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23.6.10 1916
The 7 - Random - The Top 50 comic book movies...
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The Vile1
Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 25.6.03 1639.53
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1640.01
Just in case anyone doesn't pick up the latest issue of Wizard, here's their list of the TOP 50 comic book movies. Be warned, the list really sucks:

50. Batman and Robin
49. Steel
48. Red Sonja
47. Virus
46. Fantastic Four
45. Superman 4
44. Conan the Destroyer
43. Captain America
42. Tank Girl.
41. Supergirl
40. The Crow 2
39. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
38. The Crow 3
37. Superman 3
36. Batman 3 (Hey, three third movies in a row!)
35. Barb Wire
34. Judge Dredd
33. Return of Swamp Thing
32. Bulletproof Monk
31. Men in Black 2
30. Spawn
29. The Punisher
28. Howard the Duck
27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
26. Mystery Men
25. Batman 2
24. Swamp Thing
23. Batman (1966)
22. Daredevil
21. Timecop
20. Conan The Barbarian
19. The Mask
18. Blade 2
17. From Hell
16. American Splendor
15. The Crow
14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
13. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
12. Men in black
11. Akira

Wizard's Top 10
10. Blade
9. Batman
8. The Rocketeer
7. Ghost World
6. X-men
5. Road to Perdition
4. Superman
3. Superman 2
2. Spider-man
1. X-2

I dunno, if you are going to make a top 50 list, why are you putting some of the worst most shitty movies ever on it? "So bad you have to see them" is no excuse. This list contradicts an earlier issue of Wizard where the staff graded a lot of comic book movies, where Superman got like an A+ and spider-man like a B-. From Hell and the mask are rated WAY too high. In fact most of the flicks 21-50 are pretty lame ass. The real glaring ommission from the list? FLASH GORDON! I mean c'mon, what comic book movie had a better theme song? What else was missing? GI Joe, Transformers, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and the Phantom (well if wizard says "its so bad you have to see it"). I probably wouldn't put Ghost World or Road to perdition in my top 10 lists either. I really dig Rocketeer, but wouldn't put it in the top 10. For people on the weinerboard that actually liked the hulk, don't fret, this list was composed PRE-HULK.

(edited by The Vile1 on 25.6.03 1442)
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Enojado Viento
Potato korv
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#2 Posted on 25.6.03 1657.14
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1659.01
I think the reasons you have the crap movies being included is so they'd HAVE 50 comic book movies to do a list.

One doesn't look to "Wizard" for incisive criticism on the cinema. Or comic books for that matter.

Keep in mind the magazine during it's history has been Image, Valiant, and Marvel's bitch since it's first days and one called Rob Liefeld a "visionary."
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#3 Posted on 25.6.03 1703.46
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1703.46
Technically, it did come from a comic book, but Ghost World doesn't belong on the list primarily because it throws the whole thing askew:

It belongs at #1.
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#4 Posted on 25.6.03 1708.00
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1710.53

    Originally posted by PeterStork
    Technically, it did come from a comic book, but Ghost World doesn't belong on the list primarily because it throws the whole thing askew:

    It belongs at #1.

Much agreed. But Tank Girl's only at #42? They ain't right in the haid.
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#5 Posted on 25.6.03 1727.02
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1728.22

What a shock. The words "wizard" and "sucks" in the same sentence.
It's False
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#6 Posted on 25.6.03 1742.04
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1742.51
You mean the shitty TMNT 3 got ranked AHEAD of the infinitely superior TMNT 2???

Uh...that's about the only complaint I have about this list. Can't really complain about #1 since I haven't actually seen it yet. I think this list should have been condensed to the top 25 to avoid giving us flashbacks of Captain America, Fantastic 4, and Batman & Robin. Oy!
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#7 Posted on 25.6.03 1833.41
Reposted on: 25.6.10 1837.23

Also, one anime movie? And one domestic animated picture (Phantasm, which is the best Batman movie made so far)?

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#8 Posted on 25.6.03 2001.16
Reposted on: 25.6.10 2001.36
That's a top 20 list if I ever saw it. You don't rank the top 500 basketball players ever, because nobody want to read "#500 - Mark Eaton, #499 - Mario Elie, #498 Gerald Wilkins..."

Likewise, when the consensus on the #50 movie is that it completely and utterly sucks balls, that's a sign to make a top 20 list.
Big Bad
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#9 Posted on 25.6.03 2129.22
Reposted on: 25.6.10 2131.08
Frankly, Batman should be top three. That's a no-brainer.
The King of Keith
Lap cheong
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#10 Posted on 26.6.03 0105.47
Reposted on: 26.6.10 0106.53
Spider Man at #2 invalidates the whole list. Batman not in the top 5 doesn't add any credibility either.
The Thrill
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#11 Posted on 26.6.03 0908.56
Reposted on: 26.6.10 0910.19
Superman II ahead of Superman: The Movie is CRAP CRAP CRAP. I'm also down with moving Batman (1989 or 1966 version? Both rocked!) higher up...but big ups to the listmakers for giving The Rocketeer the props it so richly deserves.

Paul Sorvino as that gangster guy, to Tim Dalton the Hollywood icon/Nazi spy: "I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American. I don't work for no two-bit Nazi."

F'n awesome.
Lap cheong
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#12 Posted on 26.6.03 0948.14
Reposted on: 26.6.10 0951.13
I think "Unbreakable" is the best comic book movie not based on a comic book. "The Matrix" wasn't based on a comic, but sure seems like it.
Evil Buddha
Pickled pork
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#13 Posted on 26.6.03 1017.07
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1020.41
I agree completely, Thrill... as much as I loved "Supes 2" as a kid, it just doesn't hold up well at all.
And really, "Batman" ought to be ranked higher.
They could have just done a topical feature on all comic movies; it might have been fun to read about these crappy flicks. Instead, they created another unnecessary list column. Feh.
A Fan
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#14 Posted on 26.6.03 1030.39
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1038.43
aww...No. This is junk. X-Men 2 is the best movie of the year for me, but the original Superman is the Citizen Kane for comic book movies. Superman II is great, but not better than the original. It has more action and a better pacing, but there is only or two really great scenes in it and thats at the end of the movie. It is better than flying around the Earth ending, but still doesn't have the epic feel of the first one.

From Hell is only 17?! Christ, if Ghost World is in the top ten, so should this film as well as Akira. Rocketter is good, but not better than half the movies on this list. Daredevil is behind Time Cop?! What are they smoking at Wizard these days. Time Cop sucked hard, it was almost as bad as Batman and Robin. Plus, were are the other anime films like Metropolis?! Give me a fucking break.

A Fan- Man, AFI has nothing on these guys.
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#15 Posted on 26.6.03 1042.03
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1043.37
All good points, but why has no one mentioned the presence of Howard the Duck? This movie is arguably the worst movie ever made. I don't understand how it could have made the list even if there were only 49 other comic book movies ever made.
Matt Tracker
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#16 Posted on 26.6.03 1103.06
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1104.58
46. Fantastic Four
What. In the Blue. Hell. Is this doing on the list?

25. Batman 2
a severly underrated comic movie. As dark as the original, but with more sex and humor. Plus, Walken!

10. Blade
yeah, it was pretty good

9. Batman
Thanks to SciFi, I've seen this movie recently, and it doesn't hold up at all. The sound, the acting, the music, the very-dark cinematography. And man that script has some painful lines in it.

8. The Rocketeer
a truly fine flick

7. Ghost World
an exceptional film that should be number one

6. X-men
a very small film that's made better by its sequel

5. Road to Perdition
a really good film

4. Superman
should be number two, honestly. I don't think any other comic film is so unabashedly a comic book come to life without being self-concious (except for that perfect phone booth moment).

3. Superman 2
it might be "kewl" but it ain't that good. Good moment: "Oh God." "Zod." Worst moment: The magic memory smooch.

2. Spider-man
1. X-2
Novelty wins out, I see. Let's see what they're like in three years.

So where's Dick Tracy?
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#17 Posted on 26.6.03 1146.52
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1153.14

    Originally posted by dwaters
    "The Matrix" wasn't based on a comic, but sure seems like it.

Don't tell Grant Morrison that.
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#18 Posted on 26.6.03 1149.56
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1153.51
I'm sorry, but under no circumstances should "Batman and Robin" be any where NEAR a list of the best comic book movies...even if it is dead last.

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    46. Fantastic Four
    What. In the Blue. Hell. Is this doing on the list?

Agreed. If you're stretching so far as to include movies that were never released so you can make a top 50, then just make a top 10 and shut the F up.
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#19 Posted on 26.6.03 1324.45
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1324.46
I may be a pariah for saying this, but X2 wasn't the best comic movie ever. It was hardly the best comic movie of the decade.

Batman ('89) was better. The story was better, and it finished things. Batman got his vengeance.
Spider-Man was better.
Ghost World was better.
From Hell was better.
Road To Perdition was much, much better.

X2 was fun. It had a light story and lots of cool effects and good acting. It was a good popcorn movie. But Batman, Superman, Spider-Man & the three graphic novels I mentioned all had one thing that made them better: meaning. X2 felt to me too much like set-up for something bigger & better, and that's what made the rest of the flicks better for me.
Lap cheong
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#20 Posted on 26.6.03 1406.40
Reposted on: 26.6.10 1406.45
Come on, am I the only one who thought "Howard the Duck" wasn't THAT bad?

Also, I must agree that just naming fifty movies based on comic books would be difficult for me to do, let alone naming the fifty best comic book movies ... To be completely honest, I didn't even realize that some of these movies list were based on comic books.

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