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24.6.11 1011
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NWA:TNA 8-13 (Bad Finishes 'R Us)
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 13.8.03 2104.53
Reposted on: 13.8.10 2106.01
This week's TNA was another good show where BAD FINISHES took center stage once again. I know this might have worked for Russo on Nitro (actually, it DIDN'T work for Russo on Nitro, but that's not my point), but Nitro was free television. This is a show where people are paying TEN DOLLARS! How long can you book these bullshit finishes before people start going away? Anyway, on to the show.

The opening match sees 3 Live Krew RETURN to the ring! Thank God, because the vignettes were becoming painful. Even DX at their prime realized when to stop with the vignettes. Konnan resurrects his old WCW "Horale" spiel, which would make CRZ want to stab out his eardrums (if he watched this show, that is ) Can't say too much about Synn, but man was it good to see Vampire Warrior and Devon Storm again! Say what you will about their in-ring ability, but Killings can always carry 3 Live Krew wrestling-wise. Hey, Booker T did wonders for Harlem Heat. Short match, but we got something rare: a CLEAN finish! The Harris Brothers watched from outside the ring, foreshadowing 3LK's next feud. That cracking sound you hear is Ron Killings' back from trying to carry so many stiffs at once.

And as a true alternative, TNA keeps their talking segment to the SECOND portion of the show, as opposed to the opening segment. Watts cuts a so-so promo until Russo interrupts. Russo talks loud and says nothing (tm CRZ) until he drops Sting's name! If TNA knows what's good for them, they WILL bring in Sting to make a star out of Styles! Erik Watts counters by demanding Styles defend his title against LOW-KI~! HELL YEAH! And Low Ki comes in and takes it to Styles before Legend runs-in. Watts, having read his "How to be a Wrasslin GM" manual that he got from Steve Austin, tries to intervene, but Russo makes sure to use his baseball bat before Jeff Jarrett runs in, just to see how many guys we can squeeze into one segment. But I don't care how much of a cluster it was--We've got an AJ STYLES/LOW KI MAIN EVENT!!! I love it! (But when did Low Ki suddenly turn face again?)

Jerry Lynn and Elix Skipper meet again. Good match, but WAY too short. Lynn goes over again and they're playing up the fact that Lynn has his number. Skipper attacks after the bell because he's a sore loser. It looks like they're building up to the moment that Skipper eventually DOES get the better of Lynn, but doesn't this work better with the face/heel roles switched? It should be the plucky face keeps losing to the heel until the day he FINALLY gets the win. Maybe that's just my opinion.

A Michael Shane/Frankie Kazarian ladder match came next. Kazarian brought the HUGE SPOTS in this match! Leapfrog over the ladder into a legdrop! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! But once again, the screwjob bug bites! Sabin does a cheap run-in and takes out both guys. DAMN YOU, RUSSO! Who the fuck books a no-contest in a LADDER MATCH??? Can we get someone NEW to book these finishes??? What a horrible way to book this match. Don Callis strolls in and takes the X Division title, which becomes important later.

It looks like we're about to get more Mad Mikey goodness until we get technical difficulties. But it's not because of a shoddy production crew--it's because Mikey's ATTACKING the production crew because he's MAD! HAHA! I love this guy!

Kid Kash meets his next legend, Bobby Eaton, and cuts a good promo (not a promo full of HEELISH DICKNESS~!, though) and calls Eaton the caboose of the Midnight Express. A better match than I expected, considering Bobby Eaton's age, but once again ends because of Abyss interference. This is getting repetitive. I like how they're lifting the "Legend Killer" character from WWE and all, but while Larry Z, Ricky Morton, and Bobby Eaton are good, they need that one BIG legend to put Kash over big time. Dusty Rhodes, who Kash called out, is not who I had in mind. They need a REALLY BIG legend! If ever there was a time to bring Ricky Steamboat out of retirement for a one-time-only return, that time is NOW!

Immediately after the match, we cut to Legend beating the hell out of Erik Watts. I can't be the only one who laughed when Don West concluded that Legend OBVIOUSLY blind-sided him. Of course, because Legend is no match for the awesome power of ERIK WATTS!

I expected utter crap going into the Raven/Douglas match, but Raven did his best to make the best of this match, including a primo bladejob! Jim Mitchell plays Devil's Advocate again to try and stop Raven, which even had me throwing up my hands thinking Douglas would win. But Raven's win came as a pleasant surprise. And you just KNEW it wasn't Alexis in that bodybag, so the mystery man didn't come as a surprise to me. But WHO is the mystery man? Tune in next week to find out! (Maybe)

Don Callis rules the world again by cutting a cool promo and describing a NEW MATCH! For the convenience of the paying customer, Callis draws a diagram for the "Ultimate X" match. For those who missed the show, this is what entails an "Ultimate X" match.

Four 15 foot high steel poles are placed on each corner. From the top of each pole, a steel wire is constructed. All four steel wires intersect in the center of the ring and from the center of the ring, hangs the X Division title. To win the match, one man must scale the pole and make his way across the wire and grab the belt. NO LADDERS ALLOWED!

Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, and Michael Shane all collide. Callis promises BUYRATES with this match! I'll say this much, it's pretty damn innovative. And wrestling NEEDS more innovative matches.

The six-man match was ok, but I seriously wonder why Disco ever interjected himself into this feud in the first place. America's Most Wanted continues to bring the goodness, especially James Storm playing face-in-peril. Crowd was SURPRISINGLY into Dusty, so his presence wasn't offensive. Glen Gilbertti has seriously thrown his wrestling career away since becoming a "serious" wrestler. His main event run bombed and it's too late to go back to the Disco persona. At this point, he's become a heat sink and is just detracting from a perfectly good AMW/Simon & Swinger feud. It's time for Disco to stick to staying behind the scenes as a writer. And after the match, HERE COMES THE CLUSTER! Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett, Legend, Watts...they all come running in! After the cluster is cleared, Watts makes two matches for next week. AMW defends against Simon & Swinger in a double bullrope match while Jarrett and Watts meet Daniels and Legend.

Low Ki returns and SPEAKS! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this man's voice? Bring the DEEPNESS~! He basically tells Styles to get ready.

Low Ki comes in with awful music in tow. Get this man the XXX theme ASAP! Mike Tenay plays up that Ki teamed with his idol, the Great Muta, for the first time this past weekend. That's pretty neat. Russo does commentary, giving me a bad feeling. But I forget about that momentarily as both guys bring their best stuff. Low Ki kicks the shit out of Styles while Styles brings out the MOONSAULT INTO A DDT TO THE OUTSIDE! My description can't do the rest of this match justice, as both these guys were just AWESOME...and then the overbooking kicked in as Russo got involved. Styles wins with a bat shot. Somebody in TNA seriously needs to let someone else book finishes!

Next week:
Jarrett and Watts meet Daniels and Legend
AMW meet Simon & Swinger in a Double Bullrope match
Chris Sabin defends against Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane in an Ultimate X match

Two of these matches look great on paper. The Ultimate X match will draw me in based on the curiosity factor alone, much like the Elimination Chamber did back in November.

(edited by It's False on 13.8.03 1911)
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#2 Posted on 13.8.03 2115.00
Reposted on: 13.8.10 2115.13
So I finally caught TNA this week (I think I *did* watch it once during the first couple of shows, but The Dames' recaps had inspired me enough to try again)... I have to say there was more good than bad.

The main event was freaking AWESOME! If only Lo-Ki and AJ were a bit bigger, they'd be huge stars in WWE already. I mean it. AJ especially, he stole the damn show. Maybe its just because I haven't been watching the fed much, but why does Vince 'Jesus' Russo look more menacing than anyone else in the promotion?

AMW/Dusty vs Simon/Swinger/Diamond was a nice, serviceable little six-man. Nothing fancy, but it did have the air of a `big' match. And hell, Dusty can still go toe-to-toe with anyone if he's used the way he was tonight.

Raven vs Douglas wasn't bad either, though all it was an ECW-style brawl.

Now here was my BIGGEST problem with the show: Why on earth do they have Don West doing color commentary? His overhype and lack of professionalism honestly take away from the product -- it's like Lee Marshall from the AWA in the late 80's. Why not have a wrestler do color if that's all you can find? Douglas, Russo, Road Dogg, whoever. We tend to complain a lot about JR and Coach but either of those guys would be 1000 times better. My cat would have been 1000 times better than West. Honestly, he came across that poorly to me.

Will I give TNA my money again? Maybe, but only for a big show like this one was hyped to be. No way I'd be paying for this stuff with any regularity. That said, it was a nice little change of pace.
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#3 Posted on 13.8.03 2212.46
Reposted on: 13.8.10 2213.35
When Good Talent meets Vince Russo - NWATNA!

Convulted overdone finishes, faces that should be heels, heels that should be faces, gimmick matches driven into the ground, and most of all VINCE RUSSO ON YOUR TV SETS!

I remember when Vince Russo first showed up in WCW, my casual fan friends either a) didn't know who he was, b) recognized him as Vic Venom and all agreed that they didn't care who he was.

Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff were established entities when they took bigger on-air roles. Vince Russo was just some writer barely anyone heard of from WWF. It'd be like if Brian Gewirtz took an on screen role in WWE and expected anyone to know or care who he is.
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#4 Posted on 14.8.03 0523.10
Reposted on: 14.8.10 0526.48

    Originally posted by CANADIAN BULLDOG
    Why on earth do they have Don West doing color commentary? His overhype and lack of professionalism honestly take away from the product -- it's like Lee Marshall from the AWA in the late 80's.

I hate Mike Tenay. Don West's sucktitude goes without saying (does he even like wrestling?) but Tenay just grates on me. Thing is, I know Tenay's a good commentator. I know he's a fan. I know he calls the matches well, I know he researches and figures out names for moves that would be called "whatta maneuver" or a "modified toss" over in WWE.

And yet, with a rabid passion that echoes with the fury of the mighty Zeus hurling thunderbolts from Olympus: I hate him. I can't stand his voice. He sounds like a pedophile. That's a voice even the most mature people would launch into mocking imitations of as soon as this guy leaves a room. I half-expect a fanfic pledge to the Klingon empire when this man speaks. And the shots he'll occasionally take at WWE (not his own doing, I know) come off as so pathetic they're almost ironic. Taking a shot at WWE, even after a kick-ass match reeks of desperation. It's like Kelly Osbourne saying Beyonce's "gotten fat".

'Cause even if they have kick-ass match after kick-ass match, they're having kick-ass matches in a place that hosts pie-eating contests. Most fans attitudes, whether you like it or not, are along the lines of: if it looks like a barn dance, and smells like a barn dance, it's not Club 54. Even if the dancers move like the belong in 54. Once someone's farts smell a little bit too much like roses on that TNA roster, Vince will reach down and snatch that talented mofo up like that little kid in "the indian in the cupboard".

I guess getting behind ECW was fun for a while, but after a time it became sort of like rooting for an old man while he tries to "learn" a six-foot five bouncer. Eventually it just becomes easier to root for the guy who's bound to win, or to look away from the fight entirely. TNA has the same problem. I don't think anyone would dare leave WWE for TNA. Even a downside in WWE blows anything Jarrett can offer outta the water. Those "you sold out" chants didn't really hurt too many guys who left Heyman to go to WCW or WWE, did they? It's easy to think to yourself: "yeah, maybe I did sell out, but at least now I can afford things most wrestlers take for granted, like bus fare, food, job security and water."

Why don't they get Turner in on it? He's a money mark, he keeps his paws off the on-screen product, and he just got booted off the board of directors, didn't he? Isn't he a time-warner exec in name only now, but can't veto anything? He's got to be dying to throw some money around.
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#5 Posted on 14.8.03 0705.32
Reposted on: 14.8.10 0705.32
Yeah, Tenay's voice can be a little... creepy at times, but at least he has the right idea. I can look past his voice for being able to call the action without making himself look completely ridiculous.

Sample line last night:

MT: .... and Shane Douglas throws Raven outside the ring.


MT: ... Raven gets to his feet


MT: Clothesline by Douglas.


MT: Side headlock.

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#6 Posted on 14.8.03 0717.58
Reposted on: 14.8.10 0722.33

    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    And the shots he'll occasionally take at WWE (not his own doing, I know) come off as so pathetic they're almost ironic. Taking a shot at WWE, even after a kick-ass match reeks of desperation. It's like Kelly Osbourne saying Beyonce's "gotten fat".

What kind of shots does he take? I only watch monthly comp tapes of TNA, so I may have missed them.

I agree though, that reeks of desperation. I guess they want to be portrayed as rebels, what with the two anti-WWE t-shirts on their website. Why draw attention to the fact that they're a distant number two, and the number two by default. I'm not surprised their buy rates are supposedly around 2,500 per week on DirecTV.

It'll hit the fan if Panda Energy pull out. They must be taking a large financial hit with every show.
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#7 Posted on 14.8.03 1103.36
Reposted on: 14.8.10 1107.25

    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad
    I don't think anyone would dare leave WWE for TNA. Even a downside in WWE blows anything Jarrett can offer outta the water.

For a lot of guys that's the case but with NWATNA and indy dates, Raven's making TRIPLE what he was making for Vince and it's all cash.
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