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The 7 - Guest Columns - Kevin Steen: "In Canada, They Call Me MISTER!"
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#1 Posted on 4.10.04 1100.03
Reposted on: 4.10.11 1101.26
So GuruZim is partly to blame for this as I do one of my occasional tributes to PWI and Liz Hunter. There is an interview with Kevin Steen followed by the results from our last Freedom to Fight show and as a special bonus, I'll throw in the French press release from Fred la Merveille that kicked up a little fuss on Death Valley Driver the other day. The final small note is that this is the unedited version. The version that will be making the rounds will have the Star Wars comments removed. Kevin had issues with the comments and asked me to remove them. Personally, I think that they are very revealing about his character...


Kevin Steen : “In Canada, they call me Mister”

Saturday night is sliding into Sunday morning and the Internet Wrestling Syndicate Champion Kevin Steen, is for once, smiling, “It was a good night tonight. We had a good crowd – we always have hot crowds – but tonight – WOW. And there was - what? Four hundred people out there, maybe more. They told me that we ran out of chairs, Unison brought out couches from the back. We filled those. People were standing. It was great.”

“Freedom to Fight is a big deal for us. We’re happy to back in Ville Saint-Laurent – happy to be back at Unison. I’m happy that I defended my IWS title. I had to beat both EXesS and Sexxxy Eddy. Three-way matches are tough: not only do I have to worry about beating two guys, I can’t beat down either guy as much as I would like to. You have to be strategic. If I beat down Eddy too much, EXesS ambushes me with one of his sneaky submissions; if I beat EXesS up the way I can, Eddy tries to pin EXesS and I could lose my belt without getting pinned. In the end, the Commissioner waffled EXesS with a chair, but it didn’t matter – I would have won anyway.”

2004 has been a very good year for Kevin Steen.

“Hell, Yeah. I won the Extreme Wrestling Revolution title in Quebec. The first and only EWR champion. I won the IWS title. I fought Jerry Lynn in Montreal. I mean he beat me - he’s tricky – but the most important thing is that now I know that I can beat him if I get a second chance. I beat Christopher Daniels, the Fallen Angel, in Quebec City. And I wrestled the most dominant champion in indy wrestling – Ring of Honour champion Samoa Joe – I fought him to a twenty minute draw. Yeah, it’s been a good year. And
it’s going to get even better.”

“Look at my October. Next week, I defend my EWR title in Quebec City. On October 9th, I’m in Philadelphia wrestling for Combat Zone Wrestling in Viking Hall, the historic ECW arena. I get to introduce Crazy Crusher to the CZW fans and he’s an amazing talent – almost as good as me – and we get to team up to beat El Generico and EXesS, and you know kicking their asses never gets old. The week after that I will be at Ohio Valley Wrestling – the WWE developmental territory – for a try-out in front of the legend James Cornette. In hockey terms, that’s like trying out for the Montreal Canadians farm team in front of Scotty Bowman. October 23rd is Blood, Sweat and Beers right back here at Unison and I’ll be defending my IWS gold. And October
ends, with me going back to the Rahway Centre in Rahway, New Jersey for Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s show Halloween Hell where I’ll be defending my IWS title against Roderick Strong – the so-called ‘King of the Back-Breakers.’ That’s a good month for anyone.”

“And – hey – it’s been good year for the IWS too. Look at tonight. The show was being filmed by Smart Mark Video, the biggest distributour of wrestling videos in North America. They drove 800 miles to film us and they are going to drive 800 miles back to edit the show. They were saying that the show will be released by when Tuesday? Wednesday?”

(In fact, Freedom to Fight is available now from Smart Mark Video:

“Plus, we have been on television across Canada on Pro Wrestling Superstars for nearly six months now. We’re the first Canadian Wrestling fed to have had our own Pay Per View. It’s been a very good year.”

You could say that the IWS and Kevin Steen matured together.

“That’s very true. It’s no accident that when people ask, ‘Which IWS show should I pick up first?’ Everyone always says – Un F’N Sanctioned 2003 – My FIRST show. When I wrestled for Jacques Rougeau – and I love Jacques Rougeau, don’t get me wrong – but when I wrestled for him, I was ‘Le Kid’ Kevin Steen. I didn’t want to end up forty years old and still be ‘Le Kid’ Kevin Steen. So, I came to the IWS, and the IWS fans – man they’re the best fans in the world – they got me right away, and they didn’t call me ‘Le Kid’ they called me MISTER, they named me Mister Wrestling.”

“The funny thing about going to the States is that everyone down there is asking, ‘Who is this Kevin Steen kid and why does he call himself Mister Wrestling?” Like they are saying, ‘How dare he?’ Shows how stupid the American fans are and how smart the fans are here in Canada. In the U.S. they just see ‘Le Kid’; In Canada they see the man.”

You talk about how good the fans in Canada are, but you go out of your way to piss them off.

“Sure, but you know what, the fans need me to be bad. I do all the stuff that they wish that they could do. I’m the cool guy that they wish that they could be. It’s like in Star Wars. Who’s the coolest character? Vader. And Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie because Vader WINS. He freezes Han Solo like a popsicle. He tells Luke, “I am your father,’ and then WHAM! He cuts Luke’s hand off. Why did the last two films suck? Because Vader was good in them. The next movie, Darth Vader gets to turn heel and a whole lot of people are going to die, and because of that, that movie is going to rock. You watch and see.”

Aren’t you worried about the consequences of your actions?

“See, that’s the beauty of it. The IWS is a fed with no consequences, There are no disqualifications, no count outs, the referees are just there to look pretty. Besides, who’s going to stop me? Pierre Carl Ouellet tried – now he’s not sure what decade he’s in. The Green Phantom tried – now he’s sitting at home with a fractured arm. EXesS – don’t make me laugh. El Generico tried to stop me, so I brought in Franky the Mobster and we took El Generico out. No, this belt is staying around my waist for a long time.”

(This interview was done backstage after IWS Freedom to Fight, September 25th, 2004.)


Official IWS Freedom To Fight Results

Freedom to Fight kicked off with an open challenge issued by 2.0, the self-proclaimed “most professional tag team in all of Quebec.” 2.0 also promised to the crowd to teach them the real professional rules of professional wrestling beginning with the count-out. To the delight of the crowd, 2.0’s challenge was answered by Big Larry and Dolla-Bill, T-Unit, possibly the least professional tag team in all of Canada. 2.0 was able to isolate Big Larry in their corner and work him over and despite a brief flurry by Dolla-Bill, 2.0 were able to force T-Unit to the outside of the ring and keep them there for the count-out victory after 9.26. The IWS fans have now seen their first ever count-out and they were unanimous: they do not like them.

Back in July, during IWS Hardcore Heat, the Evil Ninja mutilated Kurt Lauderdale’s arm slicing it to ribbons with a samurai sword. Ever since, the Career Killer has been searching for revenge. Before Freedom to Fight, Kurt’s tag team partner Kid Kamikaze, promised Kurt that at the show he would get to fight the Ninja in a steel cage. Naturally, when Kurt arrived to find no cage and no Ninja, he went a little berserk. Dragging the Ninja’s manager, the skeletal Motivator of Madness to the ring with the Ninja’s own sword to Motie’s throat, Kurt demanded a match against the Evil Ninja. Fortunately for the Motivator of Madness, IWS President Seska signed the match on the spot and ordered the Evil Ninja to wrestle. In addition, she offered Kurt barbed wire boards to make up for the lack of a cage big enough to fit the big man. What ensued was one of the most violent matches ever seen in an IWS ring. Despite an initial and inevitable ambush by the Evil Ninja, Kurt Lauderdale somehow absorbed all of the Ninja’s innovative offence to crush the Ninja like a bug, splattering the Fabertown, Japan native through a table with a top rope Dragon Driver for the win after 11:14. Many people are calling it Kurt’s best match ever.

Before calling out Crazy Crusher for a match, the IWS Language Police, Fred la Merveille, announced that it was time that the IWS had a real Quebecker, a true Francophone as its champion to represent Quebec with pride in the United States. The highlight of the match between Crusher and Fred was an emotional Bossman slam hit by Fred who pointed to the sky right after - to the roar of the IWS faithful. Crusher was difficult to put away however and Fred had to recruit the help of Mark le Grizzly to wear Crusher down and a chair to put Crusher away when Fred hit his “101” pedigree from the top rope onto an open chair at 15:35 for the win.

For months, Dan Paysan has been trying to find a way to get the better of the IWS’ Master of Mirth, Beef Wellington. It appeared that Dan had finally found the formula to victory when he challenged Beef to an Italian Street Fight. But Beef adapted quickly to the unfamiliar environment wailing on Dan with huge Salamis and Sausage Nun-chucks. Dan had an ace up his sleeve however blinding Beef with a mist of Brio, the Italian Cola. Disorientated, Beef was forced to pull out a Gucci hand-bag filled with fine hand-crafted Italian thumb tacks. This proved to be a fatal mistake however as Dan Paysan survived several brutal moves on to the thumb tacks and knocked Beef down for the count with a top rope Last Kiss neck-breaker on to the thumb tacks for the win after 11:54.

Pierre Carl Ouellet announced to the IWS fans recently that he was dedicated to hunting down the members of the infamous “Clique” and bringing them to justice for driving him out of the WWE years ago. Unfortunately for Kid Kamikaze, he bears a sneaking resemblance to Sean Waltman, enough at least for PCO to decide that the Westmount Weasel was Waltman. Kid Kamikaze used his technical skill to try and separate PCO’s shoulder and give him a chance to win, but PCO’s strength and experience proved too much for Kid Kamikaze who tapped to a Sharpshooter after 8:27.

Since debuting in the IWS, Franky the Mobster has wreaked havoc: concussing PCO, cheating El Generico out of the IWS title, helping Kevin Steen fracture the Green Phantom’s arm, spitting blood on the fans… So, the hardcore fans of the IWS were ready for El Generico to give Franky a little payback. It was no walk in the park for El Generico fighting a bigger, more experienced and frankly unstable opponent, but the Latin Luchador fought Franky toe-to-toe and eventually stunned Franky (and delighted the crowd) with a roll-up for the victory after 9:51. After, the match a distraught Franky nearly started a riot attacking Juan, one of the “broom boys” – the IWS ring crew.

As Kevin Steen mentioned in his interview, he successfully defended his IWS title in a three-way dance with EXesS and Sexxxy Eddy, but it was by no means as easy as he made it sound. In fact, Steen was driven to desperate measures to save his gold at one point dragging Senior IWS official P-Nut from the ring just as his hand was about to count three on a pin-fall by Sexxxy Eddy on EXesS. Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris ended up saving Kevin Steen’s title when he attacked EXesS with a chair while EXesS had Sexxxy Eddy twisted in a pretzel with EXesS’ variation of the stretch muffler submission. This left Eddy easy prey for Kevin Steen to get the win at 12:54.

Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris did not attack EXesS to help Kevin Steen, he did it to exact revenge on the “Baby-Oil Phenom” for attacking him with a chair the previous month and tearing up his ten-year contract with the Commissioner. After the match, the Commissioner trash talked his former protégé until EXesS snapped and began stretching his former boss. Kid Kamikaze ended up running to the ring to save the IWS Commissioner, yet another of Kid Kamikaze’s attempts to get into the Commissioner’s good graces.

The Main event of Freedom to Fight was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the IWS tag-team title. The reigning champions, Damian and Viking, le Syndicat de Lutte Internet, won their titles in January and have been on a roll ever since pinning every tag team in the IWS… except the Flying Hurricanes. The ‘Canes are one of the great hard luck teams in all of wrestling, putting their bodies on the line every single time they wrestle and yet never quite capable of winning the right match at the right time. Like the SLI, the Hurricanes hadn’t been pinned since January, but knowing the ‘Canes history even their most devoted fans couldn’t dream of victory. Well, the IWS fans were rewarded with perhaps the greatest main event in IWS history as the Hurricanes absorbed all the damage the notoriously stiff SLI could dish out, as both teams found innovative ways to use tables, ladders and chairs to destroy each other (and two ladders). In the end, the Flying Hurricanes stunned the SLI with their patented Unpredictable Motion off a table propped on the top of the ropes. (For those who have never seen it, the Unpredictable Motion is Takao power-bombing his own partner Kenny the Bastard onto their opponents.) With his opponents (and his partner) down for the count, Takao climbed a third ladder stolen from a nearby construction crew to win the tag team titles after 24:15 seconds of furious action. For many fans, it was the greatest feel good moment in IWS history and the crowd roared in approval as the IWS locker room emptied to salute the new champions.

The Internet Wrestling Syndicate presents Blood, Sweat and Beers October 23rd at Unison Bar et Billiard, 3500 Boulevard Cote Vertu, Montreal, Québec. Doors open at 8:00 PM, IWS Bloodstream begins at 8:30 PM, show starts at 9:00 PM. Tickets are fifteen dollars. For information about the show e-mail or visit the Internet Wresting Syndicate at their web-site: For information about IWS merchandise & DVDs, our wholesale prices or our customer referral program e-mail or order from & Freedom To Fight is now availible from Smart Mark Video:

(To reach Unison on foot, go to metro Cote Vertu and take either the 121 or 177 bus and get off on the corner of Cote Vertu and Beaulac. For those coming to Montreal from outside of town, take Autoroute 13, turn off on the 40 service road to Cote Vertu and take Cote Vertu to Beaulac.)



(Chef du Syndicat de Lutte Internet)

Partout où je vais, les gens me félicitent parce que la « IWS » iront aux Etats-Unis. Le match 4 Coins de la « IWS » à la « Combat Zone Wrestling » n’était-il pas fantastique? N’est-ce pas formidable que la « IWS » soit présente à la « Jersey All Pro Wrestling »? N’est-ce pas merveilleux que nos héros réussissent? Et vous savez ce que je leur dis?

Je dis NON. Il n’y a RIEN à célébrer!

N’est-ce pas le Québec? Nos héros n’ont-ils toujours pas été des VRAIS Québécois? Nos héros n’ont-ils pas toujours été francophones? Regardez qui la « IWS » envoie aux Etats-Unis :

-Bœuf Wellington – Anglophone
-El Generico – Espagnol
-Le Ninja Diabolique – Japonais
-Sexxxy Eddy – POLONAIS
-Le Fantôme Vert – MUTANT
-Kevin Steen – il est le pire, il est francophone mais il souhaiterait être anglophone! Maudit traître!

La « IWS » n’est-elle pas une compagnie québécoise? Il est temps qu’ils envoient un héros francophone aux Etats-Unis. Il est temps qu’un héros francophone détienne le titre de la « IWS ».

Le 30 octobre, durant « JAPW – Halloween Infernal » à Rahway, New Jersey, Kevin Steen est supposé faire face à Roderick le Fort pour le titre de la « IWS ». Et bien, je suis ici pour vous dire que ce match N’AURA PAS LIEU.

Parce que le 23 octobre, durant Sang, Sueur et Bières au Bar et Billard Unison, je battrai Kevin Steen pour le titre de la « IWS » et ce sera moi, le seul et unique Fred la Merveille, chef du Syndicat de Lutte Internet, Champion de la « IWS », notre héros national, notre véritable champion pour le Peuple Québécois qui partira en croisade aux États-Unis pour affronter Roderick le Fort et défendre le titre de la « IWS »


(edited by Llakor on 4.10.04 1203)

(edited by Llakor on 4.10.04 1204)
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