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#1 Posted on 22.4.04 2312.53
Reposted on: 22.4.11 2314.05
They've been a slump since before WrestleMania, and the shows are showing no signs of getting better. The draft did virtually nothing to help the depleted talent roster, since the RAW talents that came over are either projects (i.e. Jindrak, Dupreee), guys who've probably past their main event prime (i.e. the Dudleys, RVD, Booker T) or career midcarders (i.e. Rico, Spike Dudley). After all of the buildup to the Undertaker's return, he's never on the show. Same with Rey Mysterio, who hasn't been on the show in a few weeks because Creative simply hasn't found anything for him to do. Bradshaw is getting a main event feud in spite of the fact that he's STILL not over and he's STILL a crappy wrestler.

I love Eddie, but if he's the "long-term" champ and Benoit is the transitional champ, then WWE is doing a funny job of building a show around them.
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#2 Posted on 22.4.04 2317.27
Reposted on: 22.4.11 2319.00
Actually, according to the Torch, Rey Rey is still nursing some injuries, which could be the reason he hasn't been on in a while.

And yes, it's safe to say Smackdown sucks.
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#3 Posted on 22.4.04 2318.45
Reposted on: 22.4.11 2320.02
Yes it is safe to say so. When D-Von Dudley vs Eddie is the main event all hell has broken loose.
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#4 Posted on 23.4.04 0032.08
Reposted on: 23.4.11 0032.44
It's safe to say that but I don't think that it is true. SmackDown! isn't maybe as good as it could be, but it apparently is still entertaining enough to make people watch it. And I believe that this is just one of the ups and downs that we have seen many times before. They have just lost a couple of their ME:s and it'll, of course, take some time to replace those guys. I admit that I hate Bradshaw being in ME too, but I think (hope) that it won't happen soon again.

Before it was SD! which made people more interested but now it's Raw. At least this is how it is here, where you can't see full episodes on TV (I actually watch full episodes, but most of the people don't). Variety is the spice of life? Maybe.
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#5 Posted on 23.4.04 0151.45
Reposted on: 23.4.11 0152.14
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#6 Posted on 23.4.04 0215.40
Reposted on: 23.4.11 0216.52
I would argue the point that Smackdown used to be the superior show. In the 'Smackdown Six' era, the storylines were still pretty lame; it was just the 1-2 great matches per show that made Smackdown tolerable.

Now it's RAW that's getting the 1-2 great matches per show from Benoit, HBK, Jericho, Evolution, etc. and Smackdown's roster of guys who can really go has dwindled down to Eddie, Chavo, Rey (who apparently is hurt), Angle (ditto), RVD and Booker (who half-ass it half the time) and the rest of the cruiserweights (who are never on the show).
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#7 Posted on 23.4.04 0244.29
Reposted on: 23.4.11 0244.30
I was discussing this with a friend the other day.
It seems like ever since the split 2 years ago they haven't really had a stretch where both shows were good.

Either one of them sucked and the other one was doing great, or they were both average.

This reminds me of shortly after the split 2 years ago, people said that Raw was so horrible they would stop watching (Katie Vick era). I think Smackdown has hit that level of suckiness now..
Obviously it will change, but right now I am not sure how/when..
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#8 Posted on 23.4.04 1032.12
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1036.41
I've not really been a huge Smackdown fan for about a year or so now. The in ring stuffs been cool enough, but the storyline side just hasn't got me involved enough to make me want to tune in every week.

The only time I'm free to see it these days is Saturday morning, and at that time it takes something far more compelling than they've offered to make sure I'm out my bed.

I guess I'm kinda, "I'll watch it if its there", but I certainly won't go out my way to do so.
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#9 Posted on 23.4.04 1032.54
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1038.25
I agree dMP, it does seem the writers focus on one show only and the other has to tread water waiting for their time. I will say Smackdown got screwed on the draft. They needed a top level heel main eventer like HHH, Shawn or Jericho. Instead they get RVD, Booker T and the Dudley Boyz. Now, Booker and the Boyz are heels are fine, but they are being booked poorly. It should be Booker/Eddie instead pushing Bradshaw down on throats for the next two months. The Dudley Boyz have to kill Rico/Haas now. I mean old school, blood all over the arena beatdown. Its the only way to get those guys over and every match till the division is at least somewhat strong should be like that.

They also need a major trade like sending Taker, Big Show, Cena, once he drops the belt, for Brian Lawler, Tajiri, Rhyno, Hurricane and Shawn Michaels. They need something, because right now, they are really running out of fueds and ideas.
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#10 Posted on 23.4.04 1036.57
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1038.58

Smackdown does kinda blow now ... For me, the one bright spot has been Rene Dupree ... this go is money ... he should the top heel on the SD roster by the end of the year ... and then they'll turn him face and ruin him.
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#11 Posted on 23.4.04 1054.33
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1054.51
Eh, it's still doing okay. I may be the only one, but I'm really digging Evil Governor Bradshaw
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#12 Posted on 23.4.04 1056.13
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1058.53
WWE Smackdown is a lethargick and inept show. The show is so bad that I haven't watched it on a continuous basis in over two years. The problem is that the rosters are split and the smackdown roster is just not that deep. Personally, if I was Vince I would cut the roster to 30 to 40 wrestlers. About the same number of wrestlers before the WWE bought WCW. Than implement those wrestlers on both Raw and Smackdown. The WWE product is just simply watered down and its time to clean house!
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#13 Posted on 23.4.04 1230.36
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1232.06
"They also need a major trade like sending Taker, Big Show, Cena, once he drops the belt, for Brian Lawler, Tajiri, Rhyno, Hurricane and Shawn Michaels. They need something, because right now, they are really running out of fueds and ideas."

I like the idea of trading Show for two big name players from Raw. The storyline's there for it to happen, and Show's kinda hit a wall on SmackDown. Trade him for Michaels and mebbe Kane, whom could both do great fresh things on Thursdays.
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#14 Posted on 23.4.04 1526.19
Reposted on: 23.4.11 1527.03
For those of you not in the know, that was indeed Paul London playing the part of El Gran Luchador, Mexican Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown this week. Meanwhile, the cruiserweight champion is jobbing and having fluke wins to John Cena.

Yes, Smackdown sucks right now.
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#15 Posted on 23.4.04 2244.05
Reposted on: 23.4.11 2245.22
A bit lethargic, but no, I don't think the show sucks. The main problem is the storyline they're stuck with for Bradshaw, but even there his "political ad" against Eddie was pretty clever.

Something did seem to happen after WM XX, as they haven't been able to find the same footing that they had before WM, but I still find myself enjoying Smackdown in both character development and with the wrestling.

Considering how many people having to rave about one show and tear down the other (and that works both ways - I hear just as many people say how much they enjoy Smackdown more than RAW), I wonder if this isn't really more of a case of many fans being suckered into the whole brand extension as reality. (i.e. "MY show is better than YOUR show.")

Just WWE doing their job, really.
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#16 Posted on 24.4.04 1219.26
Reposted on: 24.4.11 1222.04
Yes, Smackdown sucks! But I really donīt care anymore!
Raw IS the better brand! In my opinion it always was.
Of course I would love to see RVD winning the WWE title, but other than that I donīt give a shit about SmackDown!
Nowadays I tape the show and watch it in fast forward.
Iīm only interessted in seeing Van Dam, Cena, the old Taker and sometimes Haas and Dupree! Thatīs all!
I donīt even care about Eddy - Sorry!
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#17 Posted on 25.4.04 0006.14
Reposted on: 25.4.11 0007.19
Kurt Angle was on Byte this a couple of weeks ago, he did seem a little angry about how Smackdown lost so many guys to Raw ever the last two years, he does have a point... Not including the past re-draft the names are somewhat interesting

Even though Randy Orton & Batista really established themselves on Raw, they did start out on Smackdown... You add on Chris Benoit, no wonder Smackdown is in trouble

I'm looking back at the roster that was Smackdown when the split happened and you had guys like Jericho & Christian who are now main stays on the Raw shows. Also talented mid-carders like Storm, Hurricane. Plus others like Mark Henry, Test, Val, and Maven. I'll even add Stacy to the list who I think is more interesting then the majority of current women on SD... Of course losing Hulk Hogan(like him or not, he's a major star attraction) and especially The Rock who was SD property but just now happens to show up for Raw when he returns. I'll also add someone like Matt Hardy, even though he was originally on Raw he was first viewed as a legit singles player while on SD.

Smackdown did get some guys in return like Lesner, Undertaker and Big Show... But now Lesner is gone, Undertaker seems to be a part time player and Big Show seems like a wrestler who can get hot for a short period of time but then needs to be pulled back because doesn't do that well with long stretches.

I'd say SD is in trouble, there is a SD taping in my area in a months time, but there's no real selling point of me wanting to go. Even though there are some people I legit like on the show(Eddie, Booker, RVD, Dupree) but there's just a cloud of unimportance over them and the show as a whole, that even though I like them I don't necessary care what happens to their character week to week... The only stuff I found myself enjoying the past week is the real cheesy aspect of the show like Rico or Chavo Sr. or Fifi and that's all fine and good for what it is but the most enjoyable part of a brand shouldn't be cheesy side attractions.
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#18 Posted on 25.4.04 0238.33
Reposted on: 25.4.11 0240.14
I don't think the Raw-stealing-guys thing became a problem until recently, when they shifted both Benoit and Edge, AND lost Lesnar and Angle to outside forces, then filled their spaces with two DOA midcarders (Booker and van Dam). It's really poor planning upon the part of the fed, because it's a situation that could easily have been remedied during the lottery. Kane is ridiculously directionless on Raw, and yet he got kept around for a lame feud with Edge and little else. Michaels is going to find himself with nothing else to do after maybe winning the title one more time, and even that's old hat now-why couldn't he have been switched over along with the rest? Matches against a rejuvenated van Dam, Eddie, Show(man would I LOVE to see Michaels/Show), even one last go-around with Taker. And that's not even counting the young guys to work with!

But it's not just ME players that are missing, because the booking all-round has really sucked recently. How hard was it to lay out van Dam/Booker round two? "Go out, have a good match for fifteen minutes, and Bokker wins using the ropes". But no-we get a five-minute special with the cheapest finish in history. And with such a depleted talent roster you'd think they'd start taking advantage of the much-abused cruisers. Throwing out an eight-minute cruiserweight match each week would do wonders for getting the division and its competitors over, and would literally cost the fed nothing.
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#19 Posted on 25.4.04 1900.13
Reposted on: 25.4.11 1900.47
I believe that OSH has it right on. But I think Shawn Michaels going over to SD as a heel would solve virtually ALL of SD's problems. They need a heel that is not damaged. There are SO many hot matches for Shawn as a heel waiting on the SD. The thought of a Shawn/Eddy longterm feud, Shawn/RVD, Shawn/Cena, Shawn/ReyRey and like OSH said, even another run with 'Taker is quite tempting. There's also Shawn/Kurt if Michaels stays face, as well as Shawn/Show. He could also give Haas the matches he needs to get to the next level, which I believe would the US title level.

On the bright side of the moon, though, I've been saying for a while now that Booker has been absolutely golden since his turn. He's had great matches and has really gotten the reaction he needed to get. The week of the draft lottery, he had a better match with Eddy than did one Triple H, whose dick everyone has been riding since 'Mania, as if the quality of his opponents has had nothing to do with how good he's looked lately. Not saying he had nothing to do with it, I'm just saying he ain't "back". Then the next week Book had the best match Hardcore Holly has been in...err...ever? Certainly better than the matches with Brock. So that's two top guys, both heels like Booker, both younger and better pushed and better protected from a booking perspective who Book outperformed in a prominent situation.

But this is where the truck stops because they do this INSANE angle with RVD. I mean, you need not be fucking Shakespeare in terms of writing ability to figure out that the Booker/RVD stuff needs to go to PPV. Why they gave it away on free TV TWICE when it's one of the FEW marquee matches on the SD end is beyond my humble ability to comprehend. When you consider that they are going with Eddy and JBL on top for the PPV show in May, you have to question the sanity of these writers. If anything could draw underneath that horrible abonination, it'd be a well-booked Booker/RVD match. But instead, RVD's going to be stuck in this ECW/Heyman/Dudleys angle which is sure to draw nothing but distracting chants from people who would go to the show anyway, while Booker T will be fed to Undertaker. There's not going to be any hook for that match because Deadman isn't going to look vulnerable going in. I Just wow.
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#20 Posted on 25.4.04 2020.20
Reposted on: 25.4.11 2020.27
I largely agree with HMD, except for the Shawn Michaels thoughts. I am more intrigued by the potential of a heel HBK on RAW, where Benoit, Jericho, and Edge reside, than on Smackdown, where much of his heelishness will be lost on people with whom he shares no history. Personally, I think that if the plan was to turn Booker upon his arrival to Smackdown, then they did the right thing keeping both Clique members on RAW. Booker, like you said, has been golden, and I think that the right move would've been to have JBL cost Eddie the title. A heel Booker, who wins the WWE Title on his first night on Smackdown, right after running down the show as "Minor League," is a GREAT #1 heel. Booker DEFENDING against an irate Eddie Guerrero is good business, especially because it allows them to run the John Bradshaw Layfield push slowly, and against John Cena, the proper immediate place for his push to go.

There are many booking snafus that go further than the "depleted roster." Such as not making the Cruiserweight Division a featured part of the show, when there is a fairly charismatic heel holding the title, and a slew of talented babyface cruisers that could build up fan followings in six to eight weeks. But I think that there were certain Draft Lottery moves that did much more damage to Smackdown than benefit to RAW:

- The loss of Tajiri, the "voice" of Akio and Sakoda. As a cruiserweight without "henchmen" on RAW, he drops a few degrees of relevance. Now that he has been fed to Garrison "I'm better off being called Lance" Cade, he will be a sideshow on a stacked Heat, rather than a guy who could believable contend for the US Title on Smackdown, while guiding a tag team to the titles on the same show. Akio and Sakoda are a lost team, with quality ringwork, but no purpose, which turns their matches into Velocity fodder or bathroom break matches on Smackdown.

- The loss of Chuck Palumbo. Further continuing the "rich get richer" theme, RAW got through trade a guy who hasn't been seen on WWE TV yet. (They actually got TWO.) In doing so, they broke up a tag team that, while jobbers in the singles ranks, could credibly have contended for the Smackdown tag team titles. Further, their gimmick was over enough for them to have gotten over as faces or heels.

- The Mark Jindrak acquisition. Listen, I think that Jindrak is a quality talent, but essentially, he and Rene Dupree (who has a bigger upside) have the same gimmick, and somebody's gonna get the shaft. I understand that Theodore Long needs someone to manage, but to me, adding "street credibility" to the Basham Brothers is a more entertaining use of his abilities than jumping into the arms of a vanilla Lex Luger ripoff.

- The loss of Edge. Remember "Who ran over Stone Cold?" It was one of those SE storylines that provided quality television for months (even if it ended up with the tired HHH-Austin "same old same old"). Edge could've returned to THAT type of storyline on Smackdown, and could've potentially emerged as a Main Eventer-in-waiting on the face side, or as a deranged vengeful heel Main Eventer as a heel. JR's talk of Edge waiting 14 months to return to the WWE rings hollow, when you consider that when he left, he was a top contender to the WWE title, main eventing Smackdown on a regular basis, against guys like Angle, Benoit, and Guerrero, but is now planted in a feud against Randy Orton, who is being groomed to be the next Next Big Thing. Edge is a "veteran" right now, and could be the Chris Jericho of Smackdown. In fact, as the lone Canadian on *that* roster, he'd get monster pops north of the border.

Taken in total, it's almost as if the WWE has decided to sabotage Smackdown in order to clearly position RAW as the Flagship Show. It's like RAW is the Yankees and Smackdown is the A's: Just when it seemed that the underdogs were the better team, McMahon did a Steinbrenner and took away Franchise Players. Now the challenge is to rebuild through solid booking and OVW callups...
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