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30.5.09 1946
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 12-1-03
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#1 Posted on 1.12.03 2211.11
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2211.32
Bischoff's head and shoulders, in black suit and shirt, books Shawn/Rob vs. Randy/Batista/Kane.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, because it is time to WAKE UP! It's Raw, LIVE from Sacramento, CA...and a Fashion Report, too! For full disclosure, I'm kinda feeling under the weather.

Goldberg, in black/blue "Goldberg" #1 football jersey with barbedwire chest, and black jeans, the Wolrd Heavyweight Title over his shoulder, is out to talk. He calls-out HHH and/or Kane, but Bisch comes out instead. Bisch is irate, and proclaims that HE has the power. So out comes Mick Foley(!), in grey sportscoat, black slacks, blue shirt and tie. (King gets all Fashion-Report-y.) Oh, and Mick has a clipboard. Linda McMahon, apparently, has hired Mick as an "outside consultant" to improve Raw. Mick uses his consulting power to add Goldberg to the Shawn/Rob team. Mick, then, passes-around a petition to bring back Stone Cold. Next, he goes-on to state that Bischoff is what's wrong with Raw and he makes himself a co-GM. Have a nice day! (See Lillian in the background passing that petition around. Deus-ex-machina a plenty!

In the Room of Fun, Coach tries to stop Bisch, but he still calls Linda McMahon, only to be hung-up on.

Dudleys, DVon in sleeveless black "Dudley Boyz" jersey, green/yellow camo pants, wearing the Tag Team Title, and Bubba, in black "Dudley Boyz" jersey, green/yellow camo shorts, carrying the Tag Team Title, vs. Cade, in blue undies, and Jindrak, in red "Jindrak" undies, with FOOTAGE! from last week's "Strange Bedfellows" match. Rollup (with tights) by DVon for the pin. An average match. Post-match Cade gets the stick, demands FOOTAGE! of what just happened, and demands a rematch to boos.

In the back, Coach and Snow bemoan the youngsters' fate. MIck arrives - Coach tries to brown nose; Snow looks bummed. Mick books Lawler vs. Coach, Al banned from ringside; if COach looses, he's fired.

BookerT, in black hot-crotch flamin' "BookerT" undies, vs. Test, in black undies with red hip flames, with Stacy, in tan/brown short pleated plaid skirt, tied-up white shirt, and thigh-high white socks (I would hit that). Hebner officiates. Scissors kick for the pin. Poor match. Post-match, Booker good-naturedly teases Stacy into doing a "leg-a-roonie". Then Mark Henry comes out to take-out Booker. The WW may have forgotten the angle, but "I Still Remember", Booker.

In the dressing room, Lita and Trish share a girlie moment. Ugh - Trish and Jericho "talked about (their) feelings".

JR, in black hat, black sportscoat with red hanky, and blue shirt, and Lawler, in black/white vertical stripes, pimp a web site and show us FOOTAGE! of last week's post-Main Event beatdown.

In the back, Terri interviews Baista as Randy poses behind her. Batista smash!

Steiner, in chainmail and jeans, Test, and Stacy, come out. Wait - if you guys share EVERYTHING, do you wear each other's underwear? The two fellas offer to let Stacy do some ass-worshiping but, once their pants are half-down, Mick arrives to get Stacy out of there and fire both the fellas. Man, I was trying to eat.

In the Room of Fun, Test and Steiner complain to Bisch. Bisch promises he'll call Vince; a voice off-screen asks if that's the case, but Bisch says he'll deal with it himself (the liar!),

Val, in towell, and Lance, in red undies, with two hos, vs. La Resistance, Rene in blue sparkly military coat, black beret, and black "La Resistance" undies, Rob, in black "La Resistance" undies, with the French Flag. Something by Lance for the pin. Post-match, Mick tries to get everybody to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Rob half-asses it; Rene just ignores it. Mick then fires the two of 'em.

Trish, in purple, and Jericho, in pink/blue sparkly shirt and pink/black silhoutte pants, vs. Rico, in pink tassled tights and Jackie, in black bellbottoms and pink slingshot top. It's a mixed-tag match, if you think they'll actually abide by that. Charles Robinson officiates. Jericho does get a face reaction. Wow - Jackie TOTALLY whiffed that clothesline (if that's what she was actually going for). Stratusfaction for th pin (but they weren't legal). A nice match. Post-match Trish and Jericho are all kissy-face.

In the Room of Fun, Bisch talks to off-screen-guy again, recapping the whole damn show so far. Oh, it's Kane off camera. Bisch uses honeyed words to manipulate Kane.

Mattitude, in black/white shirt and pants, with FOOTAGE!, vs. Christian!, in black tights with pink "C"s on white crests, with Lita. Jack Doan is the referee. Lita plays the role of cheerleader. Molly comes out to attack Lita, distracting Christian!, allowing Matt to get the rollup pin. A nice match. Post-match, Christian! tends to Lita.

Lawler vs. Coach. If I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything. I'll actually use that heuristic now.

The announcers run-down the card (so far) for Armageddon.

In their lockerroom, Christian! and Jericho talk about a bet. Damnit - way to kill off the angle. As the camera pans-out of the room, we see a heart-broken Trish crying as she leans against the doorframe, having heard all that transpired. Damnit all.

Randy, in red "Orton" undies with black hip-scrawl, and Batista, in black undies iwth red flames, escorted by Flair, in black suit, and Kane, under the towell, in black tights with red stripes, vs. Rob, in rainbow-hued "RVD" yingyang singlet, the IC Title over his shoulder, Shawn, in mirror-studded sleeves and chaps, and red Texas-hearted "HeartBreakKid" tights, and Goldberg, in black undies with white trim and barbedwire butt, wearing the World Heavyweight Title. Mike Chioda is wearing the official's stripes. Adbreak. Five-Star Frogsplash, Mick comes out to count the pin. Nice match.

Post-match, Bisch comes down to chew-out Mick. Oh, it turns-out that Mick didn't REALLY fire the guys - it was all a trick to show Bisch how bad he was. Mick books Kane vs. Goldberg for next week. Then Mick punches and mandible-claws Bisch (welcome back, Mr. Socko).

Overall: Way too much out-of-nowhere Mick stuff. I mean, they took what could have been a multi-week angle and crammed it into a few seconds in the opening talk-fest. Sheesh, talk about a blown storytelling opportunity. As is, it all smelled of a mega deus-ex-machina fest. Killing-off the romance angle just totaly sucked; it was one of the storylines I actually cared about. Some of the commentary was decent, but the rest was tune-out-able. I won't call the show when I'm in this condition.

(edited by ScreamingHeadGuy on 1.12.03 2212)
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Kane Is Ugly
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#2 Posted on 1.12.03 2215.00
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2215.50
The turn in the Lita/Trish/XTian/Jericho angle is very annoying. Why would they just spill the beans about their bet like that with a CAMERA RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. At least make the camera hidden or act like they dont see the camera there. And then, they get no comment from Lawler or JR about it? How stupid.

BTW, I love Coach's theme. I must download it.
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#3 Posted on 1.12.03 2215.26
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2215.56
Sign of the night: Push Kanyon (the hell? although i agree, this is raw...anyways)
and there was a "Evolution: Your next!" sign...

Line of the night: Christian: I'll bet you one dollar...canadian
Brian P. Dermody
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#4 Posted on 1.12.03 2217.32
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2218.06
So so so stupid. Way to botch the Jericho/Trish bit.

So much better to have Jericho close the deal and betray her on the Highlight Reel.

But hey, I'm just a TV writer, what do I know?
Lap cheong
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#5 Posted on 1.12.03 2217.42
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2218.32
I actually really enjoyed tonight's RAW. I, as well, was upset about them ending the Jericho/Stratus/Christian/Lita angle already, as it was the highlight of the show for the past several weeks, and one of the better storylines WWE has come up with lately. I'm a big sap for a good soap-opera storyline (stressing the word GOOD), and am sad that this one is ending.

However, the rest of the show was enjoyable. It's rare that I can sit through a WWE show, nowadays, and not lose interest. Tonight, they had my attention the whole way through. I really don't have any other major complaints.
Texas Kelly
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#6 Posted on 1.12.03 2219.23
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2219.37
I can't wait for next week to see how our Canadian heroes are going to wiggle their way out of this one and keep the ladies. (Don't give me that look - you know Jericho & Christian will find a way to gloss it over... that was the reason the situation didn't resolve itself tonight.)

Next week: Trish confesses that she's really fallen for the King of the World. (I hope.) :)
Spaceman Spiff
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#7 Posted on 1.12.03 2221.19
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2221.42
Ooof, what a downer of a show. Got sick of Foley not even halfway through the show, they're already setting up Austin's return, and none of the matches got above "OK". The mixed-tag was good when it was Rico/Jericho, but none of the other matches were anything to write home about. Hardy & Christian just didn't "click" for some reason. And, on top of all that, they go & blow the best thing going on the show (Jericho/Trish and Christian/Lita). Bad, bad idea. I can't wait to see what "hilarious" payback Trish & Lita cook up.

I did, however, get a chuckle out of Steiner referring to his ass as his "Big Bad Booty". Hopefully, we don't get Heidy trying to cripple Stevie on Heat again this week.

Thumbs down.
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#8 Posted on 1.12.03 2222.05
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2224.16
Mick was going to be the GREATEST GM EVAR~~~ until the end. Fucking bait and switch. I want Test fired! And Coach too! As it is, it's just more of the same warring authority figures bullshit that hasn't been interesting in months. I love Mick and all, but Raw doesn't need a Co-GM(or a GM at all).

I really wish they hadn't tipped their hand so soon on Jericho/Trish. While it would've been acceptable for the audience to find out that this was all a bet, they pulled Trish finding out about it too early. The storyline had at least a couple more weeks in it before they had to do this and it would have been more effective to space these events out over a couple of weeks to build interest.

And they really really really shouldn't be giving away Goldberg/Kane on TV. Or baiting and swithching Goldberg/Kane on TV.
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#9 Posted on 1.12.03 2222.30
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2225.11
I have to say, I was actually entertained by the Foley stuff and I am glad to see him back--even if it means going back to the old "co-GM" thing. My biggest disappointment? Test and Steiner really aren't fired...

I agree about the romance angle too--it seems everyone was really hooked into it and they just shot it down fast. I think they really could have dragged the angle out farther and kept the suspense about whether it was real--were C and Jericho turning face? Staying heel? Well...I guess this answers THAT question...

Overall though, a pretty entertaining show. It was nice to see Mattitude and Christian wrestle each other :)
Mr Tuesday
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#10 Posted on 1.12.03 2223.07
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2225.11
Kinda knew it was a bet. Although I wish they let it go another week until Trish found out. I'd rather have Lita be outside the locker room, then tell Trish, Only for Trish NOT beleive Lita. Then Trish finds out.

Mick Foley is back. YAY! Regardles of this "petition" they'll bring Austin back. Maybe for one last match. Maybe as a comintator. Who knows.

Mick's firing tyrade was nice, but I agree it should have gone on longer than one night.

One more thing. Mick looks good in a suit .
T.i.O a B.m.F
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#11 Posted on 1.12.03 2223.38
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2225.12
Yeah, the Mick stuff seemed rushed. I dont think he will be around long term, proably until after Mania. I personally would of just kept him as consultant instead of Co-GM.

This whole Co-GM feels tired to me, and they should of just left Bischoff alone. I still hope that Mick shows up on Smackdown and raises hell there. Smackdown is truly the show that needs spicing up.
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#12 Posted on 1.12.03 2229.04
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2229.19
Not only was it a dollar it was a Canadian Dollar! That's just great you might as well bet air.

I'd have an easier time watching Raw if they just let the wrestlers wrestle.
Barbwire Mike
Boudin rouge
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#13 Posted on 1.12.03 2236.07
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2237.42
Guess I'm a die hard Foley mark but that show reminded me of the days when I watched wrestling because it rocked rather than trying to dig material out of it. While they may have jumped the gun on the Jericho/Christian "cad" angle (if you didn't see it coming you're absolutely retarded) it was funny nonetheless, ESPECIALLY the "Canadian Dollar" part.

And am I the only one who actually sensed that RVD was going to get the pinfall tonight? The show just had that kind of groove.
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#14 Posted on 1.12.03 2237.28
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2238.06
Hell, I was overjoyed to see Mick back. He makes everything better. Even the commentary with JR and King was lively. But could they at least wait a MONTH to bring Austin back? Shit.

Sad to see the Jericho/Trish thing come to an end, but the promo was funny. It's not time for Jericho to change his stripes anyway.

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#15 Posted on 1.12.03 2238.53
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2239.36
You know the whole Trish/Jericho romance angle is going to end in a small penis joke. It's Gewirtz writing, everything is one step away from a dick joke.
Evil Antler God
Potato korv
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#16 Posted on 1.12.03 2323.33
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2323.35
Wow, first show in....I can't remember how long that I loved the hell out of

Aside from the obvious, the Trish/Jericho thing dying abruptly, everything clicked

I'm horribly biased of course, but dammit, Foley made everything better :)
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#17 Posted on 1.12.03 2345.30
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2345.47
The idea that the entire show was a wasted two hour bait and switch (you're all fired, oh no nevermind, i was teaching a lesson!), coupled with the premature murdering of the Jericho/Trish angle, bizarre lapses of logic (if Foley can fire people arbitrarily through matches and for fun, why couldn't Bischoff just sign them right back?), and adding Mark Henry/Booker to a PPV, this was amongst the most infuriating RAW's I have ever seen. The 6-man and the mixed tags were entertaining however, and I'm interested in seeing if Shawn can pull a big man carry of the mid-90's with Batista.

Super Shane Spear
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#18 Posted on 1.12.03 2347.00
Reposted on: 1.12.10 2347.17
I don't know. I think Jericho was more than ready for a legit face turn. The crowd was really into it tonight, and it wasn't really all about Trish.

And what the hell is up with Rico feeling it in all these matchups lately? Benoit, he's not, but I'm at a point where I'm actually watching his matchups with interest.
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#19 Posted on 2.12.03 0047.21
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0047.35
I dont care about one segment, which will turn out ok in the end, the rest of the show was AWESOME. I have been losing interest in wrestling lately, but this got me interested again. The main event had the energy and character-interaction of days gone-bye. I think raw has done a good job of developing a couple of strong characters and its starting to pay off. Also, having a champion who actually seems like he SHOULD be the champion (because he can beat up anyone else- even in a tag match), is very good for the show. I am extremely please.
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#20 Posted on 2.12.03 0105.56
Reposted on: 2.12.10 0107.10
Man, my friend was watching the beginning of the show with me, and he basically summed up all of RAW lately:

The whole show is about screwing Eric Bischoff. He tries to do something and someone bigger comes along and screws with him. It takes him months, but he finally gets rid of the person and gets one or two episodes of running wild, and then some new person comes in and gives him a good kick in the balls.
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