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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 24.2.04 2031.50
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2031.50
Show's not even over, but before I forget... the freakin' Candyman (also Worf's brother) is investigating Milliken's death.

Edit: All right, so that was good. Poor Guyel (Gaiel? Guy-L?) could be this year's George Mason. Perhaps he'll blow up the building to stem the spread of the virus.

The next hour looks to be incredible, given the previews. Helicopter gunships are cool. Potential torture of Amador and Alvers is cool.

Waiting till March effing 30th? So not cool.

(edited by PalpatineW on 24.2.04 2202)
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#2 Posted on 24.2.04 2130.40
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2130.44

I was cringing at the end because I thought for sure that blood and fingers were gonna go flying ...

Anyone else thing Michelle is getting knocked off sometime soon?

5 freaking weeks ... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
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#3 Posted on 24.2.04 2202.49
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2204.19
You are telling me. I totally thought that Michelle was dying tonight, but it does seem like Michelle is headed to Nina-ville still. Poor Gael, he must have switched shirts to the red Star Trek shirt (you know, the extra that dies every ST episode) while I wasn't looking.

Less Kim equaled a better episode, althout waiting until the end of March does suck ass. Oh well, plenty of time for Kim to burn through more brain cells.
Santa Sangre
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#4 Posted on 24.2.04 2228.58
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2228.59
Like everyone else said, a 5 week break sucks a big one. You had to know Gael was going to die after that sappy car conversation with Michelle. I still think Chase goes evil not Michelle.

Man that security guard was such a pussy. "Where's my talmax suit?" All it takes is a deadly virus and imminent death to get him all shook up. What a wuss.

Hmm, wonder what the deal is wtih Amador saying the evil german behind it all knows Jack very well. Possibly another Drazen relative?
Alpha Dog
Pickled pork
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#5 Posted on 24.2.04 2239.17
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2239.28
Dude, how can you forget my man Tony Todd's awesome star-making turn as Cap'n Darrow in "The Rock" (no, not that one). "Because that's you, you're the Rocket Man"

5 freaking weeks is way too much. Yet another reason to hate American Idol, as if any more reason were necessary after foisting Clay Aiken upon an unsuspecting populace.

Nice transitional episode, as the pieces are being put into place for the 3rd act. I've been calling the "Armageddon" ending to this season since the first episode (A dying Jack tells Chase to take care of Kim, blah blah), and I see no reason to change from that. Looks like Michelle's time on this mortal coil is also coming to an end as well, and my dream of she and Kim "sharing a moment" (tm Jason Lee in Chasing Amy) will die along with it.

And my money is on at least two people with the name of Palmer not making it through for season 4. The E-VIL Sherry Palmer has to get her comeuppance soon, doesn't she?

5 weeks!
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#6 Posted on 24.2.04 2300.09
Reposted on: 24.2.11 2300.16
Man, did Michelle look hot tonight with that gun or what? She needs more field work. And to not die.

Jack's guilt over killing Nina is just starting to set in. He "stretched the truth" to both Kim and Chappelle, and it looks as if he's "stretching the truth" to himself, as well. I hope Jack repents before they have to kill off his character for karma.

What's the deal with Chappelle anyway? He was the the big political guy in CTU in the first two seasons, but I was under the impression that he was much higher up on the food chain. I realize his character got popular, and someone had to fill George Mason's radioactive shoes as well as possible, but he seems pretty low this year with all of his talk of superiors. This guy was Mason's boss, but now it looks like he's demoted.

This episode was a definite step up and, while I wish they did more with Nina before they killed her, the story is now really in motion with the Salazars and Nina out of the way.

An entire month without 24. At least we'll have plenty of Forever Eden to hold our interest. We are in their target demographic, after all.

Oh, and about the guy Amador was meeting with...

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
The man's name is Stephen Saunders, and he's a British ex-MI5 agent. He'll be the main villain for, at least, the next few episodes and possibly even the rest of the season. This season's Kingsley, most likely.

My guess is that he may have been on some NATO missions with Jack Bauer in the past, which is why he knows so much about him. He may have possibly even been the guy that sold out the team during Operation Nightfall when they 'killed' Victor Drazen. Jack's whole team may have died, but they certainly had other field ops.

I'm not sure if he's working with Max the German Guy or screwing them over. He did find out about the Mexico stunt Amador pulled somehow, and it could be because of Nina's involvement. Or, he may just be acting alone, trying to get back at Palmer after the Drazens failed.

(edited by SKLOKAZOID on 24.2.04 2109)
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#7 Posted on 25.2.04 1141.31
Reposted on: 25.2.11 1141.37
Man, this episode was good, but FRUSTRATING.

First, the delegation of responsibility in the hotel security team. Doug Savant clearly sees a guy he doesn't recognize go by. So what does he do? He tells someone else to go find him. And then that guy comes back and says he couldn't find him, but so-and-so saw him heading to the utility room. Sheesh!
(But you can't trust Doug Savant. He is Alliance after all.)

Then, Michelle apprehends Alvers near (I assume) the utility room. When she gets the information from him, insetead of heading in the direction Alvers came from, she radios Gael. Then Gael has to come all the way from the lobby and finally ends up on the wrong side of the big scary fan. Morons. No wonder Jack always wants to do everything himself. Who can blame him?

And I'm confused about one other bit. How did they have a man "on the inside" at the club where Amador was? Wasn't Kim trying to get a trace on the location so she could tell her dad where to go? Or did they just happen to have an agent already undercover there by amazing coincidence? Did I miss something?
Lap cheong
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#8 Posted on 25.2.04 1452.30
Reposted on: 25.2.11 1452.31
Schippe - I believe they found him through his financial records. Something about an account in the name of one of his aliases having been "accessed locally" within the past few hours.

AlphaDog - Sorry, I did fail to note the full acting excellence of Mr. Todd. "I don't listen to that soft shit."
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#9 Posted on 25.2.04 1500.05
Reposted on: 25.2.11 1500.39
When the vial blew up, it sure looked like Gael saved them all by singlehandedly sucking up all of the powder. Sheesh. Of course, I also was expecting fingers a-flyin'.

Palmer's presidency is officially screwed.

That torture on Amador - OUCH!!!
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#10 Posted on 25.2.04 1735.12
Reposted on: 25.2.11 1736.09
Y'know, just the other day I'm talking about how I'd love to see Tony Todd show up in this series, and now here he is! He's one of my favorite "utility player type" actors. For more fun with Mr. Todd, check him out as Matt Rhodes in the first three episodes of Homicide season 3 (the White Glove Murders story-arc).

Man, Gael's fate was so sad. He gets to keep all his limbs, but he just got the heel virus. D'oh!

By the way, Sklokazoid, I concur about Michelle with a gun. HOT!

And more torure interrogation. It just wouldn't be 24 without it!

I didn't see the previews for the next week, but 5 weeks?! Are you serious? That's just fuckin' criminal!
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#11 Posted on 25.2.04 1747.56
Reposted on: 25.2.11 1748.43
    Originally posted by PalpatineW
    Schippe - I believe they found him through his financial records. Something about an account in the name of one of his aliases having been "accessed locally" within the past few hours.

Actually I think Shippe's question was more along the lines of "How did that guy get there THAT fast?" (Well if it wasn't his question it was mine so)

There really was some strange stuff on this show. From Michelle telling Gael to go get the virus and then him being on the wrong side but still downstairs. Not to mention Amador saying it's going to take him 25 minutes to do it right, and it seemed like the majority of that time was changing outfits?

From a time flow standpoint, it actually took less time for CTU to get to the hotel than it did for him to change clothes... Something is just wrong there.

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#12 Posted on 25.2.04 2012.40
Reposted on: 25.2.11 2012.52
Alvers was probably double checking the building schematics and surveying the area to make sure no one would be checking on the area once the device was set. That's what I'd do anyway.
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#13 Posted on 25.2.04 2330.28
Reposted on: 25.2.11 2331.21
I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and he pointed out that if Gael had jammed something into the blades of the fan to stop them from spinning, he would have effectively decreased the threat (plus made it that much less likely he was going to lose his hands/fingers). As it was, I don't remember him even looking around to see if there was anything to jam in there.

We also got to talking about how if Amador hadn't changed clothes, he would have been a lot less likely to have gotten caught. Because really what's a repair man doing out at 3:00 in the morning if the hotel wasn't the one doing the calling?

Alright I'm done nitpicking. It will be interesting to see what the next threat is. It will also be interesting to see how many of the current cast make it through the season intact. The streak of major characters dying in an episode ends at 5, eh?
HarleM HeAt
Pickled pork
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#14 Posted on 26.2.04 1640.22
Reposted on: 26.2.11 1641.03
Gail getting hit with the virus had me feeling bad for him, not unlike mason. Maybe knowing your fate without actually dieing right then and there makes it seem a lot more sad. Plus Gial just has that look where u feel pity. No Jack and Palmer for the last 20 minutes was something different, but yes it took ctu way too quick to get to the hotel.

I personally think Jack will survive this day and make it for 1 more but the Pres i think has had it. It would be cool to see Jack have day 4 without having a President that he gets along with well.

Unrelated to this episode, i was watching the OC( ugggggh) with my woman the other night and Milo was on. Ive seen him on six feet under and oc now all this year. oc is by fox, why the fuck are we stuck with queer baits like adam when milo's character rocked all. I thought he was taking over Jamie's department from season one.

and finally, 5 weeks.....march 30th....mother BITCH
The Big Kat
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#15 Posted on 26.2.04 1949.20
Reposted on: 26.2.11 1950.10
I was screaming at the TV-TURN THE FAN OFF! Wouldn't that prevent the virus from circulating through out the building? I'm sure the security should have some idea how to turn it off. After that, the screaming began again when I saw the words "March 30". What a ridiculously long wait. Probably Kim will be kidnapped by then at least.
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