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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - wwf's MVP....who couldn't they afford to lose and why? Register and log in to post!
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HarleM HeAt
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#1 Posted on 23.3.02 1634.03
Reposted on: 23.3.09 1650.45
Who is the wwf's Most valuble wrestler right now. Injured or on current roster based on skills, name recondtion or whatever you choose. Who should the federation give a majoir push to that would be sensible iun the long term.
Also who could they not afford to lose?
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#2 Posted on 23.3.02 1752.47
Reposted on: 23.3.09 1759.01
I'd go with Kurt Angle. He has the skills, the mic skills, and has the entire crowd chanting "You Suck" at him just by him walking down the aisle. He gets great heel heat, and would be sensible to give him a major a heel. The problem with his push last year was that he was a face, and Angle doesn't work as a face.

The WWF cannot afford to lose The Rock and Steve Austin. Their is no face who can replace the two in the WWF right now (RVD maybe in a few years, but not now), which is why the WWF should be doing everything to make Austin happy right now, IMO.

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#3 Posted on 23.3.02 1800.09
Reposted on: 23.3.09 1808.49
The only person the WWF can't afford to lose is Vince. If they lost the Rock and Steve Austin and a few other key players at the same time they might be in trouble.

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#4 Posted on 23.3.02 2033.49
Reposted on: 23.3.09 2035.20
The WWF has no competition they can afford to lose anyone, cause they'd still be the only serious wrestling organization.
Set Abominae
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#5 Posted on 23.3.02 2055.42
Reposted on: 23.3.09 2057.25
the MVP? Kurt Angle is an absolute no-brainer there. Best pure wrestler, best at getting heat, very rarely has a bad match, and he keeps getting better. Angle is the guy you can't lose, too, because he's the guy you build the WWF around in 2003 and beyond. Keep him heel though, he works better that way (though I think his face turn was hurt by bad booking after Summerslam; during the Invasion main event he was getting HUGE pops.) So, Angle's the man.
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#6 Posted on 23.3.02 2252.06
Reposted on: 23.3.09 2255.33
i think the wwf has gone down hill since the MVP stopped wrestling
i think that at this point, they have soo many MVP's they could lose anybody and still keep going

Rock...makes a movie, not too many people blink...

Stone cold...has so many injures and has been out so long, it's odd when he's not hurt...but with the overness of his catchphrase, he can be out and people will still chant "WHAT?"

Taker...was out for a while a couple years ago, no problemo...

HHH...he was out and people were aching for his return, me included...if he was out for good???? that might be a big time hole in the upper card...heel or face, he's got the fanz around his little finger
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#7 Posted on 23.3.02 2334.07
Reposted on: 23.3.09 2353.13
Everyone is forgetting who the true MVP of the wrestling world is. If it wasn't for this man they alliance would not have one uped the wwf at the invasion pay per view. After all, he was the alliance MVP so why can't he be the WWF MVP?? Who better than Kanyon?
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#8 Posted on 24.3.02 0045.01
Reposted on: 24.3.09 0045.24
All feuds seem to go through Angle one way or another. He is the best wrestler and has one of the best characters. Angle is also to go from midcard to mainevent back to midcard with no problem. The WWF could really use more guys LIKE that.
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#9 Posted on 24.3.02 0059.29
Reposted on: 24.3.09 0105.54
and the MVP is....

Steph McMahon

WTF? Her grill (and tits) are on tv so much it makes me sick...if she wins the title time to turn off WWF TV...jeez what in the hell is she doing in the main event anyways...she looks freekin stupid on that graphic promoting Raw, this is a wrestler's show not for some whiny little bitch that get heat because, well, she is a little whiny bitch
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#10 Posted on 24.3.02 0102.19
Reposted on: 24.3.09 0108.22
I'll agree with everyone that Angle's probably the all-around most talented guy on the roster, but is he in any sort of position where the WWF would flounder in his absence? Eh, not really.

For the moment the WWF is probably fine if it has one of the Rock, Austin, or Hogan, though all the non-the Rock members of that list probably have ever shortening shelf lives. And really, even in their cases its more a question of having draws people want to see, then in them providing some irreplaceable component to the program. Even if some deranged smark took all three of them out with a high powered rifle tomorrow, the WWF could probably build a financially sound program around a revitalized heel HHH, though ratings would probably suffer at first until they'd built up Jericho or RVD or Booker T or Edge as a decent face challenger. And if Hunter drowned in his own backne the next day, Angle could take his spot without much ado.

Really, at this point the roster's so damn deep you could probably take out everyone who currently appears regularly on RAW and Smackdown and still find a way to put out decent television. I mean pretty much the entire ECW roster is right there, waiting in the wings. Granted ratings would suffer for a while, but they'd survive.

So, in summary, I'll side with those who say the WWF doesn't particularly have a MVP at this point.
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#11 Posted on 24.3.02 0801.39
Reposted on: 24.3.09 0804.18
I agree that the WWF can afford to lose anyone, but I will say that losing The Rock would probably cause the most short-term problems--even though I think it would be good for the WWF to limit his appearances because he tends to throw the card out of balance.

What's interesting is, The Rock is probably the only person who could afford to leave the WWF as far as his fame and popularity go.
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#12 Posted on 24.3.02 1242.41
Reposted on: 24.3.09 1250.27
The Rock and the WWF are at that point where they don't really NEED each other anymore. Rock's probably got enough cash to retire for good, and live comfortably off the occasional movie deals (Like Roddy Piper's doing with the straight to video flicks). The WWF would have some short time problems without him, but they've had bigger problems, like the owner facing jailtime for dealing roids, so they can ride through the problems.

Could they do without McMahon? Probably, the WWF is a corporation now, and while Vince has his finger in every pie, he's not as needed as he or others would think. Hell, TAKA could probably coume in and run the promotion for a little while and probably improve the product! (Anyone seen Michinoku Pro?)

Anyway, the real MVP is... Us! THe fans. Without fans watching, and shelling out the clams for the merchandise, the WWF ain't shit. So, a message to Vince: Get Staphanie off our shows, or the MVP walks!
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#13 Posted on 24.3.02 1634.52
Reposted on: 24.3.09 1642.59
The Rock is the guy that's going to be around for a long time. He's money in the bank for them, Hogan circa 87, et al. They really cannot afford to lose him to Hollywood. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a heel turn, and hoped his movie tanked, just so he wouldn't be encouraged.
They need Rock.
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#14 Posted on 24.3.02 2134.46
Reposted on: 24.3.09 2145.43
I would have to say Steve Austin. Excellent promos, charsmatic, and when he wants to...he can actually wrestle (yes I know you're suprised). I really wouldn't care If the Rock left...he gets annoying, but I do give him credit, he is funny at times. As far as who is the best "pure wrestler" in the WWF? Chris Benoit without a doubt. Now I am a fan of Angle, but I hate to break it to all you Angle marks, but Kurt's not even in Benoit's league...and this is coming from a Kurt Angle fan.
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#15 Posted on 24.3.02 2303.48
Reposted on: 24.3.09 2308.03
They already lost the MVP--Mick Foley. Although he couldn't wrestle anymore, he was the most human, the most approachable wrestler in the business. That combined with his extraordinary speaking ability and ability to pep others, kept other wrestlers on their toes. Al Snow in a way is taking his place, but he does not have the charisma to be as trancendental as Mick Foley was.

Kurt Angle has not begun to unleash his arsenal yet. Anybody who can technique-slam Big Show so easily is impossible to ignore.
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#16 Posted on 25.3.02 1423.12
Reposted on: 25.3.09 1423.31

    Originally posted by deadbeater
    They already lost the MVP--Mick Foley. Although he couldn't wrestle anymore, he was the most human, the most approachable wrestler in the business. That combined with his extraordinary speaking ability and ability to pep others, kept other wrestlers on their toes. Al Snow in a way is taking his place, but he does not have the charisma to be as trancendental as Mick Foley was.

Snow has a great deal of charisma, the problem is the McMahon and company don't want to let it shine. If you've seen any of his ECW work, and even the few times in WWF where they had their gaurd down and he showed how talented he really is. Even the things I saw of him in SMW were incredible. He could be something more than a side-show attraction for that TE2, which I already stopped watching.

As for MVP... Jim Ross, hands down. Without Ross, they'd have nobody to do good color commentary on TV and it would be more torture than usual to watch WWF programming. At least with Ross, you can tell he is trying to make people interested (even with the hokiest of angles). In a time where the WWF is picking and choosing their wrestlers, the list of worthy people to announce is very tiny (how about a list of 2). and without Ross, TV would quickly begin to suffer.
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#17 Posted on 25.3.02 1431.38
Reposted on: 25.3.09 1432.02
Austin is their biggest draw. Rock might be popular, but Austin in the main is better for DA PAY WINDAH.
If Austin ever bails for good, there's gonna be a big slump...
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#18 Posted on 25.3.02 1500.00
Reposted on: 25.3.09 1500.20
People who are fantastic wrestlers, but still don't need to have some over-the-top storylines with killing and betraying 'n stuff, I think of Benoit and Angle. Sure they don't draw as much as the top faces, but these guys are making the substance of wrestling!
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#19 Posted on 25.3.02 1522.24
Reposted on: 25.3.09 1523.21
It's either Rock or Austin, although I'm more inclined to say Austin. The Rock has more mainstream appeal overall and is a mainstream crossover megastar for the WWF, which is a definite plus.

The Rock is the most charismatic entertainer in the WWF, but when it comes to promoting a PPV or putting together a big angle, Austin's the character to center around. Overall, Austin has everything. He cuts some of the best promos in the business and is probably the most identifiable character with the majority of the fans. Everyone wants to be the guy "You don't want to mess with" and Ausitn has captured the essence of that. The only drawback to him is that he has bad knees. Despite all of that, however, he can still pull off amazing matches with other workers.

If the WWF were to lose Austin, the fans may not drop off immediately, but that's the case with anyone. They have such a strong roster as it is that they can still maintain momentum despite putting (literally) dog crap on TV.

I don't think Angle should be in this category yet. He's a great talent and is consistently entertaining, but the WWF doesn't have much promotional effort invested in him. If he left, it would take away one talented worker from the top, but they could just switch him with Jericho at any time and get the same effect, drawing-wise.

If the WWF lost both Rock AND Austin, though, that would really mess everything up.

EDIT: Added comments about Angle

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