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Mr Shh
Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 5.11.03 1134.19
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1135.23
I'm surprised no one's talking about hour 2 yet.

I think I'm more concerned about the preview for next week than I was about anything this week. Do I have to sit through the entire hour next week before I see Mrs. Singer dumping the coke down the toilet? Leads one to ask if the virus really is in the bag of coke.

I don't know what to make of the show so far. I mean, I like it, and I won't miss an episode, but something's missing so far.

The tension's been missing. I can't remember an episode during the last two seasons that didn't have a really tense moment. Every episode I watched had my heart racing at some point. Look at all the tense moments from the second hour last year (a check of an episode guide confirms they happened in the second hour):

1) Paula at CTU scrambling to upload "undercover Jack's" personal info as Eddie's crew is searching for it.
2) The overall tension between undercover Jack and that guy Dave from Eddie's crew, which resulted in Dave getting his leg broken.
3) As stupid as it was, Kim and Megan running from Gary Matheson was really tense.
4) Kate searching through Reza's car for his passport.

I managed to convince 3 rookies to watch the show this season. They say they like it so far, but they didn't say they LIKE it. They're not really hooked yet. I don't know if I'd be hooked if I started watching this season.

Overnight rating = 5.6, down from last week's 7.3 overnight.

Does anybody feel the same way? (Maybe this is why no one's talking about it?)
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Boudin blanc
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#2 Posted on 5.11.03 1203.14
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1206.11
    Originally posted by Mr Shh
    I managed to convince 3 rookies to watch the show this season. They say they like it so far, but they didn't say they LIKE it. They're not really hooked yet. I don't know if I'd be hooked if I started watching this season.

As someone who read all the discussion about Season 2 last year, I finally decided to start watching this season. The only reason I'm sticking around is because of how awesome I heard the previous seasons have been. Although I did catch a few episodes last season (Mason's farewell), so I guess I'm not a total newbie.

The swerve at the end, with computer guy being at CTU, was a nice touch. On the one hand, it doesn't seem right that they wouldn't be able to realize that the phone call came from within their own headquarters (the phone call... its coming from upstairs!!!), but on the other hand, if anyone would be able to go against CTU, it would be one of their own. I wonder what's going to happen when he realizes that Jack is on his way to Singer's. The timetable might get pushed up.

I also like how there are two sets of fathers with daughters dating guys they don't approve of. (At least, I don't think Maria's dad approves of Hector.) I get the feeling that at some point, something is going to happen between Maria, her father, and Hector that is going to affect how everyone in the Chase-Kim-Jack relationship sees each other.

I like how Jack is handling finding out about Chase and Kim. It makes sense for him to effectively make Chase choose between the job he wants and the girl he wants. In a way, Jack had to make the same decision, although he didn't know it at the time. (Although, given the choice between doing everything he did during season 1, and not being involved and still being with his wife, would he really be able to let whatever happens happen just to save his family?)

So far, its not bad. I'm waiting for Jack to confront Singer. It seems like he's supposed to be the confused kid doing something bad with noble intentions, but he just seems stupid and annoying. I think we're supposed to hope for him to realize his folly and turn around, but I think I'm hoping Jack roughs him up a little too much...
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#3 Posted on 5.11.03 1241.21
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1243.14
They haven't been shy with the surprises and twists so far this season. Kinda reminds me of the film "Memento", where they give you all the payoffs, then fill in the details in reverse. Maybe the 3-year gap has something to do with it.

Agreed with Mr Shh in that I'm not really "hooked" yet. I thought Day 1 was fantastic and Day 2 had great promise, but fizzled a bit once the bomb went off. I guess it will take some time to get the new characters fully integrated, but at least there hasn't been anything terrible. The Fox-style presentation of the show seems turned up a notch this season. The whole "CHASE, WE GOT A RUNNER!" scene seemed like the producers said, "Okay, we really need a 24 Moment to hook the viewers!"

Then again, they have me paying attention to detail on things like this, so maybe I am hooked after all. I am watching Fox.
The Vile1
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#4 Posted on 5.11.03 1248.18
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1249.08
As anti-drug as I am, I'm getting a little tired of the whole "drugs are bad, mmkay" thing coming out in the first 2 episodes. Junkie Jack is silly and he's already angsty enough without being an addict. The guy couldn't have anymore angst. How bad is it for CTU that they always have traitors and turncoats running around in their midst right under their noses? This is unnacceptable and something should be done about it. If this organization is part of the last line of defense against major terrorist threats in the country, I'd be pretty worried noting how many terrorists work in the COUNTER-TERRORIST UNIT.

Some good quotes by Jack this week though:

"Shut up stupid! You fired at a federal agent. You better start talking, or I will let you bleed to death on this landing."

Wow, Jack gets pretty rough with the suspects huh? Don't let the ACLU watch this show. Jack Bauer isn't the touchy feely, no one has to get hurt CIA type like on Alias. He's more like the Willem Dafoe FBI type in Boondock Saints...except the whole "fag" thing.

"CHASE WE GOT A RUNNER! TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!" "Jack its not a bomb, its a virus." "...Umm...TELL ME WHERE THE BOMRUS IS!"
Summer sausage
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#5 Posted on 5.11.03 1352.09
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1353.29
I liked it. The show is building its new stories very well, which should lead to more tense moments. Jack hasn't really been put against the clock yet as all CTU's timetables are three, four, five hours away.
Lap cheong
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#6 Posted on 5.11.03 1725.04
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1726.33
I think everything is building to something bigger payoff down the road. I like the slow burn start, because everything was just too high-octane in Season Two that they need to slow things down.

Last night, we got the return of the Jack Bauer we all know and love. "Start talking or else I'm going to let you bleed to death on the floor" was everything that people should watch 24 for.

Chase seems to be dragging Jack down, even though they did have good teamwork last night. It's like they're "grooming" him for Jack's role, where he's the young rookie who screws everything up until he becomes as cool as Jack. Like Hot Rod in Transformers: The Movie, except Chase isn't voiced by Judd Nelson.

Hopefully, he dies before he ever makes it to Jack's level.

The more responsibility Kim takes on, the stupider she gets. So, they've announced a bioterrorist threat (the first major terrorist threat in three years, and since she started working there) and it's a great time to tell Jack about her and Chase. They have been going out for three months, after all, and they swore they'd tell Jack after two!

At least Jack no-sold it for most of the hour in typical "There's more important things going on, Kim!" fashion and stayed on task.

It was cool to hear him at least admit that Kim only works there because of him, so he can keep an eye on her. That gives some credibility to her stupid desk job. I think they always did establish that her character was good with computers, sorta.

I think the big complaints this season are probably that none of it really seems to tie in to the bigger story that they started with at the end of Season Two. We still haven't seen how the attack on Palmer relates to Max's plan in the Finale, and why it's taken three years to pay off. Plus, I'm sure we all want to see Sherry and Nina back on at some point.

I like that there's another mole in CTU. That's going to make things a lot more tense in the office. I don't think it's that much of a stretch, considering it's been over four years since the last mole(s), especially if they were planted by someone high up in the government.

Like last season, there is a greater evil behind it all and they slowly reveal a little more with each passing episode and that's what makes it interesting. By Episode 14, we won't care about most of what's going on right now. This is just the surface-level stuff.
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#7 Posted on 5.11.03 1819.51
Reposted on: 5.11.10 1820.22
I don't mind the decision to go with the slow-burn this season. It's a nice change of pace from the last two seasons, and I'm sure it's going to pick up before we realize it. If the story's good, I'm into it. I agree that Kim is still an idiot, though. What is it with her and annoying her boyfriends: Rick in season one ("Please turn yourself in!"), Miguel in season two ("we have to get Megan out of here!"), and now Chase. Stop being so damn pushy, Kim!

Big Bad
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#8 Posted on 5.11.03 2251.34
Reposted on: 5.11.10 2251.35
I agree with Sklokazoid....the slow build is better. Last season was just so much crazy action that it burned itself out two-thirds of the way in, imo.

So the one CTU guy is evil....who else? The President's girlfriend? The President's brother (who I will always refer to as 'guy from Buffy)? Chase?
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#9 Posted on 6.11.03 1527.06
Reposted on: 6.11.10 1529.02
I hope Chase does turn out to be evil. Not because I hate him or anything. Just because it would kick ass for Jack to have to kill the man his daughter loves.
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#10 Posted on 6.11.03 2300.44
Reposted on: 6.11.10 2301.20
I think they have some big surprises in store for later in the season. If after only the second episode, we already know who the mole in CTU is, I can't imagine what else will happen. The deadline for the virus being released is also 6 hours in so that is probably when the new main storyline leading to the end will begin.

Also I think Palmer's brother is going to play a role very similiar to Sherry where he is looking out for Palmer, but continues to go about it in the wrong way or in a devious way which is against Palmer's beliefs causing him to be removed from his position at some point.

As far as new people viewing the show for the first time, I think you have to be willing to watch a few episodes and give it a chance before you get hooked. I have been watching since the first season, but I heard about the show even before it premiered and was intrigued by the idea, so I may have hooked me sooner than others.

They are doing a good job of building the suspense again this season. When I realized the second episode was almost over, I got that familiar feeling of "It can't be over now, everything is coming together and it is just starting to get good."

One last note about the first episode. I thought there was not as much action for the premiere as some may have expected, but it was kind of a nod to the loyal viewers coming back after watching the first and second season. Michelle and Tony being married, Aaron still being part of Palmer's security, Kim now working at CTU, Jack's apparent divorce/end of relationship with Kate Warner...all of these little details should have been noticed by the loyal viewers, where first time viewers probably wouldn't have noticed or may have been looking for more action.

One last prediction, Jack said that he captured Salazar because Salazar does business with terrorists. So far, the bioterror is due to Salazar's brother trying to get him out. The terrorists have not even done anything yet, which they may do later when they find out Salazar is going to expose them. I wouldn't be surprised if the terrorists, possibly the German's/Max from earlier seasons, kill Salazar at some point.

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Ruby Trax
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#11 Posted on 7.11.03 0207.28
Reposted on: 7.11.10 0208.20
    Originally posted by Scar
    I hope Chase does turn out to be evil. Not because I hate him or anything. Just because it would kick ass for Jack to have to kill the man his daughter loves.

Or for Jack to be put in a situation where Chase is endangering his life and Kim is the only person who can save him, but naturally Kim doesn't know that Chase is evil and blah blah, so Jack has to convince Kim to trust Daddy and kill her boyfriend.
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#12 Posted on 7.11.03 1024.14
Reposted on: 7.11.10 1025.12
    Originally posted by Scar
    I hope Chase does turn out to be evil. Not because I hate him or anything. Just because it would kick ass for Jack to have to kill the man his daughter loves.

Interesting idea.
Boudin rouge
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#13 Posted on 7.11.03 1458.39
Reposted on: 7.11.10 1459.01
Making Jack Jr. a baddie just seems too easy. Like when you first heard Jack would have a partner, didn't you figure the guy would probably turn out to be a rat?

With Jack trying to keep him safe now, and Chase telling Kim about it, I'd go for something more where Chase never turns and ends up getting killed midway through. Then Jack is back on his own (which is good), now he's pissed (even better), and the Kim drama is there (`````) because in her grief-stricken state she can blame Jack for trying to prove his point and putting Chase in harm's way or something. Then she can turn ROGUE AGENT and catfight with Michelle.
Ruby Trax
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#14 Posted on 7.11.03 1805.30
Reposted on: 7.11.10 1805.33
There is just soooo much obvious stuff going on in this season already. Like after two sentences of introductory dialogue you could totally call the entire situation with Wayward Teen 2003, right. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about this season's ability to shock and awe and while I hope they'll bring back all those layers of complexity an' shit I fear they've dumbed things down in the belief that it would gain them a wider audience.

I also fear that Kim will end up in some kind of thing with Wayward Teen 2003 what with their shared parental dramas. Eew, eew.
Dr Unlikely
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#15 Posted on 7.11.03 2118.52
Reposted on: 7.11.10 2120.25
Chase can't die until I can decide who he looks like. Right now, I'm going with Liev Schreiber, possibly Cotton Weary-era. But it could change at any moment. I thought I saw a little Ted Pikul in there, with perhaps a hint of former TV megastar Roseanne's Johnny Galecki (that's his name you know), just to give us a throwback to the late Darlene.

I think they threw Chase, Mary Lynn Raksjub and The Evil Computer Guy Who Looks Like Either Zoolander-Stiller or Maybe Jimmy Fallon all out there so we wouldn't know which person was evil this year, and then just said screw it and decided to show us the evil guy. Which, of course, should mean that the evil CTU guy isn't really evil, if there's a swerve. And there has to be a swerve.

At some point this year, the last credit during the opening needs to be "And Xander Berkeley as The Ghost of George Mason" or else.
Ruby Trax
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#16 Posted on 7.11.03 2134.45
Reposted on: 7.11.10 2138.04
    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    Right now, I'm going with Liev Schreiber, possibly Cotton Weary-era.

Ooh Liev, good call. I'd throw a little Balthazar Getty in there too.

I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn that the actor (James Badge Dale) is the son of Anita Morris and Grover Dale, stars of two of the greatest movies ever ("Absolute Beginners" and "The Young Girls of Rochefort" respectively) among many other things. Those are fascinating genes.
Boudin rouge
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#17 Posted on 7.11.03 2141.28
Reposted on: 7.11.10 2142.04
Aw, come on. I bet they can bring da noize. I'm wondering if this whole "free Bucho + evil virus" thing is gonna sustain the whole season, or if the other shoe's gonna drop sometime. What about trying to kill Palmer, where are those dudes at? Are the Mexican guys tied into them? Where's Nina? WHERE'S MILO?

Plus, the preview next week showed them get to the bag of drugs in their badass hazmat suits. I guess that guy's mom is probably dead, but it would seem containable from what they showed. Unless I'm misunderstanding how the virus works. And unless the drug bag was only part of the evil virus plot, I guess. Or unless when it's unleashed it just devastates everything and all hell breaks loose.
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