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The 7 - Guest Columns - WCW Monday Nitro: October 23, 1995 Register and log in to post!
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Cruising right along into week 8 in the near 300 week history of Monday Nitro – we are LIVE from Huntsville, Alabama! We’re 6 days removed from Halloween Havoc and wasting no time getting right down to business…

KURASAWA (with Colonel Robert Parker) vs. RANDY SAVAGE

Savage shoves Parker onto his ass to start, but takes his eyes off Kurasawa long enough that Kurasawa is able to get in some shots and take control. Karate style chops and kicks (or if you’re Bischoff – “back leg round kicks” in this case) follow. He continues the assault, but lays off just enough to give Savage a chance to throw him through the ropes to the floor. Kurasawa isn’t shaken and gets right back in – delivering a forearm to the back of the head. A strong backdrop suplex gets 2. Kurasawa starts to work over the arm with stiff shots – and jerking it around. Savage comes back with a rake of the eyes – but Kurasawa simply retaliates by throwing Savage out, and hits him with a baseball slide dropkick. Kurasawa pulls down hard on the arm – and we’ve got to step aside just as Bischoff starts crowing about the Atlanta Braves being up 2 games to nil in the World Series. I’ve still got Game 6 on tape somewhere around here. Good times!

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This portion of WCW Monday Night is brought to you by 1-800-COLLECT – call someone who cares.

More “back leg round kicks” have kept Savage grounded during the break. Savage comes back with front ankle toe kicks (see, I can do it too!) – but Kurasawa simply kicks the crap out of him and Savage rolls out. He tries another baseball slide dropkick, but Savage drops down this time and Kurasawa hits nothing, falling hard to the mat. He chases Savage – attempts a “back leg round kick” and hits the ring post! Savage gets back in, Kurasawa follows – and Savage decks him with a clothesline. Big elbow – and you can forget about the rest. (6:16) *1/2 Have a replay!

Time to meet the commentary crew. ERIC BISCHOFF is front and centre. To his left – MONGO MCMICHAEL and PEPE. To the right – BOBBY HEENAN. And by god, Hulk Hogan AND the Dungeon Of Doom are all in the building, and there’s no restraining orders tonight. The main event is hyped, and suddenly the power goes out.

Oh for the love of god, it’s DUNGEONMASTER. He yells about Mount Everest and clipping the whiskers of the rare white tiger. Funny, I always thought of Hogan as a regular old orange tiger.

MEAN GENE grabs THE GIANT and KEVIN SULLIVAN – and wants to know what the deal is with the huge block of ice that’s here, as well as the DungeonMaster’s appearance. Sullivan talks a lot, but says little. Giant continues the tiger references – and promises to take Hogan’s final life at Halloween Havoc.

Halloween Havoc is on October 29 – and after that promo I hope to god everyone had second thoughts about buying the show.

MEAN GENE just isn’t going away – and wants to introduce the star of Thunder In Paradise. HULK HOGAN, forever clad in the black clothing arrives with JIMMY HART. Hogan says he’s walked through the valley of the Dungeon Of Doom – but there’s only one set of footprints, and he fears no one. Hogan says he might keep the black after disposing of the big stinky Giant – because you never know what a guy in black might do. He’s gonna get himself a big black Harley and drag the Giant’s carcass around on the back of the bike. Hogan trashes Sting, Savage, and Luger – stating they were all circling his body while he was injured, ready to pick his bones. Whatcha gonna do when the man in black runs wild on you?

This week on WCW Saturday Night – The American Males grant a rematch for the belts to Harlem Heat, Lex Luger faces The Shark, and Hulk Hogan might just be around.


Alex Wright’s got a bum knee and can’t wrestle. How lucky we are! Guerrero gets in the face of Benoit and shoves him, likely for last week. The bell rings, and we’re off! Guerrero takes Benoit down and works the knee. A headlock is applied – but Benoit’s able to fight it off long enough to make the tag to Malenko. Benoit hiptosses Guerrero – so Eddie rolls out to the floor, and Malenko follows him with a slingshot plancha! Malenko holds Eddie hostage and Benoit hits a tope suicida…on Dean, because Eddie got away at the last second. Guerrero gets back in and throws JL over the top and onto Benoit and Malenko. Back in, Guerrero hits a spinning armdrag – and Malenko comes right back with a dropkick. Dean charges – and meets the backbreaker dead on. JL comes in and hits a running kneelift, but doesn’t keep control as Malenko suplexes him. Forget this “boring” match though – there’s some excitement in the back!

To the back we go – and we’ve got SCOTT NORTON and THE SHARK engaged in a fist fight. This goes back to Nitro weeks ago when Shark cost Norton a match. Yep, that’s all it was.

Back to the action, Benoit and JL are in. Benoit snapmares JL, follows with a necksnap and Malenko dropkicks him in the back of the head. Vicious little buggers. It gets 2. Malenko puts on an abdominal stretch, and now we’ve got an ad break getting in the way. Argh.

When we return, Malenko’s still working over JL. A belly to belly suplex gets 2. Benoit gets tagged in – and the boys hit double headbutts. Belly to back suplex drops JL on the head, and gets 2 before Eddie saves. Benoit’s not happy with Eddie and shoves him hard, sending Eddie sprawling back to the floor. Benoit tries a powerbomb but gets armdragged instead – but JL misses a dropkick when following up, allowing Benoit to try a pinfall and getting 2. Malenko’s back in, drops a leg, and gets 2. JL comes back with a sunset flip for 2 – and Malenko tags out. Benoit chops the hell out of JL and hotshots him over the top rope. JL gets onto the apron and headbutts Benoit in the midsection. JL stupidly goes up too close to Malenko’s corner, so Malenko holds him down via the foot – and Benoit climbs up to superplex him!!! That gets 2 before Eddie again breaks it up. They trade off without making a tag while the ref chases Eddie back to the corner, and JL gets a backslide for 2! He follows that with a jumping elbow and makes the hot tag to Guerrero! Dropkick to Malenko – dropkick to Benoit on the apron – and an enzuigiri to Malenko!!! He walks the ropes ala Oldschool with Malenko – so Benoit comes over, and Eddie leaps off, giving Benoit a headscissors while simultaneously dragging Malenko’s arm! JL and Eddie try to whip Benoit and Malenko into eachother, but Benoit reverses his so JL and Malenko collide. Benoit and Eddie dump eachother to the outside leaving Malenko and JL alone. While the referee checks on them, Alex Wright trips up Malenko – allowing JL to roll him up, 1, 2, 3. (9:07) **3/4 Guerrero’s making his way back, and out of nowhere comes BRIAN PILLMAN to level him! Nobody understands what the hell that was all about. Eric Bischoff threatens to have Nick Bockwinkle look into this. Oh no – anything but that!

It’s the horror of WCW! The fun of Halloween. All together now, MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS!

WCW is no holds barred when it comes to the Internet! CompuServe and WCW team up to bring you hot action online.

And what the heck is the deal with that big iceberg ringside tonight ponders uncle Eric.

HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri) vs. LEX LUGER and STING

Sting stops to pat a kid on the head. Wrestling needs more characters like Sting. We haven’t had an honest to god excellent role model in YEARS – and no, if they were as charismatic as Sting they could avoid getting booed out of the building. Sting dropkicks Booker T to start and hiptosses him over the top. Back in, he backdrops Booker. Luger comes in with an axehandle and we’ve got to take a commercial break!

This portion of WCW Monday Nitro is brought to you by beefy, spicy Slim Jim. SNAP INTO IT!

Coming up next on TNT – Stroker Ace. Mongo: “Or you’ll be driving in the slow lane.”

Back to the match, Stevie Ray is working over the shoulder of Luger. Booker T comes in with a dropkick and stomps away. A cover gets 2. Sting comes in and pulls Booker off, so he tags out to Stevie rather than deal with him. Stevie and Booker pull at Luger’s hair in the corner – and the referee misses the whole thing because Sting’s busy distracting him. Booker T stands on the throat of Luger for a 4 count before stopping. He follows that with an axekick while we check out Sherri looking at photos of herself and the Colonel. Stevie works a chinlock. Yak attack! 110th Street Slam is good – and we take a good long look at the iceberg. Booker T goes up top and misses the Harlem Hangover. Luger takes the opportunity to make the tag, and Sting hits both with Stinger Splashes. He goes for the Scorpion Deathlock on Booker T – but Stevie breaks it up, so Luger gets back in to help. While Stevie stomps over Luger in the corner, Sting comes off the top with a big splash on Booker – and that’s enough to score the pin! (7:36) **1/4

Immediately after the pinfall, KEVIN SULLIVAN brings THE GIANT to the ring and he immediately chokeslams Luger! Sting takes one too! RANDY SAVAGE comes out – and so does HULK HOGAN. He pulls off the neckbrace he’s been sporting for weeks and we’ve got a showdown between Hogan and The Giant. Giant beats him down – but Hogan immediately hulks up. 3 punches follow and Hogan sends him face first to the tunbuckle. Now the rest of the DUNGEON OF DOOM makes their way out, but Sting and Luger are back and able to fight them off. DOUG DILLENGER makes a run in (why the hell not, he’s the only one left) – and Hogan sends Giant out. The floor starts shaking now and Heenan leaves the broadcast booth. Right before we go off the air – the Iceberg EXPLODES and out of it comes THE YETI. And we fade to black.

I much preferred the last show. Funny how that happens when there’s more Ric Flair and less Dungeon Of Doom.

Halloween Havoc is next on the list! See ya when I get to it.
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