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The 7 - Random - Grand Theft Auto 3
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#21 Posted on 24.2.02 2121.25
Reposted on: 24.2.09 2129.04
And now for the MOTHER OF ALL INSANE STUNTS! Someone on the GameFAQs message boards figured this one out, and I experimented with it last night with some dramatic success.

One of the Unique Stunt Jumps in GTA3 is in Chinatown, being a ramp that launches you up onto the elevated-train tracks. It's not too tough to do if you have a car that has good acceleration and speed and not too much weight (sports cars, cop cars, that sort of thing). Just getting up there earns you some bonus cash. That wasn't good enough for some mad genius, who decided to figure out what happens when the train RAMS your car...

What you have to do is jump up onto the tracks, then back up around the corner so that you're facing directly west. If you point it just right, you should be aimed down a long, open street with a city skyline in the distance, on the left side of the tracks. Position yourself right, hold the handbrake on, and wait for the train to arrive.

About half the time, you'll be rammed off the tracks and not go very far. Many other times, you'll be rammed INTO the tracks and your car will be wedged down into them at an odd angle. But on that one-out-of-twenty times that you're at just the right angle, your car will get launched and start spinning like a top, traveling down the street (generally on fire) at a staggering speed.

The best kind of car for this appears to be a Cheetah or an Infernus, which are hard to come by in the early stages. I did it with a Stinger and got driven DOWN instead of up, bouncing off of buildings like a spinning pinball until I landed in the ocean. But with an Infernus, my car was launched into the air, spinning wildly... ALL THE WAY TO STAUNTON ISLAND.

You'll likely have to do the Health Cheat code to stay alive, else your car will explode in mid-air like mine did the first time I got the glitch to work. (That charred wreck plummeted to earth near the Stadium in North Staunton.) With the health code, I landed safe and sound near Bellevue Park, with stats of over 2800 feet in distance, 680 feet in height, and *22,900* degrees of rotation. That's over sixty complete spins in a matter of a few seconds, for those playing at home.

The record for rotation is around 32,000, WITHOUT the health cheat to keep the car from exploding. Damned if I know how he did it.
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#22 Posted on 25.2.02 0319.40
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0320.22
! !

That stunt of yours, vsp, is very, very cool.

Any idea on how to beat the spanked up madmen and their vans in the mission from the Yardies telephone? I can't beat it at all and I only have the telephone missions and a couple of Donald Love's left to do on the island before I move on again....

Thanks in advance.
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#23 Posted on 25.2.02 0745.06
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0749.55

    Originally posted by Qubber
    Any idea on how to beat the spanked up madmen and their vans in the mission from the Yardies telephone? I can't beat it at all and I only have the telephone missions and a couple of Donald Love's left to do on the island before I move on again....

    Thanks in advance.

Alright, Kingdom Come can be a pain in the ass, but there's an easier way than trying to shoot up the SPANKed up idiots all converging on you from the car. For this you'll need full armor, full health, an uzi (to shoot at the guys on the ground), at least 15 Sniper Rifle shots, a few grenades, and a little luck. Now, when you begin you'll notice that there are TWO alleys blocked by vans. Make ONE of those two vans explode (shoot a suicide bomber near it, throw a grenade, whatever) and then RUN LIKE HELL out that alley (while you don't get blown up yourself, of course). Those SPANKED-up fools will most likely not follow you to outside the area. Now, around that area is a stairway to a vantage point that oversees the entire lot. If there's a van nearby, hurl a grenade to make it go boom. If the other three vans are far away, whip out your sniper rifle and either aim for a madman near it or at the van itself. A few shots should set the van on fire. Oh, and if you didn't go out the enterance you went in, you CAN hit it with your sniper rifle from that platform (albiet at it's wheels). After destroying the vans, destroy the madmen by your method of choice (I like to group them together and hurl a single grenade). If you have full health and armor, you should be able withstand a few explosions (three, at most) if you screw up. I hope this method works for you, it worked for me after the 5th time I kept doing it the hard way.
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#24 Posted on 25.2.02 0811.17
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0820.55
The first time I tackled this mission, as soon as I had control of my character, I got in my car and IMMEDIATELY did a U-turn (back and to the right) and got the hell out of the area. The exits aren't all blocked, so if you're fast you can get to the street without any of the bombers running into you. If you make a sharp turn to the right once you're out, the bombers won't follow you out to street level (they'll be trying to run through walls to reach you, which doesn't work that well).

Next, I went around the block to a place where you can go up some stairs to an overhang that overlooks the area -- I'd need the map to give exact directions, but it's not far away, and it puts you on a ledge/overhang that gives you a bird's-eye view of most of the area. Insert rocket-launcher shells and grenades here to clear out most of the vans. Once the pile had been whittled down, I went back to where you came in and cleaned up the stragglers with the M16.

The second time I cleared it was a lot easier, because I'd scored one of those bullet-proof, fire-proof, EXPLOSION-PROOF Cheetahs from the Turismo mission in Portland. I simply drove the EP Cheetah around the lot, letting the bombers blow up on top of it and watching their explosions blow up their own vans. Priceless...

The main danger of the mission is that you start in the middle and have guys coming at you from all directions. If you can get out of harm's way quickly, you can fight them on your terms and have a much easier time cleaning them out. Note that this is the last King Courtney mission (for obvious reasons), and that the Yardies will be hostile to you after it's completed. No big deal, as only the Mafia carries shotguns, but it's just one more batch of annoying guys who pull you out of cars and attack you on the street.
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#25 Posted on 25.2.02 0929.09
Reposted on: 25.2.09 0929.30
Not to try to turn this into a "GTA3 for Dummies" thread, but what's the best way to kill the Don in the first mission when you get to Staunton Island? I think I've tried every strategy I can think of, including climbing on the roof, throwing grenades, trying to run the guy over. I'm pretty frustrated.

Wait down the street with a sniper rifle. Wait for the Don to come out - you can pick him off even though he's surrounded by his bodyguards. One quick shot, and yer about $30,000 richer. Awwww yeah.
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