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The 7 - Guest Columns - [WWE SmackDown!] 09/18/03
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WWE SmackDown! - 09/18/03
Taped: 09/16/03
NC State University, NC

TV PG DLV Entertainment

Vince hypes Brock/Angle Iron Man match – as a straight guy, and as an athletic encounter. Till Undertaker arrives to get equal time. He won’t interfere in the championship match, too much respect, but he doesn’t respect Vince for sending Brock to cost his title match. Vince is on notice.

Roll that open footage.

Fireworks. We’re in NC State University.

Tonight: Iron Man Match. We hit the hype immediately with Tale of the Tape. I forget that Angle is a 4 time champion, but there you go.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Rey Mysterio (San Diego, CA, 175 pounds) and Chris Benoit (Calgary, AB, 229 pounds) vs Tajiri (Japan, 206 pounds) and – This is the season premiere and your announcers already bonzo gonzo for the Iron Man match. Hey, screw that – I dig THIS match. I think they’ve slightly changed the opening of Tajiri’s music but I don’t know. We interrupt this introduction for

Next Week: Rey Mysterio © vs Tajiri for the Cruiserweight Title

Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit vs Tajiri and Rhyno (Detroit, MI, 275 pounds)

Cole says “never before in broadcast television has a match been SCHEDULED to go this long” and the caps may make it right, even if you ignore what broadcast means. Rey Drop the Dime Rhyno (3:15) Faces controlled the last segment and worked well together. Tajiri actually misted Rhyno during the finishing sequence.

Later: Los Guerrero vs SPWGTT for the Tag Team Titles
Later: Iron Man Match. This has it’s own music


We come back for Rock hype. GQ wanted Tazz, but he didn’t want to do it, so he suggested Rock.

Torrie Wilson and Nidia (w/Dawn Marie) vs Shaniqua (w/Basham Brothers) in a 2 on 1 matchup

I guess it’s not a handicap match? My complaint about the lack of hometowns for women should go right here. Dawn’s there because of the clips of last week. You think Nidia would rather bring Noble. Shaniqua sends the Bashams back. This goes back and forth between having only one and in a having two in. Faces get the offense early, Shaniqua gets it about :30 in, and dominates from there besides a few hope spots. Shaniqua powerbomb Nidia (1:40) Dawn makes the mistake of checking on Nidia post match, and gets laid out. Dawn takes a battering ram into the post, which would explain her long absences for once.

Backstage, Sable talks to someone while making funny artwork on Sable’s poster. She seems okay after last week, which Vince brings up. Is she going to quit? Opinions differ. You know, this has to stem from Stephanie reading one too many “Stephanie must quit (her writing job)” posts. It’s almost interesting if you pretend about that subtext. Anyway, it gets mentioned later so I should point out that here, Vince threatened to “get rough” with Stephanie.

Later: Los Guerrero vs SPWGTT for the Tag Team Titles
They’re actually just calling them Haas and Benjamin this week. I think they should’ve gone with a college gimmick, because they would have enjoyed making Clarett jokes. And there’s always going to be material.

Oh, so that’s where those bees that chase you down when you don’t board quick enough to the slalom course come from.


Angle vs Lesnar I & II video package. That I match started with the Shooting Star Press now.

Backstage, Eddie shines up his belt. Their match is next. Eddie wonders how Chavo got them a title match – Chavo says he convinced Stephanie it was a great idea after Chavo told them they were back together. Chavo is thinking about family, and Eddie being Double Gold. Chavo doesn’t say anything about turning and plays it completely straight, but between Eddie wondering about how quick they got the title match, them both talking about family, and last week, there are undeniably planted seed to anyone who’s watched for long.

Next: Los Guerrero vs SPWGTT for the Tag Team Titles

Tour schedule here. Short segment. The one before was slightly shorter than usual.


WMX19 Video Game Rewind of Chavo helping Cena last week. We end with a quick shot of Chavo wearing the belts.

Earlier Today, Cena gives Eddie and Chavo credit for out cheating him, but he’s still gonna keep going. Ha, he got muted a time he wasn’t planning on it. Anyway, he’s got a patriotic theme going and talks about doing something about it next week, so that limits the suspects down. Or he’s turning face.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (©, already in the ring) vs Los Guerreros (441 pounds) for the WWE Tag Team Titles – Sounds like an edit to free up some time by cutting out the champions entrance. Chavo rides in the low rider – who hasn’t ridden in the lowrider with Eddie who hasn’t ended up turned on (or in Benoit’s case, already an enemy.) Cole recants Chavo’s injury before a title match, Eddie winning the tag titles with a new partner (who? Not mentioned), now Chavo gets another shot. They’re going for green. Choida is your ref here – I’d expect he’d be working the Iron Man match, but maybe not if he’s working this one.

Tazz talks about taking a while to feel good after a bicep injury. Cole and Tazz differ on whether Los Guerreros are at 100% teamwork – Tazz notices the details better, and they aren’t quite. Chavo gets tags in and is fired up – if he’s in on something with them, he’s beating them a lot to get there. Chavo’s moveset doesn’t seem to have been adjusted, although he’s trying to make it a little more flashy. Break at 2:31 after stereo pescados by the champions.

This was another slightly short segment


We come back to see Eddie choking with the tag rope. As usual. Tazz says now that they haven’t missed a beat, so someone must’ve yelled at him. Shelton with a weird looking reverse of a back suplex into a body slam. I don’t know how long you want to make this match, if you’re booking. If Chavo’s not turning, and you want to make title matches important in any case, you need to give this time, but you’re giving them a really long match later on. On a corner charge, Haas kicks Chavo’s injured bicep. Shelton sneaks in to superkick the arm shortly after, and we’ve got are face in peril segment. Cole almost misses the story but catches himself before he looks stupid. Tazz says he’s not sure how healed it is – he rehabbed, Chavo had surgery – but working on it surely doesn’t help. What I usually call “elbowlock”, Tazz calls “keylock”, so I’ve learned something new. Chavo gets a chance about 4 in, then makes the tag a few seconds later after Choida missed the tag. Fans are not thrilled, but Chavo turns a double team into a dropkick and makes the tag around 4:30. Chavo disappears in the direction of the car, grabbing his arm, while Eddie goes on fire. He’s not there when Haas fights back. Champs finisher goes weirdly wrong, as Shelton ends up superkicking the back of Charlie’s head when Eddie pushes it in the way. Didn’t catch Eddie it the first time. Eddie takes out both champions with a springboard armdrag/headscissors combo move at 5:30. He’s calling for the Frog Splash, heading for the corner I last saw Chavo, and I still don’t know where he is. Shelton catches up to him and fights, but Eddie pushes him off. Eddie rolls through on the Frog Splash, having seen Haas move, and ends up throwing him out of the ring. Haas gets himself a couple chairs, leaving one for Shelton while going around the ring to distract Choida and Eddie. Shelton grabs his, and sneaks up – Eddie ducks, takes an elbow to the face (looked so ineffective, I was wondering if Eddie was going for another “he hit me, ref!” skit), Chavo rematerializes to dropkick Shelton’s legs from out under him. Chavo slides out the chair and now I think he’s not turning. Shelton is down grabbing his knee, and Haas goes over to help roll him out. The match must continue, so Haas has to deal with a double team. Haas just about piledrives himself on a double backdrop. Choida has to check if Haas is still with us – I dunno. Chavo is smartly protective on his brainbuster, and Eddie hits the Frog Splash. One two THREE. (9:56) I don’t believe it! Wow. New Champions. I still don’t believe it. I meant to point out the irony of a body part injury costing the ex-champions, so there you go. DOUBLE GOLD. Tazz notes the spacey look on Haas in the replaces. Chavo rides out sitting out the window. Cole makes the connection between a title change here and maybe later.

Iron Man Hype: Tazz’s Keys to Victory! This a nice idea. Once more, the tale of the tape. It’s next.


Clearsil clips of Brock trying to kill Stephanie last week

Tazz and Cole talk about that match, and Vince’s threats to Stephanie earlier. Moving on, Cole goes over the WWE history of Iron Man matches: Hart/Michaels and Triple H/Rock. It’s weird to hear Bret’s name without “screwed” in the same sentence. I just now realize that the strange thing with Cole’s face is no goatee. Cole says everyone’s been talking about it.

Roll Call for the lockerroom of middling evil: Shannon, Matt (Version One), O’Haire, Bashams, FBI, A-Train. FBI is of course taking bets on the outcome. If who’s betting on who matters, it gets lost in the noise. The FBI seem to disagree – Johnny picks Brock, and he’s supposedly the dumb guy.

Hey, the APA have their office back. Of course, they’re also into gambling. They hang around with a lot of cruisers these days – Rey (but no Benoit or Tajiri or Rhyno?), Ultimo (haha), Kidman, Funaki, Orlando (not a cruiser) and two female production assistants (I presume.) Both locations have TV sets.

Brock Lesnar (Minneapolis, MN, 295 pounds) vs Kurt Angle (Pittsburgh, PA, 235 pounds, ©) for the WWE Championship in a Sixty Minute Iron Man Match – Brock gets his pyro. We go over the rules. There’s a 15 second break between each period. Angle gets his pyro. Well, it’s a sixty minute match, they should. In his continuing push that’s probably directly related to his last name, Brian Hebner gets this match. He gets a whole lot of title matches that you wouldn’t think the most junior man on the staff would get. There are only 2 WWE Iron Man matches – ones you may think of didn’t happen. TV PG DLV comes up before we get the bell, as Brock is stalling because of the “You Tap Out Chant.” Angle still hasn’t given up his belt. We get a box in the upper right hand corner with time and falls – it’s a bit too big and too solid. As Angle turns to give up his belt, Brock pounds him, getting in a few shots before we even start.

For this match only, because the clock is right there, I’m going to give finished based on time remaining (think hockey). I am running my own timer to see if they cheat, and how they handle commercials, which they obviously still will have. I’ll put some space in between ever five minutes of time.

60: Brock pounds Angle, stomping him in the near/ramp corner. Brock uses the ropes to pound, and gets a five count, doing it for five but only getting a warning. Break, but back on with a boot choke. Break to get another five. Hebner tells him to back off, but Brock just kicks Angle in the corner. Brock with a corner whip, shoulder charge in. Boot choke. Crowd getting on Brock. Surprised they didn’t start with mat wrestling. Stomp. Shoulder. Shoulder. Hebner’s pretty much counting for his own benefit right now. Big toss out of the corner. The clock has actually disappeared out of the corner, and I suppose it’ll come back later. Angle tries to punch his way to a comeback, but Brock stops him with a knee. Corner whip, Brock charges into a back elbow. Angle out with a clothesline, but Brock isn’t going down. Angle off the ropes, clothesline, still not down. Off the ropes, Brock tries one, Angle ducks under and this a dropkick to the knee. Brock is still standing, but a clothesline finally fells him. Overhead belly to belly suplex, and Brock rolls out to rest. His back is hurting him, and he stalks around ringside. Taking his time coming in, and the count is up to four. Five. These are long seconds. Going up the steps. Six. Seven. In. Brock bouncing now, forgetting that he’s not supposed to (I guess). Circle. Brock reaches camera side ropes, then stops, bent over and calling for time. Angle gives him room. His knee’s bugging him – oh wait now it’s not bugging him enough to sneak kick Angle. Forearm to the back. Kick to the back, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, Angle in the corner, and pulled out to give a forearm. Whip, reversed, Brock back into an Angle armdrag, armdrag, armdrag and Brock slides out, actually hitting the back of the barricade as he hits the floor. Brock again taking his time, kicking the steps, then grabbing the top step. Count is on Seven, and Brock throws them back down to come in at nine – and back out. Taking his time. All the way around to the apron side now. No hurry. Cole and Tazz are wondering about the strategy. Brock taunts Angle into breaking the count. Twice. Brock’s killed about 30 seconds here, and the crowd isn’t digging this. Brock coming up on the apron at the six count, but drops down when Angle makes a move. My clock and their clock are within a second of each other as we hit five minutes – and Brock is back in.

55: Circle. Brock backs off a lockup. Taunting. Lockup? Teasing it, reaching, Angle shoots low for a takedown, and Brock flees the ring. Crowd getting ticked at Brock. Brock unhappy about something, being pinned there? Hebner’s count is slightly faster this time. Brock will come in if Angle will back off, so of course Angle charges him, and takes a head snap on the top rope. Of course Brock is thrilled to get back in now. Brock slides in. Kick. Right. Forearm. Kick. Boot choke. Angle trying to get up but getting punched. Whip, reversed right into a overhead belly to belly suplex, Angle clotheslines him out. Angle is pumped, Brock is grabbing “that injured knee” (says Cole) again. He’s wearing no obvious extra bracing to me. Brock is in a lot of pain. Announcers aren’t sure to buy it after before. Angle ends up sneaking out while Hebner is looking the other way, going all the way out of the ring to brawl with Brock. Angle gets the advantage out there. Announcers wonder if it’s best for Angle to fight outside – he’s not going to lose any falls. Brock takes a steel steps mash. Angle in and out to break the count, then gets some punches. Brock cuts him off with a knee, before running him back first into the apron. Spinebuster lift, and Angle is driven into the post. Brock breaks the count, and is back out for more, though he’s visibly limping. Angle thrown in, and Brock takes a moment to look around outside. He wants a chair? Guess so. Crowd reminds Brock what he did at SummerSlam, then reacts to the chair being in. Brock doesn’t fool around – Angle up, Angle takes a chair to the head. Hebner doesn’t fool around either (51:29, 1-0 Angle). Brock’s smart though – he goes to town with the chair on Angle’s back, and it seems like Brian can’t repeatedly DQ him because this is within in the 15 second rest window. Hebner grabs the chair away after five or so shots, and I’m guessing the time doesn’t start till Hebner got the chair back. While he’s got time to kill, Brock rolls out to talk to the announcers – do they have any water? Of course they do. You’d think they’d let the wrestlers have water and towels and such. Brock takes a gulp and washes himself off. Rest period ends at 50:55, which probably means I was right about the start time there. Brock finishes his bottle, calmly walks up the steps, into the ring to trash talk Angle. Usually (and I’m saying this based on two matches, some ‘usually’), the guy who gets the first visual win is given that as a consolation prize, in the “you would’ve won the title if we didn’t have these wacky rules”, but the DQ makes it a bit murky. Brock stomps Angle, then taunts him as Angle uses him as a climbing post. Forearms to the back. When Triple H did this, it was to get a quick follow up pinfall, but Brock is taking his time here.

50: Now? Angle standing but out of it – and yep, lifted into the fireman’s carry. F5. Yelling to the crowd and talking his time walking around before covering casually one two three. (49:48, 1-1) Their clock is a second or two slower than mine, but they don’t show there’s till after the fall so I’m using mine. Tazz pushes the “give up one fall now via DQ for more after” theory, having just figured it out. Brock hops in the corner during the break. We watch replays and miss the bell to come back, I think. Or it’s a long break. Brock just waits around for Angle to come back. Oh wait, there it is at 48:47. Let’s not count on 15 seconds here. Brock immediately kicks Angle down. Brock down on the mat to pound on the mat and ask him if he wants to tap. I’m thinking no, Brock. Stomp. Brock kinda thumb points (though not RVD style) and says he’s the champion. Quick and quiet USA champion. Stomp. Kick. Cole is reeling off Brock’s list of recent victims. I was kinda hoping that we’d see a bandaged Spanky in the APA office, even if it’s a lousy way to reintroduce him. Brock is in no hurry, but then again, he really does have all day. Brock does the Anklelock! Kurt wastes little time in tapping (47:49, 2-1 Brock) perhaps because of strategy (no sense fighting a dangerous hold early – only I’m thinking of this) and more likely because he’s half out of it and can’t immediately get to the ropes. This explains why Brock was asking if Angle wanted to tap out. Angle has now lost to Brock’s move and Angle’s move, and at 47:33, we head to our first commercial break.

Break for me too. I’m kinda wondering if they should’ve done Angle escaping a fall before they went to break here (so you don’t feel like you’re missing something), but then with Brock’s methodical pace does make it believability if he doesn’t go for a fall for the whole break.


44: No speed up detected. Kurt is battling back (as Cole says), punching Brock on the ramp side ropes. Off the announce ropes, ducking a Brock clothesline, but right into a Brock kneelift. Brock goes to one knee though, so he must be hurting or at least winded.

During the Break: Brock drops Angle with the Angle Slam, is a little slow covering, and points at Hebner before doing so. One two NO! One two NO.

Back to the present, where Brock has Kurt in the announce/far corner, and is whipping him across the ring. Walking in, then hitting a shoulder. Holding it in. Brock holding Angle into the corner, the driving a couple more shoulders. Headbutt. Headbutt. Tazz guesses Angle might have a slight concussion. Stomps in the corner. Hebner is scared away, and Brock ignores Brian’s discussion of what the five count means. Corner whip, Brock charges in with a shoulder but Angle moves out of the way and Brock spears the post. Brock is holding that shoulder, and very open to punches. Right, right, right, right. Whip, reversed, Brock misses a clothesline, Kurt hits the jumping forearm. Maybe a four and a half arm. Kurt with a waistlock, German Suplex, holding on for another – Brock grabs the middle ropes but apparently not strong enough, then the lift isn’t high enough so they step backwards before Angle tries again – German Suplex, Brock reaching, Angle holding on and pulling him away again, German Suplex. Both men are down but separated. Angle up first, meeting Brock near the ramp side ropes, and Brock tosses him out through the ropes. Brock is dazed but out to follow him. He’s aware enough to continue his disagreement with Hebner, though. Angle is whipped into near ramp barricade. Brock walks back to the ring to break it up, annoying Hebner by leaving the ring again. Angle is waiting for Brock to come back – kick, right, right, right, Brock knee, fireman’s carry lift – F5 ON THE OUTSIDE! Both men are down, but you gotta believe Brock is gonna make it back inside and Angle won’t. Crowd giving the Rosey chant. Brock does make it in before the 10 count, but Kurt doesn’t (Angle CO 40:00, 3-1 Brock)

40: If anything, it seems like the WWE clock has slowed a couple seconds. Replay of the F5 outside the ring. Brock paces in the ring as Hebner checks on Angle, and we head to the second break at 39:36.


36:03: Again, we return to see Angle back in control with punches.

During The Break – Angle got back in control with two overhead belly to belly suplexes.

Back again. Angle with a whip, reversed, Brock shoulderblock/elbow is strong enough to knock Angle out of the ring, which really impresses the announcers. Whenever they say Brock is “animalistic”, I remember when Edge used to be that way. Replay of the whatever that bump was. Announcers are focusing on the chair shots earlier. Angle in at five, but easy game for Brock to pound. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Boot choke.

35: Brock drags Angle in the middle of the ring. Elbow drop. Elbow drop. Brock has nice, if slow, elbow drops. One two no. Anyway, he really should use them more. Brock with a right, kick, kick. Corner whip, reversed, Brock tries to keep reversing with a short clothesline, Angle ducks, kick, Angle Slam! One two three! (34:01, 3-2 Brock) Angle’s a little woozy himself, but at least he can stand (by using the ropes.) Brock is still down. Kurt looks like he wants to follow up now but knows he can’t till that bell rings again. Cole scares the utter crap out of me by saying UPN has given them permission to go extra time – I’ve only got 2 buffer minutes programmed in. We’ll see how that goes. Restart bell rings at 33:32. I think it starts when Hebner gives the okay. Angle working on the grounded Lesnar with punches. Stomps. Legdrop! If he doesn’t get up, come to him, I guess. Stomp. Lifting him up, suplex, float over one two NO. Cole says Angle is one of the greatest champions in the history of the WWE (in his mind.) Champ is stomping, ignoring Brock’s request for a time out. Right. Right. Brock with a knee to fight back. And another. Third. Clothesline – is ducked, Angle German Suplex! No bridge. Angle takes down the straps as Brock pulls himself up on the ropes, ramp side. Angle positioning himself, Brock backs up, Angle Slam is jumped out of, Brock kick, lift, F5 is dropped out of, Angle with a single leg, anklelock! He tapped at SummerSlam, will he tap out tonight? Tonight, he listens to the advice of Vince and rolls – forward, sending Angle hurtling towards Brian Hebner, but he catches himself just in time. Brock is up – clothesline is ducked by Angle but not by Hebner! Angle setting up for the Angle Slam again, but I don’t think it’s gonna help much. There’s the Angle Slam, there’s the cover, the fans count but no one who counts who counts, if you understand what I’m saying. Announcers wonder if Brock did that on purpose. Angle goes to pick Brock up, but Brock uses a low blow uppercut – Tazz notes that was on purpose. Brock out of the ring and slow. Yelling at Chimel, so he’s going for – well, he’s going to throw the timekeeper down (Mark Yeaton, right?) before he can jumps the rail. It humors me to Tazz and Cole’s stage assistant jump the barricade himself. Brock actually came here for the title, and he’s bring it in.

30: Cole: “What is Brock Lesnar going to do with the title?” To the non-surprise of everyone else, he runs Angle over with it. Official clock is now seven seconds behind mine, which means either VCR timers shouldn’t be trusted (possible) or something is up. Something is always up, though. Brock’s thrown out the belt, and now he’s jabbing his toe into Brian to wake him up. Brock helpfully throws Brian Hebner into position, and then covers one two three. (29:26, Brock 4 – 2) Replay of the belt shot that Hebner never saw. Brock is very proud of himself. Break at 29:02.

I wonder if they don’t show any clips of Undertaker’s match because Nathan Jones seems no longer to exist? The video game clip has him Last Riding Big Show.

They’re really pushing Jake 2.0 hard, in comparison with the rest of the matches. That, and the shockingly favorable reviews I’ve seen of it makes me almost want to actually watch it. Scary.

The Edge footage in the WMXX commercial makes me think “Hey, why aren’t we watching the match yet” and “they just black and white-ed some other footage to fit the SmackDown open - but that they though they had to have him in, even though he wouldn’t be back for a long time, is a really good sign if you dig him.”


24:58: Gap may be up to 8 seconds. Angle is taking a break outside the ring, and now it’s Brock who wants to go out to get the stalling guy – but Angle trips him up and pulls him out! Right hands in front of the desk, and Brock is whipped shoulder first into the stairs. Angle dives back in the ring to avoid the countout, get a break, and perhaps get Brock counted out. Oh wait, scarp that – Angle’s going up! ANGLE PLANCHA or really more an axhandle but I sure wasn’t expecting that. Announce desk is lucky not to get splattered. Tazz notes we’ve never seen that before. Angle breaks Brock in and covers, one two no. Replay – it seems more out of Savage’s playbook than Angle’s. As Brock struggles to his feet, Angle goes up again (far/desk corner). What’s he up to? Beautiful missile dropkick! Lots of angle to it, and aimed right at the head. One two NO! Brock might have been under the bottom rope and Angle surely hit that rope while going for the cover. Angle with a slam, and he’s telling the crowd he’s trying this for a third time. Wait, he’s not – is, he? AWESOME MOONSAULT COMES UP EMPTY! He was totally turned over before he even got back down to the middle rope. That was great. Didn’t work, but that was great. Both are down and recovering. Tazz remembers that moonsault, and I’m begging him to come up with Bob Holly’s name. Cole wonders if that could cost Angle the match as we watch the replay. Cole notes the complete momentum loss. Both using the ropes to get up, and now staggering their way into the middle of the ring. Brock right misses, Angle inside cradle one two no Brock nails him with a clothesline. Both down again – I was wondering if Angle had been playing possum, due to the quickness he got that inside cradle, but I suppose it doesn’t matter how he was then, seeing how he is now, after taking that clothesline. Both up, Brock with one of those overhead belly to belly suplexes where he doesn’t even arch his back. Brock crawling over, one two NO. At this point, we’re getting the feeling that Angle certainly can’t hope to score 3 falls in the 20 minutes and change remaining, so dropping another one would be killer. Brock grabs Angel for another belly to belly, but Angle slips free, and grabs the leg – ANKLELOCK! Brock moving towards the ropes, but too far. Again, the forward roll escape, sending Angle forward. This time, Brain isn’t in the way, and Angle goes flying to the floor. Brock’s knee is hurting again, though. Angle is using the apron to stand on the outside, but Brock has snuck out to attack him. Stomp, whip into the steps. Brock is too tired to immediately follow up, but does throw Angle in. IN after him.

20 (4-2 Brock): One two NO. It’s now a 10 second difference. I really hope this isn’t my fault. Brock is about as frustrated as I am, and he’s heading out the floor again, ramp side. Taking a look at the steps, and pulling the top part off. What’s he going to do with them? He seems like he wants to throw them in, but doesn’t know if has the strength to do it. Brock rests it on the apron in front of him instead, and that gives Angle an opening – sliding dropkick to the steps into Brock! Brock ends up falling hard back on to the ramp (though it really isn’t much of one right there, more carpet.) Angle out, bringing Brock in, quickly in himself, one two NO! one two NO. Angle is tired, annoyed he couldn’t get a quick fall there. Replays of the sliding dropkick into the steps. Rights. Cole brings up Brock’s Victim’s again. Boot chokes. Kurt’s got to get 2 falls in 18 minutes, as the clock graphic reminds us. Whip, back elbow, one two no. Cole says we have one more break left, and it’s coming now, at 18:07.

I realize now I should’ve just used their time, because when it comes to the last seconds, that’s all that matters. Rather than going back and changing it now (because – eh, no), we’ll switch from when we come in the break. My time will be in [] (if I do it), but everything else is WWE Time.

14:32 (Brock 5 – Angle 2): My local station may be late a second or so, but not late enough to miss a fall.

During the Break: Brock hit a top rope superplex, and got a pinfall. Angle needs 3 in under 14.

Back live, and Angle is on the outside, using the desk to stand up. Brock is slow out after, him, causing the announcers to back off. Smash into the desk. Brock grabs Angle, and taps the post. I’ve watched too much lucha, because I expect he’s calling to post Angle. In reality, anyone who’s been paying close attention to this show should know he’s calling for something he’s done quite a bit lately – F5 into the post. Announcers see it coming when Brock goes for the lift, but Angle escapes before the spin and ends up posting Brock after all! Angle scoops up Brock on the rebound – Angle F5 into the post? YES! BAD KNEE INTO THE POST! Cole recalls Brock doing that to Angle long ago, and to Spanky, and to Gowen. Angle in to break the count, but back out. He’s got to get Brock in the ring – no, he’s going to stomp? Now he’s picking up Brock, and throwing him in. Gotta cover or put on a hold . Brock is nearly immobile, yelping in pain. Angle grabs the leg, anklelock? Half Crab! All the pressure on the bad knee! Brock isn’t moving but isn’t giving up quiet yet. He’s in a lot of pain. Crowd trying to yelling Brock into a submission. Brock trying to move. Not noted: Brock picking courage over creativity, trying to battle to the ropes rather than to give up an inch of his 3 fall lead in exchange for freedom from this hold. Maybe he thinks it can’t hurt any worse anyway? Brock grabs the ropes, so Angle lets go, pulling Brock into the center of the ring for the anklelock! Can Brock roll it this time? Brock can move to the ropes again, Angle takes his time letting go, and Brock kicks him away with the other leg. Angle goes after the knee with stomps, but he’s rapidly running out of time. Tazz’s #1 Key for Angle was “#1st Anklelock”, and he still hasn’t gotten one to finish Brock off. I’m really scared because I don’t know if Angle can win this in regulation and you gotta figure he’s got a run left in him. Brock pushes Angle away with a back elbow, Angle charges him again and Brock scoops him up. F5 – not his strongest. And Brock’s grabbing his knee instead of being able to cover. If Brock can take the pin, it’s over, but Brock is going to stand up using the ropes – okay, now he’ll cover, one two NO! Crowd seemed to expect that kickout, even though it was a finisher. Brock going to the apron. No, he’s going up. He’s going up?

10: My clock, even with the adjustment, says we’re turning the clock, but I’m not seeing the graphic. Brock goes to the second rope on the outside, then the top rope. Very carefully – Angle up, pop up belly to belly superplex! Angle covers one two THREE! (9:53, 5-3 Brock) Both men down, and time is running out. Bell rings at 9:31 to restart, but both men are down, and we might have a double countout. Brock is stirring. This is the fourth quarter, Cole tells us. He can tell time! Both at knees at 7. Hebner stops the count. Kurt with a right. Brock with a right. Kurt with a right. Brock with a right. Their clock is now trailing mine by :30 – that’s a big leap. Announcers are putting this over as a Great match, but that may depend on this last 8 minutes. Angle wins the punch battle, htting many many of his own, speeding up as he goes. Brock battered into the far/ramp corner. Angle backs up after being wanred, and takes a break on the near ropes. Brock is down in the corner. USA chant. Angel back over ot Brock, suplex. Angle – puts up the straps? SO HE CAN TAKE THEM BACK DOWN! AWESOME! Kurt waiting for Brock to get back up for the Angle Slam, but he’s moving slow – so Angle sneaks under him to try it, but Brock jump escapes again, shove, Angle off the ropes into a kick, DDT. Brock over to cover but takes a second to hook, one two NO! Crowd is a bit quiet but seemingly into this match. Brock up first, and calling for something, though he’s walking like a drunk. Took too long, Angle up and punching, but Brock ducks the fourth, German Suplex! Less than seven minutes, and Brock is in control. German suplex again, as Cole points how the suplexes are winning Brock the most important thing, time, 20 to 30 seconds for each one. Another German Suplex as we close in on six minutes. Hebner is counting them both down, as they’re out of it. Brock grabs another waistlock at 5:40, but Angle blocks! Standing switch, Angle German Suplex! Angle gets another at 5:20! Tazz: “How many more suplexes can these bodies take?”

5: Angle setting up for a third, but Brock breaks, standing switching, Brock German, reversed into a bodyscissors cradle into the anklelock! Will Brock tape out? Will he get to the ropes? Nagle is stopping him just short as Brock spins around in the ring! Brock in a lot of pain – will he give? He wants to hold out, but he may not have enough time. Brock reaches the ropes – appears to tap them, but Hebner waves it off. Appears to grab the near bottom rope, but Angle pulls him off there and Hebner waves that off too. That really needs to be explained. Brock taps (4:10, Brock 5-4) but I’m still thinking about that, and it hurts the match. Kind funny to me that it comes down a 4 minute match.

4: Both men are down and out of it. Cole again says they have permission to go to OT if they’re tied. Restart at 3:41. Both slow up, but Angle is up first – Anklelock! Will Brock give a second time? Brock with that forward roll, this time knocking Angle into the center rope. Both men are tired, but the difference is Angle can still stand, and Brock seems not to be able to do that. Angle up and stomping that leg.

3: Angle goes for a leghold to keep Brock from scooting around the ring. Tazz IDs it as half of a bow and arrow, and he can get the other half if Kurt can grab the head. HE actually turns it more into a STF, but it’s not locked on as tight can be. Cole and Tazz debate going for this with this little time left. It seems to be slipping into a choke but Hebner says no. Brock can’t move, though he’s really close to the ropes. He elects to elbow his way out instead. Cole again mentions overtime. Why didn’t they tell me this before? I’m gonna be sooooo ticked at myself. But more at Cole. Brock rolls out as the seconds run out. Angle, no dummy, follows him out.

2: Angle is pushing Brock around (and under a cord moved out of there) way. Angle has to get one more fall, but he goes for the anklelock on the outside! Angle drops it, and throws Brock in. Back in himself. Brock rolling straight out, as we talk about him running away. Brock smashed into the steps. Angle throws Brock in, Brock tries to crawl away again, this time being able to stand. That’s actually a mistake – instead of grabbing a leg, Angle grabs a waistlock. German Suplex! Holding - German Suplex – Holding

1: German Suplex – holding, Brock reaching fore anything but to far away – German Suplex! – holding – reaching for anything, including Hebner. Brock has Brian, and that blocks his view from a low blow mule kick! Hebner didn’t see it, and Angle may be done now – 25 seconds left, he’s down. Crowd trying hard to get Angle up one last time, making as much noise as they can. Brock up, over to Angle (mistake!!), ANKLELOCK! SEVENTEN SECONDS! ANGLE SCISSORS THE LEGS! BROCK CAN’T MOVE! WILL HE TAP? TEN NINE EIGHT SEVEN SIX FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE ZERO! NO TAP! (Brock 5 – Angle 4, New WWE CHAMPION) Crowd is not sure if he did – they react loud for the announcement. Brock is handed the belt, and rolls out of the ring out of it.

Cole says Brock’s plan was to cheat his way to the title, and that mule kick was the exclamation belt. Tazz gives Angle credit, but to Cole, it’s all about Brock not doing this as an athletic event, but cheating his way to the title. Brock sitting with the title is how we’ll go out.

(Controversal Thought: I think they can do better.)
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#2 Posted on 19.9.03 0311.22
Reposted on: 19.9.10 0312.45
Excellent recap, Cubs!! Thank you!

(Psst -- you've got a "Sable" where you mean "Steph".)

    Originally posted by theCubsFan
    24:58: [[...]] Oh wait, scarp that – Angle’s going up! ANGLE PLANCHA or really more an axhandle but I sure wasn’t expecting that. Announce desk is lucky not to get splattered. [[...]] As Brock struggles to his feet, Angle goes up again (far/desk corner). What’s he up to? Beautiful missile dropkick! Lots of angle to it, and aimed right at the head. One two NO! [[...]] Angle with a slam, and he’s telling the crowd he’s trying this for a third time. Wait, he’s not – is, he? AWESOME MOONSAULT COMES UP EMPTY! He was totally turned over before he even got back down to the middle rope. That was great. Didn’t work, but that was great.
All 3 of those moves were just beautiful, weren't they? And putting them together was just too, too cool!

    Originally posted by theCubsFan
    Cole scares the utter crap out of me by saying UPN has given them permission to go extra time – I’ve only got 2 buffer minutes programmed in.
You too, eh? :-)
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#3 Posted on 19.9.03 1031.07
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Good recap Cubs!

How different was their time from yours at the end? Or did you stop keeping track at the point you switched?

    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    Oh, so that’s where those bees that chase you down when you don’t board quick enough to the slalom course come from.

What is this in reference to? I want to say 720, but I could be complete off base.
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#4 Posted on 19.9.03 1107.44
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That game was always a lot more fun in the arcade than on the console.
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#5 Posted on 20.9.03 2323.18
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good recap as always...

BTW, the keylock is one of the most-used sub terms, and i've heard it for 3 different holds, so don't worry about it. IIRC:

top wristlock=keylock

elbowlock=keylock=kimura=chicken-wing armlock (as in Puro)=figure-4 hammerlock.

other keylock=wrist keylock=gooseneck?
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