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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown! St. Louis Spoilers
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#1 Posted on 3.11.04 0757.36
Reposted on: 3.11.11 0759.01
Courtesy of the fine people at WrestlingObserver:

Smackdown results from St. Louis. Savvis Center's upper level was completely tarped off, attendance was around 7,000.


Chavo Guerrero defeated Spike Dudley in a non-title bout with a gory-bomb.

Billy Kidman defeated Rico using a roll-up while holding the ropes. After the match Kidman laid out Rico and went to go for the shooting star press, when Chavo ran in to make the save.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Danny Basham after the triple verticles and a frog splash. Afterwards Doug Basham got on the mic to ridicule Danny, saying that Doug is carrying the team.


Al Snow and the Tough Enough cast opened Smackdown. Mike Mizanin, Justice Smith, and Dan Puder were the crowd favorites, and should be the final 3. Kurt Angle came out to berate everyone individually. He then ordered a squat thrust competition, with the winner getting a special surprise. They had refs as judges, eliminating those who couldnt keep up. Chris Nawrocki ended up the winner, much to the dismay of the crowd, who was solidly behind Dan Puder by the end. Chris' surprise was his 1st match against Kurt Angle. Kurt immediately took down Chris, but he was next to the ropes. They got back up and Kurt took him down again and pinned him in all of 15 seconds. Then Kurt called Dan Puder into the ring, and the crowd went nuts for this. Kurt and Puder were locked up and on their feet for 25-30 seconds before Kurt could finally take him down and get the pin.

They announced a Booker T vs Orlando Jordan rematch. Josh Matthews then interviewed JBL and Jordan backstage. Matthews talking about last weeks loss said something JBL didnt like, who slapped the hell out of him. Josh started talking about how he was sick of all of this before regrouping. Josh then says to Jordan that Jordan needs to have his mind on Booker T tonight if he is going to win, and that that might be difficult with Jordan's head up JBL's ass. Matthews then flees the scene.

Booker T defeats Jordan by DQ in a short match. JBL interferes for the DQ, laying Booker out with the clothesline from hell.

All 3 Dudleyz came out and Spike called out the Big Show. Big Show hits the ring but the Dudleyz hit 3D. They set up 2 tables, but Big Show makes the comeback, chokeslamming both D-Von and Bubba through tables. Segment ends with Spike retreating and Show staring him down.

Teddy Long is talking backstage with Josh Matthews saying he has to keep his cool and be professional when Booker comes in demanding JBL and Jordan tonight. Teddy tells Booker he needs a partner. While this is going on Josh keeps trying to talk to Booker, but Booker keeps cutting him off. Finally Josh says he wants to be Booker's partner. Booker's cool with it and Teddy okays the tag match.

Rey Mysterio and RVD defeated Reigns and Jindrak. Alright match. Mysterio sold most the way before the hot tag to RVD. Finish was a 619 followed by the frog splash on Jindrak. As Rey and RVD are leaving the ring, Carlito's music hits and out come Carlito and Jesus. Carlito spits fruit in Rey's eyes, as Carlito and Jesus force them back into the ring for a 4 on 2 beatdown. Eddie Guerrero makes the save with a chair, cleaning house.

They announce that Carlito is the 4th on Team Angle at Survivor Series. Teddy Long then tells Eddie Guerrero that he can't have Mysterio on his team, because Rey's in a cruiserweight fatal fourway with Spike, Kidman, & Chavo. Teddy tells Eddie to go out and find 1 man for his team, and let him know next week who.

Then the only down part of the show. They had a Dawn vs Jackie arm wrestling match that quickly ended with Dawn attacking Jackie. Eventually Charlie Haas came down to break things up, but Heidenrich attacks him from behind, and then beats him with a crutch. No Undertaker thankfully.

Tough Enough hopefuls come back out for a final look. You can vote through Monday at midnight for your favorite. Then Torrie Wilson comes out and will be doing something next week with them, I don't know what. They had to retape the ending of the segment. Apparently she didnt look each one down individually, so they immediately re-shot that.

Booker T and Josh Matthews defeated JBL and Orlando Jordan. Josh was tagged in and hit a flying cross body on Jordan, followed by a baseball slide on JBL before tagging back out. Finish saw Booker T counter the clothesline from hell with a bookend, and then bookend Jordan and hitting the ax kick on Jordan for the pin. Post match saw a spinaroonie and a josharoonie.

Closing Thoughts

It was a good show. I pray that we are 12 days away from JBL dropping the title.
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#2 Posted on 3.11.04 0831.48
Reposted on: 3.11.11 0832.15
    Originally posted by SOK
    Booker T and Josh Matthews defeated JBL and Orlando Jordan

What, was Mean Gene busy that day? What a main event! How, exactly, does that help to promote the Survivor Series?

And I'm hoping Josh Matthews isn't suddenly the fourth man on Team Guerrero....
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#3 Posted on 3.11.04 0917.43
Reposted on: 3.11.11 0922.09
Actually, Josh was the runner up in Tough Enough 1. He and Chris Nowinski lost to Maven.

EDIT: Tough Enough 1, not Tough Enough Won. Honestly, TL.

(edited by TL_Hopper on 3.11.04 0718)
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#4 Posted on 3.11.04 0923.21
Reposted on: 3.11.11 0925.55
Hmmmm...wonder who could be the fourth man on Team Eddie? **cough*johncena*cough** I guess it'll be a mystery partner revealed at Survivor Series.

Anyone else thinking these days that Smackdown is the better show now? I think SD has overtaken RAW, but it's all subjective and this is just my feeling. I prefer the storylines and the fresh feel to most of the feuds. I'm not big on Eddie/Kurt anymore or anything involving Taker, but I like everything else offered by the youth movement on SD.

Looking forward to seeing this week's show.
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#5 Posted on 3.11.04 1333.17
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1338.57

I thought about it being Cena too, but isn't he supposed to be out longer than just a month? *crosses fingers for no Bob Holly*. Regardless, the Smackdown portion of SS is looking pretty good. I'm really looking forward to the cruiserweight match.
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#6 Posted on 3.11.04 1428.01
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1428.02
Maybe Paul London? Good way to bring him back, and would give him the rub by teaming with some of the bigger names on SD. Maybe use the match to set up a London/Carlito feud.

Charlie Haas would be a good choice, and could set up a feud between Haas and a member of Angle's team (Jindrak?). However, he's tied up in the inane Dawn/Jackie stuff.

Cena I could see, if only to get payback on Carlito without having to job Carlito in a singles match between the 2. But it does seem a bit early for him to come back from his "injuries".

So, yeah, smart money would be on (sigh) Bob Holly.
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#7 Posted on 3.11.04 1635.22
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1641.01
What about RVD? Is he doing anything at the PPV?
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#8 Posted on 3.11.04 1640.57
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1655.44
FACT: Smackdown hosts Armageddon on December 12th.

FACT: John Cena is one of, if not the biggest, stars on Smackdown.

I see Carlito vs. Cena happening at Armageddon, so why not bring in Cena for a one-night shot to get people aware?
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#9 Posted on 3.11.04 1711.34
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1717.34
Exactly. It would allow them to eliminate Carlito, without Carlito being pinned -- because I see Cena & Carlito being counted out or DQed as they brawl all over the arena. Works for me if this happens. And most movies shoot for three weeks anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised.
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#10 Posted on 3.11.04 1724.55
Reposted on: 3.11.11 1729.01
    Originally posted by Above Average 1
    What about RVD? Is he doing anything at the PPV?

RVD is already on the team, it's Eddie, Show and RVD.
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#11 Posted on 3.11.04 2025.31
Reposted on: 3.11.11 2026.28
Smart money says Cena. Especially if they added Carlito to the heel team. It's predictable, but it gets the Carlito/Cena story onto the next step: the "Cowardly heel soils himself when they play the entrance music of the babyface he thought he'd killed" step.

Charlie Haas is an iffy chance, but he still seems to be stuck in the jobber role to Kidman and Heidenreich. Then again, the RAW babyface team has Maven on their side, so you can't rule him out.

And I'm still not ruling out the longshot idea that they put Benoit on double duty again, helping his longtime friend Eddie take on his longtime rival Kurt. Figure 100/1 odds on that one at best.
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#12 Posted on 4.11.04 1517.13
Reposted on: 4.11.11 1529.03
    Originally posted by Phantom
    And I'm still not ruling out the longshot idea that they put Benoit on double duty again, helping his longtime friend Eddie take on his longtime rival Kurt. Figure 100/1 odds on that one at best.

That would be awesome. Have all three hit the ring and the crowd goes silent and then the Crippler's music hits. The place would erupt! Of course, that will never happen.
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#13 Posted on 4.11.04 1614.56
Reposted on: 4.11.11 1615.51
I don't think Cena even begins filming his movie until later this month, so I doubt it's him.

Charlie Haas is a huge longshot, as WWE really doesn't seem to have too much faith in pushing him.

I believe the latest house show card for this weekend is Carlito v. Hardcore Holly, so my money's on him. If he's eliminated first and then back on Velocity, I guess I don't mind. However, if it means yet ANOTHER push for the guy then I'll be a little upset.
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#14 Posted on 4.11.04 1702.45
Reposted on: 4.11.11 1704.41
What, was Mean Gene busy that day? What a main event!

Well, it was a lot better than the last TV main event we got in St. Louis: A-Train -vs- Stephanie.

The show was awful (God bless The Stranglehold for free tickets) but it was no Train/Steph or Taker/Show from August '03.
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