was good, being a Muraco mark, of course...

Putski vs Ventura - The body could always work the mic, and I think almost everyone loved Putski. I don't know why.

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Rene Goulet - I don't really remember if they ever feuded or not, but what is the worth of bringing up early 80's WWF stuff without a good Iron Mike Sharpe or Rene Goulet name-dropping? For my money, NO ONE sold like Sharpe.
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#37 Posted on 4.4.02 1229.03
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1239.33
Magnum TA / Tully - as mentioned earlier, the "I Quit" match was intense

Von Erichs / Freebirds - I loved watching Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy beat on any and all of the Von Erichs

The Midnight Express / The Rock N' Roll Express / The Four Horseman (Arn & Ole) and the Koloffs w/ Krusher Kruschev - it was always fun watching any combo of these 4 beat on each other every Saturday night at 6:05pm on TBS

Bruiser Brody / Abdullah the Butcher - vats of blood whenever they met

there isn't a feud today that even comes close to the feuds of yesteryear
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#38 Posted on 4.4.02 1426.14
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1429.15
I think you have to have at least a few matches to consider it a feud. Despite all the changes, it's still wrestling, and ideally things are played out in the ring.

So Austin vs. McMahon wasn't a feud? They wrestled all of once from what I remember. Plus in the mid-eighties, Hulk Hogan probably had something like 5 Televised matches a year. How often are he and Piper supposed to be able to fight with that schedule?

I also wouldn't be that surprised at all if they worked a ton of House Shows with each other, and even had a one-on-one televised match we aren't remembering.

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#39 Posted on 4.4.02 1433.52
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1459.01
Hogan and Piper was the main event of the very first ever WWF PPV, the Wrestling Classic, which also had a 16 man tournament as the other piece of the card, won by the Junkyard Dog. And didn't they fight in the MTV card, the War to Settle the Score?

(edited by spf2119 on 4.4.02 1434)
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#40 Posted on 4.4.02 1435.56
Reposted on: 4.4.09 1459.03
I can't believe no one's mentioned the epic 1997 feud between Diamond Dallas Page and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The very first time I watched Nitro, it culminated in a staredown between DDP and The Outsiders.

WHAM! From behind, Savage nailed DDP with a can of spray paint, and he proceeded to get his ass kicked. Hogan came out, and I recognized him and looked forward to seeing him kick hell out of the nWo. (Keep in mind, this was my first WCW program ever). I was stunned that the Hulkster was actually defending that behavior.

The DDP/Savage feud was what initially brought me back week after week to watch Nitro, when before that night I'd only seen one or two wrestling shows (and not even in their entirety). There was no doubt in my mind that those two hated each other with a passion.
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