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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Jerry Lynn and WWA
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Lap cheong
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From: Getting Rowdy

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#1 Posted on 24.2.02 2153.09
Reposted on: 24.2.09 2159.01
This from the WWA recap on [Slash]

Post-match, he started to cut an angry promo, but was interrupted by Jerry Lynn, who cut a face promo until an impromptu brawl broke out - culminating in Lynn executing a cradle piledriver on the belt

Huh? I thought Lynn was still with the WWF, and recovering from knee surgery...
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Polska kielbasa
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#2 Posted on 24.2.02 2206.27
Reposted on: 24.2.09 2215.04
According to the folks over at UnoBob, he was given his 90-day notice back in November, and just became available two days ago.

This would have him being released around the same time as Essa Rios and a bunch of the developmental talent. Don't know why it wasn't reported earlier, unless he asked JR not to, so he could still have "shock" value turning up somewhere else.

The PPV sounds like a real bust. No Savage for the main event, instead they get Brian Christopher? WTF?

I decided not to order when I found out that Madden was announcing. I'd miss my funeral if he were speaking at it.

later, Rudy
Swordsman Yen
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From: Shaolin

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#3 Posted on 24.2.02 2258.01
Reposted on: 24.2.09 2259.05
Cruiserweight matches, as entertaining as they are, are only a small part of the product. The WWA is going to have to work on a lot of other aspects if this PPV was any indication. Regardless of the circumstances, I don't think there's going to be sleepness nights in Stamford over the WWA bagging Jerry Lynn.
The Vile One
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#4 Posted on 24.2.02 2259.46
Reposted on: 24.2.09 2259.54 also still has Jerry Lynn on their website, wonder when they are going to take that done.
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#5 Posted on 25.2.02 0401.34
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0429.01
Could it be they have allowed him to do indies?
I guess then you wouldn't allow him to do WWA though..
I sure hope he isn't gone from the WWF. But if at least he can have a carreer in WWA, good for him!

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#6 Posted on 25.2.02 0629.24
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0638.59
This is just another inexplicable WWF injustice. Goldust and the Godfather get TV time but JL is released because they have no "creative" use for him. the writers really do have their heads shoved up their asses. Especially with a long promised "roster split" coming up ( I stopped holding my breath about 3 weeks into the "invasion" debacle.) The WWF has/had such an awesome talent pool they could be airing world rocking shows every night of the week and still be giving out plenty of rotating time off so the wrestlers and fans don't get burned out. but no. How hard can it be. Even "Days of Our Lives" is a better, more consistently written show. The WWF does have terminal cancer and it is the writing staff. I think JR has alot to do with the poor decision making, as he IS the head talent relations man. I mean, how can you really justify the firing of Essa Rios and misuse of 3/4 of the roster. and I'm glad that Tajiri/Funaki got a 6 minute match on tv (thanks Cub'sFan) but I don't get Jakked so I never saw it.
Last week there was a thread asking when was the last time everyone was happy with the WWF product? Well, I'm not. I love wrestling, I've been a fan for over 20 years. But, shit, We've been through bad times and worse, but the WWF just seems to be doggedly determined to NOT turn out a consistently quality product. Do they not see the ratings taking a dive. From the review, the WWA ppv may have been a production nightmare, but at least they had some of todays most talented wrestlers in some real matches. It probably wasn't a blip on the WWF's radar,and I didn't have acces to it, but for those who did it was at least an alternative to the WWF. And just like in music, when enough people get into the "alternative" scene, it becomes mainstream. What someone really needs to do is pool the collective WWA,XWF and various indy promotions with regional tv deals into a new major federation and get it on nationl tv. Maybe then the WWF would get off it's ass and do something.

I didn't really mean to get into a rant, and I haven't done alot of posting lately, but things have just really gotten under my skin lately. I mean let's get some decent women's matches on tv.
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#7 Posted on 25.2.02 1037.48
Reposted on: 25.2.09 1038.51
Big Wave.....I am totally in agreement with you on this one.

I would really like to see things from the perspective of Vince McMahon and his creative team, but I DON'T THINK I CAN STICK MY HEAD THAT FAR UP MY ASS!!!

Several months ago, I read a number of reports that said McMahon "didn't care for Jerry Lynn's character". Well, excuse me, Vince, but isn't that part of your friggin' job? To work with the creative team and find ways to improve the wrestler's gimmick? What exactly does that say when you let a guy make his debut on the Sunday Night Heat prior to a PPV and win the Light Heavyweight Title to boot....oh, wait a minute, I answered my own question there, because the Light Heavyweight Division is another one of those things the WWF doesn't seem to give a flying fig about either!!

Man, I was just frothin' at the mouth at the thought of an X-Pac/Jerry Lynn feud, having heard a lot about their storied rivalries during their indy days in Minnesota.....guess that's another pipe dream shot straight to hell by the good folk at WWF!!

So, with that being said, I'm going to look into buying a lottery ticket and if I win big, I'm taking that money and heading off to bankruptcy court, see what kind of deal I can get on ECW, re-open it and hire some of that WOEFULLY underused talent out from under Vince & JR's noses!!!

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Because quite frankly, the way things are going, it's just about all she's got left.
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#8 Posted on 26.2.02 0058.49
Reposted on: 26.2.09 0059.02
Pondering: If Lynn was still under contract and had the chance to go negotiate, I'm sure the WWF wouldn't have minded him speaking to them ahead of time, considering the way they snatched up Curt Hennig, WWF Main Eventer.

Opinion: I don't like Jerry Lynn. I did like (Mr.) JL.

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#9 Posted on 26.2.02 0134.54
Reposted on: 26.2.09 0159.03
Kinda makes me wonder what's up with Raven, Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer.
Notorious F.A.B.
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#10 Posted on 26.2.02 0143.47
Reposted on: 26.2.09 0159.09
somewhere on the web it's been reported raven is booking hwa along with bruce pritchard. dreamer and credible are working tag matches with matching tights.
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#11 Posted on 26.2.02 1111.58
Reposted on: 26.2.09 1129.02

    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Kinda makes me wonder what's up with Raven, Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer.

Raven, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer worked at HWA in Cincinnati through 2/21/02, along with Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus, & Steven Richards. X-Pac was there at the same time, mainly to work off ring rust.

And yeah, according to the latest print edition of the Torch, Raven and Tom Pritchard wrote a month's worth of HWA TV, mainly because none of Les Thatcher's developmental guys are interested in doing that particular job.

Steven Richards and Dreamer have been working together as a tag team wearing matching outfits.....ah, Jesus, don't we ALREADY HAVE A TEAM WITH THAT GIMMICK?

Quite honestly, when it comes to what Vince is going to do with these guys.....I'm afraid. VERY afraid, indeed!
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#12 Posted on 26.2.02 1154.41
Reposted on: 26.2.09 1159.02
Matching tights just means it's more likely that they're becoming a solid tag-team, instead of just bowing to the whims of the Random Tag-Team Generator.

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#13 Posted on 26.2.02 2223.21
Reposted on: 26.2.09 2229.07

    Originally posted by Jaguar
    Matching tights just means it's more likely that they're becoming a solid tag-team, instead of just bowing to the whims of the Random Tag-Team Generator.


Yeah, even Benoit and Jericho started wearing matching tights (at least with the same color scheme) for a short time.
Well Its The Big O
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#14 Posted on 27.2.02 2022.49
Reposted on: 27.2.09 2023.26
All I know is I've got to get my Tasmanian ass up north for Jerry Lynn vs Eddie Guerrerro.

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