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Ramblin Wreck
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#1 Posted on 29.9.03 2258.17
Reposted on: 29.9.10 2258.47

If the WWE really HAD to bring JR back, then my choice would have been to have the stipulation that JR beating Coach replaced Coach but not Al Snow. You could have King challenge Al Snow later in the show and lose, thereby returning JR but not the King.

I realize that JR and Al Snow haven't worked together much, but I'd prefer them as an announce team because you have an actual face/heel interaction there. Also, you'd have Al Snow actually being mad because JR kicked his friend and partner Coach off the show, which gives them an angle to maintain and build upon as they butt heads.

I'm tired of both JR and King being defacto faces now, and their chemistry has long grown stale. In my opinion, Al Show has shown himself to be a good color guy and he would probably make a good foil for JR's straight-laced face persona.

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#2 Posted on 29.9.03 2320.50
Reposted on: 29.9.10 2321.54
Yeah, I agree.

Coach and All were clumsy, but JR and King are boring and predictable. If you took JR and Al, that would be the best combo. JR, when he's into a match, is still a damn good play-by-play guy. Maybe making him adjust to having a new partner would make him get off his ass and work every once in a while. On the flip side, working with someone as experienced as JR would Make Al step up his game and start speaking up and emoting more.

Coach is OK but bland. However, the King is hideous, so JR and Snow is the best possible combo at this time.
King Of Crap
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#3 Posted on 30.9.03 1040.13
Reposted on: 30.9.10 1040.19
If WWE really has some need to King on the show, we need Heel King, circa 1995.

As a youngster, I thought he was annoying, then when I got older, I thought he was great, now he's annoying again.
Lap cheong
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#4 Posted on 30.9.03 1304.39
Reposted on: 30.9.10 1304.45
I agree that JR and Snow would make a better team right now than JR and Lawler, but that creates the question of what to do with the King. People like him so they're going to keep him, and I doubt he's gonna wanna stick around to do Sunday Night Heat. You can't trade him to Smackdown because Tazz is a country mile better than Lawler right now, so what other (feasible) option is there?
Net Hack Slasher
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#5 Posted on 2.10.03 0511.31
Reposted on: 2.10.10 0511.37
How about just letting him go, Jesse Ventura was really popular but there was a time when WWE thought they could move on and did... He does get a big reaction (I don't get it) but is having a real over with the audience commentator the most important aspect of being a good commentator.

Are the crowds going to the arena to watch him sit there? Commentators don't sell merchandise... The most important thing for me in a commentator is get the product and the wrestlers over, I haven't seen Lawler do that at all in years. Well except putting himself over.

It really is time to move on, it's almost a decade of doing the A-show it's not fresh anymore. He went through the New Generation to Attitude and into Desire eras. Lawler had a great run and will go down at a time as one of the best colours guys but there is a time there's just nothing fresh you can bring anymore... I thought Coach and Snow on an A-show was such a breath of fresh air. They weren't great but atleast they brought something different to the table and not the same lines and reactions that we get with King and Ross that we were getting for the past 5 years
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#6 Posted on 2.10.03 0841.44
Reposted on: 2.10.10 0843.53
The King should go to HEAT. Period. He needs to be made to feel that he has no choice, because honestly, he doesn't. But to be fair, the WWE has a responsibility to not make HEAT look like an exile. The "Stevie Night Heat" storyline could involve Lawler, and perhaps he could be placated by giving him an interview segment and free reign to shout "puppies" whenever he feels like it.

But JR and Al Snow would work. Al would go a long way towards losing that "kindly teacher from Tough Enough" stigma, and new banter between JR and Snow would envigorate JR's commentary.
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#7 Posted on 2.10.03 1024.47
Reposted on: 2.10.10 1024.54
Actually, I'd rather see it go the other way. Coach (with some proper coaching, and I suggest Tazz and Cole) could do play by play. Tone down the heel thing a little, but leave it there. Keep Lawler. JR out to pasture.

Lawler as a face and Coach as the heel could be an interesting mix and, once again, freshen the banter between the two. If you really want to work the angle, have JR turn and be Coach's "mentor" and eventually alow him to take over JR's duties.

Coach could sort of lay down the law on the King when he gets all happy and starts shouting for puppies and eventually, he tones down as assumes the pure face role, while Coach heels. Or it could go the other way and Coach turns to face, maybe even as Lawler is helping Snow, unbeknownst to JR. Once again, with some training, Coach could do the play by play with Lawler.

Sorry, I don't think much of Snow's ability on the stick. Never have. I'd rather see Cornette come up if we were getting rid of the King
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#8 Posted on 2.10.03 1351.42
Reposted on: 2.10.10 1353.12
I just think the King has to go. He rarely even calls the match anymore, and what he's talking about is usually inappropriate to the current segment and sucks away the heat for the home audience. JR is guilty of these things as well, but I think he has more of a chance to come back to a servicable level than Lawler.

I hate JR. His catchphrases are tired and he rarely knows the names of newer moves, just saying "what a maneuver!" However, I'll take "Jezebels" over "Puppies," any day of the week.

I'd love to see Heyman back in a commentating position. I was so psyched when Lawler was fired a couple of years ago- Heyman was miles better. And it's not like he's doing anything at the moment, so what the hell?
Cherries > Peaches
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#9 Posted on 2.10.03 1531.00
Reposted on: 2.10.10 1531.08
I'm completely sick of both JR & Lawler. I can't even begin to choose which one's worse any more. Each one has his his own style of embarrasing, annoying bahaviour. For me, neither one of them even comes close to balancing out the bad stuff with good.

I've had a number of experiences with non-fans catching a bit of one of the shows. Invariably, if it's Lawler & JR, they scoff, laugh at the stupidity, often make a sarcastic (appropriately, given what they just heard) comment along the lines of "You're trying to tell me that wrestling isn't stupid?", & move on as quickly as possible. If it's Tazz & Cole, they'll generally watch for a little bit, maybe find something they think is cool about it, & hardly scoff at all. That gives me the chance to point out the nifty wrestling stuff. If I'm talking to somebody about wrestling, I'll always offer up "You should surf by UPN on Thursday nights & take a look." I would never dream of suggesting Raw to a non-fan. I maintain that JR & Lawler are an active detriment to the acquisition of new viewers.

I was fine with Al & Coach. Yeah, they needed some work & tuning, but they were better than Tazz & Cole when they first got together -- look how well that's worked out. I don't think you can directly apply the commentary styles on the B-shows to what they'd do on the A-show. The B-shows are looser, goofier & lighter than the A-shows. (Consider Tazz -- he's much more serious & intense overall on SD than he is on Velocity.) Al & Coach shifted to a more focused, serious style when they did Raw, & I liked it very much.
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#10 Posted on 2.10.03 2019.22
Reposted on: 2.10.10 2020.11
    Originally posted by Ramblin Wreck
    If the WWE really HAD to bring JR back

So, what would you do differently if the WWE really HAD to bring back BOTH JR and the King?
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#11 Posted on 2.10.03 2153.16
Reposted on: 2.10.10 2153.33
This is way I'd do it -- which of course means it will never happen.

Ross/Heyman: Genuine-sounding heat between the two of them, and no one puts a story across better than Paul Heyman.

Tazz/Cole: Why fix what ain't broken? Okay, Cole can be a bit of a shill at times, and his grasp at the English language can be a tad disturbing, but he's harmless enough.

Coach/Lawler: Keep Lawler relegated to doing Heat and it may improve his game somewhat, or at least make him remember what he loved so much about calling matches. And they have that feud to play off of, so at least such a pairing might make sense.

Snow/Tazz. Yes, I know that technically Al Snow works for the other brand, but that's never stopped them before. I think the two of them have chemistry, dating back to their Tough Enough run, and ECW before that. By all means, please keep Josh Matthews and interchangeable mid-20's counterparts OFF my television screen.

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