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19.4.11 0508
The 7 - Random - Joe Schmo 2 - Ep. 2- Montecore bumps for us
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#1 Posted on 24.6.04 0527.24
Reposted on: 24.6.11 0529.01
The footage of the training of Montecore that showed him smashing into the window/door, oh man poor bird. But I had to laugh at the warning note that "no falcons were harmed during the filming....... but one came really freakin' close"

Bad move early on to have Ambrosia(The-Bitch) confronting Ingrid(Jane Schmo), I understand what they wanted to do but I think it just made things worse. Ingrid is just so smart and you are not going to throw her off her mindset by intimidating her. Saying stuff like "I know I am real" is just dumb. Amb started aggressive and at the end she sounded defensive. Whatever her goal was she failed badly... I wouldn't worry about Tim(Joe Schmo), that guy seems so dense that I doubt he'd figure it out if he saw the script full with real actors name right on top of the table.

Bryce(The-Stalker) is trying to convince everyone he can hypnotize. Tim and T.J(The-Playah) as his victim. Tim not buying it but he and T.J plan out to play along as Bryce says a word "Dogpaddle" they'd start to scratch at the dinner table. Ah Bryce was so proud of his work until TJ and Tim let it out that they were doing it just to have fun at him in front of the others. Ingrid seems to have a soft spot for Bryce as she feels sad for him because he's sensitive... The hold the pose game wasn't much. I do like the trip of all expense paid for *most* sporting activities.

They are quickly using Eleanor(The-Weeper) to her potential. Great stuff of her getting all jealous as Austin (The-Bachelor) was paying more attention to Cammy(The-Moron). Eleanor makes a huge scene saying "The heart pendant he gave her was meaningless because he's obviously doesn't like me!". Everyone tries to calm her down including Austin. BUT when it's time for Austin to choose a partner to squash some grapes with their feet in a barrel of course who chooses Cammy leaving poor Elanor I got a feeling Ingrid is turned off from Austin, but the money is motivation(which she says it's not important, but really that's a lot of money LoL)... Continue the feud of Derek Newcastle(host) and Ernie (The-Heir) as Ernie corrects Derek when he was talking about fine wine. "Wine preferred by ladies and more delicate gentlemen" as Derek looks at Gerald(Kinda-Gay).

Poor Bryce as there's one less woman on the show he has to be in the wine stomping barrel by himself as he didn't get a partner. Piper(Bachelorette) picked Tim. Bryce looked so pathetic and sad that Piper shared some time in his barrel before coming back to Tim. I think Tim really hates this guy... Ernie removing his shirt while in the grapes barrel with Ingrid could have had more potential. They had Piper look at disgust. But they didn't really sell that Ingrid noticed. If Ingrid noticed or was even joked to by Piper about how Piper "Knew Ernie was overweight but didn't know he was THAT FAT". It would came out a lot better once Ernie got eliminated as Ingrid would feel a bit guilty as Ernie says she motivated him to remove his shirt.

Now it's time for "the most enticing tease of the most shocking eviction ceremony yet!". All the guys hold oversize candles as they prepare to "Dip their wick in Piper's flame of love". Which Ingrid gets the innuendo right away much like Tim did for the female necklace ceremony. Bryce breaks out this insane poem of how important Piper is to him that had Piper crying as Tim hates this smothering psycho baby... Ernie gets eliminated, he thanks everyone especially Ingrid who motivated him to remove his shirt (ha). He tries make himself feel better saying at least I'm not the first one eliminated as host Derek Newcastle gets the last shot in by saying "Yes, but you were the first male. Your wick is as cold as Piper's passion for you, please leave"

Ingrid is still too smart for her own good. I do think at times she thinks it's real especially when she felt bad for Bryce & Eleanor. So who's next out, I really think it has to be Ambrosia on the female or TJ on the males, as either hasn't established anything yet. You can play up again that Austin is a racist by voting out Amb. So my guess Amb is out next followed by T.J because the other guys rule!... On the female side I see Cassy/Eleanor/Ingrid final 3. Austin sleeps with Cassy & eliminates her. Making Ingrid hate him but also protected of Eleanor & tries to convince her that Austin no good which I think the whole money scenario could be brought in then. Guys Final 3 I see Bryce/Gerald/Tim, either way it works. Tim V. a guy who he thinks is psycho & might even be worried of Piper safety or Tim V. a somewhat obvious Gay guy(Even though he just could be Canadian LoL). I seem like a Bryce/Tim final and a Eleanor/Ingrid final
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#2 Posted on 24.6.04 0614.35
Reposted on: 24.6.11 0614.48
I think that the producers really dropped the ball by picking Ingrig. She does seem to be way too inquisitve for this show. It was a decent save by Ambrosia thought.
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#3 Posted on 24.6.04 0819.12
Reposted on: 24.6.11 0820.03
Something that occured to me the other day: I wonder if there's any coincidence in "Austin" and "Piper" being chosen as the names. Yes, they're trendy first names that you'd expect on these sorts of shows, but the notion that they're also well known wrestlers? I'm guessing not, but it kind of amused me... :-)

Anyway, my wife suggested that Montecore could have been trained to hit the glass, like those movie horses that are trained to fall down. It's just too unnatural of something that a raptor might be trained for (and pretty unethical to boot).

Given the way that Austin has been acting, I think Ingrid would be alot quicker to go after Ernie, or scarily enough, Bryce than for our Bachelor. I think Austin has been doing a good job in the acting category, but Piper, who's seemed awfully dull to me so far, hit a home run with the decision between Ernie and Bryce. She really came off not so much as "Which one should I keep?", rather more "Which one should I get rid of first?". Tim's biting on everything tossed to him, except for Ingrid's suspicions.

I don't really agree about Ambrosia not doing a good job covering for Ingrid's suspicions. They needed to have somebody out there keeping her from "corrupting" Tim and Ambrosia's point about how everything is contribed, it's a TV show, was dead on. That, and it reinforced Ambrosia's role in the show.

As for next eliminations, they could toss Cammy if they pull the trigger on her sleeping with Austin, as they seem to be setting up. After that, she's pretty much played out character-wise. Eleanor would be the next female out, to really get Ingrid fired up. Ambrosia/Ingrid in the finals.

For the men, TJ is pretty disposible, but I really think Bryce has to go next for two reasons: 1. He was the other half of Piper's tough decision, where she readily chose TJ, Tim and Gerrard. 2. Bryce has to spend some time stalking around the outside of the mansion peering in the windows. It's a perfect way to advance his character and keep him around without making Piper look like she's oblivious to his stalking. After that, TJ is gone, just because Gerrard has alot more depth in his character so far. Tim/Gerrard in the finals.

I was listening to a radio show interview with Ralph yesterday and he mentioned that each elimination ceremony is going to be different. Cha-ching!
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#4 Posted on 24.6.04 0933.07
Reposted on: 24.6.11 0933.44
I like JS2 as much as the first, but man, they got killed in the ratings. The Washington Post yesterday reported that JS1's premier had 3.2 million viewers, JS2's had 0.6 million. OUCH!

I am worried that they might actually boot off Ingrid. She is so hot in this weird way. She so looks like the girl next door, but there is still the hint of a wild side that loves a good beer.

Like NHS said, she's seeing through somethings, but not others (or letting on). She's starting to see some of the "fakeness." Like the drunk chick always falling down and the scripted speeches. Those actors need to stop "acting" and try to start come of as more conversational.

Just like last year, I'm hooked.
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#5 Posted on 24.6.04 2047.46
Reposted on: 24.6.11 2049.14
The gay guy is Canadian. He stars on a show here in Canada (that just debuted first season in the states this year) called Trailer Park Boys. For all Amercians out there its currently one of the most popular shows out there right now, filmed right here in my hometown of Halifax.
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#6 Posted on 24.6.04 2114.50
Reposted on: 24.6.11 2117.45

    I like JS2 as much as the first, but man, they got killed in the ratings. The Washington Post yesterday reported that JS1's premier had 3.2 million viewers, JS2's had 0.6 million. OUCH!

Because of a little thing called the NBA finals, which the Post failed to note.
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#7 Posted on 25.6.04 1702.35
Reposted on: 25.6.11 1703.20
Many friends have told me they caught one of the many replays, we all agree Ingrid is smokin hot!

Bryce is freakishly entertaining, I want to see more of TJ.

Next week's preview snippet showed Ingrid and Cammy in the bathroom - MMMMMMM! I look for Cammy to get hot with either TJ, or our host Ralph (repeat storyline from last year, isn't Ralph also a writer? If I were him, I would book myself to enjoy Cammy!

This will cause TJ to get booted next.
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