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#1 Posted on 6.5.04 0034.44
Reposted on: 6.5.11 0036.21
Take two feuding vampires and put them out of their element and you have one awesome episode. The W&H italian CEO is my new favorite character. For now.

"Don't you guys have an italian Wesley around here?"

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#2 Posted on 6.5.04 0432.47
Reposted on: 6.5.11 0433.50
Just so I don't start a new thread, this was posted on

"Star Relieved At Angel's End

David Boreanaz, star of The WB's Angel, told CNN Headline News that he's relieved that the show is finally coming to an end after five seasons, and that there would have to be a good reason for him to put Angel's black trenchcoat back on for the reported Angel TV movies-of-the-week under consideration for next year. "There's been talk about films, board games—let me see—video games," Boreanaz told the news network. "Everything, across the board. These characters that [executive producer] Joss [Whedon] has created will live forever."

Angel is ending May 19, though reports have suggested that The WB may be considering one or more TV movies to extend the show's story next year. But, Boreanaz said, "I think whenever they want to revisit that character and bring it to a higher plateau, I would only be interested if the bar was [raised] a lot higher."

Boreanaz, who originated the role of the vampire with a soul in the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer before spinning off in his own series, said that he's currently entertaining three offers for post-Angel projects.

Boreanaz added that he is in talks to appear in September in the London stage production of When Harry Met Sally, a play that also marked the West End stage debut of Alyson Hannigan—a Buffy co-star and the real-life wife of Angel co-star Alexis Denisof. The play has yet another Buffy connection: It currently co-stars Luke Perry, who played opposite Kristy Swanson in the original 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer feature film."
A Fan
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#3 Posted on 6.5.04 0711.22
Reposted on: 6.5.11 0712.11
Funny, I heard they WB greenlighted six Angel movies, gee WB lying to the fans that would never happen. I didn't like tonight's episode, it was funny at times, but it reminded me of a bad episode of X-Files. Where something is promised ie the end of the love triangle, but nothing really gets resolved. It just felt like it was thrown together at the last second and no real plot expect showing Spike and Angel as whinners. I also don't buy that Buffy would fall for the Immortal. He is evil which is par for the course with her, but I thought she was over that dating evil men. Alot of it didn't make sense and everyone seemed out of character, Andrew, a stud, I don't think so.

Next week's episode looks good though. The return of Angelus would be a nice way to end the series.
Bongo P. Michinoku
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#4 Posted on 6.5.04 0801.10
Reposted on: 6.5.11 0802.11
    Originally posted by Tod deKindes
    The W&H italian CEO is my new favorite character.


She was also HOT.

Andrew was wearing a Strong Bad shirt. That made my whole day.
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#5 Posted on 6.5.04 0943.33
Reposted on: 6.5.11 0945.18
    Originally posted by Bongo P. Michinoku
      Originally posted by Tod deKindes
      The W&H italian CEO is my new favorite character.


    She was also HOT.

She was also, err, chesty. As a friend of mine once said, "Emmerson".

I enjoyed the episode, it was mostly light and fun. I think the point of Andrew being a stud was - hey, things change, now deal with it and live, it supported his speech to Spike and Angel.

The Ilyria angle is interesting, but there's really not enough time left to delve into it.

Next week's episode looks like it will be a good one, and should help hold interest for the finale.
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#6 Posted on 6.5.04 1151.57
Reposted on: 6.5.11 1152.41
Next week's episode should be a two parter... I mean its the SERIES finale. It'd be par for the course.

But, really, this episode I just loved. Oh God, too many things. Andrew wearing the Strong Bad shirt, Angel's speech about the cookie dough (she's not done baking yet), Spike finding out Dru had slept with The Immortal too (Son of a BITCH!), The slow-mo bar fight (I got confused! Its very loud in here!)... I could go on. I think I will.

Amy Acker is really, really pulling off the evil bit. Switching between Fred and Illyria mannerisms was creepy and great. I also love Fred's parents. They're just so happy.

God I'm going to miss this show. I want to have Joss and his whole crew over for dinner.
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#7 Posted on 6.5.04 1523.28
Reposted on: 6.5.11 1525.03
I thought it was a little disappointing. The episode didn't have closure to the Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle, but I guess it didn't help that SMG wasn't there to film it. It was too comedy in contrast to the torment Wesley was feeling with Illyria acting like Fred. This was too filler-y, especially since it's so close to the finale.
Boudin blanc
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#8 Posted on 6.5.04 1719.17
Reposted on: 6.5.11 1726.14
I don't think it was supposed to provide closure to the triangle as much as it was a subtle message to the fans: Things change. The show is ending. Move on.

Angel ranting at the cookie dough line was great, and Spike's confused reaction made it all the better.

I loved the way this ep focused on Buffy without actually showing her. It reminded me of the early Angel episodes (prior to Ep. 8) where they would reference his past but downplay her. They even managed to go a few episodes before they used the B-word.

This was the perfect fun little episode to mockingly self-reflect back on the history of the characters and provide one last fun romp before it all closes out.

Joss has said that as much as he'd like to do an Angel or Buffy movie, he'd hope that the casts would be all too busy to do it. Looks like that might be the case for Boreanaz, and more power to him. After this episode though, I would like to see a movie focusing on Spike. (I know we've had Buffy and Angel episodes, but I'm like to see him just once in the role of titular character.)

Why does that last sentence want me to make a crack about the Italian CEO?

(edited by EddieBurkett on 6.5.04 1820)
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#9 Posted on 6.5.04 1745.36
Reposted on: 6.5.11 1746.04
    Originally posted by EddieBurkett
    I don't think it was supposed to provide closure to the triangle as much as it was a subtle message to the fans: Things change. The show is ending. Move on.

According to Steve DeKnight, who co-wrote the episode with Drew Goddard (who posted here: his posts are in green) the episode isn't about that at all. Here, I'll cut and paste because its kind of a bitch to find.

^ v
Steve DeKnight says:
(Thu May 6 07:44:00 2004)

Ho ho ho. Just a quick swoop by since I see that little scamp Drew promised I'd be here. Bad, Drew, bad!

Gotta say, folks, I'm a little surprised at some of the reaction to tonight’s episode. Not sure how anyone got the impression that our intent was to poke the hard core fans right in the peeper, but I can tell you that was never our intent. All we wanted to do is address the Angel/Buffy/Spike triangle one last time in a light-hearted manner. And that bit at the end about movin' on? Directed at no one but the characters saying the words. We, the people actually working on the show for many long, hard years, just wanted to use our last chance to tell a fun story and to show that yes, love can make you shemp if you let it.

To address a few other random comments: Don't know what you've heard, but Sarah was never going to play an active part in this ep. Not from the conception, the breaking of the story, or the writing of it. As for Tom Lenk (Andrew), I love the guy and I'm very happy he was in the show. We had talked about Dawn doing those scenes, but Michelle wasn't available.

Not defending anything here. Just giving you the facts. And honestly, no matter what we do in these last few episodes, somebody out there's not gonna be happy. So we'll just do our best. Hate it, love it – it’s still gonna end how it’s gonna end. And if you think you’re gonna miss it, imagine how we feel. Nah, on second thought, don’t. It’ll just make you cry.

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#10 Posted on 7.5.04 0012.26
Reposted on: 7.5.11 0012.34
Kind of a wishy-washy ep in my opinion. There were some parts that had me laughing, and some that made me smile (Angel and Spike comparing notes on how many times they saved the world and the cookie dough, specifically, because I'm a sucker for continuity). I also love how much they hate hate HATE the guy that we never see, and how everybody else just loves him. But the episode as a whole didn't do much for me.

I thought the Ilyria/Fred stuff was brilliant, I kind of wish they could do more with it.

I'd like to think they're be at least some kind of continuation (a feature film, those TV mini-movies) just because I'm a selfish bastard and I think it'd be fun. I know Marsters would go in for it (not just because he's Wheadon's right hand man right now, but because he said he would right after he shaved his head), get a couple other people who are up for it, and I'd watch it, even without Buffy or Angel.
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