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21.6.11 0521
The 7 - Video Games - MADDEN 2004
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#41 Posted on 5.9.03 1102.03
Reposted on: 5.9.10 1109.51
Eh, I like the game to be more difficult. After going 19-0 on Pro my first season, I boosted the difficulty to All-Pro. My first preseason game against the Dolphins was a loss as in my under 1 minute 4th quarter drive ended in a pick as I went for the game winning TD instead of kicking the tying field goal and going to overtime. In my game after the Bears blowout, Carolina made a 4th quarter defensive stand and the Giants missed the game tying field goal, giving me the 24-21 win. Close games and losing are more fun for me, and if I go undefeated again this season, I'm bumping up to All-Madden.


This still doesn't stop me from trading draft picks around so I end up with (this season) seven 1st rounders and a 5th round pick. Drafting is so much more fun that way
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#42 Posted on 5.9.03 1106.24
Reposted on: 5.9.10 1119.10
This is probably way of subject but Im almost done editing the rosters for the game and for as long as Lavar Arrington of the Redskins has been pro his name isn't in the game! Does anyone know why? Is it a copyright thing? They even have his number wrong but he is still one of the top rated players on the Redskins. Sorry about changing the subject!
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#43 Posted on 5.9.03 1117.15
Reposted on: 5.9.10 1119.12
He isn't a part of the NFL Players' Association, and he doesn't let his name be licensed. I've heard that it was a promise to his dad to "Never let anybody make money off of his name" but I have no idea if that's true at all. The reason his number is also wrong this year (as well as all the jersey numbers in the Historic teams) is because EA either can't or won't license the names/likenesses of those players.

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#44 Posted on 5.9.03 1451.57
Reposted on: 5.9.10 1458.36
    Originally posted by Jaguar
    Eh, I like the game to be more difficult. .... Close games and losing are more fun for me, and if I go undefeated again this season, I'm bumping up to All-Madden.


You have a point, and I'll increase the difficulty after winning this Super Bowl, but there is some fun to running up ridiculous stats. Not to mention the stress relief of running the score up on the computer after a long day at the office.
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#45 Posted on 6.9.03 0039.12
Reposted on: 6.9.10 0041.31
Right now, I'm 10-4 with my Cowboys, 2nd season. I saved the game while I was blowing out the Giants, 41-3. #1 in defense, #21 in offense. My Franchise been a little weird. The Eagles are bad, and they have little to no fan support. Bucs on a losing streak, Lions on a winning streak. And after the first year, all the best players from the Raiders retired.
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#46 Posted on 6.9.03 1217.38
Reposted on: 6.9.10 1217.47
I just played my first game last night (after taking a month to input the NCAA 2004 rosters and play a bunch of trophy games, only to start my UW dynasty and look WORSE in the opener than the real-life Huskies did in getting drubbed by Ohio State) and here are my impressions/questions...

- I set up a tournament and created NFL Europe. I figured I'd be less prone to getting seriously pissed off if I was playing with a bunch of guys who I don't know as opposed to an NFL team where I'd just be like "Ray Lewis wouldn't miss that tackle!" The opener was the Scottish Claymores at home against the Frankfurt Galaxy. I meant to be the Galaxy and picked the Claymores instead. Oh well.

- As a Pac-10 fan I'm happy to see that ex-Oregon State HB Ken Simonton is a Claymore. My QB is Green Bay backup Craig Nall, and they are pretty much the only two guys in the game I know.

- I've got the game set on 15-minute quarters with an accelerated clock.

- Hmmm. I suck at defense. I play a 4-3 base and I use the DTs to start as they almost always just rush up the field so I don't have to worry about a blown assignment. I quickly trail 7-0 after the Galaxy's opening drive.

- The defense, especially the pass rush, seems very FAST compared to NCAA 2004. I feel like I have to make decisions a LOT quicker after I get sacked twice on the opening drive.

- I sooooooo suck at defense. After a punt, the Galaxy (of whom I know ZERO players) hit a 56-yard TD pass on the next play. Down 14-0 midway through the first, it doesn't look good.

- I drive fairly well down the field as Simonton picks up decent chunks of yards, but he fumbles (DAMMIT!) at the Galaxy 20. They fumble on the next play right back to me, but to my chargin the replay official overturns it, handing the ball back to Frankfurt. They put together an ok drive but miss the field goal, so at least I have a "stop" on D.

- Starting to get the hang of the quicker pass rush, I complete 5 straight passes. I find myself dumping off to the backs a couple of times, which I'm hardly ever forced to do in NCAA 2004. I have a feeling I'll start doing much better at NCAA after this Madden experience. Simonton picks up the TD to get me on the board.

- Sigh. After scoring a TD late in the 2nd to make it a 21-14 game, I give up another 50+-yard TD to go into the half down 28-14. Did I mention I seem to suck at defense?

- Down 35-28 I get a HUGE stop and force a punt, I think, but instead the Galaxy try a 55(!)-yard field goal which ends up short. They never seemed to that on Madden 2003, but that's FINE BY ME. I quickly tie the game 35-35.

- I drive down the field while milking the clock and face 4th-and-goal from the 1 just inside the two-minute warning. Madden suggests I kick it, but I decide, due to my crapola defense to sneak it in for six. I succeed and kickoff with a 42-35 lead.

- The Galaxy score in 40 seconds to tie the game at 42. I'm simultaneously glad I went for it on fourth down earlier, pissed that I suck on defense, and glad I still have about a minute to go.

- On th first play after the kickoff, Simonton takes a counter-right 81 yards for the score. ARGH! With still 49 seconds left, I know the lead probably won't hold up.

- Third-and-goal Galaxy from the 6 with 0:09 left. I've got 7 defenders in the end-zone, but the pass is still complete for the TD. Tie game, and we're going to overtime.

- Thank God, I win the toss. I drive down the field and kick the winning FG for a 52-49 victory. Simonton has 202 yards on 38 carries, and both teams have over 500 yards of total offense.

- There were 143 offensive plays in regulation time. I looked up last year's 40-39 KC-Cleveland week one game and there were more like 120, and in Thursday's Jets-Skins game there were more like 100, so I'll be playing the franchise with 12-minute quarters and the accelerated clock instead of 15. Plus, this game took almost 90 minutes to play, a bit too long.

- I think using "Ask Madden" works well offensively, especially for me since I tend to pick three plays to use them to death and this forces me to use more variety. Defensively, though, I used it for only a couple of plays, as it didn't seem to account for the other team's personnel when choosing.

I NEED DEFENSIVE HELP! What do you guys do to shut down the other team? I try shifting the line and the coverage around but I don't have that much success, although I did get better (naturally) as the game went on.
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#47 Posted on 6.9.03 1338.57
Reposted on: 6.9.10 1339.09
Disclaimer: I've never played with the Euro teams, so I'm not too sure how their lowered stats are going to effect things overall.

Okay for Defense. First things first: Know the players. I always check the depth charts (and the injury list in season mode) before every game. If you're playing as a team you don't know, be sure to check your depth chart as well. Compare the overall of your DEs to their Oline. Check the WRs and the QB vs your DBs. See if your LBs can stop the RBs. On Defense there are several stats that matter.

Awareness, Acceleration, Speed, Strength, and Tackling

For your DEs, the stronger they are, the more likely they're going to tie up those Offensive linemen. Any DEs with a high Acceleration are going to be good pass rushers.

For your Lbs, if you have one with a high awareness, try and keep him out of the blitz and let him cover the Rbs or play his zone. Blitz either the fastest LB or the one who is least likely to cover his man.

For DBs, check your cornerback's awareness, speed, and tackling. If these are high, you're probably going to be able to let him single cover a reciever, and don't have to worry about not having a saftey covering his side of the field. If the stats are low, you may want to keep a Saftey in the backfield to pick up any free recievers.

As for plays? My personal style is pressure, pressure, pressure. There are always five or more men trying to kill that QB. I'm a fan of the 4-3 Over set that puts the LOLB on the line and usually has him blitzing. Make sure you setup your audibles! Personally I like to have Man Cover (One saftey plays zone, one plays man, and one of your OLBs blitzes. Works well if you face a 3 WR set or a recieving TE because that saftey will cover the 3rd WR or TE.), Free Fire (Everybody in Man to Man, two LBs blitz), Zone Blitz (in the 4-3 Over), Cover 4 (Great Zone against the pass), and Under Man (safeties in zone, mlb spies, everbody else in man to man. Usually I control the MLB and blitz him anyway) as my audibles.

Check your play at the line of scrimage. Make sure everyone is covered and that you don't have any gaping holes in you defense (like playing in a zone and the computer has 3 WRs and the TE all bunched on one side. Audible to a man to man). Also shift your Dline to create gaps in the line for your LB to run to (or make sure you have those Tackles tied up if your CBs are blitzing. Also, don't be afraid to put CBs on the field when you know they're going to pass. Use those Nickle and Dime formations. Personally I just use Man cover on both of those (one saftey in zone, one LB in QB spy, and everybody else in man) and then just blitz the spying LB. If you get to the QB you'll either have a sack or he'll throw a pick. Having 3 or 4 CBs on the field just means that many extra guys looking to grab a hurried pass.

And never ever leave a man uncovered. If the offense comes out in a 4WR 1 RB set on 3rd and long and you choose Dime LB Blitz (corners play man, safeties play zone), unless you sack the QB you've probably given up a first down. Why? Because nobody is covering the RB who probably just caught a 6 yard pass and will run for 6 more before your CBs catch him. The computer's going to punish you every time you leave a man open, so always check your coverage before the snap.

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