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19.6.11 1331
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Backlash...from a fangrrl's perspective
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#1 Posted on 22.4.04 0028.44
Reposted on: 22.4.11 0028.51
So Sunday April 18th was my first ever pay per view. I decided...after very little consideration I might take the trip from Vancouver to Edmonton...under the guise of visiting my sister...but in reality heading to the big show.

I got off the greyhound fanfair and after a quick spin thorugh the local mall and a change of clothes, I headed off to the Rexall center via the LRT. I had hoped to get to the stadium significantly early in an attempt to perhaps score some autographs before the such luck. The crowd control was huge and all the stars were entering via the underground parking lot so as to make access nearly impossible. For all my trouble of getting there a couple of hours early...I witnessed Dean Malenko chatting on his cell phone...hurrah.

Being a bunch of Canadians, it seemed as though everyone was overly polite in the line to get into the stadium before the show started and when I finally figured out that my seat DID actually exist...(there was a bit of discussion between the ushers as to whether or not I actually HAD a legitimate seat...turns out I was on the left side of the zamboni entrance and so confusion ran rampant until they realised that I was sitting alone...sigh....Albertans)...I had just enough time to stuff a hotdog in my face and take WAY too many pictures of Al Snow and the Coach before the lights went down. Al and Coach had been doing their usual ringside chit-chat before the match and I swear to god I could have reached out and touched them...if I was into that kind of thing

Val Venis and Matt Hardy was a yawn fest. I actually missed half of the match while hunting down the most expensive hotdog I have ever eaten, but it seemed as though I missed little. Val managed to hurl his ass off the top ropes and that was it for be honest...neither guy was getting much of a cheer.

Shelton and Flair were next...if I recall correctly...and SB got a huge pop for his time and effort. There were more WOOOOOOO's then heinz has beans and Shelton finished off in style with the win and continued on his path to getting WAY over. Flair was hysterical as always although the knuckle dropping was obvious from 200 feet away but it didn't detract at all from the match. Overall...the crowd loved it!!

Coach and Tajiri...not much here really. I mean there were a couple of good spots but most of the crowd was pretty quiet except when telling Coach he sucked...which wasn't nearly often enough IMO. I think the crowd had exhausted themselves during the Heat match in terms of Coach bashing.

Jericho versus the beautiful couple was a SMASH hit!! I swear Chris got the second biggest pop of the night and this match was a dandy from where I was sitting. The crowd was all over the action and Y2J was pulling out some crazy shit and Christian was bumping like a mad man...even Trish was entertaining with her facial expressions and run-ins. I had to rate this as second only to the final match in terms of overall heat and enjoyment factor...two thumbs WAY up!!

Victoria and Lita...well...I love the ladies but they were getting nothing out of the crowd on Sunday...even after such a hot match right before them. Lita continued to suck but Vic managed some interesting manuevers...probably the second quietest match in terms of the crowd after Coach and Tajiri...OUCH!

Randy Orton and the match was hella crazy!! The fans were freakin' and several holy shit chants started up during this blood fest. I wasn't a big fan of Orton but he was bumping and bleeding like a hardcore hero and Foley was makin' him LOOK GOOD!! I thought this one went on a tiny bit too long and I wanted Foley to take the win...of course...but we can't always get what we want. I would have put this match as a very close third to Y2J and Ken and Barbie.

I actually missed the next match..or most of it anyways as I had gone for a bathroom break and a look-see at the merch tables. Needless to say....Steiner shirts and Goldberg shirts were $10 CDN...guess Scotty ain't comin' back!!

Edge and Kane was a decent match but overall it was fairly quiet in terms of major manouevers and crowd interest. Edge got the big cheer when he first came out and also for the win but didn't seem to get much response during the actual match...poor Kane...he was so cool too...sigh...

And of course the grand finale!! It couldn't have been done any better...the crowd was all over Shawn and Trips with the "You screwed Bret" and "You tapped out" was as though the were pre-planned I tell ya'!! Everyone got the boo's going when Hebner ran out and I even saw some faces hoping for a Bret miracle appearance but no was forthcoming. After the win...for which the crowd cheered for a full 7-10 minutes...Benoit taunted Shawn but ended up getting Trips into the ring instead...tap tap was funkin' fab!! He then thanked the city etc etc and waved around a Canadian flag from the crowd and wrapped it around his shoulders before exiting.

I had considered waiting around to see about autographs AFTER the show but it became apparent that that wasn't going to happen and so I slowly made my way back to my sister's. I had actually drawn on one of her husband's t-shirts so that I would have something to sign and was propmtly told when I got home that I owed him another one as it was a fav of his...sigh. Then came the call that changed my night forever.

My sister's husband works at a restaurant called Montana''s kinda like a cheap version of the Keg I guess...which is right off the highway out of town. He called to say that a bunch of wrestlers were actually sitting and eating in the restaurant and did I want to come down and take a look?!?! Well I convinced my sister that I would drive with all the caution that speeding would allow and off I went in a flurry to see who was hanging out at the restaurant. My brother in law had tried to give me a description of a couple of the guys and so I was pretty sure it was no one big but I still wanted to see if I could catch some sigs anyways. I pulled into the parking lot and could see through the window that the place was empty except for someone I thought looked alot like Johnny Nitro. It turned out that it was him, along with Shelton Benjamin, Eugene Dinsmore and La Resistance...Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier. I was really embarassed to be bothering them during their meal and I even tried to get my brother in law to ask them for sigs but he was more embarassed then I he knew nothing about wrestling! So when it seemed as though the were finishing up, I headed over and politely asked if they would sign my sghirt as I had been at the show and had really enjoyed all their effort that night. SB was hugely happy to sign and was obviously very pleased with his current oush...he was very polite and friendly and said he thought the shirt I had thrown together was quite cool. Sylvan was also extremely friendly and chatted about Quebec a bit but Rob was a little cooler...not that he wasn't a sweetheart...just a little more laid back. I must admit that I talked to JN the most and he seemed quite happy to tell me about his plans for the future and that he actually was quite happy NOT wrestling and hoped to be a leader more from the back room then anything...he seemed to be pushing for a GM type gimmick as opposed to a wrestling position. Eugene claimed that "Eugene" was his actual well name...perhaps dispelling any myths that the character was named after someone else??...and seemed a bit more abrupt then the other four. He asked how to get to Calgary and I said just to follow the road right outside his window...that all roads led to the ocean and that I hoped they all arrived safe and sound and had a good show on the Monday. They said thanks and I left shortly before they did. Eugene, Johnny and Rob were in a car together and Shelton and Sylvain...accompanied by a woman??...were driving together.

All and all I had a hell of a time and would recommend a PPV to anyone...great people and fantastic atmosphere!!


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#2 Posted on 22.4.04 0107.59
Reposted on: 22.4.11 0108.00
Cool story. It's interesting that the OVW crew hangs out together.

Dinsmore and Conway were down there together the longest. Benjamin was there for quite awhile with those guy. Grenier and Nitro being there most recently.
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#3 Posted on 22.4.04 0200.11
Reposted on: 22.4.11 0201.35
I didn't even realise that they had spent their time together in OVW...I guess it makes sense that they would then stick together when travelling for WWE. Grenier and Benjamin were sitting at one table together and the other three were at the next table over...they all seemed comfortable with each other which did kind of surprise me seeing as they are all relatively new to WWE...I guess now I know why


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#4 Posted on 22.4.04 0954.20
Reposted on: 22.4.11 0955.30
Really cool! I always enjoy hearing stories about people meeting wrestlers outside of arenas and such. Glad you had a wonderful time. It would've been a mark-out moment for me, too, as I've become quite the Shelton Benjamin fan as of late.
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#5 Posted on 22.4.04 1131.57
Reposted on: 22.4.11 1132.38
    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    Really cool! I always enjoy hearing stories about people meeting wrestlers outside of arenas and such.

Then maybe this is an appropriate time for me to mention who came into the restaurant where I work the other night. In honor of his 50th birthday, it was none other than Roddy Piper! I didn't get a chance to talk to Hot Rod, but I was impressed at how good he looked. Dressed in all black, with his whole family (the reservation was made by one Kitty Piper), he had a private room, and his waiter said that the tip was very generous. It wasn't a life-changing moment, but probably the most exciting night at work that I've had in a while.
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#6 Posted on 22.4.04 1200.25
Reposted on: 22.4.11 1200.29
That's cool to hear that everyone was nice. Of course, they're all still young and in the appreciative stage

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#7 Posted on 22.4.04 1816.58
Reposted on: 22.4.11 1817.12

You took the bus from Vancouver to Edmonton? :)
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#8 Posted on 22.4.04 1842.19
Reposted on: 22.4.11 1843.44
Yeah i like hearing these stories about meeting wrestlers outside the arena. I should start a thread off on it.

Where have you put the shirt?
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#9 Posted on 23.4.04 0158.05
Reposted on: 23.4.11 0159.01
I actually only took the bus from Calgary to Edmonton...I had previously flown into Calgary...the 21 hour bus-ride of death would have been just too much!!

As for the currently sits on the chair in my room until I figure out what I want to do with it. I basically made the design as I was sitting on the LRT so it's nothing too fancy. It says Backlash '04 in funky grafitti style writing and has the date and Edmonton Alberta written under it. If I had a digital I would flash some pics such luck!

As for the creation of a thread on meeting the stars...we actually had one going awhile ago but not alot of people seem fortunate...or unfortunate in some cases...enough to meet alot of the stars...I really lucked out bigtime...and they were all super sweet to boot!!


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#10 Posted on 24.4.04 2131.33
Reposted on: 24.4.11 2131.42
Very cool story, nice detailed account of the show... The meeting of the wrestlers seemed very cool. I first thought these young guys were just nice to you because you are a tattooist and we all now how these young bucks love the ink & maybe wanted freebies LoL. But you actually found 5 guys on the roster without tattoos so they probably are just genuinely nice.
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#11 Posted on 26.4.04 1003.14
Reposted on: 26.4.11 1003.19
I really enjoyed this story. You should consider maybe doing some recaps for us in the future. Your perspective is unique.
I actually liked the anecdote about seeing Malenko on his cell phone. I imagine he was talking to GRAN NANIWA~!
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#12 Posted on 26.4.04 1405.30
Reposted on: 26.4.11 1406.14
    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    Very cool story, nice detailed account of the show... The meeting of the wrestlers seemed very cool. I first thought these young guys were just nice to you because you are a tattooist and we all now how these young bucks love the ink & maybe wanted freebies LoL. But you actually found 5 guys on the roster without tattoos so they probably are just genuinely nice.

Hehehe...most definately they were some of the most personable celebs I have ever met. They didn't have to take the time OR make any kind of effort to be friendly as they had just finished a huge show and were having to drive another 3 hours to the next one before they got to rest...but they certainly made this fangrrl's night with their kindness!! As for the tattoo's...well I had a jacket on so there would have been no way for them to know about man...what a thrill it would be to ink some of that virgin skin...and have the work seen by millions every week!!!

Parts Unknown: Cheers for the positive review but I simply don't think that I could compete with DEAN R...he's too much man for me As for Malenko...I was surprised that no one else seemed to recognise who he was...and the people there called themselves wrestling fans!!!

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