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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Where did the Fed go wrong in Tags
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#1 Posted on 14.3.02 1742.32
Reposted on: 14.3.09 1747.30
Okay so the biggest even of the year has a match that was put together six days before the event. And has less interest and importance (IMO) then the women title... Lets see who's involved.

Champions Billy and Chuck - Below par wrestlers, given position only because of gimmick, gimmick not nessassary over at all.

APA - boring team, Metal/Heat most of the year, gets pop when enters but dies out once wrestling.

hardyz/duleyz - Tired team, has been doing the same thing for years without any change. Has been feuding with each other forever.

What pisses me off is that in the summer they had a chance to make a team, it was right there and the WWF blew it. I'm talking about Hurricane and Storm, they were a fresh team, they were starting to connect with the fans, and here the kicker their matches were actually entertaining.

So what did the WWF do? well feuded them in a 4 way match in the summer with Spike/show & hardyz & dudlez...And guess what, guess who gets eliminated first, you guessed it Hurricane and Storm, and here's another question guess who were the last 2 teams in there if you picked Dudleyz and Hardyz right again...

I never talk glass ceiling, because I don't believe... But I do believe in absolute stupid and scared booking and I'm sure they thought lets end this match with Hardyz/Dudleyz because we know what we are going to get... Imagine how good the tag division will be if Storm/Hurricane won that night and became part of the mix.

Now we have a tag match that NO ONE cares about with less importance then the women title. And another shame is that Storm or Hurricane are not even scheduled to be at the show yet... Just bad.

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#2 Posted on 14.3.02 1758.52
Reposted on: 14.3.09 1759.01
And yet. . .people want E and C back to complete the oh-so-played-out troika. The problem is with how the WWF perceives tag team wrestling now as opposed to back in the day.

I think the problem is that the WWF got it into its minds during the NAO years that you only really needed one good strong tag team to carry the division and either some lower-calibre tag teams or the Instant Tag Team (Taker/Kane, Rock/Foley) to keep some life in the division. And for awhile they were right.

Then they had the Duds/Hardys/EandC threesome, but they managed to play that out by doing the same match over and over again until all three teams were burnt out and just repeating the same spots over and over again. They ocassionally injected a new element in--X-Pac and Road Dogg come to mind--but from late 99-2001 (at least) I'd say these three teams were the division more or less. And I'm leaving out Head Cheese only because they fuck up my theoretical model.

Now that they've burned them out and the Instant Teams that followed were either too big for the belts (Taker/Kane, HHH/Austin) or had their tenure cut short by injuries and changing plans in mid-stream (Jericho/Benoit.) Worse yet, the WWF seems unwilling to let the few new teams with potential--Booker T/Test, Storm/Hurricane--develop any kind of identity as a team, save "these guys had nothing better to do tonight, so we teamed them up! Watch zaniness ensue!"

I think the WWF now sees tag teams as a midcard attraction. . .a nice 10-minute spotfest to close the first half of a PPV or fill 3-5 minutes on the weekly shows. The days of a full tag team division given time to strut their stufff a la the WWF's 80's days (not to mention the NWA/WCW days of DEEP tag ranks) seem to be long gone.

In short, tag team matches have become another gimmick match, just with belts involved. My opinion, anyways.

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#3 Posted on 14.3.02 1902.55
Reposted on: 14.3.09 1908.00
I'm just happy that this match doesn't involve any thrown-together-at-the-last-second teams, like Spike/Tazz or Storm/Christian stuff. All the teams in this event have matching outfits and theme music (rather than coming out to the music of one of the members), and that makes me happy.

(And the fact that they're all real TEAMS means that anyone, conceivably, could win the match.)

Chuck & Billy could be worse. I think they're one good double-team move away from being a pretty good team. I'd like to see them retain.

And speaking of "could be worse" -- the belts COULD be held by The Zoo Crew. How would you like them apples, eh?

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#4 Posted on 15.3.02 0812.20
Reposted on: 15.3.09 0829.02
Does that make me the only one rooting for Chuck & Billy this Sunday? Looks like they're starting to get over. On Smackdown, I saw some C&B signs, as well as a row of guys w/ "Chuck & Billy" spelled out on t-shirts.
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#5 Posted on 15.3.02 0838.41
Reposted on: 15.3.09 0840.16
the WWF's never been about tag teams. I think I mentioned this in another thread, but their best teams (Bulldogs, Rockers, Strike Force, Killer B's) never really got any kind of push or run with the tag straps. That was always left to the roid monsters like Powers of Pain and LOD. Yeah, Demolition (at one point) were good but Bryan Adams came in and...well...
WCW/Crockett were always willing to put over smaller and less "polished" guys both in the singles and tag ranks, and the talented workers got bigger pushes. Larry Zybyszko (personal issues aside) or Bobby Eaton would have never gotten pushes with Vince because they didn't have the "look". I remember when the Rock n Roll express were in the WWF- jobbers. Meanwhile their NWA runs produced classic matches with the Midnights, Doom, the Southern Boys and a bunch more.
I don't think Vince was ever a fan of tag wrestling unless it involved ultra gimmicked combinations (Men on a Mission, NAO) or just as a means to protect limited workers without pulling them off the circuit (Colossal Connection, Twin Towers, the Mankind teams, Kane/Undertaker, Armageddon). But I could be wrong.

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#6 Posted on 15.3.02 2107.14
Reposted on: 15.3.09 2123.02
I think the fact that there's little change to the top of the tag team division now than there was a year or two ago. OK, Edge and Christian aren't tagging, but you still have the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz in the mix. You still have the APA being the APA, but they only get pushes here and there. The Hardyz are still the obligatory faces, and the Dudleyz haven't been established as big-time heels. Because those teams really haven't evolved, neither has the WWF tag team division. Therefore, it's stale.

But these things happen from time to time, so in about a year or so-something should happen to make things a lot more interesting.
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#7 Posted on 16.3.02 0332.56
Reposted on: 16.3.09 0333.08
I think that some of the current perceived tag-team lapse can be due to marketing. Chuck and Billy beat Spike and Tazz for the tag belts. Neither of those teams have an official collective name, you know what I mean? Can't very well sell too many team T-shirts.

I'd like to see The Hardyz get a little bit of a heel push-- or at least have somewhat of an edge. To me, they seem like a couple of pussies because Lita has to cheat in every match they have, seemingly.

I also agree about the concept of “real teams” being needed to really make the tag-team division respectable. Triple H and Steve Austin were, in my view, not really in that category, since they were simply given all the gold (World, I-C, Tag Team) in an nWo 1996-esque push.

But what really defines a “real team”? Does being part of a “real team” mean that neither member can have all that much singles success? If we go by that criteria, the Dudleyz would fit into that category-- but the Hardyz would not, since both Matt and Jeff have held multiple WWF singles titles.

In my estimation, the WWF should take a few guys who really aren't doing anything else and team them up together. But I'm talking teams that really fit together, not the “watch mirth and hilarity ensue” team of Lance Storm and The Hurricane, for example.

For example, I think Billy Kidman and The Hurricane might make a great team, based on their similar styles. Ditto with Chris Benoit and Lance Storm. (Ohhh man, I can't wait to see those two get in the ring together).

Basically, the Fed should add several good tag-teams to the mix-- maybe The Impact Players could re-unite?-- to make the division deeper. And then push those teams as legitimate threats to the gold, with wins over more established teams.
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#8 Posted on 16.3.02 0910.08
Reposted on: 16.3.09 0912.41
I'm definitely hoping for a Chuckabilly victory, or failing that, maybe a win by the APA. The last thing the tag division needs is another reign by the Dudleys or Hardys, especially if it results in more matches between those two teams.
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#9 Posted on 16.3.02 1618.07
Reposted on: 16.3.09 1629.01
Maybe in the modern world of "sports entertainment," tag matches are seen more as a vehicle to get twice as many wrestlers on TV in half the time.

Thus we always get those concocted tag matches that push two singles feuds.

It's almost like pure tag "teams" are too Old School for the WWF.
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