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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 11-10-03
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#1 Posted on 10.11.03 2211.00
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2212.52
Why won't they wake up? I bet if their mother were there they'd get out of bed. It's time for Raw, live from Boston, MA...and a Fashion Report, too! Oh, and the Packer game is on, too.

Lita, in black tanktop and green denim, is out to talk. Some random confetti. But HHH, in black suit and blue shirt, with Randy, in black shirt and grey slacks, and Batista, in maroon shirt and black slacks, is out to hold her down. But he winds-up just getting cheap heat. Oh, and HHH has FOOTAGE! of Batista beating-down Goldberg. Eventually Austin, in black sleeveless "F0CK Fear" tshirt, jean shorts, and kneebraces, is out to cut his own promo, but Evolution teams-up to hold him down, too. White Shirt Security arrives to escort, or not, HHH out.

In the back, Team Bischoff, sans Randy, confronts Austin, taunting him. But Team Austin, sans Shawn, arrives. Verbality ensues.

Rob, in blue/green "RVD" singlet, the IC Title over his shoulder, vs. Christian!, in blue tights with black "C"s on white crests. Lillian wears a one-strap red/orange top and white skirt. Mike Chioda wears the black/white stripes of refereeing. Five Star to a pin. A nice match, but the crowd was quiet.

At some restraunt, Shane gets a table for two.

Cena raps-out Stacker 2 energy drink. You can say "ass" in a commercial?

Coach, in New York Yankees jersey, is out to relieve Lillian from her duties. Why not Fink?

La Resistance, Rene in sparkly blue military coat and black "La Resistance" undies, Conway in black "La Resistance" undies, with a French flag, vs. Hurricane in neon-green/black "H" suit, and Rosie, in neon green/purple shorts, grey "Super Hero In Training" tshirt, orange shirt and tights, with purple mask.

In the back, Lita and Terri chat. Bisch stops by to taunt and threaten.

Jericho rallies the Team Bischoff crew, sans Randy. Oh, and then Randy shows-up all cocky.

In the back, Val and some, um, ladies, check-out Naked Lance.

Meanwhile, Shane peruses the menu.

Lita and Terri vs. Gail and Molly.

Randy, in new-style black "Orton" undies with white somethings on the hips, vs. Shawn, in red studded vest and red studded chaps over black "Shawn Michaels" tights. Hebner officiates. Later, Hebner bumps like a MAN. Sweet Chin Music to the pin. A nice match.

Kane arrives at the resturaunt for his date with Shane.

Over dinner, Kane and Shane discuss their hatred for each other. Oh, the electrocution was an attempt at sterilizing Shane - it all makes sense now (?). Soap-opera-level acting.

Dudleys, DVon in sleeveless black "Dudley Boyz 3D" tshirt and green/yellow camo pants, wearing the Tag Title, and Bubba, in "Dudleyville 3D" jersey and black warmups, carrying the Tag Title, vs. Steiner, in red "Freakzilla" tights with thigh wings and chainmail, with Stacie, in belly-baring black top and denim skirt, and Mark Henry, in white singlet with red slashes, with Teddy, in brown suit with white shirt. Steiner with a chairshot for the DQ.

In the back, Austin is verbally intimidated by Bischoff.

In the back, Jericho asks-out Trish. She accepts. Woo-hoo! (off-camera, Jericho should be doing the happy dance)

JR, in black hat, black sportscoat, and pink shirt, and Lawler, in black/white vertical stripes and gold scrollwork, present Cole and Tazz, who hype the Smackdown! half of the card. Then JR/Lawler hype the Raw half of the card.

In the back, Booker reads while John Heidenreich is around to deliver an ominous note ("I still remember").

Booker, in black hot-crotch undies with flamin' "BookerT" vs. Jericho, in black/turquoise "Jericho" shirt and cyan tights with silhouttes on webs. Booker with a rollup for the pin. An average match. Post-match beatdown, bringing out Team Bischoff and (gradually) Team Austin.

FOOTAGE! of the Kane/Shane saga.

Batista, in black undies with red flame, vs. Goldberg, in black fullcuts with white trim and barbedwire butt, wearing the Heavyweight Title. Chioda is the ref. HHH interference to the DQ. Much post-match physicality.

Overall: A nice show. I just didn't feel the build-up for the Team AUstin vs. Team Bischoff match. But there was plenty of good stuff for the HHH vs. Goldberg match.
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#2 Posted on 10.11.03 2213.57
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2214.01
Dear God the Kane/Shane segment felt longer than sitting through the entire film school endurance test that is "My Dinner with Andre".
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#3 Posted on 10.11.03 2214.13
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2214.13
Line of the night: (j.r.'s Dick Vitale impersonation)
J.R.: Now that's impact BABY!

Sign of the Night: "YOUR" next Batista, ah the fans of WWE...
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#4 Posted on 10.11.03 2217.06
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2217.15
I couldn't have been the only one who got a chuckle out of, following up Jericho finally getting his date with Trish, the cut straight to JR and Lawler

JR: And we've got a date with YOU!
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#5 Posted on 10.11.03 2219.28
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2220.18
Best RAW since that other one.

I loved that Shane/Kane interlude. It's miles ahead of them standing hundred of feet away yelling at each other with security in the middle. Or them fighting in hospitals. Or them trying to "kill" each other.

So...who is Booker's mystery pen pal? Goldust? Stevie Ray? The Rock?
The Great Thomas
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#6 Posted on 10.11.03 2223.49
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2224.13
Okay... I gotta know. WHAT IS UP with all the extreme closeups of Mark Henry's face?! I must've counted like 12 of them during his match, not counting all the other times he appeared on screen.
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#7 Posted on 10.11.03 2224.23
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2225.40
I missed the first 15 minutes or so, but wasn't there some kind of reference to Lita's clothes being torn off by Evolution? When did this happen?

Came in just in time for the first of the broken-up Survivor Series matches, RVD v. Christian. Good match, should've gone longer, but I could say that for most of the matches tonight.

Yay! Lilian's gone! Maybe Coach will get all the names right.

La Resistance v. the Superteam was alright. I still mark out for the French Dance.

Jericho's pep talk in the back was great, as was the utterly clueless Orton. Teddy Long, the f'ing MAN, punctuates it with my personal line of the night; "That is one cocky crackah."

The women's match was thankfully short ... that's about all I have to say about it. Oh, and LotusMegami and I are starting a petition to have the King neutered. Anyone care to sign up?

Orton/Shawn ... again, good match, didn't last long enough. Good Superkick this week.

Kane and Shane talk out their differences over a nice plate of Chinese food ... who the f*ck came up with this one?

Dudleys v. Steiner/Henry; not really worth the effort.

I'm digging the Canadian Love. The fact that they're crossing heel-face boundaries only makes it better. Good job, Y2J ... you actually got me interested in something involving Trish.

Someone Remembers What Booker T Did Last Survivor Series ... I remember too, he jobbed in the Elimination Chamber. Think they'll bring in someone claiming to be the manager of the Wendy's he held up? Maybe he could hit people with a loaded Frosty. Hey, don't look at me like that, Vince has had worse ideas.

Goldberg v. Batista was ... mostly non-existant. Goldberg is left standing tall, so I guess Son-In-Law gets another wedding present. Since Goldberg was able to heft Mjolnir, does that make him Captain America?

Decent enough RAW. As usual, it was the undercard and Teddy Long that saved it from mediocrity. Is it just me, or do JR and the King get worse and worse every week? PLEASE, let Bischoff win so he can fire these bastards again ...
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#8 Posted on 10.11.03 2225.38
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2229.01
Holeeeeee CRAP. I know wrestling is considered a soap opera for guys, but that Kane/Shane segment was one dramatic piano piece away from being a Days of our Lives segment.

"Do you have a reservation?" "No, but can I just get a table for two with ample space for two cameras, lights, and a floor director? Oh, and your patrons don't randomly show up with signs, do they?"

I don't know why, but HHH's shunning of Lita cracked me up. "Randy, gimmie a dollar."

Don't all professional wrestlers really have "more guts than brains" when it comes right down to it?

Fun show. Some decent PPV build-up. I'm still on the fence about actually getting it though...

Shem the Penman
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#9 Posted on 10.11.03 2227.52
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2229.03
I got my chuckle out of seeing that LeBron brought his Official Tommy Dreamer Kendo Stick with him.

Goldust is the obvious choice for Booker's mystery correspondent, although I have no idea when he's coming back from his injury. Still, it doesn't necessarily have to make sense -- remember, last time they did this sort of angle, it led to the debut of Mighty Molly.

The Shane/Kane confrontation was at least something different. Even if I still can't possibly take "dangerous, ruthless, pushed-to-the brink" Shane seriously for a second. Please, please let Kane go over on Sunday and end this thing already.

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#10 Posted on 10.11.03 2231.25
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2231.26
Tonight was a great build up show for Survivor Series. I like how they are teasing dissention amongst Team Bischoff, which will most likely be their downfall. I just hope we don't get something like the whole team abandoning Orton, well.... Maybe after a good 15 minutes or so.

I'm still iffy on them giving Lita the title again. I wish they could have found something more for Molly to do than make Gail Kim her lackey. It's not working for me.

The only thing I could complain about is that Jindrak and Cade weren't on and we're treated to Hurricane and Rosey, who are pretty much stuck right now.

Oh... my sign of the night is: "We're taping Nitro!" - made me laugh.

Matt Tracker
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#11 Posted on 10.11.03 2244.46
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2249.01
That's one cocky cracka!

Time off works for HHH's promos. He's refreshed and lively.

Coach's little touches made the routine announcements interesting. Just a small adjustment to the little things makes the show seem more entertaining.

At what point does Rosey graduate? WHat mountain must he climb?

Orton's getting better. Definite ring presence and polish. Too bad I can barely remember his finisher.

Kane and Shane dine. "You ATE the trash can?!"

Booker's remembering stalker? Sheri Martel.

Maybe it's novelty, but Batista is much more interesting than Goldberg at this point. Maybe because Batista can use a mic without blasting open his jaws like Guy Smiley.

For a PPV-promo show, it wasn't that bad.
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#12 Posted on 10.11.03 2247.20
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2249.05
Raw Thoughts:

Am I the only one that missed a Crash Holly tribute? Mayb since he was a Smackdown wrestler, they'll do one on Smackdown? that's the only thing i can think of....That looked like the LEAST intimidating security force on earth....Van Dam/Christan #34567 was like Van Dam/Christian #22450....La Resistance v.s Rosie/Hurricane was okay. The right guys went over. I don't really have a problem with THESE frenchmen...."That is one cocky cracka'"- quote of the night from, you guessed it, Teddy Long....Why did they even bother sticking that Storm/Venis thing in there?

The girls tag match was, well, there....Orton v.s Shawn was decent, but I was surprised at Michaels' clean win....the Kane/Shane thing was good. If only they could explain the cameras....Man, Stacy needs to get more airtime. The Dudz/Henry-Steiner match was formula....The Booker angle looks intriguing....Batista/Goldberg was your usual set-up-for-the-pay-per-view main event. I figured it'd be lucky to get 3 minutes. Did anyone else notice that bottle of water that rolled out on the floor when Goldberg came through the curtain?....Not a great show by any means.

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#13 Posted on 10.11.03 2254.07
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2258.35
Ten Reasons I won't be getting Survivor Series on Sunday:

-2 McMahons' on the uppercard.

-HHH regaining the World title is already written in stone. It'll be a bad match to boot.

-Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, The Big Show and A-Train on the same team as Brock Lesnar.

-Bradshaw on the same team as Cena, Benoit and Angle.

-Buried Alive match will be bad, bad, bad.

-Ambulance match can't offer anything we've already seen from Shane/Kane; feud should have been ended before it started.

-Shawn Michaels has already made Randy Orton look bad with his win on Nov. 10 RAW.

-Where the fuck is Los Guerreros?

-I have a sneaking suspicion Stephanie will interfere somewhere to will make it three McMahons on the uppercard

-Flair should be on the card; he can still outclass and outwork 90% of the wrestlers on the roster.
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#14 Posted on 10.11.03 2255.47
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2258.45

I chuckled when Jericho said "bah-lee dat" ...

Wonder if Shane referring to Kane's brother may be a bit of foreshadowing?
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#15 Posted on 10.11.03 2259.59
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2300.01
Was there anything said about Crash Holly? I miss the beginning.
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#16 Posted on 10.11.03 2307.29
Reposted on: 10.11.10 2308.40
It was a very good RAW tonight, had execellent build up for Survivior Series.

SIGN OF THE NIGHT: I loved the "We're taping Nitro" sign, I laughed too.

Steiner: Buh Leev Dat!

Actually the whole Chris Jericho motivational speech segment was good. Also his segment with Trish. This is going to somewhere, can you say Trish heel turn. (But Chris, what will your wife and son say?!)

And I also, for at least one, can see who will be the last one on Bischoff's team this Sunday. And he is..Y-2-J!!

The women's match was short, but sweet. And at least Molly got some more wrestling action. No Victoria though.

And yes the Kane/Shane segment looked like it was straight out of the "Young and the Restless" or "The Rest of our Lives". But it was good, none the less. Like Lawler said(Shockingly), "This was the calm before the big storm that hits Sunday"

OVERALL.....Again, a great build up and promo for Survivior Series show. That's like 3 or 4 in a row for RAW, RAW is on a roll, SD! is not.

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#17 Posted on 11.11.03 0158.04
Reposted on: 11.11.10 0159.01
    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    I got my chuckle out of seeing that LeBron brought his Official Tommy Dreamer Kendo Stick with him.

Actually that was given to him by Tommy during the Heat tapings before last week's RAW. If you knew that and were just joking, my bad for not getting it. Heh.

All in all, not a bad show. And damn there were quite a few matches tonight, weren't there?

-Amazingly, I was quite amused by Orton's constant taunting of the "security force"

-I dug the whole Jericho speech to Team Bischoff backstage especially "Cocky cracka". And an unintentional funny moment for me of the night was the Team Austin/Team Bischoff showdown backstage and Bubba saying "Sucka foo" to Steiner or someone.

-That was pretty inconsiderate of Shane to not bring Kane any flowers on their date. And is it just me, or when Shane came into the restaurant it seemed like a sports bar type of place but then all of a sudden later he was in an Asian type of restaurant (judging by the waiter and some of the art in the background). I thought the segment was ok though. A little different from the normal stuff. Kane seems to be shining as a speaker as well.

-Man, I hope Sylvian Grenier never comes back. I dig Conway and Dupree.

-That one girl who jumped up and down during the Venis/Storm segment was "all over the place" wasn't she? heh. And yes, if I could, you know i'd change my username to "StormyLongDong". Disturbed much?

As far as SurSer goes, i'm really interested by the card. I don't think i've been this interested in a WWE PPV since WMXIX, actually. Looks alright to me. Still not sure if i'm gonna check it out on PPV though.

forgot to mention that I was disappointed that there was no mention of Crash. I caught part of a sign in the crowd that paid tribute to him but no actual closeups of it. I know he wasn't a MAJOR superstar or anything and he had some personal problems, but still, the guy was human, people out there respected him as a performer. They could at least say something, even just a small blurt.

Although I did see the Heat taping results and Steven Richards came out to Crash's music, climbed into the ring over each rope inside and out and pointed to the sky before and after the match. He was pretty choked up, according to what I read. Sadly...this was for an International Heat taping and we probably won't catch it (unless you're in the UK).

(edited by GrubbyLongJohns on 11.11.03 0012)
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#18 Posted on 11.11.03 0200.07
Reposted on: 11.11.10 0203.56
The RAW 5-man match will be the match of the night. They've got the story, they've got the personalities... and they have the chance for Jericho to say that he achieved what he set out to do, and got rid of Austin once and for all.

Taker vs. Vince... a great match for the ages? No. A Sports Entertainment interlude, with Taker beating the holy hell out of Vince before getting screwed (by Kane? Possibly!)? Should be decent. Especially since Vince has never failed to build a strong reaction from the crowd in a match. Smarks may hate him, but for the average fan he'll probably get a good reaction.

Likewise, I'm kinda curious what Babyface McMahon will do in his match against Kane. Considering that he's pulled out eye-popping spotfests in the past, I'm willing to overlook that his name is McMahon.

Lita vs. Molly should be fun. Especially if the Jericho stuff actually does lead to a Trish heel turn. Can you say Lita vs. Trish for the title? I can.

The Smackdown 5-man tag... okay, so that one's weak. It's almost the polar opposite of the Raw one. You've got no real agenda to the match (maybe I missed it -- is there an actual point to this thing), and both Jones and Morgan are complete voids of personality beyond being Big Guys. Train and Show are a bit more developed, but still fairly dull. When back hair is one of the top two heels in a 10-man match, you've got something going wrong.
Mike Sweetser
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#19 Posted on 11.11.03 0201.54
Reposted on: 11.11.10 0203.57
I was waiting for a Sam/Diane moment during the Shane-Kane dinner:

"Are you as turned on as I am?"


Mike, polluting minds since 1995
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#20 Posted on 11.11.03 0221.27
Reposted on: 11.11.10 0222.26
Foreshadowing? Just because Shane mentioned a relationship that only exists when it is being used, while talking about Kane's innermost fears, just as Taker is about to become a zombie again?

You are reading far too much into this.

"Ten Reasons I won't be getting Survivor Series on Sunday:

-2 McMahons' on the uppercard.
-HHH regaining the World title is already written in stone. It'll be a bad match to boot.
-Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, The Big Show and A-Train on the same team as Brock Lesnar."

My poor Brocky. He must be lonely, being the only one both big and technically sound. Now his feats of strength won't be so special.

"-Bradshaw on the same team as Cena, Benoit and Angle."

Hey, at least they have each other. And Hardcore Holly, of course. We should be respectful, seeing as his brother just left us.

"-Buried Alive match will be bad, bad, bad."

It's McMahon. Of course it's bad. Have I found a kindred spirit?

"-Ambulance match can't offer anything we've already seen from Shane/Kane; feud should have been ended before it started."

Shane can only keep this up for so long before he has to take off to recover. A real wrestler would work through the pain, but I imagine Shane will reach his limit at this match.

"-Shawn Michaels has already made Randy Orton look bad with his win on Nov. 10 RAW."

Give the feud some meaning already. At least Flair/Maven has some aspects that distinguish it, and very amusing interaction between them, but Orton/Shawn is just kinda treading water.

"-Where the fuck is Los Guerreros?"

I wouldn't have watched it anyways, but it's still aggravating that Eddy's not on the card.

"-I have a sneaking suspicion Stephanie will interfere somewhere to will make it three McMahons on the uppercard"

I'm hoping Hunter knocks her up soon.

"-Flair should be on the card; he can still outclass and outwork 90% of the wrestlers on the roster."

Hell, yeah. I have found a kindred spirit.
And I can spend my money on 3 TNA's and a pizza.
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