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27.5.11 2022
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11-17-03
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#21 Posted on 17.11.03 2343.23
Reposted on: 17.11.10 2343.30
I always took it kinda as a racial slur. "That was mighty white of you", meaning that you did something nice for me, unlike a person of a different color probably would have.

Summer sausage
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#22 Posted on 17.11.03 2355.21
Reposted on: 17.11.10 2355.49
Huh ... the first time I heard "that's mighty white of you" was in high school, when a Native Canadian friend said it to me. I've always thought of it as a sarcastic take from a minority point of view ... "thanks for sounding like a condescending liberal do-gooder". Yeah, that's it -- if you act condescending to someone, they should say "that's mighty white of you."

In other news, that was the best Raw I have seen in months. The turn-around continues. I like.

Peter The Hegemon
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#23 Posted on 18.11.03 0001.56
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0002.08
Thanks for the guesses, but the *correct*answer for "Line of the Night" is:

"Did you just say 'The Honky Tonk Man'?" Priceless.
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#24 Posted on 18.11.03 0011.09
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0014.29
Hey, was very entertaining to me.

+Booker and Herny ok for an opening match.

-Get Herny out of that darn white singlet, please!

+Tag Match on the Par.

+RVD/Flair good.

+Highlight Reel finally BACK!

+Dudley still clicking. Bubba has WHITE LEGS! Ahh close your eyes! Put the women and children to BED!

+Mattitude on RAW! I swallowed the HOOK, LINE, SINKER, FISHING POLE, and the person FISHING on this one. DARN GREAT SWERVE!

+Val/Rico well HELLO MISS JACKIE! Bet you five bucks we don't see her on TV for a month.

+Evolution the ultimate heel stable destroies Goldberg again. Kane for the SAVE?!?

-Sloppy Chokeslam to end the show.

Over all show on a scale of five plus signs.


Almost a perfect show to me. Romance angles continue to remind me why it's not wrestling anymore but SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT *L*

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#25 Posted on 18.11.03 0132.20
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0135.08
    Originally posted by Peter The Hegemon
    Thanks for the guesses, but the *correct*answer for "Line of the Night" is:

    "Did you just say 'The Honky Tonk Man'?" Priceless.

I bet HHH and Nash have been waiting a long time to get that shot in there. I was surprised that Greg Valentine was one of the names that Orton dropped. I figured that'd be the place for the obligatory Bret Hart reference of the week.
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#26 Posted on 18.11.03 0138.25
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0145.58
I can't believe I totally missed out on the nipslip...

but thank god for cappers

Anyway, solid show. I too was convinced that the sappy Matt was for real. But man, did I mark out when I saw him jump off that apron. And maybe it's because i'm a fan of the players involved, but I've got no problems with the romance angle. Also, i'm hoping that new Matt video intro was just something temporary. Maybe they haven't gotten his full graphic package or whatever you'd call it, from the Smackdown production guys. It seems they purposely returned to air for his match when he was already in the ring seeing that they didn't have his actual spiffy Media Player intro.

The Rico/Val match was actually entertaining. Rico got in some good offense and the crowd wasn't totally silent.

And yeah, they're on the right track as far as setting up the next PPV.

Very entertaining show tonight.
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#27 Posted on 18.11.03 0141.07
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0146.00
    Originally posted by fuelinjected
      Originally posted by Peter The Hegemon
      Thanks for the guesses, but the *correct*answer for "Line of the Night" is:

      "Did you just say 'The Honky Tonk Man'?" Priceless.

    I bet HHH and Nash have been waiting a long time to get that shot in there. I was surprised that Greg Valentine was one of the names that Orton dropped. I figured that'd be the place for the obligatory Bret Hart reference of the week.

Why, is Honky Tonk Man on their hate list? He IS a logical person to name, since he's the longest-serving IC Champ.

Nice of Trips to come out tonight to remove all doubt that last night's RAW match at Survivor Series was really all about him, even if he wasn't in it.

RAW was good. Lita was believable in her role. Really tired of the pandering to the Armed Forces pops people seem to need to get. Do it during a commercial so I can operate under the assumption some of your roster is over based on, I dunno...talent? Good to drop the tidbit that Garrison Cade is a Texan, though. I believe that's the first time anyone's revealed anything about either of those guys. The personality transplant starts now.

Nice to see Jackie's nipple. I still don't like her. JR seemed genuinely embarrassed for her, and King seemed like he just might be masturbating under the table. Oh well.

Everything else scored, but if Triple H takes the title next week while he's filming a movie, I'm done with RAW for a while, even if it is getting better.
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#28 Posted on 18.11.03 0143.17
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0147.15
A little...ahem... bigger
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#29 Posted on 18.11.03 0147.26
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0147.45
    Originally posted by Dizzy's My Leech Uncle
    Why, is Honky Tonk Man on their hate list? He IS a logical person to name, since he's the longest-serving IC Champ.

Honky's made a habit of bashing the holy hell out of Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels on his website and in interviews for quite a long time now.
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#30 Posted on 18.11.03 0156.26
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0156.47
    Originally posted by Excalibur05
    A little...ahem... bigger

Wow. Thanks, Ex. Got the Satire up early tonight too, I see.

A forgotten RAW thought from earlier:
That was one cool promo by Molly. Good to see her all fired up as well as looking hot as usual.
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#31 Posted on 18.11.03 0228.26
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0228.59
    Originally posted by Mr Heel II

    Lita takes her DOG to tbe arenas?

And getting into an angle with Jericho. I fear for the poor thing's health.
Tribal Prophet
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#32 Posted on 18.11.03 0308.09
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0309.34
    Originally posted by jwrestle
    +Val/Rico well HELLO MISS JACKIE! Bet you five bucks we don't see her on TV for a month.

I don't know where your logic is coming from, but I'll take that bet. Shit, I figure she'll be on 5 times more often after tonight. Remember that Jacqueline was told to try to fall out of her top.

The WWE's certainly not against putting people out there to expose themselves. Women, rookies, whoever, they don't care.

Tribal Prophet
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#33 Posted on 18.11.03 0504.03
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0504.55
    Originally posted by Mayhem
    So I wonder if Christian is setting up for a face run, or Lita will be heartbroken again ... that story intrigues me.

Same here; for the first time in a long time RAW has a good story line being properly handled by the writing staff, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Worth pointing out: as it stands now, we only have Christian's word that he used his favor to save Lita's job. It's still possible that Lita could show up on RAW next week only to discover that she was lied to by Christian and is in fact still unemployed (which, BTW, could lead to the scenario described by fuelinjected where Trish may try to get Jericho to use his favor to get Lita her job back). Again, just a possibility.

Oh, and I agree with Tribal Prophet's comment regarding Miss Jackie:

    Originally posted by Tribal Prophet
    I figure she'll be on 5 times more often after tonight.

In McMahonland, Miss Jackie's willingness to show more of herself should result in viewers seeing more of her. Or something like that. Anyway, it was a good show. Oh, and RAW was good as well.
Net Hack Slasher
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#34 Posted on 18.11.03 0627.09
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0629.02
-TeamBischoff/Evolution interview- Ha nice touch in showing a live picture of Austin during the intro just to get spray painted on. Austin gives the 5 men of Team Bischoff any favor they want... Evolution came out and take credit for getting Austin fired. So Eric says HHH can get a title shot anytime he wants (well Eric tell us something we didn't know. What's next sky is blue, water is wet)

-Booker vs. Henry- I liked this match. I think Booker's style mixed well with Henry. Very kick heavy by Booker as booker hits him with everything form ax, super, side, lariat and missile kicks trying to get the big beast down. Little past the 6-minute mark Booker rolled up Henry with feet on the rope for a pin... Got a question was this the Mark Henry wish? If it was what a lame ass wish.

-Jindrak/Cade vs. Dupree/Conway- Are these guys official La Resistance now? I really like Greneir accent but Conway is better in the ring(understatement) Was there only one military guy in attendance, well it was his special match!. LoL... Cade is using a clothesline from hell, I guess it's a Texas special. This match was an better then expected 4-minute match with a lot of intensity.

-RVD vs. Flair- No 5Star allowed in the match, If Eric really wants to be a bitch he should ban all kicks and force RVD to use his Lita-punches LoL. This match was also good, it's always a treat to see the legend in the ring. So I enjoy Flair almost every time out (unless he's on a real off night)... Orton was good an guest announcing. Nice touch on calling JR/King legendary announcers, but no need to repeat it 3 times, that's flogging the dead horse(I think I got my analogy wrong LoL) RKO on RVD from the top rope looked sweet. Say bye bye to the IC title RVD.

-Highlight Reel- To my surprise the handsome Lita (thanks JR) comes out. But first Jericho gloats and gloats about how he was the true force that got Austin fired (damn straight Y2J, put yourself over! The company certainly won't). Hehe TexASS Clowns. Oh back to Lita as Jericho says Lita really let herself down on Survivor Series, but turn that frown upside down because behind door #2 is (three TEAMxtreme Teens girls already freakin and screamin) Version1 Mattitude(Eeeeew). Lita is so happy. Matt want's to ask a question... But Molly Music makes a run in. Molly wins at the PPV and it's still the Lita show, testify girl! Jericho is playing match maker and makes a mixed tag with Lita/Matt vs. Molly and who do you choose Molly. She picks Bischoff(that was unexpected).

-Dudleyz vs. Test/Steiner- Dare I say. Another match I enjoyed. Bubba looked extra intense in there, and I have to say Test looked good in there as well. Solid back and forth action with the Dudleyz doing a lot of charging(I laughed and enjoyed Bubba running from one corner to another for a bubbasplash), Dudleyz also hit a lot of nice double team moves. Test and Steiner hit a lot more high impact variations of slams. Test wants Stacy to cheat, Stacy says "no" Dudleyz pin Test... Is it the return of the Duchess Of Dudleyville, Lawler pointed it out but conveniently forgot to mention the break up with the Dudley's putting her through a table. LoL

-Bischoff/Molly vs. Lita/Hardy- Not much of a match which lasted just over 2-minutes. But it's understandable this match was mostly focusing on the big "turnaway" plus one of the participants was wearing a $13,000 according to Lawler... Molly & Lita did what had to be done in there. Lita goes to tag Matt who gives her the shorthand. Lita looks stunned, Bischoff grabs her by the hair & throws her down & gets a easy pin(I'll give benefit of the doubt & say she stunned of what happened)... Time for an explanation, Matt said Lita was "soul fish" & wanted to train & not be the happy little heat stealing HardyGirl he knew & loved and that "They Are Threw", for real this time! Unlike when they broke up before but they totally sabotage the angle cause they enjoy being together. This time the break up is for real(I give it to the RoyalRumble, Wrestlemania tops LoL). Molly WINS & they focus on Lita Again. That Bitch! LoL

-Venis vs. Rico- Negative out of the way first. I hate this angle with Lance, this guy really has a dry wit and character to him. This thing with Venis just doesn't fit! Okay on to the positive. This was a very good match. Rico looked as fantastic in there. Has Val in the corner and jumps on rope and connects with kick(ouch). I really like his variations of a neckbreaker drop to his knee. Gayda actually took a nasty fall of the apron, got up woozy as Lance walked behind her, Lance is HUGE, just gently bumping into her buttocks made her breasts expose for a long time but Gayda no sold it... I gotta admit, I really enjoyed J.R's meltdown during this match. King kept giving little digs at him throughout the show & in this match JR just snapped & went off on everything from Being BBQed, Gayda, Lance's penis, Rico's closet. I was literally laughing out loud at JR & King during this match. Fun Segment.

-HHH/Batista/Orton vs. Goldberg- Again I enjoyed these guys more then I've ever liked these guys. Goldberg looked and wrestled as intense that I've ever seen him. The Heel team did well as a unit and really allowed each member to be portrayed specific. I like all three heels got their finisher in on a row on Goldberg. Orton came this close on going back and doing Randy Injury Update when Goldberg barely threw him over the top rope onto his Evolution teammates. I like the short clothesline Goldberg gave Batista. Nice having Flair trip up Goldberg to change the advantage to the heels woooo. Not a fan of these guys but this was a good match (I guess having a real awesome show behind them makes everything seem better)... I was about to talk about a downer of thinking of HHH/Goldberg again but Kane's entrance put a smile on my face. Evolution scatter as Kane chokeslames Goldberg.

-OtherStuff- Everything worked backstage as well. Christian using his favor to get in Lita's good graces was really unexpected(I thought they dropped this part of the angle) and was done well... You know the writing is ON when I'm at home thinking "Shouldn't Trish be upset with Jericho on what he did to her friend" And low and behold the next person on my screen is an upset Trish. Jericho is Smooth! He explains, he had no idea that Matt was going to do that! "I wouldn't disrespect Lita like that because she's your friend and that would show you disrespect, and I wouldn't do that to you" Jericho is freakin CLASSIC LoL The Kiss got a yaaay-ooohh-boooo-ahhhhh reaction from the crowd. No one knows exactly what to make out of it, and in this case. It's awesome.

HBK stuff in the back was good as well, I like Bischoff putting the blame on him for taking the final fall for his team... Bischoff angry with Molly for putting him in a match, which totally made me laugh of all the names Molly to choose she picked Eric Bischoff, she sweet talked him and Eric made some stipulations... A mention of Valentine, Steamboat and Honky Tonk Man by Orton with Evolution?

-Line of the Night: LAWLER "You know when a woman starts thinking for herself. That's the start of trouble". ROSS "Well that explains the divorces"... Also the rants during Rico/Val match was just so funny, I'll just pick one.. LAWLER "You can be put in a roulette match, how about an inferno match, wait you already knows how that feel". ROSS "How about me standing up and you kissing my ass". LAWLER "Naa, I don't think that's going to be on the roulette wheel"
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Booker. 2)Rico. 3)Goldberg - Yes Goldberg LoL

What a fantastic show. Nothing was bad or fell under expectations. Even though I kid with Matt/Lita, the breakup was done well. I didn't mind at all the stipulation being thrown out cause it made great sense with Christian used his Bisch Wish on Lita. Trish/Y2J is the most intriguing male/female story since Kurt/Steph(please don't mess this one up). When you have no poor matches, 3 or 4 interesting angles & about a dozen interesting characters on the show. It really makes me in a positive mood when the show ends which equals a positive mood tuning in next week. Add in that JR/King finally found some fire in their belly & with passion in their announcing. King actually had me laughing at his digs on JR. JR angry response brought back great memories of their prime... Hope they don't screw things too bad with Raw Roulette. But first time in ages I have confidence in the writing. So I'll go in with an open mind
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#35 Posted on 18.11.03 0702.21
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0702.54
As soon as Matt started to kneel, I was thinking "How's he going to come out of that position into a Twist of Fate"?

Hopefully next week, we can finally see the first ever Capture the Midget match.
Head cheese
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#36 Posted on 18.11.03 0737.26
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0737.40 I the only person who thinks that Orton is the 21st century version of Xpac?

Other than him, the show kicked ass, I would have rather seen the IC shot go to V1. I too fell for V1's ploy and I would love for them to give Christian a face and basically have Y2J become a jackass (have him brag to a bunch of wrestlers how Trish rox in bed blah blah blah) then have Trish plant seeds that lead to Lita doubting Christian and then her somehow screw Christian and it turns out that Christian had good intentions all along (like he had some long-standing crush and finally got his shot b/c she broke up with Matt).

I know that someone on this board talked about the exact angle that Storm is using now to get over (is the WWE using the board's ideas?!?!). Gayda was hilarious when she bumped into Storm.

I loved watching everyone scatter when Kane came out, it's like in a horror movie when all the little minions are standing around and then the mother comes out and all the little minions run off like cockroaches when a light comes on. Personally, I would just leave Kane alone and let him do his thing (on both shows), sell it that Vince basically sold his soul to get rid of UT (thus why Kane can be on both shows), I don't think Goldberg needs the title if him and Lesnar have a match at WM.
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#37 Posted on 18.11.03 0757.56
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0758.53
Pretty good show...I always thought that Jericho would turn face and Christian would be the jerk, looks like I was wrong...Orton was awesome tonight, though the way he stared at the IC belt, I couldnt stop thinking about the old joke about drowning someone by gluing a mirror to the bottom of a pool...all the matches were pretty good except the mixed tag, though it still served its purpose...the 3 on 1 was awesome and the whole time, right up until the end I thought Goldberg might actually pull it off...banning the five star was classic, lets see how Bisch screws him over next...I have a feeling we'll see dudleys v test/steiner for stacey's freedom if dudleys win or tag belts if test/steiner win at the PPV...where the Matt facts, that better be temporary...whats the over/under on number of weeks before a face is named co-GM?...overall a strong show after a strong PPV
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#38 Posted on 18.11.03 0851.24
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0855.12

More Kane Please!

That is all!

Spaceman Spiff
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#39 Posted on 18.11.03 0858.15
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0858.25
Less Kane is fine by me.
Matt Tracker
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#40 Posted on 18.11.03 0919.35
Reposted on: 18.11.10 0920.59
    Originally posted by Doc_whiskey
    whats the over/under on number of weeks before a face is named co-GM?

I'm thinking it'll be Shane after Linda announces another board of directors decision.
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