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21.6.11 0722
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Raw 10-6-03
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#41 Posted on 7.10.03 1853.24
Reposted on: 7.10.10 1853.45
A mediocre show..

Missed the opening match. Read the reviews - not shocked

Kane, Shane, and the Limo - Well.. whatever. This whole thing is like the Steiner/Test feud only much more expensive. Much ado about NOTHING. Nothing is gained by this. You can make Kane into a monster in other ways than him alternately torturing and getting out-smarted by non-wrestlers week after week. Is he a freak? If so, then have him sit up in the stretcher as was mentioned before. This whole thing has gotten more attention than virtually anything the last few months and it's STILL going nowhere.. I guess Kane and Shane should follow the same path as the rest of the story arcs.. Could have sworn when the police car pulled up that Shane was going to fill part of the "WWE personality gets arrested and thrown in jail" quota for the year. Alas. Bottom line, this thing needs to go somewhere, fast. Preferably "away".

Lita and Gail - Was very unimpressed. I've always been a Lita backer but this match was no good. Kim needs to be put on the back burner... Why was she pushed as Molly's new heel partner when the better looking, better working, more interesting-in-every-way Victoria is jobbing to 80-year olds on their birthday? Maybe Lita's not any better in-ring than Kim at this point but the crowd loves her and Kim is as blah as it gets in every way. Molly looked as good as she ever has but I didn't think her spot as guest commentator was anything to rave about. I've never thought much of her heel character as she just doesn't have that "look." As little of the "heel look" she has, she has even less of the "heel voice." Incredibly pleasant and feminine and during the commentary often way too quiet. Guest commentary spots are 2 things: Awkward and interesting. They only succeed when the latter overshadows the former and in this case it didn't.

Steiner vs. Spike... Whatever. Steiner as heel is a good move but Stacy needs to get out of there.. Crowd still pops for her entrance and you don't want the crowd cheering when a heel comes out. Need to pair her with someone else.. Where's Val Venis these days? Better still would be to pair her with one or all of the young guys having trouble getting over (Jindrak/Cade.. even Maven, especially after the "More championships than you've had women" line, which was classic).

The Canadians in the ring was nice. Finally got some footage of the ladder match, much delayed. Storm going last was a huge tell as to what he was doing out there, but it worked. As did the match. Best in show, by far.

Evolution sans Helmsley vs. Jindrak/Cade - 3-4 weeks ago Jindrak, Cade and Maven had a great match that I really loved. Last 2 weeks I've spent most of the show looking forward to seeing them and I've been let down. Crowd was depressingly dead for this match which I didn't think was all that bad. Flair's presence was enough to keep the crowd interested - but only in him. They're using Evolution to try and put these two guys over but... They need something more. 3 weeks ago the Cade lift/Jindrak dropkick got a sizable pop despite their jobber status. Monday night the crowd barely blinked. Bad news because I'm not sure how much longer the WWE is going to stand for that kind of reaction if it ain't Heat. Sad because I kind of like both these guys.

-Don't recall too much of this match... Very nice of Victoria to clear whoever it was who did her entrance music to also do Gail Kim's...

Henry vs. Goldberg - I liked this match. Henry has alternately impressed and disappointed me since his return.. I think this would have worked better a couple weeks down the line, though. Could the Henry vs. Jobber squash match have survived another 2-3 weeks to build up the "Henry as mean, unstoppoable force" angle.. As it was, it seemed odd that Henry more or less dominated RAW's new champion seemed only his mugging for the crowd and bravado let Goldberg back into the match before the Mack interference. Also, a little that exactly 2 sets of people (Teddy Long's folks and The Resistance) seem to care about the $100,000 bounty....Are Flair and Orton implicitly disqualified from winning the contest because they're "employees" of the Evolution who started the contest? The Evolution concept I think is a good one and has some great people with which to develop it (Flair and Orton) yet they are spending their time in midcard matches with guys like Jindrak and Cade. Now Flair vs. Maven? I realize they're trying to put these guys over but... I don't know.. Still a lot of meandering and not much sense being made week to week on Raw...
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#42 Posted on 7.10.03 2053.08
Reposted on: 7.10.10 2054.27
Random RAW Thoughts --

Trips - He's looking more like Vince Neil every day.

Kane vs. Rosie - Okay match. Hurricane is eaten by the Big (Bah Gawd) Machine. Here Comes The Money.

Kane & Shane - Ha! That dude hid behind the female production person. Bitch ass. Scuffle, yell, scuffle. Big rig eats a limo. Why in the fuck was J.R. screaming "We've never seen anything like this!" Uh, we have. A million times. Hogan slamming the rig into the ambulance comes to mind.

Kane - Jaws of life. SCSA rants and raves. Eh.

Gail vs. Lita - Good lord. Raggedy Ann vs. Raggedy Anna. Molly on commentary. "She can be champion again. Just not against me." Haw, haw. Nice DDT by Lita. Here's a big fuck off to the announcers for not calling the match worth a shit.

Kane - Sleazy E rants and raves. Eh.

Trips - Heh. DiBiase reference. Heart!

HBK & SCSA - Nice Jesus shirt. Except not. Blah, blah.

Scott Steiner w. Stacy vs. Spike - Freaks and peaks. Eh. Stacy's outfit was atrocious. Sleazy E. Heh. Apparently, there was a match. I wouldn't know seeing as how the whole damn thing was taken up by a commercial break and footage of Kane. Bleh. Dudleyz make the save. Care. Stacy is going to end up back with Devon & Bubba. God. CARE.

La Resistance w. Rob Conway & Goldberg - Beatdown.

Y2J & Christian & Coach & Lance Storm - I heart all of these guys. Blah, blah, SCSA shouldn't be GM. I agree, Chris. Now shh. Beatdown to Storm. Pleaseplease let this get him over so I get more Lance on my TV. RVD makes the save. SCSA flips a lot of birds and drinks a lot of beer. AND! makes a match.

Y2J! & Christian! vs. Storm! & RVD! - Wonderful match. Fucking commercial break. Bastards. Highlight of the night for me. Lance busted out his beautiful dropkick for the pin. Thanks again for NOT CALLING THE MATCH, SHITHEADS.

Kane - Care. Carecarecare. Shut up, already.

Team Mack w. Terri - My god, Mark is enormous. I still love Teddy Long, even though the gimmick is older than Mae Young.

Randy Orton & Ric Flair vs. Jindrak & Cade - Another nice match. That wasn't called worth a damn. God, I hate Lawler & J.R. sometimes.

Maven & Flair - Shit talking! "I've had more championships than you've had women!" Haw, haw, haw. I love me some Nature Boy. Match next week.

Stevie Richards & Victoria vs. Maven & Trish - Very nice match. Vickie is one of my favorite females in a very long time. Maven is beautiful in the ring, but very generic. Gotta get a finisher that impresses. What? What's that you say? The match wasn't called? I know, young duckling. I know.

Mark Henry w. Rodney Mack & Teddy Long vs. Goldberg - Mack sent to the back. Impressive bodyslam & jackhammer on Henry. Mack down with a chair. HBK runs down to swallow the spear. Goldberg retains by DQ. Shocker.

Overall? Eh. As always, appreciate the effort, but the finished product was well below par. Even the signs were uninspired.

Maybe next week.
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#43 Posted on 7.10.03 2223.02
Reposted on: 7.10.10 2224.08
Highlight of the night for me was the "Creeply,Little Bastard" Christian crying over losing the title and the whole "Serious" Highlight Reel.The lowlight was watching Scott Seiner struggle through another spot on the microphone.He talks like he's had one to many brain freezes at the 7-11.

(edited by Melon' Head on 7.10.03 2023)
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#44 Posted on 8.10.03 0423.53
Reposted on: 8.10.10 0425.43
I won't see Raw until Friday, but I'm most looking forward to the Orton/Flai vs. Jindrak/Cade match. I always liked Jindrak when he was in WCW.
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#45 Posted on 8.10.03 1226.43
Reposted on: 8.10.10 1229.03
Maybe (to piggyback on other points) Steiner & Test should put Stacy on the line against the Dudleyz's titles, then win. Then they could end up losing to Cade/Jindrak, and Stacy would be freed, but become their "Marketing Advisor." This would provide impetus for Cade and Jindrak developing personalities, as they could develop a healthy rivalry in vying for Stacy's attention.
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