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21.6.11 1119
The 7 - Football - Free Agent Losses For Your Team ...
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The Thrill
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#21 Posted on 4.2.04 0921.22
Reposted on: 4.2.11 0926.25
Nice link, Doc_whiskey. But I think Packers FB William Henderson might be an RFA, too. He's a must-re-sign in my book. Sure, Nick Luchey blocks well, too, but Henderson's also a receiving threat. Hell, he led Green Bay in receiving yards early in the season, during the Pack's inconsistent-as-hell phase.

Anyhoo, here's my concerns for the rest of the Packers:

Josh Bidwell, punter: Usually a reliable guy, he stunk this year. He's all man, though, for battling testicular cancer a couple of years back and still holding an NFL starting job. I figure you re-sign him, due to a lack of good punters out there. Might be an opportunity to save a little cap room.

Chad Clifton, offensive lineman: OH HELL YES. After what this guy went through courtesy Warren "Is A" Sapp, and came back to block like a bastard with our awesome O-line for Ahman Green, you lock this dude up. Pronto.

Antuan Edwards, safety: In and out of the starting lineup. I'm wishy-washy on this one.

Antonio Freeman, wide receiver: Only was signed in the middle of the season when WRs were dropping like flies around Titletown, and Favre needed warm bodies to throw the ball to. Due to lack of demand for Free, however, look for him to re-up, maybe at the vet's minimum.

Curtis Fuller, safety: Who?

Michael Hawthorne, cornerback: See Edwards, Antuan.

Bhawoh Jue, cornerback: Run this guy out of town on a rail. Now. He blew the Eagles MNF game all by his own should've seen how confused he was prior to McNabb's final TD pass. Hit the road, Jue...and take Jamal Reynolds with you.

Torrance Marshall, linebacker: Also not exactly king of consistency, but keep him around. Nick Barnett can't do it all by himself.

David Martin, tight end: Not if you keep Wesley Walls.

Doug Pederson, quarterback: Teams around the league aren't exactly crying out for Pederson as a starter (I'm looking at you, 1998 Eagles.) Probably sticks around; might be the in-between guy between Favre and Craig Nall.

Marcus Spriggs, offensive lineman: Maybe, if Clifton gets away, God forbid.

Rod Walker, defensive tackle: Perhaps.

Wesley Walls, tight end: I'd keep this guy. He was hampered by injury early, but came along at the end of the season. A nice alternative to the oft-covered Bubba Franks.

Here's hoping.

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Lap cheong
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#22 Posted on 4.2.04 1022.17
Reposted on: 4.2.11 1024.45
Eagles Free Agents

UFAs: DE Marco Coleman, LB Carlos Emmons, DT Paul Grasmanis, RB Duce Staley, CB Bobby Taylor, CB Troy Vincent, OG Bobbie Williams.

RFAs: LB Keith Adams, RB Correll Buckhalter, QB A.J. Feeley.

CB Bobby Taylor: I would like to keep him but not for #1 CB money. He has been beat this year more often then in previous years and is not the same player from a few years ago.

RB Duce Staley: I like him but he won't be missed. Westbrook, Buckhalter, Mahe, and Ritchie are a good backfield. Staley will get #1 RB money from another team. With the Eagles he is the #3 back and I would not overpay for him. There are greater needs elsewhere.

CB Troy Vincent: He has clearly lost a step. No interest in resigning him.

DE Marco Coleman: No interest

LB Carlos Emmons: Tough call. He is injured and Ike Reese played well enough to compete for the job in camp. I would troll the wires looking for someone cheap, like the way they got Simineau (sp?) and Wayne last year.

DT Paul Grasmanis: No interest

OG Bobbie Williams: Did well enough in fill in duty but committed to many penalties. Only interested if he comes cheap.

LB Keith Adams: No interest

RB Correll Buckhalter: Definitely resign but don't overpay.

QB A.J. Feeley: Tender but don't overpay.

Cuts I would make: James Thrash

Free Agency:
WR -duh, try to sign Owens as he would make the entire WR corps better just by stepping on the field.

LB -someone cheap like last year

CB -Sheppard and Brown are small so you need a tall corner to help with matchups, not a stud but someone to play the #2 and #3 CB position

DL -To many ijuries to know just what we have here after last years draft.

RB -If I lose Buckhalter I draft a RB in round 2 or 3.

OL - I draft a Guard and a Tackle to groom for the future. Maybe in the first round.

WR - Depends on if we sign TO. If so, no. If not, yes.

Sign a speedy punt returner like Michael Lewis. This is one of the best coverage units in the NFL and the offense would benefit from a speedy returner.

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#23 Posted on 4.2.04 1416.01
Reposted on: 4.2.11 1417.44
Hmm... now for the Giants:

QB Jesse Palmer: He didn't really prove himself as much of anything in limited time, but to be fair, the Giants couldn't block for ANYONE. Give him a couple of years, but don't overpay.
TE Marcellus Rivers: Nice #2 TE. Pay him as such.
DT Lance Legree: (shrug) I know who he is, but that doesn't mean I know what to do with him.
CB Will Peterson: Resign him long-term. Little more injury-prone than Allen, but he's certainly worth the investment.

QB Jason Garrett: Send him packing. He's probably gotten enough years that he wouldn't be worth it. Offer him a spot on the coaching staff, though.
WR Ron Dixon: Does he even want to be there? He was brought in for speed, and he can make a couple of plays, but we've got Carter. Let him go.
C Chris Bober: Not really qualified to talk about the O-line.
DE Keith Washington: We've got enough there. Dunno what he did, but if we really need depth, a year. Not sure how good he is, honestly.
DT Cornelius Griffin: So long as he stays healthy, he's fine by me. Not a long-term deal, but give him two or three years.
LB Dhani Jones: Uhm, I'd sign him, but I don't know how long.
LB Brandon Short: See above.
CB Ralph Brown: Fine backup CB. I say a year.
CB Kato Serwanga: See above.
S Johnnie Harris: Busted ass every chance he had. Good backup S, maybe the future there. Give him a couple years.

The problem the Giants had is that they just had way too many injury problems, as well as a lack of discipline. I would blame that on Fassel, but if they keep playing like turds, you know what to do with them.
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#24 Posted on 4.2.04 1613.21
Reposted on: 4.2.11 1614.24
Since everyone else is doing it, I'll go player by player throught the Jaguars:


DE Lionel Barnes: He had a good motor, and worked his way into the DE rotation last year; should be re-signed for cheap.

CB Fernando Bryant: Pretty sure he's a goner...will be surprised to see the Jags even offer him a contract.

LB Danny Clark: Good ST player and worked in the LB rotation last year; not a great fit in Del Rio's system.

S Donovin Darius: Got the franchise tag last year; Would like to see him back, a leader on defense; the team is already negotiating with him.

WR Matt Hatchette: Cut half-way through the season, and brought back when injuries hit at the end. A disappointment, probably won't be brought back as the WR group may be overhauled.

OT Leander Jordan: Decent backup, could be replaced by a rookie.

LB Keith Mitchell: Early injury put him on IR for most of the season. Won't be brought back.

G Jamar Nesbit: Good backup, and can start, too. Should be brought back.

DE Paul Spicer: Team's 3rd DE....they need a good backup, as age and injuries are catching up to Brackens and Douglas.

CB James Trapp: Former Raven, could contribute in dime situations.

OT Sammy Williams: Fringe player, inactive for most of the year. Development of OT Marques Ogden (Jon's brother) could determine his fate.

TE-LS Joe Zelenka: Rarely lines up on offense, sole contributions are on Special Teams. Will he share the blame for the poor kicking game last year?


P Chris Hanson: Freak accident ended his season early...a Pro Bowler last year, and the only consistent ST player needs to be brought back.

LB Joe Tuipala: Former Las Vegas Outlaw and ST leader spent all of last season on I.R. Would like to see him re-signed.
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#25 Posted on 4.2.04 1618.09
Reposted on: 4.2.11 1618.30
Might as well talk about the Donkeys. . .

DE Bert Berry - I'd love to see him back; did more for the pass rush than that fat piece of crap Trevor Pryce.

OT Blake Brockermeyer - Maybe. . .

LB Keith Burns - I won't cry if he leaves.

WR Chris Cole - This guy's most famous for being Dante Hall's teammate in college. See Keith Burns

FB Reuben Droughns - Serviceable as a run-blocker; wouldn't mind seeing him back.

LB Ian Gold - While I'd love to see him back since he's one of the better speed linebackers, I'd rather lose him than Wilson if it meant making more cap room to sign, say, a shutdown DB.

TE Patrick Hape - Pass.

TE/LS Mike Leach - Who?

CB Jimmy Spencer - Old man should step aside and stick to just coaching.

LB Al Wilson - We really need him back. In addition to being one of the best LBs in the game today, he is the leader of the Bronco defense, and his leadership would be very difficult to replace.

OG Ben Hamilton - Meh.

DE Reggie Hayward - If they have the cap room, sure.

OG Steve Herndon - Maybe?

LB Donnie Spragan - See Reggie Hayward

And there you have it. They'd be in a much better situation right now if fucking Shanahan didn't sign Griese to that ridiculous contract a few years back. Thanks for killing the cap, GENIUS.

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#26 Posted on 4.2.04 1728.56
Reposted on: 4.2.11 1729.01
So, question for the Raiders, Ravens, and Redskins fans:

What's the status of Woodson, McAlister, and Bailey respectively? I've heard rumblings that Champ is most likely on his way out, and that Woodson could be too. Those are the top three CB's on the UFA list, and I know some teams have the money and the interest to pick them up.

I'd also be interested in hearing about Ahmed Plummer (49ers) and Shawn Springs (Seahawks) and if they're going to be sticking around.

Can you tell I'd like to spend some of that cap room on a shutdown cornerback?

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#27 Posted on 5.2.04 0837.39
Reposted on: 5.2.11 0838.36
    Originally posted by Doc_whiskey
    The Rams got some decisions to make. They may lose Wistrom, Pace, Landeta, Timmerman, and Brian Young. I think they have to resign Pace, and maybe Timmerman but if not, they can always probably get a vet replacement with that much cap room. I also think the defense needs to get stronger especially against the run (I dont want a repeat of Carolina making us their bitch next year).

I don't think we'll see them lose that much. Let's look:

Bulger, Marc QB RFA - going nowhere.
Butler, Jerametrius CB RFA - same
Cleeland, Cameron TE UFA - not sure they're real worried about him. I wouldn't be suprised to see him gone.
Coady, Rich S UFA - they need to draft a safety badly. He may be around, but I wouldn't bet on it.
Covington, Scott QB UFA - I think he'll stick around but I won't be shocked to see them draft a QB this year.
Fisher, Bryce DE RFA - no clue on him.
Landeta, Sean P UFA - probably will be back
Loverne, David OL UFA - nah
Manumaleuna, Brandon TE RFA - I like his hands and think they'll bring him back as their main TE
Pace, Orlando OL UFA - I'd bet he's leaving. His agent thinks he's worth more than anyone at any postition and while he's awesome, he's not worth that much. Maybe some team will meet their demands but I doubt it. Where he ends up is anyone's guess.
Sehorn, Jason S UFA - let the door hit you in the ass hard on the way out, but leave your wife.
St. Clair, John OL UFA - please be gone. forever.
Timmerman, Adam OL UFA - I think they'll do what they can to resign him. And draft another O-lineman.
Weary, Fred CB UFA - eh, don't know.
Wistrom, Grant DE UFA - he'll be back. I'd bet on it.
Young, Brian DT UFA - he's a maybe. depends how much he wants.
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#28 Posted on 5.2.04 1511.37
Reposted on: 5.2.11 1512.15

Unrestricted Free Agents:
Brant Boyer LB
Chris Gardocki P
Roderick Monroe TE
Dennis Northcutt WR
Shaun O'Hara OL
Tyrone Rogers DL
Lewis Sanders CB
Barry Stokes OL

Restricted Free Agents:
Paul Zukauskas OL
Andre King WR

Boy, don't everyone jump at once for these gems.
Boyer, O'Hara, and Stokes would be good to keep. Gardocki, Northcutt and Rogers would be nice only if the money is right.

(edit - and I read today (2/9/04) that the Browns are probably not bringing back Gardocki, Stokes, or O'Hara. Couch - get ready to see Enoch DeMarr protecting you!) :(

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Thirty Millionth Hit
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#29 Posted on 5.2.04 2234.57
Reposted on: 5.2.11 2235.47
    Originally posted by Jaguar
    I've heard rumblings that Champ is most likely on his way out,

If they can't come to terms on a new contract, they'll give him the Franchise tag.
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