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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 12-1-03
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#21 Posted on 2.12.03 0212.52
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0215.20
Sign of the night, "GOLDBURG".

I assume that they didn't mean, the Gold Castle, as burg meant in medieval times. But ya never know!
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#22 Posted on 2.12.03 0559.26
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0559.51
-So, what name do you think showed up on that petition more? Harry Butz or Mike Hunt? I still think they should have brought Tugboat back to distribute "Bring Back Stone Cold" friendship bracelets that all the little Austin-maniacs could wear until Austin returns.

-Can't say I'm crazy about completely cutting out Booker T's entrance (or at least TSN did). Well, Stacy has a second skill besides bending over. Isn't that special?

-Gayda's improved, but her strikes were pitiful. Whne Fit Finlay is working with you, there's no excuse for working Hogan-esque loose.

-If you're going to show Lawler wrestling, keeping it under a minute is always a good thing.

-Others have complained about Jericho/Trish ending. I'll simply nod in agreement.
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#23 Posted on 2.12.03 0610.08
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0610.47
    Originally posted by ShotGunShep
    Sign of the night, "GOLDBURG".

considering the fact that they showed a shot of it twice, the camera man must have thought so too.
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#24 Posted on 2.12.03 0627.29
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0628.09
Um, who says that this is automatically the end of the Jericho/Trish/Christian/Lita angle? Who's to say one won't have an attack of the guilt and suddenly realise that hey, he really DOES like her after all?
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#25 Posted on 2.12.03 0642.02
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0642.55
The net get accused of being too focus on in ring & not getting into stories. How the hell do you expect me to get into storylines when 90% are repetitive garbage & when they do hit something good they fuck it up royalty. This HAD so much potential, with multiple ways you can go. Trish/Y2J two smartass heels like a male/female E&C. Or Y2J face as Trish makes him focus on more important things the World Title. Or if you want to split them how about Trish over time uses Y2J more & more for her own use and being all dominating until Y2J figures it out & dumps her making them do a double switch. This angle had potential for so much!... What do we have now, Y2J-EgoJerk, Christian-CLB, Trish-Sympathetic Face, Lita-ahhXtreme. Everyone back to square one. Nothing fresh, advanced or new. Oh & Trish/Y2J is done, Trish will look stupid just thinking of going back to him & no one will buy it. Bunch of clueless Hack writers

-Goldberg/Bischoff/Foley interview- Well one thing this hacks seem to write is Evil GM vs. Good GM and here we go again. I adore Foley and he brings a kindness to the show that I enjoy but these dueling GM's are just so repetitive. But hey looking at the storylines they drop anything Fresh is like kryptonite to these morons... With tons of research by WWE brass the only thing they found wrong with Raw was Bischoff. I say keep looking! Foley being on the show came as a total surprise

-Dudley Boyz vs. Cade/Jendrak- LoL JR saying these are two popular teams, well he's half right. Bubba seems to be in a surly mood, slapping Cade around hard. Dvon rolls up Cade with a hand full of tights and a full moon over California for the win... Cade wants to show the reply and they show him holding the tights bwahah, but then they showed Dvon cheating. Ref's hate it when the arena shows them up by showing a replay of their miss-calls

-Booker vs. Test- Only a 2-minute match but I liked it. Booker has been pretty good with the big guys in the last few weeks. Kinda odd that I find Booker matches with big dudes with less Net-Cred (if you weeeel) then I do with Net-Lovin dudes. So good on Booker... Leg-A-Roonie. Henry comes in and squishes Booker.

-Steiner/Test/Stacy interview- This angle has been going on 8-9 months. This sooo very interesting relationship with these three lasts 2/3 of a year. We get a crappy segment after crappy segment with THIS angle for most of 2003. I guess SHIT floats in the WWE... We see more male asses, So that's Men Ass #2 and #3 for the night. Is Steiner wearing women lacy thong? Foley comes out and COULD have had a funny line like "As commissioner I made a rule of no man ass on the show". But no humor came out of Foley, he asked Stacy to come to the ramp and then he throws her off the ramp and dives on her with an elbow(oh wait that's the other Babyface GM).

-Storm/Val vs. Conway/Dupree- I don't know if I should officially call these guys La Resistance now? The blonde girl with Val looks like Spanky, just more intimidating. Oh another good match, even though it lasted under 3-minutes. Storm looked fantastic in there, beautiful dropkick (best one in the business). They finished the match with the Hart Attack or is it Hard Attack get it(errr)... Some Forced American patriotism on La Resistance or they get fired.

-Stratus/Jericho vs. Gayda/Rico- 3 out of 4 of the workers were really on! Gayda was just lost at times, swinging over Trish's head, doing clotheslines when Trish was still on the floor. Why is Gayda wrestling?. Trish was awesome tonight, exaggerating bumping to the max. Y2J looked good as well but Rico stole the show. Good ring storytelling of Rico sneak attack Trish with Y2J beating the hell out of him for doing so. Y2J with the WALLS as the fans get on their feet. Rico to the ropes as Y2J hits a springboard dropkick... Gals tag in. Trish crossbody for 2, Nice forearms by Trish. Heels double suplex Trish. Flipping neckbreaker by Gayda. Crowd wants a hot tag & gets it. Wow kick combo by Rico on Y2J. Y2J fights back knocks Gayda on top of the turnbuckle, throws Rico outside-plauncha him. LUCHA RULES! Trish runs in Sfear & Sfaction for the win. Awesome. Fans went from loving Trish to loving the TEAM

-Hardy vs. Christian- Wow Lita actually looked really pretty. Good match, longer then expected. Nice back and forth work. Chirstian getting a lot of his moves in. The crowd was a little disappointing as they don't seem to fully buy Christian (boy were they right). But good match nonetheless. Molly comes out and throws Lita into the steps as Christian is distracted and gets pin... Christian quickly gets worried and checks up on Lita. Wow back to back segments that really worked, if they didn't piss it away later on.

-Lawler vs. Coachman- Is that Super Calo making his return! This Raw Rules! Oh it's Coach with sunglasses and a backwards hat. Super Coachman it is then but got pinned in under a minute. Just like Super Calo... Okay JR singing the Hey Hey Goodbye was pretty damn funny!

-RVD/HBK/Goldberg vs. Orton/Batista/Kane- Looked at my watch. Wow this match is going to be a while. Interesting match planning where most of the PPV matches are paired up during the match. RVD and Orton hooked up well. Fun stuff with RVD jumping off the top to the floor on Orton, and hitting spin kicks on him. HBK/Batista was good as well. Goldberg and Kane felt pretty special when the encountered. Very good and energetic main event. That helped take away the bad taste from my mouth... Foley takes back all the firings and attacks Bischoff.

-OtherStuff- The Y2J/Christian/Lita/Trish angle comes to an end, some funny lines backstage but the end of the angle is just a downer... Trish wears a hockey jersey to bed!. She looked cute getting all ready... When I heard that voice talking to Bischoff backstage I thought it was Nash... I kinda like Batista promos, it's not angry roid rage as you'd expect.

-Line of the Night: Christian "Trish is a prude, she's locked at the knees. But Lita is extreme" - that's gotta be a little take on her never dating wrestlers
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Rico. 2)RVD. 3)Trish

The Jericho/Trish ending is so confusing especially thinking back to Trish doing tons of PR in TO for her DVD and 80% of the talk is how everyone loves her and Jericho. Studio and call in questions when she was in Muchmusic was all about that. Just bizarre! The person I watched it with really liked the storyline and she left the room after it and missed the main event because she was so pissed and watched Will & Grace (err) I guess the similarites to Angle/Steph went to the very end with the brutal payoff... Main event was really well done, Trish, Jericho, Rico were fantastic. Nice to see Foley back. Storm in ring looked great tonight too. It's too bad for a pretty decent show I left the show disappointed because of something they didn't have to do.
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#26 Posted on 2.12.03 0717.59
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0718.03

Was it me, or was Jericho on fire ... I don't think he could have screwed up even if he tried ... too bad the writers did with the "spilling of the beans" ...
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#27 Posted on 2.12.03 0742.25
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0742.37
    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    This HAD so much potential, with multiple ways you can go. Trish/Y2J two smartass heels like a male/female E&C. Or Y2J face as Trish makes him focus on more important things the World Title. Or if you want to split them how about Trish over time uses Y2J more & more for her own use and being all dominating until Y2J figures it out & dumps her making them do a double switch. This angle had potential for so much!... What do we have now, Y2J-EgoJerk, Christian-CLB, Trish-Sympathetic Face, Lita-ahhXtreme. Everyone back to square one. Nothing fresh, advanced or new. Oh & Trish/Y2J is done, Trish will look stupid just thinking of going back to him & no one will buy it. Bunch of clueless Hack writers

Man, I stopped by and read some of the hate for the Trish/Jericho thing last night and let it go because I figured someone would stick up for them, but being as no has yet, let me do it. So while I don't mean to pick on any in particular, I needed to start somewhere.

1) It's not over yet. There are still a number of ways that this can go. There isn't any reason that this couldn't end in a Trish turn or even a Trish double turn. I mean if they want, they could have it be Trish not letting Jericho in that she knew (or us that she's just working on screwing Jericho), helping him out over the next couple of weeks until Jericho is trusting her completely and then screw him over in an important match and leave him laying. Or she could decide that she wants Jericho to win the bet and work on helping Christian bed Lita. Heck, they can still go with dominant Trish over Jericho at this point, because now she knows what they are up to, knows what she needs to do to lead him, and has a reason to be a jerk. Or maybe something completely different. If it was over, Trish would have walked in to that room last night.

2) They've got to pull the trigger at some point. If they would have waited a week or two, it would have started dragging out and people would have complained that it needed to have a conclusion. I would prefer that it was one or two weeks too "short" than to have it turn into an angle that won't end (although apparently Stacey/Test did last night? or is she still their slave because their contract was voided?).

3) If the complaint was that the writing was good on this and that's why it shouldn't end, let's hope it was one specific writer and that when this is over, s/he can concentrate on a different angle.

What I don't understand is why Mick Foley got brought in as a consultant by Linda McMahon and the board of directors because Vince had too much power and somehow ends up seemingly 100% on Raw. Yeah, that show that Vince isn't (typically) on. I would have been much happier if he had just stayed as consultant. He could have still done everything that he did last night, but then he could have done the same on Smackdown, just to stir everything up. (And maybe give us some more brand switcheroos.)
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#28 Posted on 2.12.03 0806.48
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0808.16
Another good raw, these guys are on a roll...only thing that annoyed me was the one guy doing a boring chant during Christian/Hardy, I hate people that chant boring, if you dont like it dont go to the show...Foley coming back was awesome, and he finally straightened out a few things, mainly the stacey Kiebler saga...Jericho was on last night, and I am curious how Trish retaliates, will she string him along, tell him off, or get another guy to kick Jericho's ass, ditto for Lita...return of socko was awesome, but I am sure there will be repercussions next week....judging by crowd reaction last night Goldberg/Kane is a money match, but where the hell was HHH??...happy to see they brought the Matt Facts back, maybe they read the internet after all...usually Lita dont do it for me, but I guess there is something about a women in a button up dress shirt, cus she was lookin good...instead of tag team turmoil, I say add La Resistance & test/steiner and have a tag team gauntlet may not be everyones fav, but his "crying" last night was well done....JR can not sing...overall a very good show

(edited by Doc_whiskey on 2.12.03 0807)
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#29 Posted on 2.12.03 0829.13
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0830.04
I'm confused as to whether the production guys screwed up by showing the Cade trunk-pull first. It certainly made the young guys look bad (and so, heel) but so what? Booker used the ropes just two weeks ago. D'Von's pin was arguably karmic retribution.

I'm saying it was intentional, so the crowd has a rationale to boo somebody here, and it's a shame that they can't simply let two face teams vie for the belt. You'd think the crowd would boo Cade/Jindrak by default simply because they're so new, but I'd root for them because the Dudleyz are old hat at this point.

I liked the show. Kinda. Foley's charm buoyed his role, which is obviously stale. The romantic subplots took an unusual turn, but you know, if it leads to a Jericho/Christian/Hardy stable, that's only a bad thing if it traps them squarely in the midcard until after WrestleMania.

Booker/Henry would have some level of intrigue if either guy brought something new to the table. Booker is treading water here, but Henry gets some exposure that could lead to him anchoring another tag team down the line.

I have to admit to a fanboy tingle seeing Kane and Goldberg go at it. A shame this isn't classic Kane with the mask and bodysuit, but you take what you can get. Odd that in this scenario, Goldberg's the face WWE champ and Kane's the bully.

Good stuff: Val/Lance's finishing move was a nice touch. Rico again shows he's better than his gimmick. Jericho/Trish worked well in the ring. Orton played his role very well; he needs the IC belt more than RVD does right now to boost his commodity.
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#30 Posted on 2.12.03 0838.51
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0840.26
Wow... First of all, I have to concede my distrust in them (for now). They aren't perfect yet, but I have to be honest, last night's show was the most productive, energetic show I've seen in....FOREVAH! There, I said it, they better not make me bite my tongue in guilt, AGAIN! So, the good stuff first...


Randy and Batista. Talk about a beef sandwich, lol!

Rico! He usually doesn't get enough time to impress me, but for a late bloomer, he impressed me. I still think of Adrian Street as a street, but big ups to Rico. Jackie too, for using two way tape this week. That match with Y2J and Trish was FUN.

The main event. Exhausting to say the least. I, like a lot of folks, were suspicious about Goldberg when he first came, but the man has really hit a groove, with Kane especially, so I'm looking forward to the match next week.

For the bad points, it's obviously pulling the trigger on the Y2J/Trish thing with the bet. It's too damn soon. They are so beautiful together, and so cute, they could've waited another month for that. The chemistry is unreal, and now just as I thought it's the ol' who gets to nail who thing. Thus reinforcing my view that SOAP OPERAS SUCK!!! They never end the way I want them to, thus they suck. Oh, writers, how could you be so cruel, yet predictable?

Oh, and Test and Steiner's asses. AAAAAAHHHH, it burns!

But, Raw was really great for the first time in a long time, and I give the folks props for that. By the way, where the &^*% was HHH?!

(edited by Ringmistress on 2.12.03 0655)
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#31 Posted on 2.12.03 0843.52
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0844.19
    Originally posted by Kane Is Ugly
    The turn in the Lita/Trish/XTian/Jericho angle is very annoying. Why would they just spill the beans about their bet like that with a CAMERA RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. At least make the camera hidden or act like they dont see the camera there. And then, they get no comment from Lawler or JR about it? How stupid.

    BTW, I love Coach's theme. I must download it.

Skits like that make me yearn for GTV and Goldust even though they let him go. Stuff like that screams for him.
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#32 Posted on 2.12.03 0919.34
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0919.34
    Originally posted by Doc_whiskey
    ....JR can not sing...

Which begs the question...who sings worse, Austin or JR?

I am hoping, as a few other people mentioned, that Foley might show up on SD too. But with him being co-GM now, and not just "outside consultant", I don't know if that will happen. You know the "Steph comes back" storyline is just around the corner...
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#33 Posted on 2.12.03 0919.38
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0920.11
Yea a lot of you people need to calm down with the Jericho/Trish thing - last night's events do NOT mean it's gonna go the basic 'get revenge on the guys' way. They've put so much effort into this, that I think it's quite possible to go the other way. I guess I could say 'wait and see', but most Wieners have given up on that a while ago. So whatever.

And I agree with Mayhem - Jericho (and Rico for that matter) could do no wrong last night. They were just rolling. I was really impressed with Jericho - he seemed a little more slim, quicker, younger, in shape, etc.

(edited by FurryHippie on 2.12.03 0720)
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#34 Posted on 2.12.03 0922.12
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0922.39
Come on now guys, let's not give Jackie a pass because Rico is having a good match with Jericho. The Jackie/Trish portions of that match reminded me of another match that featured Miss J. and Miss Stratus. Hmmm...well at least Jackie's outfit distracted me from asking the WWE to ship Gayda back to OVW again.

Foley made Raw again, but the bait and switch with the firings was annoying. And don't forget that Bischoff never really fired anybody, he just set up situations for people to get canned. I don't think Bischoff will "learn" anything from Foley's actions.

I guess I'm hoping that Y2J will continue this "She's All That" storyline with Trish and Christian. You know, he makes the bet, and then really falls for Trish. I don't think there will be a happy ending for this story, and there certainly won't be a prom dance where every WWE superstar suddenly turn into an accomplished dance troupe.
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#35 Posted on 2.12.03 1014.20
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1015.04
fast paced
major surprise with the return of FOLEY!
can't believe that one didnt get out on the web prior to show time. WWE is really building RAW into a anything can happen type show again. Very nice surprise.
Trish and Jericho aren't through yet. Either Jericho really has fallen for her and will try to still win her over or Trish is heartbroken and figures out a way to get revenge. Either way I'm interested in where it's going still.
Good main event!

looking forward to next week!
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#36 Posted on 2.12.03 1043.18
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1043.20
    Originally posted by Torchslasher
    and there certainly won't be a prom dance where every WWE superstar suddenly turn into an accomplished dance troupe.

That's actually a really funny line as soon as you picture it in your head.
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#37 Posted on 2.12.03 1057.07
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1057.27
    Originally posted by fuelinjected
    You know the whole Trish/Jericho romance angle is going to end in a small penis joke. It's Gewirtz writing, everything is one step away from a dick joke.

You took the words right out of my mouth...

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#38 Posted on 2.12.03 1136.28
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1136.50
    Originally posted by Socks
      Originally posted by fuelinjected
      You know the whole Trish/Jericho romance angle is going to end in a small penis joke. It's Gewirtz writing, everything is one step away from a dick joke.

    You took the words right out of my mouth...

He took a dick joke out of your mouth?

That's wrong on so many levels.

And that dance troupe thing would be histerical. Can you imagine Kane doing a pirouette?

Good times.
Lap cheong
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#39 Posted on 2.12.03 1203.20
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1204.49
Okay, this Y2J thing isn't over, fine. But it's all revenge from here. I'd see it like this, Trish'll go on like nothing happened (ala Vinnie Mac), then she and Lita do some masterplan to get revenge on their guys. Either way, I'm none too pleased. It's too soon, dammit!
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#40 Posted on 2.12.03 1232.19
Reposted on: 2.12.10 1232.52
    Originally posted by Ringmistress
    By the way, where the &^*% was HHH?!

    (edited by Ringmistress on 2.12.03 0655)

Geez all that Orton and Batista and you're still not happy eh

Apparently he's still juggling the movies and wrestling gig hence his absence last night.

I'm not overly surprised that they're starting to wrap up the Y2J/Trish story. The main event last week didn't exactly pull stellar ratings, and I don't know many folks who really gave that much of a shit about the Christian/Lita aspect of the quartet.

Jericho and Trish did work well togethere though and I doubt this will be the end of it, simply because there's no obvious match to come out of it at present. I'd wager Jericho reveals he really does love Trish and blames Christian for his loss leading to a feud and face turn for Jericho. Or vice versa.
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